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Ford Fusion Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kym3kym3 Posts: 1
    We are looking for 2009 ford Fusion new cars.
    (1) 2009 Fusion SE 2.3L I4 Engine, 5-speed autotransmission, moon roof
    Total MSRP $22,570, after rebate and before tax & fees price will be 17,564
    (2) 2009 Fusion SE 3.0L I6 Engine, 6 speed autotransmission, mmon roof, rear spoiler, reverse sensing, after rebate and before tax & fees price will be 19,700
    (3) 2009 Fusion SE 3.0L I6 Engine, 6 speed autotransmission, mmon roof, rear spoiler, reverse sensing, leather seat,after rebate and before tax & fees price will be 20,841

    I would like to know about the price. How much less can we argue?
  • Car has Performance Appearance Package w/ wheels, interior, etc. MSRP is $22,690. After $3500 rebate we got it down to $16,999, with $1328 due for taxes, titles, etc. Is this in line with current 2009 prices? I understand they're trying to move them to make room for the 2010 models. Many thanks for any insight...
  • jeff_hjeff_h Posts: 20
    That sounds pretty good to me, you are getting $3,500 rebate and another $2,100 off beyond that, which is great. If you do the price with options here on Edmunds (I don't know the exact options on the one you're looking at), you will probably find that your price is very close to invoice price or even a bit below, it sure doesn't sound like much above it. If this is a 2009 model that is understandable, the 2010 models are rolling in and a dealer probably wants to move the 09 models off the lot so it's a good deal for you!
  • dagny1208dagny1208 Posts: 1
    We got the 2009 Fusion SE / 2.3L / i4 engine / 5 speed automatic / sport appearance package(SAP) / moon roof . rear spoiler / 6 mos of Sirius for 16,465 before tax and other fees. The dealer in California took off 7000 from the MSRP of 23,465. We bought this car on 6/05/09. Color is vapor silver / dark charcoal leather seat.

    The one w/o the SAP goes for 15650 before tax ( MSRP of 22,650 less 7000) in white platinum /camel interior. So we basically paid 815 more for SAP which includes 18" chrome wheels / dark leather seats / sport tuned suspension.

    The bay area dealer is getting rid of 2009 models to amke room for the 2010 so I think we got a good deal.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,094
    A reporter from a finance magazine is looking to speak to consumers who purchased a vehicle and ended up with some options by the dealer at little or no extra cost. Please send your daytime phone number and the vehicle you own to by Tuesday, June 16, 2009.

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  • lbond1lbond1 Posts: 5
    do I get a good deal on a '09 se v6 loaded (everything i would need) msrp 25600 currently priced at 21000 OR wait and get a 2010 fusion at a future date. Is the wait worth it? I like both. please help make up my mind either way. thanks
  • jeff_hjeff_h Posts: 20
    Well of course you will save more money getting one of the remaining '09 models off the lot, but I believe there was a redesign from the '09 to '10 models. So depending on your preference for the looks of one over the other (unless the price is your primary consideration, in that case you won't beat the '09 price), I say get a good look at each and go with the one you'd most prefer to look at every day for the next several years.
  • neile457neile457 Posts: 65
    I don't think that is a good deal at all. Most base S models are being advertised at $6000 off, so I would say you should get at least that much off sticker. Be very careful, also, as used prices of the old body style has dropped since the 2010 model have come out. I just bought an 08 SE 4 cyl for $10900 with 30,000 miles on it.
  • lbond1lbond1 Posts: 5
    what would be my target price before any incentives or trade ins? This is an almost one year old car and the old body style if that counts.
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 801
    My best friend works for a company that provides him with a new vehicle every 60-70k miles. He even gets to 'order' the car to his specs- color choices, options (he has to pay for upgrades when the car is ordered) but it's a sweet deal. He usually gets a new one every 15-18 months.

    He's ordering his next one in a few weeks (a 2010 Taurus Limited) and I have the chance to buy his 2008 Fusion SEL V6 for $9600. It's black with black leather, Audiophile stereo, power moonroof, rear spoiler, reverse sensing and has traction control. It's in very good physical condition inside and out and has been maintained perfectly (they get 'dinged' if they fail to have the fleet cars serviced).

    So I'm debating whether I should buy this 2008 Fusion (with 70-75k miles) for $4k under Trade-In (Edmunds) or keep my 2006 Mazda3 with the same mileage?

    Any thoughts or suggestions?
    2015.5 Volvo S60 T6 Drive-E Platinum, 2012 Mazda CX-9 GT
  • mitchfloridamitchflorida Posts: 419
    I would take the Fusion, but then, what do I know?
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    What will you be able to sell the 3 for?

    Why is the Fusion so cheap...$4000 below trade in would seem like too good a deal to pass up. Is it his to sell and he is giving you a deal or is the company selling it?

    60-70K mi in 15-18! that is a lot of driving.
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 801
    Private Party value of my Mazda3 is about $10,400, so it would be about the same amount as the Fusion.

    The cars are owned and managed by a fleet/leasing company and they offer them for sale to the company employee or any member of his/her family (best friends for 21 years, close enough). I'm not sure why they price them so low, but his previous company vehicle was a 2007 Explorer Eddie Bauer with everything but 4WD, new sticker was $36k. He racked up 74k miles in only 16 months in it, trade-in value was $19,500+ and my parents bought it for $15,250. And my sister has the '06 Explorer XLT that he had before that....cost her just under $11k with about 80k miles.

    He lives in the Birmingham, AL area but his territory covers all of Southern Alabama and Southern Georgia...a lot of miles to get from any one to the another. He's had some 2000-mile weeks before. He just got promoted and won't be on the road nearly as much, so he'll probably have his next one for a few years.

    The only (rather small) things I don't like on the Fusion are the Piano Black interior trim and the leather seats aren't heated! On the '09 models, the leather seats are all heated. I'd also love to find a set of the 18" wheels from the Sport Appearance Package to upgrade the existing 17" alloys. But those are all small things....
    2015.5 Volvo S60 T6 Drive-E Platinum, 2012 Mazda CX-9 GT
  • hickorychickoryc Posts: 25
    First dealer visited stated Z-Plan buyers are not entitled to $1,000 incentive. Purchased a certified used Expedition 5+ years ago from the 1st dealer and have enjoyed flawless years of ownership (Now think it is a very good SUV, no credit to the dealership). Second stop was Banner Ford, Mandeville, LA. They stated Z-Plan buyers are entitled to the incentive. If tomorrow's paperwork proves this to be true, I will report it here. Have not seen the Fusion yet. Circuitous route taken by train from Mexico, up through Missouri, back down South through Mississippi, to unloading point on July 4 at New Orleans. Dealer is able to track "live" status of vehicles on order. More to follow... :shades:
  • I'm retired from FMC and a while back I got a call from my grand-daughter and her husband who wanted to use my "Friends & Family" discount in buying a new Ford Fusion. I was to meet them at a dealership near the husbands home, Speedway Ford in Griffin, Ga. which, today I'm sure was a prearranged deal by the husband. I got to the dealership and got them a PIN number so they could buy a car as long as I "co-signed" for it which I was willing to do. The finance person at the dealership brought out the paperwork and said "sign here" on the paperwork which I did and they got a 2009 Ford Fussion to drive away in.
    Weeks later I got a call from my grand-daughter who told me that her husband was out whoring around and she didn't know where he was with the 2009 Ford Fussion. A week later I got a call from Citi-Bank telling me that I was late in my payment on "MY" Ford Fusion, the dealership put the car in my name with the husband as my co-signer and the dealership refuses to do anything to correct their screw up.
    :mad: I've received two and three calls every day, seven days a week since that time from Citi-Bank who also won't do anything about a car that I neither own nor for that matter have even turned the key on and today the car is out wandering somewhere in Texas.
    :( My credit rating is effected and going lower every day but the dealership made their sale and Citi-Bank can always attach my pension since they can't find the car. If they did it would show up as a repossession on me and the finance company will get their losses out of attaching my pension.
    Stay away from Speedway Ford but according to my grand-daughter that Ford Fussion is a great car when it's around but then again it makes a darn good get-away too.
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 801
    Sorry to hear about your situation. The finance folks at the dealership are jerks, to say the least.

    If I'm understanding, you're saying that he has left your granddaughter, he has the Fusion and he's not making payments on it? Correct?

    Technically, you DO own the car if you are the 'primary' on the loan! You can legally take posession of the vehicle...and you should! Get the car back and sell it! That will save your credit rating from being damaged further. If you can afford it, you might want to consider paying the loan current immediately while you're trying to get the car back!

    As for getting the car back, repo men will work for an individual just like they will a bank. They usually earn $350-$400 for a typical car repo, so you could expect to pay $400 or so for them to take repo it for you. Maybe pay them an extra $100 to beat the crap out of your granddaughter's soon-to-be ex-husband if they see him!!!

    Another possible solution- report the car stolen! It's registered in your name and he left the state in it without your consent...that constitutes theft in most states (Georgia for one, but not sure about Texas).

    Don't let this SOB ruin your credit and/or end up causing you to lose any more money than absolutely necessary!
    2015.5 Volvo S60 T6 Drive-E Platinum, 2012 Mazda CX-9 GT
  • If you sign without reading, you are in trouble. Even as a cosigner you would still be screwed. That's why they call it a cosigner. Because the signer couldn't get it otherwise. I heard a statistic once that about 80% to 90% of loans with a cosigner get defaulted on or the cosigner ends up paying for it or has their credit ruined. #1 rule, don't cosign if you aren't willing to pay for it yourself. Not much you can do about it other than pay for the car yourself and try and get it from him and sell it to .... me. ^_^
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,685
    I doubt you can report it as stolen, even if it's in your name, considering he had your permission to drive the car. Though, if you can get it "re-poed", since he isn't making payments, that would be a good start.. You might inquire about recovery services.

    And, our other member is correct. It doesn't matter if you are the borrower, or the co-signer. You are completely and fully responsible for the payments. That is the whole point of the bank needing a co-signer (and, a big red flag, if someone needs you for that).

    If it were me, I'd start making those payments. You guaranteed that loan, and you will wreck your credit if you don't keep it current. (Or, ask your granddaughter to make them). This problem is not going to go away.

    Sorry to hear about your bad luck.



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  • mitchfloridamitchflorida Posts: 419
    I don't think it is a dealer scam. You agreed to be responsible for the payments, or did you just think the whole thing is for fun and games?

    don't blame the dealer , blame yourself , and your daughter and son in law.

  • mitchfloridamitchflorida Posts: 419
    If you can prove that the dealer forged your signature on the paperwork, I think you would have a good chance in a lawsuit.
  • almattialmatti Posts: 164
    jeffyscott: I agree with you. What can you sell the MZ3 for? Private sale? people still Do That? Good Luck.....If I wre to buy a Used car it would be a previously Owned car with Warranty & Certified. Even you pay some extra bucks, its certified. Anyway: Does igozoomzoom have loan paymets on his MZ3 and will be buying the Fusion all Cash or with a loan? It would seem to me that : you would replace a 75k miles MZ3 with a Ford Fusion V6 - SEL [a larger, roomier car, better equppied] without Warranty, and take on a loan payments that you don't have now....Again presuming there are no loan payments on the MZ3.?? Or Buy the Taurus in 18 months LOL.....
  • eriks1979eriks1979 Posts: 1
    I am in the market for a 2010 Fusion SE Automatic, 2.5L, Spoiler, with 202A Spec Package (i.e. moonroof ). Multiple dealers are offering it to me for $20,500 (this is after the $1000 manufacturer's rebate, but before taxes and licensing...probably another $1,500). This price came without any haggling, but it is what they said there best offer was. What should I counter with? How low should I go? Thanks,

  • gth743bgth743b Posts: 13
    That's already a pretty low price, I don't know that you could go much lower. Seems like a pretty good deal to me though. I believe you could walk away pretty happy with that deal.
  • petras2petras2 Posts: 104
    Anyone know if x-plan buyers also qualify for any rebates/incentives that Ford may offer? Also is it true that x-plan prices are generally around invoice price? thanks
  • lostlost Posts: 64
    when you buy with the x plan you also qualify for ANY other programs that are available at that time. The x plan also caps any other fees that the dealer adds on ( doc,advertising,etc) to a maxium of $75.00.
  • ryan1984ryan1984 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if Ford is offering 0% financing right now on the 2010 Fusion? I ask because I see "0% Financing + $1,000 cash back on all new 2010 vehicles" but under the 2010 Fusion Discounts I see a list of special financing rates available, but nothing about the 0%.

    Can I get 0%? And if so, for how long.

    Also, Can you negotiate with X Plan?

    I'm looking to get a 2010 SE with sight & Sound. Have about $1500 negative equity in a trade in and will finance tax, title, reg No money down, and want to keep payments around $350...Do-able?
  • mitchfloridamitchflorida Posts: 419
    The 2010 Mercury Milan is now offered with $1000 back and 0 percent interest for 36 months. I would guess the Fusion will follow suit.
  • So, this $21,575 price was before factory rebates, and clunker cash? Where was this car purchased? The price is $75 above dealer cost of $21,502.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    By "dealer cost" I assume you mean invoice, which "may not represent actual dealer cost".
  • jason80jason80 Posts: 35
    A dealer is telling me that the V6 now qualifies under the cash for clunkers but I dont see that anywhere! Anyone else been told this? I thought it had to get a combined 22 mpg, and the fusion sport gets a combined 21. Also according to, it doesnt qualify.
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