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Mercedes-Benz R-Class Lease Questions



  • cary28cary28 Posts: 53
    I just checked dealer prices for the 2007, and it looks like MB has made some adjustments. Here is just a snapshot, as I'm sure more details will be coming out:

    1. MSRP for the R350 is now $43,000 w/o destination
    2. MSRP for the R500 is now $50,500 w/o destination
    3. A premium I and premium II package is available
    4. The premium II cost a little over $8000, but includes most options
    5. A rear camera is now included in the premium II package, along with Hands Free Communications

    I checked some dealer inventory and it looks like the 2007s are just beginning to show up.

  • lupinlupin Posts: 1
    Need advice:

    I currently own a 2001 ML350 and am looking to lease the new 2006 R350. Manhattan Mercedes is offering a 27 month lease for $329 with $3000 down (includes sunroof, heated seats and CD changer) . I want to add some options to it ( 18" wheels, NAV and maybe couple of others).
    Since this would be my first leased car I am uncertain how to approach the situation when negotiating.

    ANY help is welcome!

    Thank you.
  • I am considering adding a minivan to the garage as a family hauler (as opposed to another SUV or HEMI). Then I got an email from a local dealer with an incredible lease offer on a 2006 R350, so I went to go check it out. The truck (van?) was beautiful and drove tight and very similar to the ML. The second row had a lot of room (more functional space then an Escalade the salesman told me). It seems that the second row armrests interfere with getting to the 3rd row. Wouldn't this make the easy entry feature (folding) of them folding useless when a car seat (with latch) is installed? Then how do you get in the back row? Also it seems like the huge second row door would have problems fully-opening in my 2-car garage. Also the email "deal" was for a car that DID NOT EXIST. BUT they were going to give me a good deal on one with more options and a much higher sticker. Pissed at wasting my time I wore the salesman down to what I guess was an OK deal for an MB but it still seemed very overpriced for a minivan with less standard features then a Chrysler. The insult to injury is the $900 (est.) bank fee and $500 (disposition fee) even if you use MB credit! What a joke that MB needs to steal another $1400 from customers! I have leased at least 5 cars and have never paid a bank fee or disposition fee and I am not going to start now. Is anyone else seeing these bait & switch tactics with the R and does anyone else feel the bank & dispo fees are a joke?
  • I just took delivery of a 2006 R350 today. Overall I think I got a good deal: 27 months, 12.5k/yr, $4,800 down (all in fees, tags, ect), and $365/month (including Taxes). The MSRP on the car was $55,065. Wanted to get people's opinion on whether I got robbed or not. I was surprised with how dealerships varied for a similarly loaded car ($450-520/month) So when I heard $365 I jumped on it. I agree with previous posts that the fees are junk, but I have a hard time saying no to a $365 lease on a $55,000 car. Overall my sales person was great and with the exception of the finance associate the dealership experience was all I could have hoped for. I doubt we will be seeing deals like this next year (with MSRP Adj. for market). I would appreciate anyones feedback.
  • fq1fq1 Posts: 56
    That is a great deal I also just picked a fully loaded R500 with similar discunts as yours. I did a one-pay lease. You are right, it is highly unlikely that such lease deals will be offered again any time soon. If the vehicle's sales do not pick up, MB will just shift production towards higher numbers of the GL and ML. Even with the high fuel prices, those vehicles are still enjoying decent sales. In the long term, MB will most likely be happy to have US sales for the R in the 1,000/month average. Add to that about 3,000 in ML and 2,000 GL and they are looking at 72k (conservatively) annual numbers for vehicles that share a common platform. That should allow them to show healthy profits for Tuscaloosa.

    The deals on the R for 2006 happened because of a completely botched new product launch. Cars were produced with odd options. The options were mispriced. The most important options for this segment were not available. And then they overproduced, resulting in high inventory levels. I doubt they will make the same mistake next year -- especially since they now have three different vehicles based on the same platform and built in the same factory.
  • mah4546mah4546 Posts: 8
    ou are right, it is highly unlikely that such lease deals will be offered again any time soon. If the vehicle's sales do not pick up, MB will just shift production towards higher numbers of the GL and ML. Even with the high fuel prices, those vehicles are still enjoying decent sales. In the long term, MB will most likely be happy to have US sales for the R in the 1,000/month average. Add to that about 3,000 in ML and 2,000 GL and they are looking at 72k (conservatively) annual numbers for vehicles that share a common platform. That should allow them to show healthy profits for Tuscaloosa.

    R-Class sales are not bad. It sells around the same as the GL-Class, and still 3/5 the rate of the M-Class. In some months this year, it has out-sold the E-Class.
  • fq1fq1 Posts: 56
    I agree R-class sale are not bad, however, the E-class is MB's bread and butter. R-class sales have never exceeded those of the E-class; you are probably thinking the S-class.
  • Hi,
    What would be considered a "great price" for a 2007 with Premium II package? I'm in western NJ and am considering it if the new pricing scheme is decent? As above, would it be $43000 plus $8000 + delivery? Woould there be any room within the "new" sticker price??

    Also, any experiences on E-class trades, do dealers get aggressive or is it typical?
  • Reality check here:

    Your monthly payments are $542.77 not $365. You paid $177 a month up front it seems.
  • I agree if you are looking it as a zero down lease all in. The $4800+ up front is the standard amount built into any of the promotional fees $499/month Premium or $329/month Standard Package that you see in all the e-mails or adds. So in reality if you consider any of those you are talking $676/month premium and $506/month standard package. To Top that the standard only gives you 7500 miles/yr. It is hard to line up leases for comparison. There are too many factors to consider.
  • As far as E-class trades it depends what body style you have. My mother in-law wanted me to inquire what she could get for her 2001 E320 as a trade for a newer E class. Her car is perfect and had about 30,000 miles on it. they only wanted to give her $16,500 for it. This was done over the phone and I might have gotten them to give me a little more if they saw it, but that was it. I would think if you had a 2003 higher you would do much better (more then just being a more recent yr). Although for 2007 they have Freshened up the front and rear of the E-class so IDK if that will be a factor. Hope this helps.
  • I am looking for a R350. Dealers are saying there are very few left to pick from and basically only want to deal with what they have in their own inventory. i went to 2 dealers and got 2 quotes.
    First is R350 with 18" tires, heated front seats, and regular sunroof. the cost would be $43,322 then figure out the standard 27month mb lease from there.
    The other is a base R350 with only heated seats for $41,456.

    How much lower do you think I could get these.
    Location is on Long Island
  • Same story in Westchester with very low inventories. I think these cars are still quite nice even without many options. What money factor and residuals would apply to leases, are there incentives?
  • cptcpacptcpa Posts: 2
    This is a really good deal, I think the dealer dipped into his holdback to make it work. What is the monthly payment before sales tax? Was $4,800 the only check you wrote when you picked it up? Thanks and enjoy the car.
  • The monthy payment before sales tax was $341. The $4800 was the entire out of pocket fee including the 1st month's payment. Overall a pretty decent deal, Although not too happy with the fees.
  • My dealer just quoted a measly 2.5k discount and about the same (15-16.5) for a 2001 E3204 trade. Ho hum. Who is most aggressive in NJ? Any recent "real" experiences?
  • Carman, the current incentive lease (499 a month, 10K miles, 1500K at signing) is not a good deal? How did they get the down to be 4800? Is it better to establish a price first then negotiate the lease, or is the current incevtive good?
  • And they are dealing. Most dealers will tell you straight up that the current incentive is $7000 and will give you the MB Financial buy rates & terms. The largest MB dealer, FJ Motors has over 80 R's, Long Beach MB and House of Imports have over 50, Downtown LA MB has 18, Penske has over 20. These numbers are all just R350's. I am not counting R500's. Given the # of cars, does anyone know if MB will raise the incentive along with the MF in 9/06? How often does the residual change?
  • Do you mean the Std Prem pac Lease? Does your 1500k @ signing include everything? I know the standard terms require $2,444 @ signing plus taxes are not included. In my experience I found it hard to get a dealer down for an R with prem. pac.. I had one dealer tell me that they want to get the full cost of the prem pac into the lease. At best I was able to get 12k for the price of the 10K no movement on the $499 + tax ($534). If you only have to pay $1500 at signing I think it is a pretty good deal.
  • The down was a standard set of $2,995 down payment, MV fees and lease/dealer fees. I never really negotiated the lease price instead I negotiated the lease pmt (based off the standard amount dwn). The fall out however was the lease price about $11.5-12k off MSRP. Hope this helps, but like I mentioned in the previous post I couldn't get to $11.5-12k off MSRP when the car had the premium Pack. Although the dealership I got the car at did not have any premiums to offer me, so it could just be the dealership. I would say definitely shop around some people want to unload these and others don't seem to care.
  • just offered on a 2006 r-350), 27 months with 12k miles.
    Sunroof, sirius, power lift and heated seats. MSRP $52,665.
    Price $42,950. $5400 at signing (approx $3000 cap reduction) and $390/mo.

    Not sure there are many left in the Bergen County NJ area.
  • That does not sound as aggresive as they have been, although I picked up my R350 in bergen county nj area and there were very few to pick from (see preivious post) The $5400 sounds about $500 too high, I would request a break out of this #. Also I would try to get them a little bit further down on the Lease price. I would shoot for $41,450. Depending on what other foctors they try to adjust on you this should put you in the $330-360 range. Given the experience I have had I think $330 would be a best case, but $345-$350 would be a good monthly payment. Best of Luck I would work on them a little bit, but I can say for some dealers there inventory has been cleaned out and this could be the reason for the higher price.
  • whitdogwhitdog Posts: 5
    Just signed lease papers on a R350 w/Premium pkg, rear cntr console, htd seats,

    MSRP 56340
    Discount 9550
    Selling Price 46790
    10K miles/yr, 27 months
    money factor .00295, residual 38874.60
    Paid first month, tax, tag at signing (no cap cost reduction)
    Total "out-the-door" check was $1600
    Monthly payment (incl tax) $595

    Any opinions on this deal?
  • yczhouyczhou Posts: 1
    Just leased 2006 R350 from a NJ dealer( Morristown MB),
    MRSP 58xxx, 27 month, 12K,
    Total out of door cost is $1500, including the first month payment, monthly payment is $535 (including NY tax). Only 2 more left in the same dealer. NO stock in 2 other big NJ dealers. I was quoted by one dealer for R350 2007 model for 2300 down, $680 monthly for a MSRP $52xxx. I think the lease for 2006 model is a good deal now if you can find one.
  • once you sign an retail buyer order with MB for delivery how soon must you take possesion, and can you still walk away.

    After signing, when is it binding on me to take the car. The dealer clearly wants me to take it by month end. Can I delay taking possesion and starting the leases into Spetember or do I risk the terms changing. If I don't complete the transaction do I risk loosing my deposit, or something worse?

    I still have two months on my current car, and the dealer is not helping with that expense.
  • My wife's sister's husband just signed a lease for an R350. He says he's getting it for $299 a month for 27 months with a single-pay option. He says there are no other costs. Is this deal possible in NYC? Thanks.
  • martinfmartinf Posts: 121
    I just ran the numbers using the auto loan/lease calculator on (very user friendly calculator). If the R350 was moderately equipped (i.e., no premium package) with regular sunroof, entertainment upgrade package, and had an MSRP list of about $52,000, a selling price of $39,800 (about $12,200 off list, not unthinkable with factory to dealer cash of $7000), a one-time pay money factor of .00185 (.00295 less .00110 for the one pay),residual value of 69% (based on 10,000 miles per year) and the $299 did not include taxes or registration, those numbers all sound reasonable. The big question will be whether your local NYC dealers are willing to go $12,200 off MSRP on a lightly equipped R350. Those numbers are not out of the question in California.
  • I am very close to a lease deal on a R500. I've been tracking three dealer's inventories of R350 and R500 for the past four weeks since the $7k incentive started in Auguest. R350's have been selling better than the R500's thanks to the higher residual and lower price.

    Anyone thinks MB Financial will lower the MF on the R500 and increase incentives base on your experiences? The residual will be lowered but may be offset by the potential increase of incentives.

    Does anyone here work for MB and heard of any news for Sept?
  • martinfmartinf Posts: 121
    What kind of deals have you been seeing on the R500? It seems that with the factory to dealer cash going from $5000 to $7000, but the residual dropping 4% from 72% to 68% (about a $2400 disadvantage), the net lease deals have not seemed to change much since the July deals.
  • R500 $69200 MSRP Saks Edition, just imagine all the options + Saks $2500 :shades: "image" package, one time pay of $17,121 drive off, 27 mth, 12k mi/yr.
    R500 $65830 MSRP, Premium pkg, Trim pkg, Parktronic, Wood/Leather steering wheel, 2nd row console, rear side air bag, airmatic suspension, one time pay of $15,828 drive off, 27 mth, 12k mi/yr.
    R350 $61865 MSRP, Premium pkg, Trim pkg, Comfort pkg, 18" design II wheel, Rear seat entertainment system, one time pay of $13,427 drive off, 27 mth, 12k mi/yr.
    There were some MB exec R500 demos that were even better deals with 3k to 5k miles and can be purchased as new MB with all the incentives and buy rates and residuals.
    I can go on, but it's getting late.
    My salesperson told me that in 9/06, according to his GSM, money factor will go up, residual will go down, and incentive may stay the same. Of course, he is trying to sell cars. There are plenty of R500 left and much less R350s around.
    Regardless, these are great cars at these prices. Anyone doesn't want to take the risk of 9/06 MF and residuals, you've got one day to take advantage of these deals. Email me if you wish to know where I've shopped in southern CA.
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