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2013 and earlier Nissan Maxima Lease Questions



  • nystarnystar Posts: 28
    Thank you very much for your repy, The guy there said it will be 4800 including titles, fees, bank fee, aquisition fee and tax. He said $ 4800 total and $239 per month for 42 months, I am not sure if it is 10K or 12K miles. I didn't ask about the MSRP. Also a similar offer available at Nissan Bayridge (3000 Down+ Fees and Tax+ First Month and $199 per month ) ! for 42 months ?

    I am sking if there might be any trick with these deals ? I spoke with the sales guy at Nissan of Manhattan 4 months ago but I was not really ready to buy, the deal was $210 per month for 39 months and $4800 total (including everything, tax+ Titles, Fees). Now he says I can give you the same deal but with $239 per month !is there any trick in this Deal or Hidden fees ? I am not very expert in this and I bought my Camry the Same way from Toyota of Manhattan for $179 per month and $1600 Down + 600 Bank fee + Titles and tax and I never asked about the MSRP as I didn't realize it is necessary as the monthly fee is more important to me because I will not purshase the car at the end of the lease ! So far I am paying $179 per month and it turned out that they were very honest and no games or hidden charges !

    But Nissan of Manhattan is a different company and the price seems very low for a Maxima and thats why I wanted to check ! I noticed that only NY dealers are giving such low prices that even NJ dealers cant match !
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    your focused too much on the low monthly payment!! $4800 down and 42 months is ridiculous for a lease; that is too much money down, and with 42 months you'll be out of warranty for almost 6 months; your lease should not be more than 36 months on a Nissan; hey but if you want to pay $239 a month its your funeral!
  • gexogexo Posts: 33
    Nissan doesnt do 10K a year! I dont know what they are smoking but Nissan is standard with 12K then you can go to 15K and 18K a year, not 10k! The first deal that was given to you is not bad, where are you located? and whatever you do dont go with the second option!
  • gexogexo Posts: 33
    its true that NY dealers and brokers are more aggressive then NJ but when you register the car in NJ while leasing it from NY, your payment gets lower because your sales tax is lower in NJ then in NY, the numbers are total rip off! why put so much money down? lets say your car gets stolen after a month or two, you will loose your down payment on the car! the most you should do is pay your state taxes and that's all! it is absolutely not worth putting this much money down!
  • sshabajsshabaj Posts: 10

    Thanks for the reply!
    I am located in The Bronx.
    I dont mind doing a 42 month with 12k miles a year, if I can get the monthly payment down to under $400. What do you think? Do you have a dealership you can recomend or a lease company?

  • gexogexo Posts: 33
    okay, i can help you do a 39 month lease with 12k a year, which maxima are you looking for and also how is your credit? email me at [email protected]
  • nystarnystar Posts: 28
    Thank you very much for your reply, actually the down is $2000 but with other fees like Bank fee ($599) and Aquisition (around 700) + tax and titles will reach $4800 !

    If I dont pay the $2000 Down, it will be only $2800 for other fees to be paid at purchase (First month+ Bank fee + Aquisition + Titlles and DMV fees and Tax).

    So do you think it would be a good deal if I go back and tell him I want to pay only the other fees + First Months ($ 2800) with 0 down ! and for sure that means the $2000 Down should be added to the $239 Lease for 39 months which will be ($2000/39 = $51 added to the monthly payment)

    So the deal should be $239 + 51 = 290 per month + Tax and the down would be $0 + other fees ($2800 including the upfront tax)

    Please advice if this would be a good deal so I will go and negotiate it ! (This is from Nissan of Manhattan, NY).

    I appreciate all your answers and help

  • nystarnystar Posts: 28
    Thank you very much, the Deal is with Nissan of Manhattan, New York City (even if I don't pay the $2000 Down, there will be other fees like $ 599 bank fee and another $700 Aquisition Fee + First Month + Titles and other Registration fees which the sales says it will be $2800 including Tax for the upfront !
  • nystarnystar Posts: 28
    thanks for the reply, I really appreciate it (even with $0 down, I still have to pay around $2400 for other fees like bank and aquisition fee and other titles and registration fees). the salesman said it will be around 2800 including the tax for the upfront but if I pay 0 down I think there shouldnt be any upfront tax !
  • gexogexo Posts: 33
    yeah but you don't have to pay the taxes, you can put the taxes in the payment and only pay the bank fee, first month, and plates. and also your calculation is off, your payment will wont go up by $51 it will be more. Tell me the kind of maxima you are looking for with what options and i will calculate it for you and tell you the price with taxes in the payment and upfront, hope this helps, thanks.
  • nystarnystar Posts: 28
    I am looking for the Nissan Maxima S base model (it comes with sunroof and 18" wheels) (I think the MSRP is around $30, 500)
  • nystarnystar Posts: 28
    Yeah but they have another $700 which is destination fees
  • I am about to sign a lease on a 2010 Maxima in MI. I have shopped around at a few places in MI and OH, but wanted to check here to see if I am getting a good deal. Here are the details:

    2010 Maxima SV (Tuscan Red with Cafe Latte Interior) with Monitor and Cold Package and Splash Guards and Floor Mats
    39 month/12k mi yr
    $35,350 MSRP
    $1500 due at signing
    $299 per month

    Please let me know your thoughts on these #'s before I sign. Thanks for any and all input.
  • gexogexo Posts: 33
    destination charge depending where u are.
  • just leased the same---35,350 car w 15k
    nyc tax 8.875%

    2000 and $370......less taxes= $340 less 3k miles = $330

    think your deal lis great
  • clasleyclasley Posts: 16
    I have an 04 Maxima now. I am looking to lease a 2010 Maxima SV and just need some clarification. The dealers website says there is $1000 leasing cash available as well as a $1250 rebate. I read another post that said there were special requirements to get the full 1250. Also the autoshow is in town so there is an additional $500 show discount being offered.

    I've had been debating on leasing now or waiting until later in the year to see if the deals got better but if I can get all these I may pull the trigger. What are the requirements to get the $1250? I live in St. Louis if that helps.

  • After a month of bargaining with dealerships I finally got what I wanted.
    2010 Nissan Maxima Sv With Premium + Premium technlogy package + spoiler
    $650.00 total out of pocket due at signing for first month and dmv plates.
    Monthly Payment $399 taxes included in the payment.

    What you guys think?
  • mao2mao2 Posts: 10
    Im leasing tomorrow Maxima sv premium with spoiler and wind deflector $384 per month 12k 39 month. Out of pocket is first month, bank fee and dmv. Taxes in. What you guys think. Ny lease.
  • mao2mao2 Posts: 10
    No bank fee? What state? Sounds great
  • Im in NY. I made the dealer put everything in the payment.
    I started out at $568.00 a month with $1000.00 do at signing and have got it down to $399 a month with $650 due at signing.
  • mao2mao2 Posts: 10
    I thought I did well. Im gonna try to get tech in but dont think they ll do it. My out of pocket approx1000
  • A very good friend just leased same vehicle SV+Prem+Tech+spoiler Pkg (MSRP 39,330ish) for 39mos/15k miles for $432/mo with $650 down.
  • I just leased 2010 Maxima SV+Prem 39mos/12k miles $1000 down for $365/mo. NJ lease.
  • I just got a quote in NY for a 2010 Maxima

    SV 375 month
    Sport 395 month
    Premium 410 month

    taxes in payments, out of pocket only bank fee, first month, dmv fees.
    Let me know if this is a good deal or walk away... thanks
  • rhard49rhard49 Posts: 226
    I think its off by the bank fee on the premium, and the spread is incorrect on the various models, if you are looking at just the sv. By that I mean the premium package cost 2850 at dealer cost which is 73 dolllars a month subtract that from the premium and the sv would be 335 using your numbers.
  • Nypayman, Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp.'s current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 39 month lease of a 2010 Maxima SV with 15,000 miles per year are .00105 and 54%, respectively.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Hi clasley. Nissan's current incentives for the Maxima vary by region. The $1,250 that you mentioned is consumer cash. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with NMAC's special lease program. Having said this, in the parts of the country that have $1,250 consumer cash Nissan is providing a $1,000 cash incentive on NMAC leases.

    So in short, if you lease you're eligible for the $1,000 plus the auto show bonus,

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • hey guys im thinking about leasing a Sv-Sport with monitor package in Ny. I have a friend that works in Star Nissan but I know most times that doesnt matter. Anyone have prices for a 39 month 12k with taxes,bank fee, first payment up front? Im looking to pay no more than 350 and month. Obviously noone should go into the dealer telling them the price you need.
  • rhard49rhard49 Posts: 226
    What was the 1500 due at signing cost reduction? did the deal include tax's at that price
  • I've got an offer to lease 2010 SV premium with all packages MSRP $39,000. navy blue with charcoal premium leather, along with a trade where I still owe $18,600 +. I don't want to put anything down. Dealer offered me $470 per with nothing down for 39m @ 15k.. Basically we swap the keys and I leave with the car. That's actually what I told them. No more. We shook hands and I said give me a couple days to think about it. This out of Philly.. Is this a good deal?
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