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    What reprograming did you do? Have you had any radiator problems? I have a 2008 F350 with 37300, I get on average 8-9 MPG my Ford dealer says that they don't quote MPG on my truck. I noticed a small coolant leak and took it in today to Ford thay say they think it is a valve that they replaced on a recall and it will be covered under the recall work, but the wanted $270 to check it out. Any one have any luck going to Ford?
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    My 08 is leaking coolant somewhere. I just put it in the shop today, and was told since my truck is under warrenty they would cover all leaks under the factory warrenty. Once the warranty is up you are on you own unless you have ESP. The radiators are known to leake so it should be taken care of until the problem is resolved.
  • dbweaverdbweaver Member Posts: 88
    It was a factory program update. Read page 14 in this forum. I have 78,500 miles on my truck now. I have probably added about 1 gallon of coolant now. I have not saw anywhere it is leaking though. Where on the radiator is your leak?
  • c21kirkseyc21kirksey Member Posts: 3
    It is leaking on the passenger side.
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    I have an 08 350 diesel. I posted months ago about my oil level and my coolant level. I brought it in and I need a new radiator which isn't covered and is $1100. I have 49k on it and have been putting coolant in for a year and a half now. Didn't start leaking until about two months ago so I think there is more to the problem. Also about my oil level I would get out about 22 quarts when I changed it. They said it was a high pressure oil pump leaking diesel in. I brought it in for this over a year ago and they said nothing was wrong. They have had it for almost three weeks now and said it would be done tomorrow. They now called and said part wont be in until the 28th. They have lost a loyal ford customer I went and bought a 2010 2500 ram today. If anyone knows anything about the radiator let me know. Not sure if there is anyway I can point the finger at them and not have to pay for it. I have had too many problems with this truck and most likely wont go back to Ford again.
  • c21kirkseyc21kirksey Member Posts: 3
    My 08 F350 has 37334 mi. I talked to a Ford dealer who said they think they can get my radiator fixed under a recall. I dropped it off yesterday and hope to hear something today. I will let you know.
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    i took my 2009 F250 deisel truck in 6 times, Ford corporate said it is normal. it happens everyday.

    You Tube " F250 Blue Smoke"
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    I purchased one of the first 2008 F-350 delivered in the area. First radiator was replaced at 18,000, second radiator needs to be replaced now at 41,000. So far the dealer does not want to cover it. Washington state has a lemon law, dealer get three chances to fix it and then I get a new truck.

    So far this truck has a new radiator, new turbo, new high pressure oil pump, new exhaust filter. The oil pump was probably the real problem but the dealer replaced the turbo and exhaust filter trying to resolve the noise problem. I purchased new to get some reliability, this truck has been a real disappointment.
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    I too have an 08 350 6.4L Diesel. New on the road in April 2008. I tow a 36ft fifth wheel at around 12,500Lbs. At about 75,000km I noticed the coolant level low in reservior. Topped it up 3 times in a week - took 12L in all. No leaks in driveway or at work parking spot, and no spray under the hood. Dealership stated it was a rad leak and they had a replacement rad in stock and could complete the work the same day. However it took a full week to get my truck back. The dealership was very vague with their explanations why. It was covered under warranty so no cost to me, but I've always been suspect as to where the coolant was going. I could never seem to get a clear reading on the oil dip stick but always seemed very high. No problems since though so I don't think I got the straight goods from Ford.
    As for everyone else and their mileage and power issues, I have none. 18 to 20 Mpg (imperial gal not US) highway (keep it below 2000 rpm) and no power loss. :)
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    I am posting this with hopes to get Ford's attention. I have an 2008 F450 that has been in the shop 19 times in 23 months. With 97,000 miles it has had 4 new engines, the EGR cooler has gone out numerous times, the turbo hose comes off every trip and it is back in the shop again with an oil leak. My truck was in the shop the entire month of Feb. only to get it back, drive 800 miles and lost it again! I took it in again Wednesday 8am and they still haven't looked at it and said they can't until Tuesday (a full week). They were charging me a deductible until I fought that because my contract says I owe no deductibles. How is it that Ford can give me turbo hoses to store behind that seat and tell my driver to put them on when they come off. He now carries two. Our dealership just offered him a job to install them and asked him if he wanted to reinstall it himself at their shop because he does it faster than they can. Every time my truck is down I have to hire an outside driver to deliver my boats. This has cost me tremendously to have an inhouse driver yet I have to hire someone else. Does anyone have advice on how to get Ford's attention??? Obviously I own a commercial vehicle and I do not fall under the Lemon Law. I'm just looking for an even trade to the new 2011 (which will probably have problems too) but atleast I can start over with a bumper to bumper warranty.
  • adidasadidas Member Posts: 2
    I'm looking at buying a used 2008 F250 crew cab, white, king ranch, with 63000 miles no it. It's got a navigation system, moon roof, and spray in bedliner. They're asking $38,700 for it. What does everyone think? Thanks.
  • 08king_ranch08king_ranch Member Posts: 1
    I think you can do better than that if you shop around. I just bought my son his college graduation gift: a 2008 F350 Crew Cab, Copper Metallic, King Ranch, 6.4L Diesel, 4X4 with Navigation, Moon Roof, Spray in Liner, Goose Neck (used twice), Ranch Hand Grill Guard, flawless, belonged to a 65 y/o doctor who put 67,124 highway miles on it between Dilley, TX and San Antonio, TX as a daily commuter. This previous owner provided records showing oil changes were done every 3K miles (rather than every 10K listed in maintenance schedule). I have never driven a more comfortable truck. I feel like I stole it for $33,500. Doctor actually traded it for the same truck, but a 2011 model. Must be nice to be wealthy! BTW, he sold a 2009 Vette to one of his co-workers the same day for $32,000.
  • adidasadidas Member Posts: 2
    Wow. Sounds like maybe they need to come off about 5k. Congrats on the great deal!
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    Not sure if i am putting this in the correct area but here is my problem = I have replaced head gaskets and I am not getting compression to build back up in the radiator? So could I have an internal crack in the head? Any ideas?
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    We have a 2004 F550 that was in the shop many times and Ford could correct the problem - stalling, caughing, white smoke. At 98,000 miles I contacted the State for info for the Lemon Law. Fact, too old for replacement, but you CAN get it fixed - under warranty. I did!
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    Just bought the truck. Got 17 mpg coming home from Atlanta. Is this about as good as it will get without a chip or some other warranty voiding action?
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    I have an F-350 2007 powerstroke diesel. It broke down on me 4,000 miles of Fords 100,000 mile warranty. The reason it broke down was an over heating engine and becuase of that my engine blew up, and there is no fixing it. The only thing that will get my truck back on the road is a new engine. Again my truck only has 104,000 miles on it and its only 3 years old! Ford is refusing to pay for it even though I had the truck at Ford for the same problem less then a year ago, and supposidly the problem was "fixed". My truck is part of a fleet. Within the last 20 years my company has purchased over 30 Ford vehicals. We also have four F-450 diesels and every single one of them have had problems with the engines under 40,000 miles. There used to be a day when Ford diesels would run forever and now your lucky if you truck makes it to 100,000 miles. I would really like everyones comments on this issue for recent Ford Diesel engine problems...
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    My filter is coming on two times in every tank of gas is this normal are any of you having the same issue
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    We also own a 2008 F450 with only 39,600 k/m (24,550 miles) and only use it to tow our 20,000 lb 5th wheel RV. I have spent about 500 hours behind the wheel, and a variety of Ford dealers have had it in their possession for a wide variety of warranty repairs in excess of 1000 hours. There is something wrong with this picture! A summary of problems follows:
    --four visits for engine overheating
    --four visits for exhaust odour in cab
    --two recalls
    --rear main engine seal replaced twice
    --cab removed for repair twice
    --replaced drive shaft
    --replaced radiator & fan clutch
    --engine stripped down to the block once
    --left stranded on busy highway towing 5th wheel
    This truck would likely qualify for replacement under US Lemon Law, but Canada has no such laws, and we are at the mercy of Ford of Canada. To date Ford has shown NO INTERST in customer satisfaction, let alone any financial assistance. To date I have sent three formal letters of complaint to Ford of Canada, and they seem to think that phone calls from pacifiers who cannot speak English will make me go away. They are dead wrong. The gloves are coming off.
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    Do you have an update with your radiator problem? I just had the third one put in my 2008 F250. They didn't say anything about a revised one. First one was replaced at 31K, and now again at 63K. I had to pay $1600 for it, which is bogus. I know Ford knows they have a bad product...They ought to be paying for these things! :mad:
    I have seriously not had one problem with my cooling system since Ford stepped up and replaced my entire radiator(s) with the new factory version. BTW-FREE!! I strongly recommend that you quote me to your dealership and tell them to step up also. This is only about treating loyal customers with respect. They need to do the right thing and also refund all of your money. Best of luck!
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    sorry to say you have a bad dealer. Just had the rad replaced on our 08 purchased in july 07. Our total cost (way to much) was $415.00. ford and the dealer absorbed the rest
    of the cost under a after warranty repair program, The rad leak is a known issue call or better write ford and bi*** to your dealer who was to greedy to tell you other wise.

    Love this 08 loaded ford f350 Ford had done more for use the dodge ever has.
    Prior to this truck we had chrysler products for 15 plus years they wanted 700 plus for a 150 part....they wanted the fist without lube
  • concreteman1concreteman1 Member Posts: 11
    Found out by ford that the pump was going out its under warranty but there asking for all the service records for fuel filters from when I bought the truck to present day has anyone had to product service records to get there truck fixed I think there trying not to pay for the repaires on my truck any help will do
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    I have an 08 f350 powerstroke with only 39k on it and my radiator is cracked too. I can see that several of you have been able to get ford to pay for it. I was wondering if you can tell me the names of some of these dealerships.
  • yellowhtrdyellowhtrd Member Posts: 2
    can you tell me the name of your dealership?
    .Thanks for your help
  • JubilantJubilant Member Posts: 4
    Was the valve replaced? they replaced my valve under warranty, then the radiator cracked, they made me pay for it. I wrote a very detailed letter, started and the Service Manager and worked my way up to the GM. Even went thru Sales because I had bought 7 vehicles from this dealership. The GM took my case up with Ford, I understand the dealership not covering everything but at the same time I feel they knew because of the faulty valve under recall and saying if not replaced would crack the radiator. Ford Motor wrote me a check back. Play the political roll and keep following up, mine took about 2 days before the GM Called saying Ford would cover it.
  • concreteman1concreteman1 Member Posts: 11
    great news ford fix the fuel pump at no cost to me also noticed my mpg is better since i bought the truck. I think there some problem with there fuel pumps from factory they also found a leak behind the turbo that they took care of :):)
  • concreteman1concreteman1 Member Posts: 11
    future ford clovis ca fix mine no cost to me.
  • agavebossagaveboss Member Posts: 1
    I ordered two Ford Super Duty's, an '08 F450 and an '08 F350 for my company. They were loaded to the hilt whereas I paid close to 120K for both. Since purchasing, I have gone through 5 radiators between the two and am still having issues with the current ones. Just a few month's ago, my F350's motor blew while driving on the highway. It had 130k miles on it, so no warranty. When I took it to the dealer, Earnhardt Ford (Arizona), they told me that there was fuel in the oil and two cylinders were toast. Needs new motor (18K). They said that the truck must not have been cared for properly even though we have change the oil every 3K miles from the beginning. I thought Ford might help me since I bought 2 more trucks that year totaling 4. Thought wrong! I have owned Ford vehicles my whole life, since a 1968 Shelby GT500KR Mustang and will never even look at a Ford anything again. I am trying to dump the F450 as soon as I can for a Dodge or Chevy. Does anyone know of any class action lawsuit levied against Ford for this travesty of design, so I can join it? I had the F350 sold at auction for 14K. Great investment for two years!
  • rseeborseebo Member Posts: 12
    I would try and lemon law the thing!!! I have a buddy who had to do that with 2 of his trucks.
  • dbweaverdbweaver Member Posts: 88
    I have just turned over 100k on my '08 F250 with no real problems yet. I read all these comments from time to time and it worries me. I did a DPF delete with a 4" exhaust and put a cold air intake on it. Other than that I change the oil every 10k and add a quart of Lucas sythetic oil stabilizer. I also use Deisel Kleen cetane booster regularly and run the crap out of it most of the time. I average 18 to 19mpg, 14 to 15mpg pulling a 5000lb trailer.
    If you look at how many are on the road compared to the amount of complaints, I would say most people got a good truck. I know I did!!!
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    This truck is all looks and no performance. They must have been on drugs when designing this piece of crap. I bought 2 2008 F-450's for the purpose of pulling a goose neck aluminum horse trailer. Within 3 months of owning both had to have the radiators replaced. They get horrible gas mileage. One truck says 6.8 miles per gallon and the other says 9.1.
    Wonder why the same truck has such a big difference. Ford will not even attempt to try and help with the big discrepency in mileage difference. By the 1st year anniversary I have been stranded 2 times on the side of the road again needing radiators replaced in both trucks. My tow bill was $800.00 each time since it was on a turnpike. So now I am up to 4 radiators in a year. In the second year I had a hose blow off causing the truck to over heat leaving me again stranded. Got that fixed and in 3 weeks the radiator cracked again and had to be replaced. After all that, if that isnt enough I lost power and had to have EGR sensor replaced. My business slowed up going into 2010 so they were not getting used very much except small local trips. I have 146,000 on the one truck and 101,000 on the other. The truck with 101K is now in the shop because it has no power and I am having to replace the fuel pump which is costing me $3500. They are telling me the whole cab has to be removed in order to replace fuel pump. Every one of these trucks should be recalled and consumers should get a full refund. I spend $1800.00 a month in payments and cant even get through 6 months without a major repair. Luckily the radiators were under warranty. If this track record continues through 2011 now that I am out of warranty I will go out of business. I will not be able to afford these major repairs over and over again and shouldnt have too. Ford is horrible and they will only warranty the repairs for 1 year or 12,000 miles. I want out and I will never buy another Ford again as long as I live.
  • diehardforddiehardford Member Posts: 50
    After 4 years and 72 thousand miles I traded my 08 today for a new king ranch f350 long bed. Just wanted the new model. I had good service out of my 08 and was very happy with it . The only problem was the radiator which was replaced around 40 thousand miles under extended warranty and I had a high pressure hose seal replaced . Other than that my 08 was flawless. I will post updates on my 2011 under the 2011 super duty collum. I do hope all of you having issues with your trucks get your problems resolved.
  • chiknchikn Member Posts: 1
    i would like to know if on my f350 rear brakes do you have to pull axles to change rotors on it ? it2008 ,
  • f250mpg08f250mpg08 Member Posts: 2
    edited August 2011
    I also have the 08 F250 SD with the 6.4 PS and its 2WD. I bought it used with only 36,000 miles about 8 months ago and my only real problem with it is it gets horrible fuel millage... I am looking into a DPF delete and chip setup and was hoping you could give me some info on yours, I.E. Type, Cost and any current info on your MPG status..... Any help would be greatly appreciated..
    Oh ya, I only get about 10-11 mpg at best and 8-9 towing my 7,500 lbs travel trailer. I hope you can see my need for HELP... :)
  • dbweaverdbweaver Member Posts: 88
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    I have been getting 17city/21highway around the hills of Ky. I have 119000 miles on mine now, it seems to just be getting broke in. I have a cold air intake, downpipe back 4 inch stainless steel straight pipe, with an SCT Livewire programmer. I get 14 to 15mpg towing a 10,000lb trailer. It seems like it took forever for it to ever get that kind of mileage though. You can check my older posts, I've tried to keep up with it since I bought it new. I have posted everthing I have done. Hope this helps. I don't remember what it costed for sure, I think it was around $1100 for the pipe and programmer.
  • f250mpg08f250mpg08 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the reply. My problem now is that i live in Ca. and we have to smog our diesel trucks every 2 years or so and I would fail the visual inspection right away if I did the cat/dpf delete setup... I now have a cold air intake and an aftermarket AERO TURBINE muffler and that's supposed to help. I'm real skeptical about chips and programmers when it comes to my warranty. Any suggestions would be great...
  • dbweaverdbweaver Member Posts: 88
    I had a Superchips Cortex programmer on it before I took off the DPF and Catalytic Converter. It improved the performance but I don't remember the miles per gallon. I don't think it will void your warranty as long as you set it back to stock before you take it to the dealer
  • racerjamesracerjames Member Posts: 2
    i have a 08 ford f-250 w/6.4 was going down the interstate the outher day and it just shut of they said it mite be the fuel pump that they have had a lot of promlems with them but will not stand behind them only has 60000 miles on it first and last ford ill ever have going back to shevy
  • racerjamesracerjames Member Posts: 2
    was getting about 17-20 mpg before it took a crap not happy
  • rob712rob712 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 08 250 with the 5.4 motor. this truck can't get out of its own way. The gas milage I get is 8.1 when 4x4 is not being used. It cant move on ine or mud without 4x4, but this may be the factory tires. I had to get a front alignment and Ford replaced two tires. Last inspection I could not turn the front wheels, upon closer look the brakes were rusted in the slides so I removed them and wire wheeled lubed and assembled. The dealer said it is a problem in northern climates. I have owned Ford for 25 years, but am considering another brand.
  • notlovinmyfordnotlovinmyford Member Posts: 1
    Our 2008 F-250 super duty 4x4 has been having very expensive issues and I'm afraid that they will continue. We just had to replace the turbo booster and the Particulate filter was taken off instead of replacing it, but now it runs really rich. I was wondering if anyone else with this model year was having these particular problems. I really feel it is an issue that Ford shoud address, and if there are enough of us with problems with the 08, maybe we can band together and get them to listen.
  • hunter83hunter83 Member Posts: 1
    alge built up in water/fuel separator, clean it out, replace sensor and gasket
  • sasquatch123sasquatch123 Member Posts: 2
    I too have just discovered a coolant leak on the drivers side front under radiator, 52,000 miles. Luckily I have the extended warranty or I would be really upset with Ford. Has Ford discovered why this is happening, does the coolant they use become acid based. Remember when GM used the orange radiator fluid, once it got air into it, would turn acid based and eat everything up ie: head gaskets, and everything else it came into contact with. Mechanic said dump the orange stuff and only use the green type.
  • sasquatch123sasquatch123 Member Posts: 2
    I have read where Ford states not to let your truck idle, as the bad fuel we get at the pump causes carbon buildup. look at Fords article on use of Cetane additive.
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