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2013 and earlier Volvo XC90 Lease Questions



  • thanks volvomax

    so i wonder if I can find a good lease third party outside volvo financing, I could use the purchase incentive?

    I guess its a catch 22 if I cannot find another lease company...
  • ok well, i just got another good deal from my buddy who works for a leasing company.

    07 XC90 2wd, black/black.

    2007 XC90 2WD 3.2L
    MSRP 48152.00
    Invoice 44782.00
    Cap cost 44582.00
    Climate Package
    Bi-Xenon Headlights
    Premium Package
    Versatility Pacakge
    Navigation System
    18" Camulus Wheels
    Rear Seat Entertainment (DVD)

    The below is through Volvo Credit:

    24 month lease
    $2500 out of pocket
    10,500 miles
    Residual: 70%
    Money factor is .00029
    Payment: $493.51 (including tax)

    It doesnt have the convenience package I dont think, which I wanted, but has DVD and Nav which is cool.. payments look pretty darn good... anyone care to comment?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    You can't beat the Volvo lease going to a 3rd party and using the incentive.
  • Just wanted to quickly recount a positive experience with Volvo of Edison in NJ. Last week, I picked up a XC90 3.2 w/ AWD, climate,premium,versatility,convenience, rear entertainment and Xenon lights. MSRP of 48,427 and a purchase price of $43,850.

    The lease for 24 months w/ 10.5k miles per year is $450 with about $2800 up front to cover inception fees and taxes.

    I found Edison Volvo to be easy to deal with and over $120 less per month than one of the other local dealers. At least two others who I was emailing with could not meet this deal.

    Happy negotiating.

  • 23109vc23109vc Posts: 218
    have any of you whoa re shopping for an XC90 considered the RX350?

    I was originally looking at the XC90...but looked at the RX and felt it might be a better deal. the RX has a 270 hp motor and weighs about 400 lbs less than the XC90. to get the price of an XC90 the same as an RX you'd need to compare 3.2 XC90s to the RX. the V8 XC90 will be too much more money...but when you look at power/weight...the 'advantage' of the V8 is pretty much nil when you factor the power of the lexus V6/weight vs the power of the V8/weight... if you compare 6 cyclinder vs 6 cylinder the RX would be better than the XC as it's got more power an dless weight to pull around.

    just a thought. maybe the volvo is tons safer..not sure..

    but in terms of prices paid / lease offers.. I've been offered an RX350 for $860 total out of pocket, and a 36 month, 12k lease for $491 month, total payment. not bad. MSRP was $37k. selling price was about $36k.

    the best i've found on a volvo V8 was quite a bit more. to get the price close i've got to come down to a V6 and performance wise, the RX will be better..

    any thoughts or opinions?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    You can't compare a V8 to an RX350.
    You may as well get a Suzuki XL-7 or a Kia Sorrento.
    The V8 is a 7 seater, it IS more powerful, and safer.
    Go with a 5 seat XC90 3.2 if you want something close in price to an RX350.
  • I am thinking of leasing a five (5) passenger XC-90
    with FWD.

    I don't need AWD or the 7 pass. seating.

    The only options I am looking at are Premium Package and Metallic Paint.

    The MSRP of the car I looked at was $40,300.

    Base: 36135
    Premium: 2995
    Metallic: 475
    Delivery: 695
    MSRP: 40,300

    I am looking for the most economical lease I can get, either 24 or 36 months. Not more. I need @least 12,000 miles per year.

    I was offered the car (with loyalty $$) for $ 35,000 plus sales tax if I chose to BUY, not LEASE.

    BEFORE heading back to the dealer to discuss leasing, can someone advise me what to expect on the lease price.

    Many thanks
  • I'm looking at an 07 xc90 in NC with AWD, premium, climate and versatility packages. MSRP is $45,075. Cap cost is $38,575, which sounds like a good deal??? I want to lease 36 mos with 15k miles per year. Money factor seems really high - .004275. Makes payment $725/mo with $1000 down. Any help with current lease rates???

  • Happy New Year! Anyone have the January 2007 money factors/residuals for XC90, specifically 24 months/15K a year? Thanks.
  • Hi all:

    New to from as of today. I have a question about a lease on a 2007 XC90 3.2

    It will have the Premium and Versatility packages. It will have the 19''Camulus Alloy Wheels. The Silver Metallic with the Sandstone Beige Leather.

    I do not know much about leasing at all. We did lease a 01 Dodge Durango and sold it before e the lease up us and was upside down so we are not to sure to lease again.

    We can afford a high payment but we do not want to. We want to get them as low as possible.

    The terms the dealer in Tucson AZ gave me are:
    Selling price before taxes ex. is $41,183
    Lease will be fore 24mo. 12k a year
    we will put down 12,500 (max by Volvo's 25%)
    payments will be $184.00
    residual will be $28,145

    I know with the high down why not just buy but even with 12k down we still have a payment over 350. just wanted to see what you all thought. I have a appointment this Saturday the 13th to get it, but still not 100% sure we will get it.

    Thanks in adv. for all the help.

    Peoria AZ
  • I would not put that much down on a lease, ever. At the end of the 24 month period you still have to buy/lease a new car and that 12,000 is GONE. You would be better off leasing the car and putting the 12,000 in a money market and pulling from it monthly to cover your expenses above the $350 you would be comfortable paying. You can also look for a very gently used XC90 and put the 12k down on that, you won't worry about being upside down and you have a car you can drive for many years to come.
  • amcdadamcdad Posts: 61
    Here are the rates I got from a dealer in CT recently for January:

    Through Volvo Financing:

    3.2 AWD, 24 months, 15K: 65% residual and .00087 money factor.

    V8 AWD, 24 months, 15K: 68% residual and .00120 money factor

    Through Chase:

    3.2 AWD, 36 months, 15K: 48% residual, .00260 MF, $5500 rebate

    V8 AWD, 39 months, 15K: 47% residual, .00260 MF, $6500 rebate

    Hope that helps.
  • jco11jco11 Posts: 4
    CarMan, I need your advice:
    I was recently quoted the following lease:

    2007 XC90 3.2L FWD w/
    Convenience Package
    Versatility Package
    Premium Package
    18" Camulus Wheels
    Rear Seat Entertainment
    Wood Steering Wheel

    MSRP $46,440
    Capitalized Cost: $41,020
    48 mos lease
    $0 Capitalized Cost Reduction
    $615/mo + tax

    Does this sound like a good deal???
  • mkar2mkar2 Posts: 1
    Still confused about leasing, and am looking for a little help. Should I Lease???

    XC90 3.2 2007
    MSRP $45,605
    Cap cost $35,628
    residual: $20,978
    lease factor .00236
    driveoff $1726
    payment: 583 w/tax 36 month lease

  • Can someone tell me from rangers post which of these is better:

    Through Volvo Financing:

    3.2 AWD, 24 months, 15K: 65% residual and .00087 money factor.

    Through Chase:

    3.2 AWD, 36 months, 15K: 48% residual, .00260 MF, $5500 rebate

    I own a 2006 XC90, its worth more than we owe. We put nothing down on it and its in mint condition but we dont drive enough to justify the monthly payment price and Volvo is running a 24 month deal. We also will need another car in two years so trying to prep for that now.
  • Volvo is running a 399 a month lease for 24 months promotion on a FWD 3.2 XC90.

    I would like to know how much this payment goes up based upon adding the following features:

    15000 miles per year or 18000 per year
    Premium Package
    Climate Package

    Also, can you put multiple sec deposits down to pay down the money factor?

    I live in San Diego, CA if that matters.

    I also have xplan pricing on all ford/ volvo vehicles if its a better deal.

    Thanks in advance
  • Local advertisment:

    2007 XC90 V6 AWD - MSRP $44,600 with 7 passenger, Climate pkg, premium pkg, Vers pkg.

    Residual - $22,054

    36 month/10k

    Due at signing: $0 sec/$1995 cap cost red/first month/$845 bank fee/MV,tax, tag, title

    What do you make of this one ?

    Note: The out of pocket would be covered with cap insurance
  • I understand the money factor for the xc90 3.2 AWD is .00029. When I looked at the Escalade forum, they have rates of 6.15 which is .0025625. This is a HUGE difference and makes the monthly payments for an escalade a hell of a lot more.

    My question- why would Volvo's money factor be so much lower than GM's?

    What determines whether a car has a high or low money factor?

  • if the ad is for $379, that sounds like a good deal. WHen I tried to recalc the lease using the lease calculator mentioned on this site somewhere, I got a higher monthly payment.

    where did you see the ad? I'm in the NY tri state area and am shopping around as well.

    best i saw was montclair volvo for 399/month for a msrp 46200 xc90 3.2 awd with around $3K down.
  • The ad is in todays Bergen Record and it is for $379 at Montclair Volvo.

    I'm in Jersey and I've never delt with Montclair (I usually go over to Paul's Volvo in Hawthorne to shop around).
  • thanks- montclair's website has it for 399- let me know if you end up finding anything better than the 379

    do you know why volvo's money factors are so low?
  • your price of $493 including tax seems high when you recalculate the lease using the lease calculator referred to on this site. with the info you provided, if you put nothing down the lease would be $525 including tax (8.5% approx).

    the money factor must be higher than the .00029 you are providing.
  • amcdadamcdad Posts: 61

    Where did you get the .00029 MF, and for how many months/miles? What residual were you quoted? That MF is different from the numebrs given to me by my local dealer....Thanks
  • i didnt get .00029 from a dealer- i just saw it a few times times throughout this website. i also saw .00071. what were you quoted?
  • fyi- if i recall the .00029 was for 24 months for 10500 per yr with a 71% residual value.
  • jhabrejhabre Posts: 17
    Hello amcdad,
    I negotiated the price for the 3.2 AWD but am looking for an alternative bank to lease from (other than Volvo). All the banks I called won't deal with individuals. May I have the number to Chase, and what is the $5500 rebate all about?
    Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    No bank will deal with an individual on a lease.
    It has to go thru the dealership.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,330
    That's not quite accurate.. will write a lease on almost any car for an individual. They are very competitive, especially on used cars.

    However, the dealer can usually find the best lease rates on a new car.



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  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    I saw that.
    It looks just like a broker site to me.
    Far different from being able to contact the bank directly.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,330
    I'm not sure how it is different (not literally, but in function). The consumer can get a lease on his own.. You don't have to use the dealer.

    I'm familiar with them, because they are based in Cincinnati.

    True, you may not be able to call up USBank or Chase and get a lease... but, you do have options other than the dealer.

    The big advantage is on used cars. The bank will buy the car from a private seller, and lease it to you, if that is what you want to do.



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