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2007 and newer Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon



  • chile96chile96 Posts: 330
    Wow - they look very good! Thanks for the pics - makes it so much easier. So where did you get your kit from and how easy was installation

    (just trying to make sure your fingers don't get atrophied from zero use :D )
  • rockin_ltzrockin_ltz Posts: 61
    Cool...Glad these helped. Got this kit from this website:

    You can search by vehicle to make sure you get the correct kit. Just so you know, it uses the H11 bulbs and the kit will run you $350.00 if you don't go above the 5000K bulb. Since I got the 6000K it was $25.00 more.

    As for installation...If I did it, ANYBODY could do it!!! The only hard part was finding a place to secure the ballast...However there's plenty of space under the hood to do this. You do have to remove the headlight lens by removing 2 screws...This allows you to pull the headlight far enough out to get the new bulbs installed. It took me about 30 minutes to do it...But if you have any clue (which I didn't) as to what you're doing it shouldn't even take that long!!

    Let me know if you have any other questions...And hopefully you can get your kits soon!!

    P.S. - Hand is feeling MUCH better since I've been working it out on this keyboard posting these messages!! :D
  • motozenmotozen Posts: 3
    Hi! I have the chrome door handles that are OEM from GM.
    They are beautiful and worth every penny.

    Install was actually more then the handle themselves. came out to be about 310.00 installed. You have to take apart your doors to be able to do this mod. No cheap 3M taping here. And thank God for that. These look prestigeous.

    I can post pics if you need.... ;)
  • motozenmotozen Posts: 3
    I have it and love it. I put it on the first week I got my LTZ Summit White.

    The note is like a lion's roar. It is a very european audi tone, and I love it. I come from german cars and this exhuast does not sound like a gurgling bubble like on some country boy's truck... The sound is mean.

    You can here it at 75+ mph. at 80+ it is loud. But you shouldn't be driving that fast anyway! hehe.

    Is it worth it? yes. Tandem to my AIRAID. it is a great setup.

    motozen. out.
  • chile96chile96 Posts: 330
    ouch - just went to the website and realized that it's $375 per pair. so i'm guessing that you just did the low beams? i'm thinking about doing the high beams as well unless there's some reason (safety) why not to...
  • rockin_ltzrockin_ltz Posts: 61
    I just did the low beams...Don't really use my high beams much anyway. Also, the way I installed my set when you turn on the high beams...The low beams (HID's) stay illuminated!! Talk about lighting up the road!! :shades:

    If you do decided to do both, I don't really see any safety issues as you normally dim your high beams for oncoming traffic therefore it shouldn't present any hazards.
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    Which one did you get, performance or touring?
  • nacho07nacho07 Posts: 26
    Please post pics, i am thinking of doing this mod. So you had them istalled at the dealer?
  • tony97gttony97gt Posts: 20
    I purchased an HID kit for my 07 Tahoe on Ebay. I got the kit for $225.00 expedited (shipped)and insured. I got the 6000k kit, and it has a 3 year warranty. I'll be posting pics soon.
  • rockin_ltzrockin_ltz Posts: 61
    For what it's worth...The Xtec kits have a Lifetime warranty on bulbs and ballasts. Kinda hard to beat that one.
  • 07denali07denali Posts: 17
    Anyone know where to get painted pillars (the ones above the taillights)? I'd like to color match mine to the paint.
  • motozenmotozen Posts: 3
    The Performance. I figure if your going to do something, do it all the way.

    Keeping it GM also helps at the dealership :)
  • rockin_ltzrockin_ltz Posts: 61
    Based on your user name, I'm assuming you have an '07 Denali. Are you telling me that the pillars are NOT color coded to match the rest of the vehicle? That's a bummer if so.

    I have an '07 Tahoe (LTZ) and they are the same color as the rest of the vehicle. Not sure this is an upgrade or an option....
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    I agree with both. Thanks for the info.
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    Based on the 07 Tahoe brochure, the rear pillars are body color.
  • 07denali07denali Posts: 17
    Correct, they also changed the headlights. Not all chrome and no GMC lettering.
  • 07denali07denali Posts: 17
    Nope, they are not with GMC.
  • acmathacmath Posts: 2
    I just bought my wife a silver 07 and we need floor mats. We have 3 kids and the titanium interior is really light. I have been reading the forums here and saw that someone bought the Husky mats? Are they all really this expensive? Does anyone have an opinion about the ones with the lip around the edge or not? And they do fit in perfectly, right? What about the third row seat and SMALL cargo area?

    Thanks, in advance, for anyone's help.
  • tony20fantony20fan Posts: 30
    I bought Catchall floor mats from I am very happy with them. I have the front and second row seating. I love the second row mat as it is one piece and covers the hump in the middle where there is not a stock mat. I did not screw them down permanently and they don't move at all. They are a perfect and tight fit and match the carpet very well. I had titanium in my last Tahoe and they were almost an exact match. I have cashmere in my 07 and it's and exact match. Plus, free shipping and now tax in my state. I researched and found this site to be the cheapest around too.

    As for the rear, I am still trying to decide what to do. I don't want carpet back there because of two labs, and I don't know if I want to have the third row seats in or out. I'll post if I find the miracle answer!
  • rockman59rockman59 Posts: 250
    acmath said: I just bought my wife a silver 07 and we need floor mats
    What's wrong with the floor mats that come with your 07?
  • janscaperjanscaper Posts: 2
    Help! I've had my beautiful new 07 Tahoe 3 days now, went shopping and had some bleach spill out onto my tan carpet in the back. ;) The white spot is about the size of a half dollar. Does anyone know of a carpet dye kit I can use that will match the chevrolet carpet color?
    thank you!
  • zepreszepres Posts: 16
    ooooh I did not have time to get on the forum until today. I ordered a cheap 3M chrome handle set off ebay 2 days ago already. I might do tthe real things if this does not work out.

  • zepreszepres Posts: 16
    Installed the combo billet grill last weekend. They look great. They are made by Carriage Works. The screw holes are not aligned correctly.

    Cecook, I ordered a set of taped-on chrome handles. Will post result later.
  • rockin_ltzrockin_ltz Posts: 61
    I too installed this billet grill from Carriage Works. I think it looks great. The 2 piece grill itself was very easy to install, but the tow hook (2 small lower) grills required a little more effort. Here's a pic that I posted a little earlier about the HID's I installed...But you can also see the grills here too:

  • zepreszepres Posts: 16
    Thanks. Very nice!
  • zepreszepres Posts: 16
    Hi rockin_ltz, can you tell me how to remove the rubber covers from the bumper (toe hooks). Instruction says to push straight back, which I did but it wont come off.

  • rockin_ltzrockin_ltz Posts: 61
    If you do push hard enough they will come out. I crawled up under the front bumper and was looking back up through the openings and you can see where the rubber boots/covers are attached to the bumper itself. Just work the rubber covers around a little as you're pushing back on them and they should come off. Don't worry if you tear them (which you probably won't) as you end up just throwing them away any how once you install the tow hook grills. Hope this helps.
  • frank07frank07 Posts: 8
    Hi guys. Well I am ready to install an Eclipse sound system to my 07 Tahoe. BUT I have been told by 2 diffrent installers that the Interface for Onstar and the Interface for the steering wheel are not available yet.

    My question is: Is it true?

    If they are available right now please provide me with those links!
    Thanks in advance!

  • zepreszepres Posts: 16
    Got it! Thanks very much. That was pretty tough installation. I crawled up under the bumper too :) that was what saved me from failure. If you r not too handy I would not recommend doing the toe hook grills yourselves.
  • cecookcecook Posts: 23
    I have the full set of Husky liners in grey to go with my titanium interior. The fit is perfect and the lip around the edges holds lots of anything, keeping it out of the carpet. The mats were pretty expensive but I have used several sets and these Huskys will last forever. Not a bad investment if you look down the road. The front and rear mats fit without a problem. I also got the cargo liner and it is able to be used with the 3rd row in or not. There are locations to cut the mat to allow for the 3rd row seats to be attached. There is also a lip around those cuts so when the 3rd row is out, nothing will get under the liner. Let me know if you have any other questions about them.

    73shark, I cant wait to see pics and find out more about the install.
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