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Ford Fusion Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Was in the mrkt at year end for a mid size car. My experience with Milan & Fusion -

    '08 Fusion S (only option being the auto tranny) - final price from 3 dealers in AUstin, TX area (Covert Ford, Leif Johnson & Riata Ford) - $17500 + TTL (estimated around $1400). The price included all discounts - supplier pricing + $1000 year end rebate.

    '07 Milan I4 (only option being the auto tranny) - final price from Pavillion Lincoln Mercury in Austin, TX - $17500 + TTL (estimated around $1400). The price incl all discounts - suoplier pricing + $2250 year end rebate.

    1) both cars are identical but the Milan comes with more extras for the buck.

    2) Milans dont seem to be selling that well (no '07 Fusions left while there were a ton of '07 Milan's left). So, the rebate on Milan is higher. You relaly owe it to yourself to check out both cars.

    3) If I had bought the car I would have asked about the $500 recent grad disc (I think, usualy for people who have grad in last 1 yr or will grad in next 1 yr).

    4) In Austin, TX area definately check out Mac Hays - very aggressive on advertising. Using the supplier program all gave the same, no-haggle price but I could have got the car cheaper it seems by negotiating outside the program.

    5) Huge diff between Mercurty dealers & Ford dealers - Mercury dealer allowed longer, friendlier test drives, never badggered (except 1 email). Ford dealer, aggressive on negotiating, losing patience when I asked questions about extras that could be included like window tinting, services, etc, called 2 times a day everyday for a week to push the deal. 1 tip with the Ford dealer is dont buy on your visit. WIth the follow-up calls they will start offering extras to close the deal. I got offers for a yr of free oil changes & free window tinting & this was without calling them back, except for the cursory, 1 call "I am still looking ..."
  • "losing patience when I asked questions about extras that could be included like window tinting, services, etc, called 2 times a day everyday for a week to push the deal. 1 tip with the Ford dealer is dont buy on your visit. WIth the follow-up calls they will start offering extras to close the deal. I got offers for a yr of free oil changes & free window tinting & this was without calling them back, except for the cursory, 1 call "I am still looking ..." "

    My last three purchases (including this one) were via internet. Never saw salesman until I picked up vehicle. I did make mistake of contacting local dealer early and sorry I did. I walked out when he lamely tried to explain extra charges on X-plan purchase.

    Dealer I am buying from has been upfront and all contact has been via email.
  • 2008 Fusion SE... Redfire ext./ beige int. color purchased at Apple Valley Ford, Apple Valley, Minnesota on 1/25/08. Automatic transmission. Stickered at $19,370 ... bought for $15,654 after rebates and dealer discounts. 19.2% off sticker. $3716 off sticker. 27 miles on car when bought, have a grand total of 130 miles on it now. Considered a 2008 Corolla LE for $15,100. Have bought 3 cars at A.V. Ford since 2001, same salesman, nice dealership, no games, no pressure, no b.s. Went with Fusion. My wife loved the styling and pretty color of Fusion. Not as good gas mileage or probable reliability as Toyota but rides beautifully on highway, extremely comfortable. I'm a six footer and have to pull driver's seat up 3 to 5 inches, that's how much leg room there is! Wife and I only drive about 13,000 miles total annually between our cars. If driving 30,000 combined miles would have went with Corolla for the gas mileage. Seems as roomy as our 2004 Sable for leg room. I hope it's as good in snow as our Sable .... the tiger tank!
  • Do you have the ContiProContact tires? They are terrible in the snow. Luckily, the traction control and ABS on my SE V6 helped. I did get "stuck" a couple of times. I will be getting snow tires next season. (I live in Utah).
  • yes, i have the conti pro contact tires on mine. Only drove once in 1 inch of snow so I really can't tell so far. Handled well, but like I said...1 inch..nothing. I've driven my whole life in snow in Minnesota. 37 years of driving in it. My sable has continental tires and goes great through the white stuff.
  • elkeinelkein Posts: 19
    New owner here, thought I'd get this post in for reference.
    Yesterday 4-28-08, I purchased a 2007 Fusion SEL AWD(V6, auto, awd), with some significant options. It has moon 'n tune, leather, heated seats, sirius, traction control, abs, maybe some others I don't know about.
    Mileage 3512 at signing.
    Price $20,634
    Loan 60 months at 313$, I had a decent down payment. Financed through a third party bank.

    Based on the website car builder this would cost 27730 new MSRP. I think I got a hellofadeal. I went in to buy new but this attracted my attention. My second car purchase ever( previous was September 1997, 1997 escort LX, still running good at 245k miles, will be giving it to family.) :D
  • nreddyknreddyk Posts: 2
    Paid $16034 (TTL included) for 2008 Ford Fusion SE with tinted windows, Sirius and Sync. Very smooth buying experience, even the finance dept was efficient, they undercut my pre-approved rate by 0.5% to 5% for 60 months (with $0 down) which works to $304/month. :shades:

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • elbubselbubs Posts: 5
    This is for my car purchase on 08APR18 in San Diego CA.
    I have broken down the info into MSRP, invoice, and my paid prices.

    Sticker Info:
    Ford Fusion 08 I4 SE: $18,695.00
    5-Spd Automatic: $875.00
    Sirius Sat Radio: $195.00
    Total: 19,765.00
    Destination: $725.00

    TOTAL MSRP: $20,490.00

    Invoice Info (Per ConsumerGuide Automotive):
    I4 SE: $17,594
    5 Spd Auto: $761
    Satellite Radio: $170
    Destination: $725

    TOTAL INVOICE: $19,250

    Purchase Info:
    Negotiated Price: $18,704.02
    License & Fees: $123.75
    Sales Tax: $1547.62
    Trade-in: -$1200
    Cash Rebate: -$2000
    Conquest Rebate: -$1000
    Sync Rebate: -$395

    Total OTD (w/ Trade in): $15780.39
    Total OTD (w/o Trade in): $16,980.39
  • holler1holler1 Posts: 3
    I emailed for bids on a 2008 Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan AWD last night Went to local dealer in WV today and was offered about $3250 below sticker price on a Milan, including $1500 cash rebate available nationally I believe. Sticker price was about $24500. Received email for similar Fusion, slightly more expensive, from another dealer in PA offering about $4250 below sticker. Sticker price for this vehicle was about $25300. The difference was a "competitive owner rebate" of $1000 offered by the PA dealer to anyone owning another brand vehicle. I would like to know if the competitive owner rebate is available to all dealers. I would prefer to buy locally but also want a competitive price. I can find this rebate at dealers in a few other states, but can't find it on the Ford website.

    Can anyone help? Also, any thoughts on these prices are welcome.

  • elbubselbubs Posts: 5
    Holler1 these $3250/4250 below sticker price is that the negotiated price or price they are offering you the vehicle with rebates included?

    As of right now, I know Ford has $2500 cash rebate on the fusion. And the $1000 competative rebate is called the Ford Conquest Rebate when I bought my car, I could easily find it on their website, it is no longer up.

    So if this -$3250 price off sticker is final price before TTL, it's a bad deal. If you think about it, you are still paying sticker for the car.

    Just over the memorial day weekend, my local dealer was offering: $2500 rebate - $1000 gas/cash rebate, thats already $3500 in rebates, on top of the conquest -$1000 if still available.

    Now if that -$3250/4250 is before the Ford national rebates, I would say that is pretty decent.
    I was happy with being able to get around negotiated price (before rebates) 10% off sticker for my Fusion. And an additional $3395 in rebates.
    Especially when I negotiated at another dealer for same car + 5K miles for 6 hours and could not get lower.
    So went to a new dealership and got the same price I was happy with for a car without the miles.
  • holler1holler1 Posts: 3
    Thanks. I bought the Ford Fusion SE AWD with satellite radio with a total discount off list price of about $4050 at the local dealer. List price was $24215, national rebate $1500, competitive owner rebate $1000, dealer discount about $1550. Final price was $20,162 before t+t. They threw in a fancy paint sealant ($400) that was already on the vehicle after I said I would not pay above the quoted price. I probably could have done a little better at the out of town dealer, but the AWDs appear to be selling well in this area. The local dealer had 4 and sold 1 between my visits, and the others were going out for test drives fairly often.

    I originally wanted to trade in a 98 Volvo V70 AWD but the dealer would only offer about $2200 on trade in., I thought $3000 was minimum for it so I kept the Volvo. It's good for hauling stuff. I had a Toyota Tacoma pickup but Toyota is buying it back because of frame rust.
  • george109george109 Posts: 4
    have not had much luck with finding a dealer that is taking internet inquiries serious
    i want a fusion with just automatic the last guy i talked with claims there is not a car with just that to be had withing 500 miles of denver our local paper is advertising for as low as 14419,for a basic however having them seems to be a different story,
    any idee how i can proceed in getting a decent deal especially now that 2009 are comming out and what should i expect to pay otd.
    i would appreciate advise.
  • mollym1mollym1 Posts: 1
    Were you able to find this car or one like it? If not, I may have some advise for you.
  • george109george109 Posts: 4
    no i have not but they are advertising the same cars, yes i would appreciate advise
    also i noticed there are no incentives on the new 2009 fusion but i would rather get a good deal on a 2008 since it does not appear that the style has changed and there seems to be good reviews on them.
    again thanks i would like advise on how to get a decent deal
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Option 1: decide what you think would be a "decent deal", contact a dealer that has what you want in stock and ask if they can meet your price. If not, try another dealer.

    Option 2: contact several dealers that have what you want to buy and ask them what their price would be on the car you want.

    In either case be sure to ask about add on fees in addition to TTL (commonly called document fees). In my market this is typically about a $100 add on, but I've read where some places it can be as much as about $500.
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 801
    I just checked prices of an '08 Fusion S with the automatic transmission being the only option. Edmunds and CarsDirect both price it out to about $17,300 including the $1500 rebate currently offered.

    The '09 models have a rebate also, but it's only $500. Both '08 and '09 have some promotional low-APR deals available in lieu of the rebate, if that interests you.

    Something else that might interest you- the current Mazda6 served as the basis for the Ford Fusion and they share most powertrain components. In particular, the same 2.3L 4-cylinder and 5-speed automatic transmission can be found in both cars. Mazda currently has a $3000 rebate on them, so they're obviously wanting to move them (to make room for the redesigned '09 Mazda6 due in a few weeks).

    Edmunds prices the '08 Mazda6 i Sport VE (Value Edition) at $17,200 after the rebate. That model includes power everything (including power driver's seat), automatic transmission, A/C, cruise, etc.). It's also made in U.S., if that is of any value to you.

    Mazda dealers have always been responsive to my internet price inquiries, at least the ones in my area.

    Good luck with whichever one you choose!
    2015.5 Volvo S60 T6 Drive-E Platinum, 2012 Mazda CX-9 GT
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    the future in new car buying. Walking onto a dealer lot is way old school. I bought my 2006 SEL V6 loaded over the internet. Had 3 Ford dealers wanting my business. Paid $22,800 And got 0% financing.
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Central OhioPosts: 431
    I'm picking up a 2009 Fusion SEL V6 tomorrow afternoon.
    Dark Ink Blue
    Black Leather
    Moon & Tune Package
    Rear Spoiler
    Reverse Sensing
    All Weather Floor mats
    Total MSRP $26,715
    Invoice $24,443
    Total OTD $22,894 (Includes selling price of $24,447, rebates of $3500, & TTL)
    Had to do the ford financing and I'm putting down $12,000, financing for 36 months. Even calculating with their offer of 0% for 36 and a rebate of only $1000 or going with the best market rate of 5.39% and $2500 my total dollar out put for the 36 months was less taking the $3500 rebate and fords 9.95% rate for financing. 9.95% is high for someone that has a credit score of 815, but it was still the cheapest way to go.
    2012 Highlander Limited AWD V6 and 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE
  • finaly got the ford fusion, dont know how good the deal was ,did a lot of research but still ended up somewhat confused when all thos figures where presented at all different ways which is typical ,i gues to muddle things
    well i ended up with a 2009 4s fusion MRSP $ 20,220 OTD $17,530 $2500 rebate
    and the $1000 flex buy wich i was told i could pay off the ford loan after a few payments but it had to be financed through ford in order to qulify at an a rate of 9.29 %
  • Just bought a 2009 Fusion (Dark Blue With Clear Coat Metallic) 4-cylinder Automatic with MSRP: $22,660 with the following options included:
    1. Automatic
    2. Sync.
    3. Advanced Traction Control System ESC
    4. Sirius Satellite for 1 year (included)
    The out of the door price paid is: $17,082, which include:
    1. $15,200 for the car, after the $3,500 Rebates from various sources (Manufacturer's, Ford Credit Discount, and $1000 Holiday Bonus Cash). So, the price of which the tax was paid on is: $18,700
    2. Sale tax in California: $1547.00 (8.25%)
    3. $280 for license and registration.
    4. $55 Document Prep Fee.
    This dealer advertised 2 other Fusion (same SE version with slightly different option packages) vehicles (1 white & 1 red) with MSRP $22,950 with the price after rebate @ $15,495, but I wanted the deep dark blue color. The dealer was willing to honor the same deal (that is why I paid $15,200).
    Note: in order to get the extra $500 rebate from Ford Credit, you have to finance through them with inflated interest 8.9% (which I could easily get at 5.5% at other banks.) I went with this deal because I financed only $7000 through Ford Credit and I intended to pay off within a month or two (so I will pay max $100 in interest, saving $400 from this deal.)
    It seems like a good deal, doesn't it? What do you think?
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    MSRP: $22,660

    $15,200 for the car

    It seems like a good deal, doesn't it? What do you think?

    I'd say ending up with $7500 (or 1/3 of MSRP) off sounds like a fantastic deal.
  • The Internet manager at GO FORD in Littleton (Mark Huff) took me vary seriously. I let him know I was looking for an SEL V6 with leather, and moon and tune package. He sent me over prices for two cars that met my requirements that had MSRPs of nearly $25,200 with an all incentive price of about $19,900.

    Then he sent me a third car. It was a USED 2009 with all of my options and 2,218 miles for $16,492. Not only was this car there and ready for me to test drive when I arrived, it was exactly the car I wanted. Without any additional haggling they offered it to me for $15,992 (note the sticker on the lot was $17,445). Needless to say I took it. They offered me full KBB on my 02 Jetta TDI and I got the FORD ESP at cost plus $1 based on another dealer that was offering it through their web site.

    The USED 09 was originally bought by Avis and acquired by GO FORD. With all of the options it was $26,000+ new resulting in a savings of over $10,000 off MSRP. I would say that was responsive to an internet request.
  • I got a quote from Gorno Ford in MI (48183) through e-mail two weeks ago, & I thought the price is good. During the next a few days, I gave them all my detailed info so that they can gave me a correct price (I got a quote of 15k for a Fusion I4 S). To confirm the price & APR, we sent e-mails back & forth for many times. Today, I drove 50 miles to their office (I made an appointment), with the print out of that long e-mail, which is six pages long. When I arrived there, I was told that the person who sent me all these e-mails were not there. Then, another person took me over. After a long long talk without any real content, he told me that they could not honor this price since somebody must have made a mistake while calculating the price. He also gave me a much higher price (about 16.5k) for the car. I was totally crazy since I spent 1 & half hours driving there & another one & half hours driving back for nothing!!!
  • Just picked up my 2009 V6 SEL.

    Moon & Tune package
    Reverse Sensing
    Heated Leather seats

    $0 down, taxes in payments. $360/mo for 36 mos @10,500 miles/year.

    Can anyone tell me if this was a good deal?

    Oh, and I'm on Long Island in NY.
  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    Today I ordered a 2010 Sport Blue Metallic Fusion SEL, 2.5L, 6 speed auto, Moon & Tune, heated leather seats, molded splash guards and remote start from Freeway Ford in Minneapolis. MSRP was $26570.00 and I paid $24300.00. I lost a little on my trade but it wasn't enough to derail the deal. Delivery in 4-8 weeks.
  • ggjjddmmggjjddmm Posts: 2
    Seems a good deal. What is the buying price after the lease? Do they have a 24-month lease program?
  • ggjjddmmggjjddmm Posts: 2
    What price below or above the invoice can you get?
  • tbuongertbuonger Posts: 6
    The '10 Fusion Hyrbrids are arriving at dealers now. Koons Ford in Falls Church, VA, is expecting three and two are already sold. With all the buzz and awards the car is getting, with this economy, I was wondering what they're selling for. The dealer said that if I buy before April, I'll qualify for a $3400 tax credit vice a $1700 credit in April. Does that make sense?
  • Does anyone know when the 2010 Ford Fusion Sport V6 All-Wheel Drive arrives at Ford dealers? My local dealers only have the Hybrid now.

    I'm in the Chicago area.
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