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2013 and earlier Nissan Murano Lease Questions



  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,074
    So why is the Pilot almost free these days, Oh that is right, because in 09, an all new one shows up. I was at the Detriot auto show and saw the 09 Pilot. I dont like it. It well be cheaper then a 09 Murano LE. The base MDX wont have all the bells and toys as the Murano LE, and to get all the toys you are looking at almost 10 K more.

    Nissan isn't dealing on the Murano as far as lease speicals or low MF, so if you have to be the first to own the 09 Murano you well bite the big one on MF...

  • Anyone know the MF and Residual on an 2009 Murano LE and SL?

    I've been offered 39, 48 and 60 month lease options, but would like to know the info to crunch the numbers.

  • Hello tazgirl3. Unfortunately, Nissan is not running any official early lease termination program that I am aware of on the Murano right now. This means that Nissan probably will not let you out of your lease early for free. To get out of your lease now, you are going to either have to make all of your remaining lease payments without the benefit of actually driving your car or purchase your leased vehicle and trade it in or try to sell it on your own. Chances are that both of these options will be fairly expensive. If I was in your situation, I personally would probably continue to drive my Maxima, being careful to limit my mileage as much as possible.

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  • Hi didigetscrwd. Wow, $629 per month sounds like a lot of money to pay for a leased Nissan Murano. Unfortunately, it doesn't really pay to research your lease after it has been finalized. Doing so will only cause you agony. I highly doubt that you will be able to get out of this deal if you have signed a lease contract and physically driven off in your Murano. Enjoy your new ride and vow to thoroughly research your purchase or lease prior to visiting any dealers next time.

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  • Hi rgustafs. Nissan just rolled out its lease program on the new 2009 Murano a couple of weeks ago. Through February 2nd, Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp.'s buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 24 month lease of a 2009 Murano LE AWD with 12,000 miles per year are .00285 and 64%, respectively.

    In my opinion, the Honda Pilot is by far the best overall value in terms of leases of SUVs right now. That is the truck that I would go with if I was in the market for a new vehicle at this time.

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  • Hi tigger5753. Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp.'s current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 39 month lease of a 2009 Murano LE AWD with 15,000 miles per year are .00285 and 51%, respectively. The numbers for an otherwise identical 48 month lease are .00285 and 42%. 60 months is way too long to lease any vehicle for.

    NMAC's current 39 month, 15k numbers for an '09 Murano SL AWD are .00285 and 54%. The numbers for an otherwise identical 48 month lease are .00285 and 45%.

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  • Thanks Carman. Thats what I decided to do. You know these dealers are so shifty telling you they will payoff your lease when in essence they are just tacking the remaining payments onto the new vehicle you buy! I'll probably go over my miles. I am at 35,000 and I still have two payments left. I drive it every day to and from work so that stinks but what can you do! :shades:
  • Thanks Car_man....

    Does the residual change for 12K per year instead of 15K?

  • Car man,
    I have looking at all of your posts. #630 stand out,"With the specials going on this week I can get you down to $398 a month for 39 months on the exact Murano you are looking for with no money down on the lease. Your money factor is 0.000330, Cap cost of $33,204.36, selling cost of $31,599, and a residual of $17,894.40. " I am looking at an 07 sl w/ touring ,leather and dynamic traction control. Msrp about $37600, residual $17700, money factor of .00016, 39 months w 15k/yr.,nothing down, my dealer wants 489/month. 8.25% tax is included in the payment. This is about $100 higher than your price. Is your $398 legit? Time sensitive please respond quickly. Thank you.

  • My brain is with you on the Pilot. I just have to talk myself out of liking the Murano, and the pricing and financing may make that happen. But until then...

    What about leasing a Murano through a non-captive finance company? You think they are giving better deals on MF or do they typically follow the lead of the captive finance guys? I qualify for super-preferred financing if that makes a difference.

    I am aiming for 09LE with navi and dual moonroof for 12K/36 months, not the 24 months you mentioned. I assume the residial will be different...

  • ...I wish I would've found this forum before I leased the car. Now I think I want to get rid of it.

    I leased it on Sep 1, 2007.

    The vehicle:

    Silver 2007 Nissan Murano SL AWD, leather, sunroof, bose.
    (Agreed upon value of the vehicle) is this the MSRP?: $35,550
    Selling price: $33,311
    Title/Req/Aquisition fee: $611.25
    Total Gross Capitalized Cost: $36,543
    Rebate: $500
    Down payment: $3,500 (includes first month payment).
    Residual Value/Purchase Option at end of lease: $16,764 (is this good?)
    Mileage: 12k/year
    Vehicle had 4,984 miles on it at purchase (they used it as the test driving murano).
    Lease terms: 42 months
    Monthly payment: $449.46 (includes sales tax)
    Free maintance is included in the deal.

    Thanks for any input.
  • The previous question is for car man. Thanks dude!
  • I would not have leased for any more than 36 months. most car warranties are 3 yrs or 36,000. If you keep the car for 42 months you will be without factory warranty for one year and if something goes wrong with the car then you have to fix it and likely buy it at lease end so you dont loose your shirt. Just my opinion.
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 268
    I'm interested in leasing my wife an '09 Murano LE AWD, 36 months, 36,000 mile lease.

    The dealer had told me that residual value for this lease would be 59% but I'm skeptical, they did not tell me what the MF would be through Nissan financing.

    I get VPP pricing so the cap cost on the vehicle would be close to invoice. Invoice on the base LE + moonroof option would be about $34,000 with an MSRP of about $37,000.

    What are the MF and residual for this lease from Nissan? My wife's current lease is not up until May, so hopefully some improved promotions become available from Nissan financing.
  • I received the following quote
    SL/FWD/Prem Package/Leather Pkg/Tech Pkg/Moonroof/splash guards/floor mats/cargo net/roof rail cross bars/ Platinum Graphite w/Black int

    MSRP $34825 Selling price $32169
    24 month lease with $5K down
    Lease payment = $480.23 including tax

    36 month lease with $5K down
    Lease Payment = $484.70 including tax

    I would appreciate any feedback on these quotes.
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 268
    Lease payments on the Murano appear to high right now. You could lease an entry level MDX for under $600 a month with no money down. You should never put money down on a lease as all you are doing is making payments in advance and if the car was totalled or stolen you would never get that down payment back from insurance.

    Hopefully this spring and summer inventory will start to build and we will see Nissan offer some more attractive lease deals on the '09 MO.
  • What should the residual and money factor be on an '09 SL with only the Leather Pkg and moonroof as options? Thanks for your response!
  • For every $1000 you put down or don't put down on a lease, adjusts the payment about $30 a month. The 2009 Murano is a premium SUV, has the VQ Engine, which "is" one of the Top 10 best engines in the world, and now officially the safest SUV getting TOP PICK for safety by the IIHS. I think paying taxes up front is a great idea. The best lease deals on this are at 39 months.

    You can do a lease with Nissan from 12,000 to 25,000 miles PER YEAR!! The difference from 12 to 15 is only $11 or so.
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 268
    Since all you do on here day in and day out is push the Murano (astro turfing) let's talk shop a bit, shall we? The residual on the '07 Murano at this time during the model introduction was about 55% and money factor was similar (or better) to what it is now even though interest rates have fallen.

    Putting money down on a lease is STUPID. You are effectively making "payments in advance" to try to get a lower monthly payment. You will never see this money again if the car is lost or totalled. Only suckers look at their monthly payment number when making a car buying decision.

    You can look at leasing two ways. It lets people drive a car they can't really afford, or it lets people who CAN afford to buy the car but would choose to do other things with their money, drive a nice car every few years. Every sales person that I run into insists leasing is a great deal because it makes THEM more money as that customer will be back again and again to lease new vehicles.... assuming they don't go over mileage cap and end up owing too much at lease end that they have to purchase the car outright.

    If Nissan wants to move more Muranos they will bump the residual on all models to 55% or better and they will drop their money factor to .0002. This would allow for lease payments on Muranos of $400-$500 per month with no money down, depending on model and negotiated cap cost.

    If Subaru can do a .00175 residual and 56% residual on an Outback and Acura can do a 57% residual and .002 money factor on an MDX, then Nissan can do better than 50% residual and .00285 money factor if they want these cars to sell.
  • Dear Carman:

    Desperatly need your opinion and advice.
    I have been offered a lease for 2009 MURANO SL AWD with following options:
    Premium Package, Leather package plus small stuff like Roof Rack, Splash guards, Floor mats for $30856, which is $350 over invoice. Seems like not a bad price, so I desided to lease, given, as the dealer offered: 36 mo., 12 K,
    Interest rate of 2.68%, which makes MF=0.00112 and Res. value - 53%.
    (Finansial Manager said this lease program was just offered by UBS bank).
    After crunching the numbers the result was: $513/mo (I`m rounding to the nearest $) with &2864 out of pocket (includes: 1st Paym., $108-Title & Registr., $1095-Bank Aquis. Fee and $1148-Down Payment). I think, that is all info I have.
    It seems to me the montly payment is awful hi, because when I tried to calculate
    using Edmunds Lease Payment Calculator it gave me $422/mo; and with $0.00
    Down Paym. - $457/mo ($1660 out of pocket). All taxes and interest included in
    monthly payments
    Why is there such a big difference, who is right?
    Why is Bank fee so unusually hi?
    This dealership is located in Queens , NY.
    I`m also trading in my 2004 MURANO SL AWD, 44.5K miles, with all options, except NAV., in good condition - for $15400.
    Thanks in advance; All opinions and suggestions are welcome
  • I leased a 07 Murano yesterday, I live in NE, here are the details. 07 SL AWD, msrp, $31,910, cap cost, $28,410, MF .00016, residual 47% for 39 mo./15k per year lease. Dealer kept the $500 rebate. Monthly payments $354 per mo. not including tax. If you have a dealer that still has 07's to sell they may be ready to deal. Up front cost, first payment and doc. fees of $199.
  • That sounds really good. Is daeler anywhere near Southern NJ. I'm gettying prices of $425.
  • dip007dip007 Posts: 15
    I agree with you, you should the least money down as possible. Is that a true statement that if you total the car then you will lose your money? The dealer will not replace your vehicle?
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 268
    The dealer has nothing to do with it. It's between you, your insurance company and the lease company.

    Pretty much all leases now include gap insurance which means the leasing company will cover the difference between what your insurance company pays vs. what you owe on the vehicle.

    So if you total a leased vehicle there's no advantage to having put down a down payment. Gap insurance has you covered in this respect to make sure you don't have to write a check to the lease company between what the insurance paid on the car and what's left on the lease payment plus residual value of the vehicle.

    And yes, if you total a leased vehicle, you aren't getting a check at all, regardless of how much money you put down on the lease. You get to start all over again with a new lease or purchase and your down payment counts for nothing which is why it's stupid to put any money down on a lease beyond what's required to drive off with the car.
  • A week ago I leased a 07 Murano S AWD
    Dealer is instaling leather
    I put 2,000.00 down and am paying $389 a month tax included.
    Just wondering if this was a good deal?
    MSRP 30,500.00
  • PS it is a 15k per year lease.
  • bkanskybkansky Posts: 14
    My 05 Murano SL lease is ending this month and I have driven both the new 09 Murano LE AWD and the 08 Infinit FX35 AWD. The monthly lease price on 09 Murano LE AWD for 36 mo w/16-17 K miles with $2k plus fees down will run $608. Equivalent Infiniti FX35 AWD will only cost $529 because car is not new and money factor is so much lower. I like both vehicles but I would really prefer to get the new Murano but I cannot justify the monthly lease cost difference. I am also worried about the difference in new EPA mileage estimates with city rated 18 for Murano but only 15 for Infiniti.
    That's a big diference when gas is going to be high $3's this summer.

    Any advice on getting a better lease rate from sources other than Nisssan/Infiniti or is Infiniti FX35 the best bet for lease right now? Where do you think 09 Murano money factor will be in 2-3 mos?
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 268
    Two really different cars in my opinion. My wife has a leased FX35 that she's been driving for three years now.

    FX has much sportier ride and many complain it rides too harsh on anything but super smooth pavement. The engine in the FX is a beast, much, much more power than the Murano's engine.

    FX has much better interior than the Murano, although the 09 Murano has improved in this area quite a bit. Murano has far better tech features than the FX with things like power hatch, bluetooth integration, ipod interface, etc.

    FX is a better lease candidate not only because of lower money factor but also because of higher residual value after 3 yrs and 36-50K miles.

    As far as gas mileage goes, my wife is averaging 17-19 mpg with her FX in 50/50 city/highway driving. She only puts around 10K miles a year on a car so gas price is not the factor it would be if she was a high mileage driver.

    Dealers will straight up tell you that they can't lease Murano right now... why would you lease a Murano when you could have an Infiniti, Acura or Lexus for less money per month with similar features and a better warranty? Volume on Murano will have to build before lease incentives start to come up for the new Murano, probably end of summer or early fall.
  • dreggmandreggman Posts: 4
    Well after driving our 04 Murano around for the past 4 years - we decided to upgrade. Worked out perfect as our lease was up this past Feb. We wound up leasing a LOADED 2009 Murano LE AWD with EVERY option - moonroof, navigation, mats, cross rails, cargo protector, tire flaps, etc. We were really upset that you could not get a DVD player and the navigation system or moonroof. Tried to config online - but selecting overhead DVD greys out BOTH moon (makes sense) and navigation (does not make sense!). The dealer said it had something to do with the wiring. So we added the OEM DVD Players (INVISION) to the back of each headrest. Looks even BETTER to be honest than the factory option. So we literally have EVERYTHING in this car. (DVD NOTE: The DVD players were installed by the dealer and look amazing. Nissan considers INVISION DVD to be a NISSAN "dealer port" option. Only the dealer offers this option and they match the factory specs. INVISION items can ONLY be ordered and installed through the dealership. 3rd party companies and consumers CANNOT buy them and do it yourself. For this reason they are not considered aftermarket and convered under the NISSAN manufacturer warranty as well.)

    We got the LE with the Super Black Exterior with Beige Leather Interior. Looks great in this combination. Dark interior looked good in old model - but we thought beige interior looks better in 09s.

    Original Sticker was $40,511.00 and DVD Player was $1500.00. Cap Cost Came to $38,200.00. All this in a 42 Month Lease with 12K miles annually - $5,529 down - out of pocket (first payment - the 529-, taxes, titles, tags, etc.) and a Monthly payment of $529.00 I believe the buyout at the end of the lease is $19K and change. For a car with this many options - I believe we got a great deal. I know the DVD Players in the Headrest option was like $1500. I live in Virginia and shopped around at 6 dealers - the best we were offered in VA was $6200 down and $570 a month for the same lease - I took this deal back to the dealer where we originally leased our 04 Murano - Herb Gordon Nissan in MD and they beat it - no games and no hassle - did everything over the phone. I just showed up to pick up my car!! They gave me the model customer experience - twice! They have amazing customer service. I would obivously deal with them again in a hearbeat.

    By the way - I have also test driven the Acura, Lexus and Infiniti this year. Thought maybe it was time to leave Nissan. My parents have the lexus and i drove it in Florida for two solid weeks prior to test driving the 09 Murano. I can honestly say - money aside - I felt the 09 Murano drove and felt better than ALL OF THEM. Maybe a personal preference. But even if cost was not a factor - I felt the 09 Murano was the best one. It is a truly amazing car. Just did a road trip up to NYC last weekend and this car was perfect. The bluetooth was awesome for answering calls with no effort, ipod connecter was very cool for listening to our library of tunes and controlling it through the vehicle, the traffic navigation helped us avoid some major tie ups on the beltway, the dvd players were great for keeping the little happy with dora the explorer, the duel moonroofs were great for taking in the views in NYC and overall the roomy seats and great handling made for a wonderful trip!!

    I HIGHLY recommend this car.
  • dcbengaldcbengal Posts: 4
    I test drove the FX35 hoping I was going to love it because I really like the FX body style over the Murano body style. To say I was extremely disappointed would be an understatement. I drove the sport version with the 20" wheels first - this car was extremely twitchy (you couldn't breath on the steering wheel) and the ride was very hard. Then I drove the model with the 18" wheels - better then the first but still not even in the same ballpark with the 09 Murano. I thought the Murano had a ton more get up and go then the FX - and you just can't beat the CVT transmission on the Murano! I am hoping that they are going to upgrade the Infiniti to the level of the Murano (isn't it ironic that they upgraded the lower end car before the Luxury car??) in time for my next car.

    All that being said, after test driving the FX35, Lexus RX350, Toyota Highlander, Ford Edge and the Murano, I have ordered my 09 Murano LE fully loaded and paid $300 over invoice. I am getting a lease through my credit union for 5 yrs/15K per year for no money down and $550 per month; $16K residual.
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