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2013 and earlier Nissan Murano Lease Questions



  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi budahkan. The Murano is the only remaining 2007 model that Nissan is providing lease support on. Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp.'s current buy rate for a 36 month lease of any 2007 Murano is .00016 for consumers who pay a security deposit at lease signing. This truck's residual values vary by trim level and mileage allowance.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi mikea11414. The price quotes that you were given definitely do not make sense. There's no way that two identical vehicles with selling prices that are $7,000 apart could have such similar monthly payments. What you were told about your current lease is correct. That was a very honest dealer. Regardless of what anyone tells you about getting out of your current lease for "free" it is likely going to cost you to get into a new vehicle five months prior to your scheduled end date. You definitely would be better off waiting until the scheduled end of your current lease to get something new.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • I have been quoted the following deals with 15 k a year 36 months.

    LE with nav , dual panel moonroof

    0 due at signing 665 a month

    Vehicle Price: $39,675.00
    Internet Customer Discount: $3,437.00
    Selling Price: $36,238.00

    Sales Tax (estimate): + $2,235.67
    Tag/Registration Fees (estimate): + $150.00
    Tire/Battery/MVWEA: + $8.50
    Documentation Fee: + $599.95
    Balance Due (estimate): $39,232.12

    SL with premium, nav, and tech

    zero due at signing
    604 month

    Vehicle Price: $38,555.00
    Internet Customer Discount: $3,675.00
    Selling Price: $34,880.00

    Sales Tax (estimate): + $2,154.19
    Tag/Registration Fees (estimate): + $150.00
    Tire/Battery/MVWEA: + $8.50
    Documentation Fee: + $599.95
    Balance Due (estimate): $37,792.64
  • archon810archon810 Posts: 4

    does anyone know if the 0.00240 money factor or any incentives have been improved in May? The dealer told me current promotions expired at the end of April.

    I've got my eye on the SL AWD with premium and leather packages for $30,445 ($200 under invoice) but the low residual and high money factor are not making even this deal as sweet as I'd want it. Any thoughts?

  • gr8trfoolgr8trfool Posts: 21
    We are working on the SL without AWD. Don't know the MF yet. However, the AWD residual of 55% (3 year lease) posted above compares with 56% for the Lexus RX350 we also looked at, so the residual may not be as bad as you think. I guess the question is whether its likely to be worth more or less than the residual at the end.

    I agree the MF is poor (B of A is quoting lower rate for financing a buy). I don't know if other lease companies (outside Nissan) have a better deal, but D&M couldn't get us a better rate on the MF. The Lexus RX350 was in the .00225 range (they quote .0019 as the base rate in these forums, but I have yet to see the dealers work to that number).

    So best of luck. We are having to pay around invoice for ours since we have been only able to locate one car set up the way we want among more than 20 dealers within 400 miles.
  • archon810archon810 Posts: 4
    gr8trfool, I just called the dealer and double checked with the April rates, and they said the 12k lease on the AWD SL is 54%, not 55%, which is upsetting. Why the difference between what was posted above? They are going to call me back with the May incentives if any.

    Is it true that selling this particular car at this particular time at invoice the dealer will barely or not even make any money? I bought my v6 Accord for $2.2k below invoice in 2005, so I didn't expect to negotiate to only $200 below invoice (so far). 0.0024 is making it impossible to justify the lease thus far.
  • gr8trfoolgr8trfool Posts: 21
    I am not an expert in these matters, so advice is what you are paying for it. I would assume that the dealer is making the holdback money, so a deal at or around invoice is fine for them. They aren't extremely aggressive on the 09 Murano and Nissan appears to not be providing any dealer support from what I can read in this thread or see in any research. You probably got dealer support/rebate from the mfg on the Accord. For what everyone writes about getting GREAT! deals, I assume the dealers have the ability to make profit on everyone of the cars they are selling.

    I think they are trying to push the AWD. The plain SL residuals are 1% lower. Our dealer told us the AWD was 53% and non AWD was 52% for 15,000 miles. I think this number is what they want it to be within a narrow range. They probably (my cynicism here) quote a lower than best residual rate and make money that way also. So far, every dealer with whom I have spoken hasn't quoted what is being posted here (not just for Nissan, but other brands). It's like the money factor, I think it starts adverse to you and has to be negotiated over a lengthy period. On our Murano, they weren't willing to budge from the .0027 for a long, long time. As a result, we haven't pulled the trigger as my calculations are always resulting in what should be a lower payment number than they come up with, even when the dealer claims to be providing a "better" deal. They just reach into the other pocket to massage the numbers a bit more. We are actually seeing a lease quote for a Lexus RX350 nearly equivalent, which is surprising.
  • mikea11414mikea11414 Posts: 33
    Thanks car_man, a dealer made this offer to me and I can't figure out what his angle was. It was the last day of April and they wanted to do a was his offer. A SL-AWD with premium, tech, leather, cargo protector, mud flaps. He would pay the remaining 5 months of my present lease which was $1927.50 And I would pay $535 per for 39 months, 12K with the first month, taxes and bank fees up front appox $2800.
    He said that if I didn't have the lease, the lease payment for the car would have been $480 per month x 38 = $18,240 his offer was 38 x $535 per = $20,330 minus the $1927.50 he would pay off = $18, 402.50.

    I figured out the total cost both ways and if I would have taken his deal it would have cost me appox $162.50 more over the next 39 months plus losing 5 months of leasing time. It seems like a great deal to get into a new car 5 months early.

    Just a reminder my current 2005 Murano SL-AWD loaded with everything but nav has 21,350 miles and is basically in excellent condition.

    Was this a great deal I should have taken or is there something hidden that I'm missing? Since I 'm very leary of dealers what's your opinion?

  • frates68frates68 Posts: 3
    I am on the exact same boat as archon810.
    Want to pull the trigger on a SL AWD with premium, leather and tech,, but cant justify almost 5.76 % interest on the money factor with a unfavorable 54% residual. That is an awful lot of money each month in interest. The cost of the vehicle isnt bad but over $100 in interested every month is tough to swallow. Interest rates are so low, you cant even get 2% on a CD. What is up with the crappy money factor???
  • mikea11414mikea11414 Posts: 33
    Iforgot to add the nav option to the options in my #738 post.
  • budahkanbudahkan Posts: 7
    What are, if any, the Murano Money Factor specials for May 2008?
  • robbmorganrobbmorgan Posts: 1
    May 2008 Money Factor for the 2009 Murano (just went yesterday to get data):

    Money Factor: .0024
    Residual: 54% on paper - was offered 55%
    Reduced CAP Cost: offered $2,833 off MSRP (said to be $500 over invoice)
    Monthly Payments: $592.34/month (includes Finance/Tax)
    Drive Off: $1,163.07 (no down payment)

    Did not get though. Decided to wait.

    Just a note here for everyone... the reason for the high Money Factor and low Residual (I got .00146 Factor and 58% Residual on my 2006 Murano), is because the 2009s are not really suppose to be on the books until Sept 2009.

    If you can wait, do so. Nissan is trying to move the 2009 early to capitalize on the Factor and Residual. Business is business.

    If anyone is interested, I have the complete numbers on the offer I mentioned above. I'm a software engineer that has written several auto lease programs... :)

    Happy shopping!
  • archon810archon810 Posts: 4
    Excellent, thank you for the info. Waiting is key.
  • budahkanbudahkan Posts: 7
    Thank you for the info. That does make sense, being that some dealers still have quite a few 2007 Murano's still in stock Im sure they would love to get rid of them first.
  • eric312eric312 Posts: 71
    I got a voicemail message from my dealer about 2 weeks ago who said that there is a possible recall on my 2007 Murano S and I should call them back. When I called I was told that based on my VIN recall does not affect me.

    Today I got a call from the same dealer who said that they have a special lease termination program (i am on my 6 months out of 39) and that if i end my lease they will give me $1000 off the new lease on 2009.

    Does anyone know what the recall is about?
    Sounds strange that dealer is offering such a deal. Are there some problems with 2007 and they are trying to bring them back? Are 2009 not selling at all?

    Any guesses.
  • jpalumbo17jpalumbo17 Posts: 1
    I would appreciate your opinion on the deal I just made for a 2009 Murano. Did I get robbed?

    (S awd)

    $347 per mo. / 39 mo.
    $1,248 fees
    $0 down
  • raloraralora Miramar, FLPosts: 138

    I'm interested on the offer numbers for an 09'. You can email them

  • daddyjakesdaddyjakes Posts: 14
    Can anyone give me some feedback? I am interested in an 2009 Murano S AWD, with convenience package. Here are the details, it seems really high, what am I missing. I ran the numbers on a lease calculator and he says he is being fair. I am also in NJ if that helps and this is 39 months.

    MF- .0022
    Residual- 17,425.65
    Price- 27,268(claims invoice)
    1000 down
    monthly- 442 includes tax

  • whitem16whitem16 Posts: 3
    I bought a 2009 Murano S AWD with convenience package a little over 1 month ago (see post 725 for details).

    A couple of thoughts--

    1) Do not put any more money down than is absolutely required. Remember, if you total the vehicle, you're not going to get any of your down payment back. Be sure to know how the dealer is using your down payment. For example, is he charging you a ridiculous document fee of $500?

    2) A payment of 442 seems way too high. I ran your numbers using NJ sales tax (7%), and I come up with a payment well under $400. When I purchased my Murano, I took my laptop into the dealership and made sure that my dealer's numbers matched up with my lease calculation spreadsheet. If your dealer is unwilling to show you his calculation sheet for the lease, then walk away.

    3) Consider leasing your vehicle for 36 months. If something goes wrong with the vehicle in months 37-39, it will not be under warranty, and you'll be required to fix the problem and pay for it.

    Hope this helps.
  • jamrimanjamriman Posts: 14
    My lease ends in 09. Will the buyout price will be lowered because of a decrease in demand for SUV's with regard to the increase in gas prices? Thanks.
  • grossiegrossie Posts: 41
    Does anyone have the June residuals and mf for the 09 Murano SL AWD? (even the LE?). Specifically I'm looking for 10k miles, 24 and 36 month. TIA.
  • grossiegrossie Posts: 41
    Anyone? ....Bueller....Car_man....Anyone? Are they really just offering a .0022? That works out to 5.3%, which is much higher than what other car manufacturers are giving (specifically Acura). I guess that's possible since this is a new model, but it is a relative gas-guzzler, gas is expensive, and the economy is in the dumps.
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,068
    calling the Murano a gas guzzler is a relative term. Which model of he Acrua are they offering less then .0022 on.
  • grossiegrossie Posts: 41
    The RDX is being offered with a MF of .00082, which brings monthly payments down considerably compared to .0022. The RDX is likewise no dream car when it comes to MPG, but it's comparable to the Murano, and the difference in MF makes up for some of the gas-guzzling.
  • archon810archon810 Posts: 4
    I've test driven both RDX and Murano and pardon me, but there's absolutely no comparison between the two. Murano beats it in every category except financing. Murano options, power, price for what you get, the car itself - RDX is pretty bad actually for what it's supposed to be. I was very disappointed with it.
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,068
    OK you called the Murano a gas guzzler, and the RDX isn't.. Also the RDX uses Preiumin gas, The RDX is not in the same class as the Murano, so to compare them isn't correct. Also mark my words, the RDX wont be in the Acrua line up much longer in its present form, the turbo 4 was a great idea on paper, but has not translated well in the SUV, the sales have not been what acrua was hoping for.
  • grossiegrossie Posts: 41
    This was not meant to be a personal attack on you, flightnurse, please don't get all excited. Please re-read my 2nd post re:gas mileage. I think I was pretty clear but I suspect you skipped it over.

    I don't expect to find a bunch of RDX fans here in the Murano forum. Each car has its own ups and downs. Price/mf is one consideration when I buy a car, it's not everything. OTOH, I'm not willing to pay a high mf just because a car is new or hot.
  • kilroy99kilroy99 Posts: 2
    Hi all, I am about to pull the trigger on a new 2009 Murano. We're getting an LE w/ moonroof, rails, and guards. MSRP is 38540 and our offer is 34500. Based on my research this seems like a decent deal. I'd be interested in your thoughts.

    I have never leased a vehicle and trying to decide if this is a good way to go for us. Is now a good time to lease a 2009 Murano? Also, we are HEAVY drivers. We would probably put 18000 miles per year on the vehicle. I haven't talked to NMAC about any of this yet -- I don't even know the variables that would come into play here. In playing with some numbers that I found in the forum here it looks like my lease payment could be well over $500/month for 36 months and 12k miles/year assuming zero down -- that seems pretty steep to me. :-)

    Long story short, I would appreciate any feedback on any of the above data. Purchase price, any info on current Murano leasing data and/or strategy, and how I might want to approach this given my annual mileage (maybe I should just buy it).

    Thanks in advance for any feedback!
  • gforce11gforce11 Posts: 225
    Not the best time to lease a Murano right now due to the lack of lease support from Nissan. The residuals are fairly high, which is great, however, the money factors are pretty high too.

    June Murano MF & Residual.
  • kilroy99kilroy99 Posts: 2
    Appreciate the data (and great site, BTW). I think we're going to just buy this car. I've shopped around quite a bit and this seems like a fair deal. Thx!
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