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My 36 month 528i lease is coming to an end. It will have 20k miles. Front tires will be fine for tread. Rear tires - marginal. Will I be charged for 2 new tires when turning car in? We have had BMWs for 20+ years and have never had to replace tires - but this is the first time with run flat tires. Thank you.

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    Not sure if leasing another BMW. If not, is there any way around paying the lease end fee? Is it negotiable? Also, we have low mileage and usually receive a check back from BMW. Are they still do that? Thank you for your help!


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    BWM requirements are that your tire tread must be no less than 1/8" deep at the deepest groove (don't measure from a wear bar). BMW Financial services will give you a plastic Ding-o-Meter (that's what I think it is called, which shows various measurements you can use and test on your car before turning it in).

    As kyfdx says, your replacement tires must be the exact match to the front in size, quality, type and speed rating.

    Here are some short VIDEOS on BMW Lease Returns
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