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    If you have a 6.4 Diesel. Tell us whether its an F-250, F-350 or F-450.

    The 2008 Super Duty has a GVW range from 8,800 lbs for a short box F-250 SRW Reg Cab to 14,500 lbs for a F-450 DRW Crew Cab.

    Rear Diff ratios can be 3.73, 4.10, 4.30, or 4.88 on the F-450.

    You can't assume that because someone is getting 6 mpg in an F-450 with a 4.88 rear that you will also get that mpg in an F-250 with only 60% of the GVW and a 3.73 rear.

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    My 6.4 R/S is a 08 F250 4x4 crewcab shortbed with 3.73 rear gears. Now with 5000 miles on the truck ,Im getting 14mpg around town. The only highway trip was towing my 27ft 7000# travel trailer and averaged 10mpg. :shades:
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    I picked up a 08-f250 Super duty with a 5.4 gas for the wife this Weekend.
    I’m looking for a cold air kit and a cat back system, any ideas??
    Any one have an aprox. MPG rating on this truck?
    I’m new to your Forum and was reading some of the post they had great input.
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    depending on whether you have the 3.73 or the 4.10 rear end, your MPG should be in the midteens to 18 mpgs when you break it in.

    I recently dove a Navigator L with the 5.4 about 30 miles mixed highway and city and got 17 according to the computer. This was a new truck with the 6 speed trans and I was very conservative driving it.

    IT is all about how you drive, and how fast you go.

    The size of these vehicles exagerates the affect of hard acceleration and going over 65 mph vs. a car.

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    Thank you.
    I have the 4.10 rear gears, with the 5 speed auto trans.
    The wife loves it, it only has a 1,000 mile on it and we got 15 MPG on a short trip this week end doing 75 with the air on.
    Thanks again for your input.
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    I have 4 of these 2008 f 350's and these are the worst purchase I have EVER made.
    if yours isnt giving you problems wait till you give it some work.
    Out of 4 ,3 have been down muti times 2 have had the motors replaced 3 have run hot due to faulty raditors.
    Only 3 MONTHS OLD.
    Fuel milage yea put a trailer behind it you will get 5-6 miles per gallon unless your driving 50.
    I am looking for others like me who have had serous issues with these to work a lawsuit up to collect damages and lost wages due to all the down time with these lemons.
    If you have had any kind of probelm please email me at [email protected]
    If your not having issues I wish you the best you better leave it sitting in yard.
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    The deal is done. Placed the order for a new F-250 Diesel Lariat Crew Cab....Will provide mileage updates once this beast arrives!
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    I recently ordered a 2008 F250 hd, I can't seem to get a good answer on delivery time for a factory ordered vehicle.Does anybody have a time frame?
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    Ordered mine last Friday...dealer said 7 weeks. Congrats on your inbound truck!
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    :confuse: Would like input on my buying decision. Need to decide between Gas vs. Diesel. The premium purchase price on the Diesel engine is an obvious negative, but don't want to make a decision just on that. My current F-250 is 5.4L Gas, but want more power this time. Never liked or owned diesels before due to noise and poor acceleration, but just drove 2008 6.4L, and it's vastly improved. Cannot find a dealer with a V-10 model to drive. Would appreciate any input on mileage, maintenance, pluses and minuses, etc. Also would be great to hear from someone who's had both engines. I'm mostly a desk jockey, so truck gets no heavy day to day use, but I tow a boat or camping trailer a couple weekends a month, and want to make sure I can upsize the toys in the future.

    Thanks in advance!!
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    1 week in on my new 2008 F250 crew cab 6.4L diesel. The computer MPG reading on the instrument panel is optimistically high and inaccurate. That said, my actual MPG so far is 12.03 MPG over 1st 400 miles. Haven't towed my 7K# travel trailer yet, but getting ready for a 3 week trip with it from Boston to Yellowstone to Denver and back to Boston and will keep posting my MPG along the way. Would appreciate others doing so, as well. Love the truck so far, but I am mighty worried about what I've been reading about poor mileage for some folks.
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    Average cost is $6000 vs Gas.
    Average increase in trade value is over $4,000 vs Gas.

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    I have decided against diesel, and need to decide between two gas engine configurations. According to tow charts for truck I want, configurations are rated as follows: a) V-8 w/ 3.73 pulls 9,100# b) V-8 w/ 4.10 pulls 11,100# c) V-10 w/ 4.10 pulls 12,500#.

    My towing needs require either b or c configurations, and price between the two is neglible. Since I tend to keep my trucks for at least 5 years, the decision for me is boiling down to gas mileage. I would love the extra muscle of the V-10, but the price of gas and the V-10 low mileage potential has me wary.

    I would appreciate any real world mileage data on the V-8 w/ 4.10 and V-10 w/ 4.10.


    scares me to death scarews
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    I have a 2008 250 Supper Duty diesel with 1600 miles, I am getting 14 to 15 mile to gallon with 16 mpg occassionally, none of this is city driving. This is comprable to what my 1999 F-350 Supper Duty got when it was new. You need to remember these a close tolorance egines my 7.3 did not break in and get improved milage until it had 25,000 miles on it. Then mileage gradually increased 3 to 5 miles per gallon.

    On another note my new 1200 mile truck is having the engine replaced. My truck has apperantly blown the back two cylinders no compression. Ford Customer service is being very nice but it looks like I got to drive my new Ford for 2 weeks and then its in the shop for a month. This could be a fluke problem, they say they have never seen this problem and have had none with these engines, but I have my doubts. I have requested a new truck, you know with a over $50,000 price tag and 1200 miles, its my bad luck. I feel it should be Fords Bad Luck! Let me know if your truck has problems. I will probably continue to let Ford try the repairs but I will be very reluctant to stand for further problems, then it will be Fords Bad Luck! I have driven diesel engines for nearly 30 years most likely over 1 million miles and have never had and engine failure or real problem so I guess bad luck was due, or not!
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    I've got a 2003 F-250 with V-10 (supercab, shortbed) and have had the best luck with it of any truck I've owned! It has the 3.73 and gets 11 mpg city pretty constantly. On the highway I can get around 13-14 when not towing. Since I don't tow that often, I've ordered my 2008 with the V-8 and 4.10 to improve mileage a bit. Good luck!
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    image Check this out they're 120 plus shipping. They come in black and polished for an extra 75 they can color match them. Let me know if you want a set they look [email protected]
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    I have read and seen the good and the bad in the reviews and can only hope that those that have had bad experieinces it is only because this is a new model and new engine as we all know. I have 12,000k on my f-250 4x4 king ranch and have no problems (knock on wood) yet. I plan to put 40k on her then trade in for a new one and they should have all bugs out by then. While in for a recent service, the Ford District Eng was in the shop and he and i chatted about poor fuel milegage. Seems this is a on going issue, but all reports indicate mileage will increase after break-in around 15k. I pulled a 5k trailer 300plus miles and averaged 12.5. I am doing around 14 in town and 16 on the road. keep you posted.
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    I'm not sure of the pulling capacity of a 2008 Ford F-350 diesel, 6.4L, Crew, Long Bed, :D Dulley. Can anyone give me the total.

    Thank you
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    go to http://www.fleet.ford.com/showroom/rv_trailer_towing/default.asp

    You didn't provide enough information for me to answer the question for you.
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    fordguy7 do not worry about the v-10! i am on my 3rd one the older v-10 gives u better fuel milage[99 to 04]. im currently employed to haul rvs to all parts of the country and i can tell u right now the deziels are over rated and over priced! dezeisl r soppose to not break well guess what they r breaking. fuel injectors seems to be the mane issue [very exspenve]. now the ford desiel is 6000 dollar option the v-10 is 600 0ption. at 70 mph with 4;30 f-350 6 spd man. i can get 15 mpg. my other v-10 i can get 16 mpg onley diff. between the two f-250 has 4;10. f-250 06. f-350 05. [new v-10s]the ford desiels are averaging 18 mpg. now u sit at the table and do the math and u relieze that desiels r not worth it. my f-350 is my work truck. i have 60 thousand plus and going to find out how far this 10 will go. ive been hering big milage numbers coming out of the gas engines. towing wise u r looking at 8 to 10 mpg at 65 mph depending what u r towing. at 60 add a mile or two. the 01 i had f-250 5 spd man 3;73 got 18 mpg. as for the automatics in older ones averaged about 15 mpg[highway].i dont no what the new 10s r doing i havent talked to anybody that has automatis. my guess not as good. so there u have it im planning posting at 100,000 to give more details on the v-10. one more thing to point out the 99s they had issues with them with catlac conv.and not as powerful as the other later years. there is guy said he herd that they had crank problems but i havent talked to anbody that run into with that issue [and i talked to a lot v-10 0wners]. my guess on this is keep the revs down and i dont think there is just a handful with this problem[if any]. later
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    This is my billet vent insert. I Replaced the stock insert with this one it looks so muck better. This is black ano it also comes in polished for around 200 installed.
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    Snowtoad: Thanks for input. I agree about diesel and already ruled it out. Decision is new V-8 w/ 4.10 vs. V-10 w/ 4.10 gas. Current 2000 F-250 w/ 4WD 5-4L V-8 gas 4.10 axle auto tranny getting 10-11 mpg around town, 7 mpg pulling 32' 9000# Prowler at 65 mph. Pulls OK, but getting old, mileage getting worse, a little slow from stop position, and I'm only towing in flat Fla. Concerned about performance if I towing outside Fla. Would jump at the extra muscle and giddy-up of V-10 for only $600, but they only make w/ 4.10 or 4.30 axle and I worry day-to-day mileage (while not towing) will be drastically worse than 10 - 11 mpg I get now. I'm getting feeling from you it won't be, and may possibly be better with new rig. If you or others have any additional input, would like to hear from you. Thanks!
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    I have a 2008 F250 W/ 6.4 Liter Diesel. As of yet I have not gotten better than 11.8 mpg. This was w/ no load and on the highway. I am very dissapointed with this. I drove my fathers 2001 F250 w/ 7.3 liter recently and got 17 mpg.
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    A follow up to my post #63 above RE: 2008 F-250 6.4L Diesel Crew Cab . Been hauling my 7,000 lbs travel trailer these past two weeks from Boston to Wyoming (3,000 miles) and I am only averaging 7 MPG at 70 to 75 MPH w AC on. While this is a major disappointment, the truck is a moose and pulls steady and strong. I really like the truck otherwise. I hope this mileage improves over time, but I am not optimistic given what folks are saying in this blog. Interestingly, I have only seen one other 2008 F-250 6.4L Diesel since I have been on the road. Is this because smart shoppers aren't buying them?
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    I'm about to order a dually/diesel. I have read the concerns about mileage and am disappointed but...I need a truck like this. No one mentions axle ratios. Beyond the obvious that 3.73's SHOULD GET better mileage than 4.30's is it a mistake to order a 3.73 vs. a 4.10? Are people with 6mpg driving 4.30 trucks? is the 12mpg guy driving 3.73?
    The ratings are the same at 15,200. Is a 3.73 a looser in resale or towing? I'm towing a Goose Horse trailer @ 10-12,000 lbs.
  • dadzponydadzpony Member Posts: 2
    you are getting some of the best results. You didn't mention if your diesel or gas, and what is your axle ratio?
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    i have a 99 f350sd 6.8l motor w/ 169,570 miles and still runs strong on orig motor . my mileage is still around 12-13 mpg. ive also plow with it 3 years in a row. i rebuilt the tranny 2 years ago because it was slipping , but they couldnt find out what was wrong.
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    diesel and axle is 3.73. 11.5 mph pulling load, 13.5 in town and probably 15 on highway. I have a trip computer which is not always accurate and sometimes confusing and shows an average of 13.4 most of the time, but you have to do the real math.
  • kdean2608kdean2608 Member Posts: 9
    Can you update us on your experiences over last month with your truck, what you would out with repair and how gas mileage is doing now? thanks.
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    Same problem, I just recently purchased the same truck but I am only averaging about 7 mi to the gallon. I am not happy about that at all. Towing was at 6.50 mi per gallon going up hill with the ac on and I was getting around 9 towing coming down hill. Around town right now my digital gage says 9.50 avg but I did it the old fasion way and that came out at 7 mpg.
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    After 5047 miles,
    I discovered I can get good mileage, I averaged 18.2 mpg on recent 310 mile round-trip. The key is this was mainly highway driving & and I kept the rpm's at 2000 or below. I previously reported 12.6 in these forums.

    I even achieved 12.4 towing my boat yesterday. That is, I did 12.4 until the upper radiator hose blew off on the way back from the lake. New boat, new truck - all covered in the uranium-enriched coolant they use now. If you heard the expression "glued, screwed & tattooed" that is what I was. I did get free towing - tow truck driver said mine was the 4th 2008 SD Diesel he's attended to for this problem. Only waited 2 hours in 100 degree heat.

    I really like the truck, but I can think of a better radiator clamp design from the sixties that will outperform what they use now. I may just have to add those myself.
  • pssamplepssample Member Posts: 7
    Follow up,
    Picked up from dealer: upper hose was off (at same dealer) at 600 miles for other service. They think it was just not pushed on properly then. Despite wrecker driver's earlier comment, they insist they don't know of any trend here.

    Giving free tire rotation for my dirty boat, not bad compensation all in all.
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    Yep, exact experience. My digital gauge always reads 2 to 3 MPG more that I am actually getting. What's with that? I stopped by my dealership yesterday to ask them about the crummy mileage. I was told that driving out of tow mode on flat surfaces would probably increase MPG. On my recent 7,000 mile trip, the best I got was 8.6 MPG (not very often) and the worst was 6.5 MPG. That is with 7,000 tt in tow. I'm getting a fifth wheel in September that maxes out at 13K GVWR. I'll be interested to see how the MPG is with that. Dealer also told me other makes (Chevy, Dodge, GMC) will be getting similarly low mileage for vehicles manufactured after January 2007 because of the "junk" they are required to put on for emissions. Anyone know if that is true with new Chevy or Dodge diesels?
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    Love the truck except for the gas mileage. 12mpg combined city and a little highway without a trailer. With the trailer about 8000lb. 13mpg at 65 mph and 9mpg at 75 mph.
    Coin pocket broke the first time I opened it. Leaks diesel fuel from the middle of the engine compartment, haven't had a chance to take it in yet. Good thing the truck wasn't expensive. :sick: :sick:
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    Same here on the 2008 f350 6.4. I pull a 13,000 horse tralier and avg 8mpg. My dealer acts like I'm ET from space. I have talked to eight other cowboy's with same truck spec's and pull similar weight and of course they have the same issue.

    I did so much better with my 2003 f250 i wish i had it back. I pay too much for a truck to only gets 8mpg. Folks, Ford has a problem and it is eating my lunch when I travel 4,500 miles and half to stop and fuel every 258 miles:( Help....
  • pssamplepssample Member Posts: 7
    Took a long trip Thursday afternoon, decided to see what this truck could do. I thought the fuel injection had a problem as once I hit 95 I couldn't get it going any faster.

    Two days later on way home, find a stretch of highway and keep the pedal on the floor: won't go 1 mph over 95 & the rpms are not racing. What gives???
  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
    It won't let you exceed the speed limit of the tires.

  • pssamplepssample Member Posts: 7
    It was a shame/humiliating to watch the guy in front of me pull away in his Cummins Dodge 6 banger last Saturday. In fact, it was embarrassing - for me and I am sure for Ford as well.

    Why all this horsepower (350) if they're going to shut it down at 95? My tires can certainly handle more speed than that - they aren't off-road or even off-road blend. How do I get ungoverned?
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    Ordered truck on Jul 24th, checked with dealer y-day. says should be here week of Sep 17th. I've been very happy about decision, until I read this site! this will be my first Ford, Always bought Chevy but i don't like the new Chevy 2500, and Dodge is a "no Way". so i'am going through with order, if? it turns out to be bad decision, "I know you told me so"... :cry:
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    The only people who are having problems are the people who are abusing the truck by moding it, by driving at accessive speeds. Yes IMHO, driving a 7000 pound vehicle at over 95 mph on a public road should land you in jail.

    People who pull away like jackrabbits from every light etc.

    If you act like an adult. You will not likely have problems or bad fuel econ.
  • garyszmrgaryszmr Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the kind words, i've never owned a diesel before.
    so i'll probably believe about anything. i'm lookin for a vehicle i can depend on for the next 10yrs, (i dont race or abuse my vehicles). i drove the 08 SD and fell in love when i turned the key. I ordered the 4dr 4x4 Lariat F-250 Blu over silver W/Grey interior. $51,850 sticker
  • pssamplepssample Member Posts: 7
    To put all the people in jail for going over 95 is going to require a lot of new jails/prisons/police.

    Unless its ok for those less than 7000 pound vehicles to go that fast? :shades:
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    I have had my '08 F-350 6.4L for about 4 months now. I ordered it back in KY and drove it here to southern California and I got aprox 15.5 mpg on the drive out, which I was pretty happy with. I recently purchased a set of 35" Nitto Mud Grappler's and I haven't got my gauges re-calculated, but I'm down to roughly 13.2 and Ford said they would charge me at least $100 to re-calculate. The only reason I bought the diesel was for the fuel mileage and when I get out of the military I plan to go back home and work on my father-in-laws farm. Honestly I love the look of the truck, especially with the new tires, but reading these reviews I'm thinking to myself that I should have bought the V-10.
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    If cost of ownership is an issue, only buy the Diesel if one of the following 2 conditions apply.

    1. You plan to drive in excess of 20k mile per year. If not, you will never make back the extra cost of the Diesel in fuel savings.

    2. Only the Diesel equipped truck has the tow capacity that you need. (payloads are the same essentially).

    Also, Don't buy the F-450 unless you absolutely need the extra capacity of that truck. If you do buy the F-450, DO NOT select the 4.88 or the Max Capacity Tow package UNLESS YOU WILL USE THAT capacity.

    Commonly it is recommended that you do not regularly exceed 85% of the GVWCR. Keep that in mind when you are picking out a truck.


  • flashover6flashover6 Member Posts: 2
    Update on fuel mileage. One month later, My mileage is down from 11.8 to 10.02. My dealer keeps making excuses. He keeps saying it will get better, but it's getting worse. This is with no load, and driving very easy.
  • dbweaverdbweaver Member Posts: 88
    The owners manual says to break the truck in at different speeds for the first 1000 miles, 95mph is excessive but it registers 100mph. I think it should at least do what it shows.
  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
    A reasonable jury could find that failure to govern the speed of a vehicle to the max rating of the tires is a defective product.

    I know, remember the good old days...If was your own stupid idea to go that fast then it was your own fault?

    But what about the guy in the other car. But for Ford allowing the truck to go so fast, I never would have been hit. Hence Ford who has nice deep pockets should be liable.

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    I bought a new 2008 Ford Power Stroke F-350 crew cab and returned to the dealer the next day because I couldn't get the radio to work. The salesman explained that the radio was voice activated. 'Nelson,' the salesman said to the radio.
    The radio replied, 'Ricky or Willie?' 'Willie!' he continued and 'On the Road Again' came from the speakers. Then he said, 'Ray Charles!' and in an instant 'Georgia on My Mind' replaced Willie Nelson.

    I drove away happy, and for the next few days, every time I'd say, 'Beethoven,' I'd get beautiful classical music, and if I said, 'Beatles,' I'd get one of their awesome songs.

    Yesterday, a couple ran a red light and nearly creamed my new truck, but I swerved in time to avoid them. I yelled, 'Idiots!' Immediately the French National Anthem began to play, sung by Jane Fonda and Barbara Streisand, backed up by Michael Moore and The Dixie Chicks, with John Kerry on guitar, Al Gore on drums, Dan Rather on harmonica, Nancy Pelosi on tambourine, Harry Reid on spoons, Bill Clinton on sax and Ted Kennedy on Scotch.

    I LOVE this truck!!!

    My Truck has 3000 miles and gets 15.5 to 18 miles per gallon empty and 11 to 12 hauling mt 22ft boat. My experenice is 20 to 25,000 to break in engine for 3 to 4 miles a gallon better mileage.
  • kdean2608kdean2608 Member Posts: 9
    Tell them to replace your "camshaft sensor"!!!!! I have a 2008 Super Duty Diesel now with 15k miles and mileage not improving at all. Over last 5k miles started noticing the engine would not idle down form time to time and rpm's run higher sometimes when running on highway at varying speeds. Finally a month ago service light came on, took it in and they ran VIN and found a SSM on this truck for this concern to replace camshaft sensor and sure enough it fixed problem and mileage improved briefly and idling problem stopped. They also told me if this sensor went bad completely it would NOT ALLOW ENGINE TO START, hence your fix. Problem now, it is returning and come to find out dealer installed an old one in stock from prior year or earlier production so CLEARLY ford has a problem with its supplier for these CAMSHAFT SENSORS. Make them install a BRAND NEW ONE!
  • dbweaverdbweaver Member Posts: 88
    I got my 08 F250, regular cab, longbed,4X4,373 gear on 8/22/07. I took it home and installed a 1000lb toolbox and two 55 gallon fuel transfer tanks. I have traveled 2506.1 miles and used 190.23 gallons of fuel for an average of 13.1mpg.I have made one trip of 1242.7 miles on the interstate 70,80 and sometimes 95mph,oops! The truck computer started at 8.6mpg with 4 miles and is now showing 14.5. The truck computer mileage goes up and down with the way you are driving at the time.I have tried to be as accurate as I possibly can for comparison with my other trucks
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