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2013 and earlier Nissan Maxima Lease Questions



  • gexogexo Posts: 33
    you are overpaying. Don't do it. I can get you the car for $445.00 with everything caped in the payment, all you give due at signing is first month and plates.
  • gexogexo Posts: 33
    the car comes out to be $356.00 with first month, dmv, and plates due at signing. All together $1470.00 For 39months and 12K a year.
  • wow that sounds really low, I went to the dealer and could only haggle 2500 for 350. What do you think they are holding back?
  • gexogexo Posts: 33
    money what else???? the prices got better, know they are giving 2500 rebate instead of 1500
  • is this for Ny? Im looking on the Nissan website and dont see anything about 2500 rebate.
  • I am considering a 2010 Maxima 3.5SV with cold package with MSRP=$34,650. Deal on the table is zero due at delivery, 39 month lease 15K miles per year, $372 tax included. This is a sign and drive deal.

    Is this is a good deal?

  • Just leased 2010 Maxima SV with Nav 39 months 15K / yr $395.00 per month.

    Nissan buying out old lease 3 months ahead.

    Only 1st payment due at signing.
  • Can you advise if the $395 includes tax?
    What is the MSRP of the car?
    What state did you purchase?
    What was the sell price?

  • Boy did I lease my car at the wrong time (October)...mine was the 2nd 2010 SV Sport they got (and the first Crimson Black ever!)...but when you total your "09, insurance only gives you $$ for a rental, sometimes you have no choice!

    The money factor is HALF of what it was in October!
  • I was just told by my friend who is a leasing broker that for Presidents Day Nissan has an additional incentive on the Maximas, which can save you anywhere from 10-20 dollars.

    I am getting a SV with Cold Package and Monitor Package for 340.00, with taxes in payments (NY). Upfront fees are 1st month, Bank fee, DMV fees.

    I was told that its a steal, but this offer ends on Monday. You have to get your application in by then. Usually deals like this happen and they are very lucrative. Just need to be at the right place at the right time to get them.
  • just did the same car 35,350 ...... 2000 out of pocket 372 month....
    knew i spent 1500+ 're getting the deal i couldn't......
    if there's more to save it's minute....
  • Thanks for the details. Sounds like a great deal.

    Can you advise what NY tax is and what you will owe at signing?
  • ny tax is 8.75% i think, and due at signing is just first month, bank fees, and dmv fees. Those fees come out to be around 1400-1500.
  • I just got a quote for a 2010 Maxima S (base model).
    1500 down.

    Based on what I'm reading, this is way overpriced, as people are getting Maxima SV's for cheaper with less down.....

    In Utah....
  • gexogexo Posts: 33
    they are trying to rippppp u off!
  • Thanks. And that was after coming down from 380!!!
  • Any ideas from the group on how to get the dealer to be reasonable? I think the main concern is that they are trying to base the lease off of MSRP.
  • There are alot of factors you are not even considering in your question.

    how long is your lease and how many miles per year?
    how much is your trade in actually worth?
    are they offering you more than its true value or less?
    there are alot of factors that people don't realize when they try to get a car. You cant go on these forms and base a payment off what someone else got because you dont know all the factors. the easiest way to get the best deal is to find a time when there are alot of incentives and make two dealership fight for the deal
  • mjb27mjb27 Posts: 13
    Thought I'd share what offer I am considering:

    Maxima SV Premium
    Tech Package w/ Hard Drive
    Rear Spoiler
    (Pretty much ever option they have)
    MF: .00105
    MSRP: $39,225
    Selling Price: Around $36,500 I think or right at invoice
    12K Miles
    39 Months
    $0 out of pocket(sign and drive)
    $1,500 in 'Dealer Money' applied
    $463 per month
    W/ inception of $965 my payment would be $439

    I was considering a Lexus IS250, which was about the same MSRP with a .0020 MF and my payment would have been $471 with $1,250 out of pocket FOR A 48 MONTH LEASE. I was blown away by the Maxima compared to the Lexus. Bigger, 90 more horsepower, inch bigger rims, better tech package and honestly just a more luxurious ride. I'm definitely going with the Maxima.

    Do you think I'm getting a good deal here? I saw the "invoice paperwork" and can't see them coming down any lower.
  • zamozamo Posts: 122
    Pretty good considering the MSRP. Be cautious on the last 3 months though, as anything that happens to the car is on your own. Warranty will be gone after 36 months / 36k miles..
  • mjb27mjb27 Posts: 13
    Hmmm I didn't know that. I'll probably either get rid of it early like I did my BMW on or possibly buy it if it makes sense. Does Nissan have any good lease/purchase options?
  • 439 with inception of 965 is very good.

    I just got in to a Maxima SV, with cold package and monitor package, mats. MSRP 35,350. Invoice price was 33,350. My inception was 1483.00 and I made out with 339.00 a month. This was during presidents day when they had the extra bonus on the rebate, 2500.00 i think.

    SO bottom line, 439 with almost a 1k inception is good for a fully loaded car thats near 40k, get it.

    If you need any advice let me know. -nkf
  • ogstewogstew Posts: 12
    I have one month left on my current 2007 Nissan Altima lease, question I have is.....

    Is it possible to get the Maxima SV, doesnt have to be top of a payment of 390 a month? 39 mth 15k? 0 down

    Dealer said I could get the S and aftermarket leather and keep it around there after incentives etc. I would rather have the stock leather and XM.....thoughts?

  • ogstewogstew Posts: 12
    edited February 2010
    what I meant by worse thing is that I told the dealer my #s on what I can afford.
  • 2010 MAXIMA 3.5 SV
    MSRP: 37480
    Sale Price 33,877.31

    24 months
    12k miles per year
    1211.58 Drive offs (first payment and DMV Fees)
    Money Factor : 0.00151
    WITH TAX : 724 per month

    I am very skeptical due to the fact that I currently drive a loaded G35 with Navi on a 24month 12k lease for 475.00 a month.

    Please advise, thanks in advance.
  • ogstewogstew Posts: 12
    Surprised I did not get a response but this is what was finalized

    MSRP 38970 SV w/sports and tech package, mats etc
    39 mth lease, 15k miles
    390 mth

    1000 total at signing (taxes and title stuff included in that 1k)
  • What are the details? I am looking at the same car with the same lease options and it came out to 459 a month with $900 at signing
  • mjb27mjb27 Posts: 13
    OK Guys. I was sick of shopping so I just pulled the trigger on an SV Premium with every option they had.

    MSRP: $39,700
    Dealer Cap Cost Reduction: $1,500
    Selling Price: $37,344
    Zero Out of Pocket
    MF: 00105
    12K Miles
    $463 Payment

    Like I said before if I paid $965 it would have been $439. OQSTEW how is your payment $49 less a month with only $739 more in MSRP?
  • ogstewogstew Posts: 12
    Final selling price was 36k..then i had auto show and other discounts etc....guy made it happen.
  • ogstewogstew Posts: 12
    oh, my selling price was 34840
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