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Dodge Durango Maintenance and Repair



  • jj911jj911 Posts: 1
    I unplugged the two back panel wiring-harness connectors on my 2004 Durango Limited multi-disc CD player/radio to run cabling behind the unit. Once I plugged the connectors back in and powered up the unit, I cannot select the CD player mode. AM/FM/DVD (VES) all work fine. Additionally, when I open the driver door I hear the CD disc changer apparently shuffling CDs for about 15 seconds, then silence. There were 5 CD's in the unit when I unplugged it. Any insight is greatly appreciated.
  • I have had a hissing noise coming from the gas peddle area for quite some time. Dealer can't find it and says that there are no vacuum lines in the area. The noise is most noticable when letting off the gas over 1000rpm. When it drops under 1000rpm it goes away. Anybody know what this could be? Thanks.
  • I have a 2005 hemi durango with the same problem. Dealer so far has not been able to "fix" the problem. Started with firmware upgrade, now said the instrument cluster was "losing" connection and posting an error code. Don't know that I buy this, but we'll see what happens. Usually happens after the first 5 minutes after cold start.
  • Great information. I too have the EXACT problem on my 2005 SLT Hemi Durango. Been through all the "upgrades" now they replaced the instrument cluster as it was "posting" error codes??? Other symptoms for me have been airbag light on intermittently. How scary is that? My dealer has been points for that, but when you buy new to have reliable transportation, but have to take it in all the time and worry about stalling, what good is it?
  • Another problem on the 2005 Durango. When the vent control is set to recirculate, and the lower is set to off, when the vehicle hits 50 mph, there is a whistling/squealing heard from the vent. If the blower is turned on, or the control changed, the sound can be made to stop. The dealer has had two attempts to fix, one covered with a TSB for an expansion valve, (no fix) then another TSB for a pinched AC line....(no fix). Any one else out there with this annoying problem?
  • My 2002 Durango with 4.7 engine and 26K miles has the following problem:

    I get in it and turn the ignition. It does not crank at all. Every electrical accessory works - windows, fan, lights, instrument cluster, etc.

    The 10 amp fuse in slot #10 blows. It appears to support the PCM and Fuel Pump. if I replace the fuse it just blows out again immediately. If I have the truck towed to my mechanic it shows no error codes and if they replace the fuse, it starts fine. This lasts for a week, several weeks, etc. then it happens again. the car can be sitting for 20 minutes, an hour, overnight, warm, cold, rain, sunny - its random.

    The PCM has been tested and replaced. The ignition switch has been replaced.

    Does anyone have any ideas? Or a schematic to where this fuse goes, etc. ?

  • Recently my interior lights just stay on at all times (while driving, while parked, etc). Luckily, the car shuts them off when the battery starts to get low. Also, after 15-20 minutes of driving, the button illumination for my climate control and the switch illumination for my headlights goes off and stays off.

    SOMETIMES, I can press the courtesy lights button and shut them off manually (there is no switch for the liftgate, so that never goes off), but 90% of the time pressing the reading lights in does nothing.

    FYI - Messing with the dimmer switch does not turn the light s off either - it DOES dim the illumination of my gauges, etc properly).

    Any ideas? Anybody else experience the same thing?
  • I am having the same problem. I took out the light bulbs to keep my battery from dying. I took my truck to the dealership and they said that the instrument cluster is going bad and needs to be replaced. The part is about $500.00.
  • I was wondering if anyone has been having these issues. I have an '00 Durango and for the second time in 3 years I need to replace my dashboard cluster. In '04 it was changed for a cost of $140.00. It took the dealership 3x's to fix. In Dec 06 the light has come on again. Brought to the dealer and was told it would cost $1,200 to fix. No warranty on this part after 12 months. I have read on other sights that Chrysler did acknowledge a problem and therefore fixed it for labor only. Because of the issue my truck doesn't pass inspection. Any help! :mad
  • Are your gauges staying lit? My gauges all work fine, stay lit, and dim properly. I DO have a check engine light that comes on periodically (not flashing, just solid) and I've had another warning light pop on once and go off. But my main problem are the interior lights never going off.

    Does the "instrument cluster" include all of the interior illumination, or is it just the gauges?
  • I'm not sure. I do remember that I had a problem with my interior lights staying on - but for the life of me I cannot remember how I corrected it. My guages all work fine, it is just the check engine light stays on, never going off. Your problem my be with the dashboard cluster also. In addition, when the dealership checked this out, they reset my Odometer - Lucky Me. On the NHTSA website I researched this problem and there have been others. I do know that some have had you particular problem -- I don't know if you have checked there yet, but that might be another resource.
  • My gauges still work. Te only problem I had was the interior lights not turning off. I took my car to the dealership and they said thats the problem I went and home then realized my powerlock stopped working, took the truck back and claim that they arent working now "because the instrument cluster is tking things out one by one." I dont believe them. I havent had any check engine or ohter warning light come on.
  • The driver side door lock on my 2000 Durango refuses to unlock either with keyless entry, key or from door panel. Only driver side does not work all other doors lock and unlock OK. Is this a solenoid problem? Any help would be appreciated.
  • I just got my instrument cluster changed yesterday and everything is back to normal. So the problem that you are may just be from the instrument cluster. It is an expensive part though.
  • Here we are in the blizzard of 2007,(Upstate New York) and my Durango acts up AGAIN! The Electronic Throttle light came on and it was idling iratically. It would rev up, then way down to almost a stall. Had to have it flat bedded, (cause ya can't tow an all wheel drive) down to the dealership. Can anyone tell me what the fix would be? I don't trust my dealership to tell me the truth. They have screwed me so many times before. And no other Dodge dealer will take the truck in. I'm leasing it, so we can't take it to Joe shmo either. Any ideas??
  • I have a 2001 durango that is having problems with the back turn signal light showing The front works kind of funny it blinks really fast.. i changed the back bulb now what?no luck can anyone direct me the right way thank you... for any help...
  • 2000 durango. It started a few weeks ago with the gate open light coming on and then the door ajar light. We checked all the doors. Nothing was open. The other day all the locks started locking and unlocking, my husband removed the fuse and then put it back in and it stopped for a while. Yesterday we were at the gas station and it started with the locks again (engine was off) so my husband took the fuse out again, then when we started it, it shut off (3X) he thought that maybe when he took the fuse out that it had turned the security system on, so he put the fuse in started it and took the fuse out. When we got home he tried all the locks with the remote, worked(sometimes it doesn't, new batteries in the remote). Then he tried the driver side switch and it would only unlock. then he tried the key in the door and it locked all the doors but would only unlock drivers side door. I don't know if this has anything to do with it but, when we bought it in '03 the heated mirrors never worked. then a about 6 months later the light on the 4WD went out. I can't believe this is happeneing to so many Durango's, Chrysler needs to get it together, my next truck is going to be foreign! Anyway, I've heard so many explanations, but I can't afford to just go replacing a bunch of parts. Does anyone know the REAL answer? Are there any recalls? THANK YOU!!
  • myzoomyzoo Posts: 2
    Here is a weird one: Only getting semi-warm air out of defrost and dash vents when full hot selected on temp control. Getting hot air out of vent to back seats that is located on back side of seat console. Cable attached to temp control panel seems to be O.K. Don't really feel like pulling inst. panel, not fun! Anyone got good ideas what might be the problem??
  • kackokacko Posts: 2
    turn signal not working hazzard lights work. ive heard turn signal relay under steering wheel cannot find. what should i do?
  • All ... My wife had the same issue, and picked-up on it seemed like after filling it with gas. She said she was "topping-off" the tank each time she filled it, and thought that may have been it. I must say I am a skeptic, however since she has stopped that practice, it has not happened again. Maybe something to try?
  • I have a similar problem. Did you find a solution?
    We replaced the car battery today and now the cd player does not work. When I open the driver side door I here the disc's shuffling also. What did you do to solve the problem?

    Thanks for any help

    [email protected]
  • Just had the exact same thing happen to me on my 04 Durango. Started last week. Did you get yours fixed? Any advice for me to fix it?
  • Did you ever solve the hissing problem?
  • Our 2000 had the same problem. We tried replacing the bulb and then both back blinkers wouldn't work, then it went to the tail lights and brake lights. We took it into the shop and it was some kind of fuse under the dashboard down by the foot pedals.
  • ripsterripster Posts: 2
    It is 5 Mar 07: I just had the same thing happen to me. I had my heat on full tilt this morning and stopped for a few, when I got back into my truck there was no heat. What did you find out about this?
  • ripsterripster Posts: 2
    I just had this happen. What did you learn about it and how easy was the fix?
  • lplohmanlplohman Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Durango SXT that when I step on the break petal the Odometer and gear LCD displays dim out. I have 70,000 and some change in miles on the vehicle, it has the 4.7L Magnum engine. Any body have any ideas?
  • dodgeohdodgeoh Posts: 9
    The hissing problem has not been resolved. The last repair attempt they had it for 2 days and had Auburn hills tech center on the phone. They cried uncle and wanted to schedule yet another visit to replace the blower motor. I am SURE that isn't the issue. Also still have not fixed the creaking seat back on the passenger front seat. I have to say this has not been a good showing for Dodge.
  • I have had 2 Durango's. No problems with either of them. Good solid transpotation. I have heard alot about the locks and window motors but I for one have had no problems. My second one is doing great now with 88,600+ miles and 3 and a half years old. Sorry about all your other problems.
  • emimemim Posts: 5
    Hello all.. I have a 2001 Durango 5.9L... This past weekend was a bad weekend apparently. I don't even use it during the week, it just sits there, in the cold... My windshield wipers(front and back) stopped working; my steering wheel radio controls stopped working, my doors don't lock at cruising speed, and my tranny won't shift into 4lo or 4hi (stuck on 2wd).. I like to do things by myself rather than the dealers which are really expensive.. Any help/leads would be GREATLY appreciated. thank you.
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