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    I looked at the 08 dodge and chevy stuff over on Edmunds.com, looks like they are in the same boat (or worse) as far as mpg.
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    ......and the bad thing is that it doesn't look like fuel prices are getting any better. I know there are diesel diehards out there who won't agree no matter what, but the V-10 gas engine is looking better than the diesel all the time. In Florida, diesel is $0.40 to $0.50 more per gallon than gas. The diesel engine upgrade is about $6K more than the V-10 gas engine. Maintentance (oil changes, etc.) are also more expensive with diesel. Combine those factors, that's quite a financial difference and payback period to go diesel. Then, when you consider the relative quiet, throttle response, and performance of the V-10, not to mention that it's been around for a while and presumably has been "debugged" (unlike the diesels), it seems like a no-brainer. Unless you need the extra towing capacity the diesel provides, I'm not sure why you would go that route.
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    I am a believer in the V10. I tried the 5.4L V-8 for a short period in the F-250 and quickly moved to the V10 when rebates and family pricing hit in 2005. I did not care for the 6.0L PS at the time, and seems to be a good decision for me. I can assure you fuel economy is not good with the V-10 either. I have a fairly rare 2005 F-250 Blue Harley which is a beautiful truck, but the mileage is about 10.5-11 in town and 12.5-13 on the highway depending on how much I put my foot in it. I tote 500-600 extra pounds everywhere I go. The 4.10 rear end (only one you can get with the V-10) does great until you pass 70...then the tach really starts to creep as one might expect. If you stay beween 55-65, it does great. The motor is smooth as silk and quiet for the most part and does pretty well towing, but the economy drops quickly as you approach 10K lbs. I have about 56K on the motor and had to replace the throttle body, battery, and alternator so far. I have been looking hard at the 2008's, but I don't like what I'm hearing considering the MSRP of the one I want is $56K. Darn thing better be perfect and drive itself! Doesn't sound as bad as the 6.0L PS, but still not good for that kind of money. The V-10 is clearly not as strong as a well tuned diesel, but it is still a $600 option vs. $6895 :) Given the ridiculous cost of diesel, and the limited improvements in fuel economy, maybe I'll hold out for the 2009 and see if things improve. Oh yeah, I have a AFE Cold Intake Kit and a Diablo Sport programmer and it helps performance abit, but not fuel economy despite vendor claims. Good luck!
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    Thanks a lot for the response. It's just helped confirm the way I was leaning. It's taken me a while to get some real world input on the V-10 gas mileage, as so many people go with the diesel or the V-8 gas. The mileage doesn't surprise or scare me. In fact, it's about the same mileage I have I get with my F-250 4 x 4 Crew Cab with 5.4 liter V-8 and 4.10 axle ratio. This confirms what I have been reading, that the V-10 gas mileage is about the same as the V-8 gas mileage because the V-8 motor has to work harder/rev higher just to move the mass of that truck body down the road.

    My friend has the 2005 6.0L PS, and says it's a dog compared to the 7.3 liter diesel they had in the older models, so you made a good choice. He tells me his next truck is without a doubt going to be a V-10.
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    Hey, I'm new here looking to improve my mpg. I have 2008 F250 and getting 8mpg. Can you help me. I see you used a chip. Where can I get one and how do you put it in? Please tell me anything else I can do. Thanks for any help, I need it.
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    Just recvd my new 2008 Ford F350 C/C, PS, L/B 2WD, and with the first tank of fuel averaged 14.1 mpg. I'm half way through the second tank and I'm up to 14.5 mpg. I' looking forward to towing my fifth wheel in early April to see how it performs. Will report after the trip.
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    What kind of chip did you try? What kind of troubles did you have with it?
    Thanks, David
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    I used the Hypertech for the 08 Ford F250. What happened was my turbos overheated and shut the motor down. That was the 1st thing. The 2nd thing was it changed my shift points and had the transmission running horrible. I also lost gas mileage
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    David, how are you getting 13mpg? I also have an 08 I just bought used and I see why. I only get 8mpg. Are you doing anything to get that mileage? Air intake? Chip? I have mixed feelings about both. I'm new to these modifications and don't know anything about them. You sound knowledgeable. Can you or anyone else suggest anything that works without causing problems to my truck. Thanks Gary
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    Guys one thing that you are not mentioning in your topics about MPG's is the new laws that have been enacted by our wonderful government on the new 08 diesel motors along with the revamped diesel fuel modifications itself. This has a direct impact on the MPG's and you will not be able to get the old MPG's of the 07's or later model diesels. I have an 05 and still get 17 - 19 hwy and am very hesitant to upgrade to a newer truck due to the cost of diesel and the lowsy MPG economy along with the routine maintenance having to be performed more frequently. I love the USA but really hate our government right now with all of the BS they are pulling on the fuel...thanks Gore!
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    I haven't done anything except run the crap out of it.I redline 1st and 2nd gear most of the time. I tried to take it easy on a short trip (154miles) Saturday to get good mileage. When I started it Sunday afternoon to go to work it was smoking and idling rough. I assummed it was going through the cleaning cycle. When I left home it would start lurching at around 1750rpm. I don't know what was going on, no check engine light or anything. It done this for 43miles, I stopped and turned the engine off and started it right back up and it was fine I drove another 320 miles with no problems before I shut it off again. I add 8ounces of deiselkleen cetane boost to every other tank. I have a intake coming this week. I'll post the results in a couple of weeks.
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    I was wondering if anyone has converted to veggie oil yet, I am thinking I might. I was also wondering what chip works the best to improves millage.
    By the way for all you ford owners out there I average 22.5 on a flat surface driving 58. In town I average 16. I drive alot in the summer with the truck and on 300 mile trip I average 20-21 with out a chip. I have been told that the 6.4 has plastic injectors and the 6.0 block cracks around 130K; my cousin works at a ford dealer. I know alot of people where I live have kept the 7.3 because the 6.0 is [non-permissible content removed]. If I where to buy a new truck I would get a Dodge, But I love mine to much to ever get rid of it.
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    I installed a S&D cold air intake Saturday. I towed a 5,000 lb trailer from Williamsburg, Ky. to North Myrtle Beach, SC on Monday. I averaged 12.8 mpg over the 518 miles. I normally average 13mpg without the trailer. I can't tell any difference in power but it definetly helped my fuel mileage.
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    My 1999 F250 6-speed manual 2-wheel drive got 21+ MPG over 195000 miles. My New 08 F250 5-speed 4X4 auto gets about 16+ MPG (loads only 1000+ so far). I thought I had a problem until I read all the comments about what everybody else is getting. Note, I drive about 50% city and 50% Hy. When I did a trip to Calif. in Dec, E. TX I-10,80 MPH got me 15+ MPG. I guess I would like to look into this cold air intake but in Austin TX, it is not cold that much.
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    Yes i just got my new 2008 Ford 250, extended cabe crew 4 door and drove it a total of five hunderd miles on a long trip. Gas mileage came out to be 15.2 at 65 mph. I waiting to see what my milage is with my travel trailer being pulled. :)
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    you are saving about $25.00 per tank at 4 dollars per gallon
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    I just checked my mileage today and I'm up to 14.7mpg. some city, some highway, some towing. I was impressed compared the last few times I checked it! I now have 23000 miles on my truck.
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    Trip results two weekends ago from Rock Hill to Myrtle Beach mostly highway running between 60 and 65 arriving midnight light traffic 18.5 solo. Trip home same route leaving late afternoon heavy traffic 17.3 mpg. Last weekend Rock Hill to Sanford NC Mixed highway and city 55 to 60 mph 18.2 mpg solo. Truck now has 20000 miles on it. Had oil and fuel filters changed at 18500 miles. Mileage seamed to improve about 1 mpg after this. This was at dealership using ford products. Don;t know if increase was due to service or summer grade fuels.
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    At dealership they kept telling me my mileage might improve after 20k. It was miserable 12.3, then 12,8 at 20k sure enough it started to get a little better. Ford sent me service satisfaction survey so I busted their chops over this mileage thing. My question if they can control it that much, how much are they still holding back? With the price of diesel plus the 6k option this really hurts.
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    Took a trip to Key West from Louisville, KY towing my 34 ft fifth wheel. Loaded and with three persons. Got 9.5 mpg on way down 60 to 65 mph. Average 10.5 mpg on return. Had only 2500 miles on odometer when we left. No modifications needed. When driving solo on highway get about 18-20 mpg, at 60-65 mph. Avg around 15.5 around town. My friends tell me it will get better as the miles travelled increase.
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    I have a 2008 F250 super duty, I live in Louisiana and pull a 16' box trailer with truck and trailer together it is 18,000 lbs. in hot weather it starts like a valve tapping then it blows white smoke out the exhaust, then it quits running. You let it set for between an Hour and a half, then it will start and run for about 30 to 40 miles then do it again. In cold weather no problem but in the hot summer weather in the south look out. I pulled the same trailer in Jan. to Michigan and nothing happened. But again in the south where it is hot it will leave you on the side of the road.
    ANY HELP WITH THIS PROBLEM????????? :mad: :confuse: :sick:
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    What type of power plant do you have in your 2008 F-250? Sounds like a serious problem that a dealer should look into.
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    Recently got back from a trip up to Indiana Dunes. Spent the weekend and return on Sunday. Have a F-350, crew cab, 2WD with 6.4 Powerstroke. Got about 11.4 mpg going up and 11.9 mpg. Truck ran like a dream pulling my fifth wheel travel trailer ( approx 13500#s ). While enroute had a exhaust cleaning occur with no loss of power or noticable mpg loss and no smoking. With 6500 miles on the odometer all is great.
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    I have the same engine as you. The 6.4 power stroke diesel, with an automatic tranny. It gets fair fuel mileage. Been to the dealer 2 times, is at the shop now.
    The computer says it is overtermp. exhaust temp. module. was changed then got 35 miles down the road and it quit. The days of the mechanic is long gone all they have now is parts changers. Whatever the computer says is the problem!!!!!!!!BS to that. :mad: :lemon:
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    :cry: Can any one give a suggestion on which air intake they like for the 08 supers. I hate my new 250 and am desperately trying to do something to improve towing and maybe mpg when empty. I only get about 11 around town. I did the worst thing when I traded my 02 350 with the 7.3 in for this hunk of crap.
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    Some of you, who are getting upwards of 10 MPG -------- consider yourselves LUCKY!
    I'm currently RV'g throughout Washington, Idaho, British Columbia.
    While our Lariat is a great truck in most respects, it's a PIG when it comes to economy ---------- averaging less than 8MPG with a 10,000lb 5th, while trying to do everything to "go easy" on fuel economy. 80PSI in tires, easy starts, 55MPH, TowHaul on where needed, etc.
    My brother (after 9 new F350 Diesels in the past 10 years) is trying Dodge's "equivalent" with the 6.7 Cummins. He consistently gets 40>50% better economy on the same trip. BUMMER!
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    I'm looking into getting an 08 F-250, but I'm not sure what Engine-Transmission-Rear Axle Ratio to get: 5.4L V-8 Gas-5 speed Auto Transmission-3.73/4.10, 6.8L V-10 Gas-5 speed Auto Transmission-4.10/4.30, 6.4L V-8 Diesel-5 speed Auto Transmission-3.55/3.73. What will give me better MPGs?
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    You need to decided what your hauling then decide on trans. my '08 250 gets 15-16 mpg it's a 373 rear. and I haul nothing. If your huling heavy stuff you need the appropriate rear. Diesel will give you the best mpg but reg. gas is cheaper. So you'll have to do the math and decide, Sorry, but good luck! I love my truck other than the diesel price.
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    Anyone know where to locate the 4 pigtails for the aux switches on 08 f350 ? Not in the same as my old 05 f350. Any Help ? Thanks !
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    Lucky you. I just got through with a 2600 mile round trip with my '08 F350. With only 16K miles on it, it broke down in Pilot Point Texas. Fuel injector stuck open, push rod bent and booster sensor blown - 3 days later and only 8mpg pulling a very light load. I drove 70mph trying to improve mile but no use - The 350 super duty is a dog with no power and crappy gas milage
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    I hate that you are having problems with your 350. My 250 continues to give me great service. I took it to the dealer saturday for its 30000 mile service and then the wife and I headed up the blue ridge parkway toward mt mitchell to see the fall colors. 290 mile trip averaged 15.5 mpg. Back in august we took the camper down to the outer banks. If I held it down between 60 and 65 I got about 10 mpg. However on one stretch lets say I was in a hurry to get the beach. Averaging about 80 to 85 mph mileage dropped to about 7mpg. Camper weighs about 9000 lbs empty is 35 feet long and 11 1/2 feet high. I easley had another 2000 lbs in cargo and passengers. At 85 mph truck had power to spare. Needless to say I'm still very happy with mine. I still average around 14 mpg in my day to day driving. I hope you can get the problems with your truck resolved. You might try to have the dealer re flash the main computer. It controls the fuel and air ratios and that has a lot to do with power and mileage. Good Luck
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    Has anyone tried removing the Dpf, Cat, exhaust and egrs yet? I have heard it is possible with the help of by-pass modules. just want to know what the results were. yes i know the warranty would be gone.
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    I have a 2008 6.4 ltr.F-250 super duty with about 3000 miles on the trk, and at best I am getting around 10-12 avg. MPG is this what I should expect to be the normal for this or will it get better and what could I possibly do to improve the mpg short of getting rid of the truck. I absolutely love the trk other than this.

    Very concerned F-250 owner
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    I have an 08 f350 crew 4wd, srw. Bought new mileage sucked like yours. It's been getting better the longer I have the truck. now at 36,000 I'm getting 16-17 freeway empty at 70mph 10-11 towing a trailer weighing approx 8,000. around town 12-15 love the truck but have used a lot of fuel to get to where I am now
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    Your mileage should continue to improve. I have a friend who has a 250 just like mind except color who was only getting about 11mpg at first. He said at about 50 thousand his made a drastic improvement in mileage. At 32000 my latest trip gave me 19.2 on one stretch of interstate driving. This was pure interstate with cruse set on 65. For the whole trip I averaged 17.8mpg. This was blue ridge parkway starting at virginia state line to Ronoke and then interstate back home to Rock Hill SC, Truck continues to give me flawless service.
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    I have a 2008 F250 Super Duty at 13,000 miles the engine went out with a hole in the piston(dealer said the glow plug tip broke off and fell in the cyclinder) Ford installed a new motor????. At 14,000 miles this engine goes out going down the road with no warning(Ford says that the #8 piston has a hole in the piston????.
    I was wondering if maybe the computer has more fuel going into the #8 piston which causes the firing of the diesel fuel to wear a hole in the piston.

    I have been driving fords for years but now I am begining to think about changing over to something else.
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    Bigdaddy101- can you let me know the outcome of this? F450 with 22K miles in in the shop now with a blown engine. Ford says due to oil not being changed. they also found a hole in the radiator that they are claiming responsibility for due to a factory defect. When towed in it had no coolant. The reason for the tow was flames shooting out of the exhaust and Ford 1st said it was the radiator, then later in the day changed their minds & said the engine was blown. This makes no sense!
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    Also was told that the radiator was the cause of the engine blown, said they had a hole in the factory seam of the radiator. Talked with the service manager, he said they were not any fluid in the radiator. But the gauge didn't show hot neither did the smell of antifreeze show up at anytime. They put a rebuilt engine and a new radiator in the truck. He said the coolant does not get to the back of the engine and that since it is tucked up under the firewall that it why the #8 piston area gets the hottest and burns a hole in the piston. Will wait 13 to 14,000 more miles and see if it does it again.
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    I have an 05 and I am installing the 4 axu.switches in the dash.
    I cannot find the plug in under the dash but I found the ones out under the hood.
    There are 2 plugs that plug into the brake box but cannot find the one for the switches.
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    My check engine light comes on constantly in my 08 F250 6.4liter Powerstroke. I took it to the dealer, they said to drain the fuel/water separator. I did and the light went out. I have been averaging 10 mpg towing 10,000lb. I went to Circleville, Ohio with my trailer empty and my check engine light on and got 7mpg.I drained the water separator 3 times but the light never went out. I loaded a 7,000lb truck on my trailer, the light went out and I got 10.2mpg on the way back. I have 45,000 miles on the truck now. Has anyone else had their check engine light come on constantly?
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    ford just released an update for the 6.4L engine computer. My brothers f250 now gets another 150 km a tank. I had a 2006 6.0L put a K&N ait flow kit in it was getting 937 Km a tank highway. The filter paid for itself in fuel savings an increase of almost 200 km a tank highway, cost was 400 canadian. I did install myself in an hour,really easy to do.I now have a 2008 f350 6.4 and I'm installing a roush cold air intake.I will give you an update on the mileage increase in a week or so. The only other recommendation I have is duel exhaust.
  • 2scoobys2scoobys Member Posts: 2
    ford just released an update for 6.4L engine computer. It gave my brothers 2008 f250 an extra 150 km a tank.I installed a k&n air flow kit in my 6.0L 2006 and was getting an extra 200 km a tank higway. I will be installing a roush cold air intake in my new 6.4L 2008 next week.I will post the increase in fuel mileage. The only other add on I can think of is duel exhaust.
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    I received a letter from Ford today stating ''Ford Motor Company is providing a no-charge Customer Satisfaction Program ( Program Number 08B07) for your vehicle.''
    '' What is the issue?''
    ''Your vehicle may exhibit drivability concerns, including elevated idle during DPF regeneration,minor cruise control speed fluctuation,automatic transmission shift quality (if equipped) and a false check engine indicator light.''
    I thought the cruise control fluctuation was caused by a lack of power. It doesn't flucuate until you hit a hill. Maybe, hopefully they will turn the power up closer to what they said it is supposed to have. I have a Ford Performance Trucks magazine that dynoed the 08 F250 and showed a stock 292hp. and 286lb-ft torque. That is a far cry from 350hp and 650lb-ft they advertised. By comparison the old 7.3 liter powerstroke showed 184hp and 388lb-ft. It takes a heavy load to affect the cruise on it. This should not be!
    My '08 has a leak just under the front bumper on the passenger side. The fluid appears to be clear, grease less, oderless, and colorless. Today I noticed the coolant overflow container was bone dry. Anybody having issues with this. I need advise! FYI, I was told my '08 had a special recall for a radiator stop cock valve. This was executed about 2 weeks ago at my dealer, Rancho Santa Margarita Ford, here in Cali. I recently read that some contributors hear on the forum had jettisoned engines from what was suspected as radiator leaks. Your input is greatly appreciated.
    My '08 has a leak just under the front bumper on the passenger side. The fluid appears to be clear, grease less, oderless, and colorless. Today I noticed the coolant overflow container was bone dry. Anybody having issues with this. I need advise! FYI, I was told my '08 had a special recall for a radiator stop cock valve. This was executed about 2 weeks ago at my dealer, Rancho Santa Margarita Ford, here in Cali. I recently read that some contributors here on the forum had jettisoned engines from what was suspected as radiator leaks. Your input is greatly appreciated.
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    I had a leak in the same location, but the overflow container never was empty. My dealer replaced the radiator under warranty and also re flashed my truck. It was only three weeks ago, and I haven't had any problems.
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    Yes, I also had a leak their at the front bumper, driver side. But have not taken it in yet. Should go an do that. There radiators must have a flaw.
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    I haven't noticed any leaks on my truck. I have added a little more than a gallon of coolant in 46,000 miles. I haven't heard anything about a recall on the ''radiator stop cock valve''.
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