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Dodge Durango Maintenance and Repair



  • Could the sensors that has the short circuit be either the throttle position sensor or the crank or cam sensor. It also backfires at a certain speed when i take foot off gas pedal
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Yes, that's possible but we really need some input here from people who know the Durango's technical details.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • My durango kept stalling at red lights, stop signs, and when I reversed. I went to take it to the dealer and they said I needed a $800 tune up and work up. So I rented a car and as soon as I got my car it stalled again. Took it back to dodge and they said my TPS failed. I had to pay $400 again for something they overlooked the first time I brought it in. I am not taking my car backto Homestead Spitzer Dodge in Miami, Fl
  • Yea the factory changed the part #s on this item and said it was to close to the radiator its the little device that sits in front of the radiator.Sometimes they fall off and alot off times it is a short in the wiring
  • I have a 99 Durango 4x4 SLT which I love to death but I keep getting faults with it that I cant seem to get corrected.
    1) My ABS light comes on when driving over 30mph, but when I shut down and restart the light goes away so they cant diagnose the problem. I have replaced the rear speed sensor and still nothing, I had a whole new rear end assembly put in and all and it went away for a bit but is now back. I heard there are two speeds sensors up front also but don't really know where they are so I cant find them and every time I take it to a dealer or shop they always try to charge me for something else major that is supposedly failing on my Durango so I would rather do it myself if possible.
    2) When driving on the Highway sometimes my engine will seem like its missing/cutting out my rpms will flicker up and down and sometimes it will even make my truck shake. It also has stalled on me a couple times and not started for a while afterwards, and when it does start back up after it stalling I usally have to give it gas to keep it running for a few mins until it idles normal again. Once again its not a constant thing so their test machines cant find the problem.
    LAST BUT NOT LEAST: When I frist bought my Durango used it ran smooth on the road at high speeds, now I have a vibration that no one can find, I have put new tires on, had my tires and wheels balanced, replaced my whole rear end axle assembly as I stated before, new shocks, new ball joints upper and lower, (almost my whole under carriage is new, they took my wife for a ride when I was deployed to Iraq and had her pay about 6000 for almost new complete undercarriage because they told her it was going to break on her, and some of the work I had done before I left) checked for alignment (which they said I didn't need) and yet I still have a vibration when driving at 50mph+.
    I have spent alot of money already and don't have the money to spend much more. But I love my Durango and want to keep it so if you can please help me with these issues I will be forever in debt, also sorry if there was posting on this stuff before which I saw some where close but no answers for them. And for it being so long. Thanks
  • I have a 2000 Dodge Durango and the turn signals when switched on stay constant and wont blink. I haven't checked the emergency flashers in a couple of weeks, but when I did check them they would blink for a little while and then stay constant. I have been told that the flasher relay is causing this and the only place I can get it from is the Dodge Service/Dealer and it can run me between $50-$70 just for the part. When stopped it seems to be idling rough. I also believe that there is a factory installed alarm/auto starter on it and if I use the automatic start the check engine light comes on. If anyone knows what could be causing any of these 3 things and possibly knows how to get them fixed could you please let me know.
  • hi, i was just wondering if anyone ever lowered the brake pedal on a 1999 durango. i used to have a ford ranger, and i'm used to the pedals being right next to each other. the pedal in the durango is about 5 or 6 inches above the gas pedal, and it annoys me to have to keep moving my entire leg in order to brake. i feel like im gonna get in an accident one day. ha ha. i heard the newr models have adjustable pedals, and i was wondering if the old ones did as well.
  • where is the fuel filter for a 2005 dodge durango located?
  • mbgc1mbgc1 Posts: 6
    The tires on the 2005 are 265/65-17. I was offered for free 4 used but in good condition 215/65-17. I need tires desperately. I checked some tire sites and all I can find is that it will throw off my spedometer by 8%. So when it says 60 I am going 54. So can it be done safetly and do you think a tire shop will do it for me? :confuse:
  • 99' Durango 5.9L, Idle is running rough. Sometimes wont start, high RPM once started. I've replaced the idle control valve, the problem goes away temporarily, but the check engine light stays on. Anyone have any ideas?
  • I bought my Durango used 2 weeks ago. It was fine and then 1 week ago it just would not start. It makes a continouis clicking noise when you turn the key to the on position until you release the key. We thought that the starter was not engageing into the flywheel and replaced that but then it was still doing it. So we replaced the relay, no luck there either. Any thoughts?

    Blessings, Kim
  • i just put new break pads on it and it stillmakeing a grinding noce out of the passengerside tire and i dont now what it could be if u can help me
  • Did you ever figure out where the fuel filter is located? I would like to change mine out as well, but can't find it.
  • the fuel filter for the 1998 to 2003 durangos are located on top of he gas tank. you will have to drop the tank to get to it. ther are other things that must happen to do so, but that is the location.

    Buy a "Haynes Repair Manual" and that can walk you through the process. I did one on a 2000 escalade,, hardest part was cyphering out the gas and not smelling like gas for several days.

    g.l. ;)
  • What about a fuel filter for 2004 and up? There isn't a repair manual even available yet.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    You might find Durango info in one of the links in the Online Repair Manuals guide.
  • I have a 2000 Dodge Durango. The weather has turned cold here in Missouri and I have noticed that my truck appears to need water in the radiator. I'm not one to wait for my lights to come on, I check my fluids often. My husband is the one that maintains my vehicle but he is deployed so it has been some time since I have done much other than add gas or oil to my truck. I'm not sure anymore how to go about doing the antifreeze for the cold weather or if the truck should be running while you add it or what. Plus I've seen that there is a specific antifreeze for the Durango. If you could help me out with this I would appreciate it. Thank you. kklapperich1
  • My wife is deployed as well. No fun on our end either. My suggestion to you would be to go to an Auto Zone or something similar and have them help you. If you choose to do it yourself, you want to add the antifreeze to the overflow reservoir, not directly into the radiator. There will be a full line that you should not go over. Do it when the vehicle is cool and off. I buy the antifreeze that is already mixed because of the convenience. Any auto parts store can help you pick out the right product for your vehicle. I'm using Prestone in my '04.
  • 12/10/07 Did you ever get any responses to this? My 98 Durango has been doing the same thing for probably 6 months. If I turn off and restart the engine (reboot the computer) it usually clears it for awhile. But not always. Sometimes, these lights don't illuminate for weeks, then they act up again. The ABS still works (I tried to lock 'em up), but the lights are distracting. I assume this is a computer problem, but I refuse to go to the dealer (crooks), and my shade tree guy isn't really a computer guy. With 172,000 miles, it's not worth much, but cosmetically it's perfect and the engine is strong w/no oil consumption. Many parts replaced over the years, so I really want to keep it. If you get this, please reply directly to:
  • Durango over heats while driving.
    When I stop the temp goes back down.
    I have changed the thermastat.
    still same overheating.
    2 hoses going into firewall are hot
    hose on right with radiator cap is hot
    but hose on left is warm at best.
    Could this be the water pump or bad radiator?
  • oil pressure drops to 0 then comes back up then drops again.
    replaced oil sensor switch stil does samething any suggestions?
  • Yes to the O2 Sensor and No the A/C compressor
  • Engine Control Module ECM
  • I have been told that the fuel filter is in the fuel tank. They are not like the normal filters and are supposed to last 100,000 miles. Apparantly they are integrated with the pump and when you change one, you change the other. That is what the Firestone tech told me when I went in for an oil change. That would be for '04 and up.
  • Had to replace front and lower ball joints on 04 Durango with 51,000 miles on it !
    I have driven full size vans before buying Durango, never replaced the ball joints until about 90,000 miles.
    Anyone else having this problem?
    Am told by the dealership orginal ball joints are lube for "lifetime" of the truck, must have missed this one?. Also, its interesting the new ball joints have "zerk" fittings , GM , FORD and Chrysler do not have fitting on their trucks anymore per my mechanic at dealership.
    Disgusting and sad. I guess the engineers are on a budget "leave off the zerk fittings" and let consumer pay for them later , plus labor for replacement. :cry:
  • hey guys i bought my durango just before i deployed, and since i love it and so does my wife im thinking about putting a supercharger on it? do you guys have any into on it? i had a kenny bell "Blowzilla" on my there a good name out there for them? thanks
  • I drive my durango and as long as I am moving the heat out of the vents works fine. As soon as I come to a stop the air coming out of the front vents goes cold. Once I start moving again the air coming through the vents gets warm again.? What should I do? I checked the levels of fluid and found them to be allright. I replaced the thermostat and it still does it.
  • AC relay switch located under dash on passenger side. Locate wires to underside of blower unit...unplug from blower. Remove two small bolts on outlet...pull downward and the outlet will come out or the blower box. This outlet has relay circuit board built into it...this is what needs to be replaced. Buy new part at Dodge dealer (aftermarket not yet available), install and plug wires to outlet. Should fix the problem. extreme heat conditions, roll windows down and turn on blower fan for moment to cool the unit down BEFORE turning on AC...When this circuit board is excessively hot, it tends to burn out easily ... cool down the blower before turning on AC I've replaced two of these relay cuircuit boards and since I've used this procedure I haven't had to replace one. Good luck.
  • I have 2002 Durango and have similiar mechanic replaced an exhaust gasket on the driver's side and that seemed to make the noise go away. I was surprised because, like you, I was certain that it was a valve, push rod, or bearing gone bad. Same symptom....noisey when it started and tended to lessen as engine warmed up. Mechanic explained that the gasket would leak while engine was cold then seal up as engine/exhaust heated up...Check it out...good luck
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