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Dodge Durango Maintenance and Repair



  • About 1 month ago I did a sharp U-turn and ever since than my truck stalls when I come to a stop. No codes in the PCM. We have replaced the TPS, MAP, and the Power steering pressure switch. Also, we had our injectors cleaned, and a new air filter. The spark plugs are 2 years old. I have 64500 miles on the truck. We thought we had it running the other day after replacing the power steering switch and I backed out of a parking space and heard an awful noise in the steering area. Has anyone had this type of a problem? We have the IAC part coming in now and will replace that next. Do you think we need to replace the PCM?

    Very confused. Help please. :confuse:
  • I just replaced the battery and the head lights will not turn off and the back dome lights will not turn off. I tried to use ny electric locks they do not work, no dash lights and no windshield wipers. I need help.
  • Ok the IAC did not work either. My truck is still stalling. I am at my whits end on what to do next.

    Need some advice thanks! :cry: :mad:
  • New computer on Saturday. :(
  • I replaced the Throttle Positioning Sensor (cost $23 from Advance Auto). Bought the tools forgot the name but only $10) and replaced the old one. Over 100 miles and so-far, idle is normal. Try this quick fix and see what happens. :shades:
  • See other messages on this site about Idling/RPM's etc. If you have that tact to remove the harness, an spray some brake cleaner (that evaporates quickly) that should dry out any fluid that sits in the harness and causing the short.

    Fortunately, i did not have to replace my harness since i used brake cleaner, and only had to replace the Throttle Positioning Sensor. G.L.
  • Hey, did you get a response on this? Hope you havent sold your durango, becuase the fix is simple. See my other posts. I am excited about this and want to share it with you all. Email me if you have any questions. :shades:
  • My 2002 durango, is haveing all sorts of problems, it started with a dinging noise then, the 4wd light came on, the electric door locks stoped working, the headlights dim on off, and finally the horn goes off for no reason when it's running, I tried disconnecting the baterry to reset it,so one told me it was the PCM or ECM, but i cant find either parts any where-- i'm pulling my hair out with this thing any help would be greatly appreciated
  • We bought our PCM from the dealer, $278.
  • hi, i've owned my durango almost 2 months and it suddenly has a problem we cant seem to figure out. at first it seemed like it was missing so we changed plugs/wires. still done it. now sometimes it just dies going down the road. we've replaced 3 sensors so far, a new pcm, and it still does it! we're completely lost at what to do. any help would be greatly appreciated!!! :confuse:
  • hi, my durango is doing the same thing. Do you know who has the fix for this?
  • can anyone help me? PLEASE!!! :confuse: my mechanic is confused? What is wrong with the durango? :confuse:
  • hi! today i finally broke down and took my durango to another mechanic, they tested everything, ran diagnostics and for a day and a half they searched. he finally found out that the timing was 18% off or something like that. i drove it home and it worked like a charm. so far that is. but as it dieing in the middle of the road i do think the pcm had something to do with it. cause once we replaced it, it didnt just die, it just kept losing power. hope this helps, we've replaced everything to think of just like you did, so try this and hopefully it'll work for you! good luck!
  • Hi! I have a 2004 durnago and I was wondering if anybody knew about the instrumnet cluster and what it controls?? My dome lights have been staying all and I went to the dealership and they told me that a faulty instrument cluster was the reason why my dome lights wouldn't turn off. When I got home I noticed that all of sudden my power locks werent working either!! I went back and they said that also b/c of the instrumnet cluster. It really doesnt make any sense to me.
  • Hello,
    I have a 2004 Durango and the problem I was having was the clock/radio wasn't working at all and the dome light and the power door locks would only work if the key was in the "on" position.It turned out to be a loose wire coming out of the PCM.
  • HELP!! I have 58000 miles on my truck, it's been well mainained and the check engine light recently came on. Then I notice a fluctuating oil gauge. I had it looked at and $400 later the gave me a new battery and battery harness and stated that should take care of the issue. They cleared out the check engine signal and said it was a code 53, internal controller failure. The gauge seems more stable now, but the engine is making a funny noise. What could it be, and how much is it to fix it?? My mechanic seems helpless.
  • Am experiencing the exact same problem as this....was there a solution?
  • The turn signals (same for hazzard lights) on a 2000 Durango will "blink" only 3-4 times before stopping. I checked the fuses and they are fine. I want to replace the turn signal relay, but can't locate it. Is it under the dashboard? Or, under the hood? Can anyone provide a suggestion. Thanks.
  • I really hope someone has seen this problem.. We purchased this durango 4 years ago, and have not had anyproblems until recently..had at the dealer for the 80,000 mile service. they noticed it had not had any updates for the computer. they did all the updates everything was fine. now 15,000 later. it will not idle in the morning, you have to hold the gas to keep it from dieing. once warmed up, seems okay, the idle has went from 750 to 500 RPM's. have done the tune up and gas treatment, changed gas grades. any help would be greatly appreciated. dealer said they can not reproduce the problem.
  • i just replaced the PCm and got a new battery, but now it wont start, check all fuses, all connections, and found nothing, any ideas why it not starting?
  • I'm having the same problem. Did you have any luck solving the problem?
  • it was the throttle plate sensor. cheap fix
  • jessi4jessi4 Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 durango and my turning signals aren't working either. i have the part from the part store to fix it but i don't know were it goes. i tried to listen for the noise but they don't work at all so i don't hear anything. if anyone has any info please let me know. thanks
  • :confuse: I have an 2005 durango. I've already been through the whole stalling thing got that fixed now when I go over bumps there is a noise underneath that almost sounds like something is loose or swaying back and forth as the back end moves from side to side. I've had it in to the dealer 3 times now (it's there right now)and they still can't figure it out. anybody had this problem? it's driving me crazy

    ps the truck used to stall when i would come to a stop. they replaced the thermostat and coolant temp. sensor and all has been fine so far and that was 5 months ago . maybe this info will help someone :)
  • I have the same exact problem it started last winter but by the time spring and summer came around they started working normally again, very strange. now they started doing it again starting in Dec06. IF anyone knows what gives please spill the beans.
  • What is the part?
  • jessi4jessi4 Posts: 2
    i have a 2000 durango with the 4.7 motor. part stores don't cary parts for that motor so i had to go to dodge directly. Mine started going bad in may '06. then it was fine then two days ago it went completly out. its under the dash on the drivers side along the wall. it's a green box. costs $35.00. i didn't have to take any panels out to get to it. hope this helps.
  • My 2001 Durango has lost all tghe electronics in the steering wheel incuding: Air bag, cruise control, radio buttons and horn. Any ideas?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Sounds like a faulty clock spring. There's a TSB out on them for the Durango - (NHTSA ITEM NUMBER - 620059). You can see all the TSB and recall summaries with the Edmunds Maintenance Guide.

    Probably need to see your dealer and hope the TSB covers the fix free.
  • Yep It was the Flasher I replaced it and it works like a champ now
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