Saturn Outlook, GMC Acadia and Buick Enclave

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GM is introducing 3 crossovers, the Enclave, Acadia and Outlook in late 2006 as 2007 models. They will compete with the Highlander, Murano, Pilot and others.

The Buick Enclave is a replacement for the Rendezvous and Rainier.

They will be built near Lansing, Michigan. They will initially offer V6s and later V8s. Right now not much is known about the Acadia and Enclave, only the Outlook.

Outlook information

Check out these spyshots.


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    Can't link them but they are on some of the GM enthusiast sites. So far it looks great, a possible home run.
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    Will Chevy get a version?
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    From what I've heard, Chevy wont be getting a version. Thats probably a good idea since there's no point rebadging one vehicle four times, like the way they have done with the minivans.

    Here is a link for the Buick Enclave. (This website is awesome :D )

    Now I'm eagerly waiting to see the Saturn Outlook and GMC Acadia.
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    They can price it in the low $30K range, it will sell like hotcakes. Lexus should be at least a little worried.
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    Been in the market for a crossover/ midsize suv for over a year. Want to buy domestic but quite frankly designs and fuel economy suck for just about all offered. I will seriously consider this vehicle if GM can put a reasonable engine, and quality assembly. Too bad it won't be built in Canada- hopefully gm doesn't tank before this vehicle rolls
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    I guess we have to wait for the Saturn / GMC versions.

    I hope they are not all clones of each other.
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    I agree. I've been waiting for a vehicle to come out to replace my aging Windstar, and this is it! I want an AWD crossover with third row seats and second row buckets (i.e. an AWD minivan that's not a minivan). The only offerings like this are either much too slow, dull, and/or ugly (Freestyle/Pacifica/Rendezvous), or are way out of my price range (R-class). I think the Enclave styling beats the R-Class hands down. Congratulations to the Buick design team. I never thought I'd ever even consider a Buick, but after seeing this concept I'm ready make a down payment NOW.
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    Buick certainly nailed the styling! The only thing that I don't like about it is the Buick grill, as it reminds me of too many cars that are dull. But they integrated the new Buick engine portholes well. While Edmunds implies that the world doesn't need another crossover vehicle, a better one is always appreciated. And one that doesn't carry the station wagon/minivan image should sell well.

    Yeah, the Mercedes R-class is one ugly vehicle. Right up there with some of the products AMC put out in the early 70's.
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    we do not know the front of the OUTLOOk :(
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    This forum is surprisingly dead....although there has not been any new information from GM regarding these vehicles lately. I have to been looking for a quality, good looking crossover vehicle. I was considering the Ford Edge, but the Enclave styling and options blew me away. I wonder if this is the drivetrain that was built between the partnership with ford. The edge will have a 3.5L 250hp v6 with six speed auto. The enclave will get 3.6l 270hp v6 with the six speed auto. I probably can't afford the buick version, but I suspect that the buick will be the top with saturn in the middle and the gmc at the bottom end in terms of pricing and options. I definitly hope that one model has the option to fold the rear most seat into the floor like a minivan to increase carrying capacity. I would like to see one of these start at around 25,000 for the base and obviously go up from there in terms of options and price. I don't need 4-6 dvd screens or 3 zone climate control. I would be happy with one bigger dvd screem for the rear, infrared headphones and two zone climate control. I definitly think that HID lights are a must and side impact curtain airbags. Each vehicle should come with remote start, and onstar and xm radio, power door locks,windows, adjustable foot pedals and tilt/telescoping steering wheel as standard options. Is this eventually going to be the design that will replace the nox/torrent? Or is this not going to be rebranded into oblivion?

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    From what I know, the Equinox and Torrent arent going away anytime soon. Why should they, after all they're pretty good vehicles with good sales. The new trio of GM crossovers will have 3 rows and will be bigger and priced higher than the Equinox/Torrent.

    I belives they're going to be shown at the New York Auto Show in April, hopefully we'll get more info then.
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    I thought maybe they were being phased out like the Rendezvous and Rainer. I know that the Rendezvous is an older vehicle than the nox and torrent. I drove an equinox and was unimpressed with the steering and the body. It felt like I was driving a bloated over weight minivan with poor visisbility. The styling is better on the Torrent, but it still has the same problems as the nox. I am thoroughly impressed with what I have seen by the pictures and information available on the new models coming out from GM. I am probably more interested in the GMC version as it will probably be more in my price range. The Buick is gorgeous and has some very interesting features, but probably will be priced at more than I want to spend.

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    I recently attended the Oklahoma City International Auto Show. There, I discovered that the Saturn website will have more information on the Outlook around Easter weekend. I sincerely hope that he was correct.

    I recently sat in a Saturn View and discovered that the dash was rather unattractive.
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    Actually, the Equinox and Torrent arent very good vehicles in 2006 standards, and they sell well, but numbers are definitely boosted by corporate and rental fleet sales.

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    I agree. GM got this right. There is virtually nothing I don't like about the styling and interior. Feel the interior is so far ahead of everything out there (with possible exception of Lexus RX330). I hope they stay with it (although need to keep vehicle affordable, if try to price to high won't get buyers). GM quality reputation will be the test, although if memory serves me correctly, recent quality surveys has Buick's coming up strong.

    We have had 4 minivans starting with the Voyager and moving up to T&C's(2). My wife has had it. Didn't want to spend the money on the larger SUV's with poor gas mileage and didn't think got much space for size of vehicle. After driving mid-size SUV's found wanting on space and comfort. However, still somewhat thirsty and ride comfort is only mediocre. Seating was tight (especially with 3rd row). Seating room in Enclave looks like will be car like (roomy).

    I want the HID Lights (neighbor has on Murano and man they make a difference). Love the chrome wheels (combined with the chrome exhaust tips) give a sort of masculine sport look.
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    I completely agree. This is the first midsize SUV/Crossover/Whatever you want to call it that really intrigues me. I have owned GM, Chrysler, Ford and Foreign brands (Honda,Toyota). The problems that I had in the American models were no more different than in the foreign models (except the extra price for the foreign maintenance) I have noticed that many people in the Buick Forums have had less complaints in the new models. I am excited to see the models, especially the GMC and Saturn versions. I think the Buick will probably be out of our price range. Hopefully they will release more photos soon or at least some info.....I am dying to see the final products.

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    I agree that GM will have a hit on its hands when these 3 SUVs go on sale. I hope they differentiate them with more than trim and wheels. From what I have read, the Buick is well over 200 inches long, which makes it as big as a Tahoe. That's fine as long as one of the models (Saturn I hope) is about 12 to 16 inches shorter. A crossover at about 186-188 inches long would finally provide competition for the Lexus RX350, Acura MDX, BMW X5, Nissan Murano, Infiniti FX, Honda Pilot, and Toyota Highlander, all imports. Ford will be competing in this market segment soon with the Edge and the Lincoln MKX. GM also needs to be in this segment. The new models need a high output sophisticated Northstar based engine, at least as an option. I don't consider the Equinox/Torrent in this market because of their poor Chinese engines and poor steering. They are more in the Suzuki/Kia market.

    Basically, one model needs to be a sporty, high performance miidsized crossover. Even the new Toyota RAV4 offers a high output V6 and sport suspension. GM needs to also.
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    Saw the pics today on the front page. I think I like the Enclave styling a little better, but the Saturn version still looks like a good, high end design. And the new 6 speed is going to be included!

    Perhaps it is too early to count GM out yet.
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    These new SUV's look good. Let's just hope the GM keeps the names on these things (like honda/toyota with there sales leaders). It would be a good strat long term, i think. Who wants to own a car (in the used market) who's name does not exist anymore???

    Good Luck GM.
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    Like a discount Caddy SRX, very nice.

    Saturn has a few winners in it's future.
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    Things are lookin' good for the Outlook.

    Now if Saab could do a version of this, maybe they could get back on their feet...
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    So, instead of doing a "Red Line" version of the Saturn Outlook, they can just introduce the Saturn Outlook Express...

    Let's hope the security is better than the Outlook I am familiar with.
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    I can just see the Microsoft lawyers salivating over that one!

    Question - is the SRX on the same platform as these new crossovers? I tried the SRX at one of those GM events and found the interior on that one a real dissapointment. The Buick and Saturn versions of this crossover both have much more upscale looking interiors to me.
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    Lambda probably got most of it's base from the SRX.
    Maybe if they take off, GM will drop Envoy/Trailblazer/etc. and stick with a single uni-body platform.
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    Lamda is an entirly new platform, for front wheel or all wheel drive crossovers or minivans. The SRX is built on the sigma platform, the "CTS" platform and is rear wheel drive or all wheel drive ie the STS/SRX. Lamda was developed to replace the current GM crossover (the rendezvous) as well as eventually underpin the new GM minivans, hence this paltform is much larger than the SRX and similar in size to GM's curent minivans.
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    Haven't seen these cars in person, but in photos, the Saturn interior looks very modern, like a Passat or Acura TL.

    The Buick has lots (lots!) of wood and leather, which reminds me of a Jaguar, but Buick mixes the wood with metal. The vertical leather sectioning on the seats also reminds me of Jaguar. The instrument cluster in the Buick is lit up in a pale blue--it looks very nice. I kind of wish Buick would lose the portholes on their cars.

    I'm interested to see what the GMC will look like.

    I know GM plans to redesign the Envoy... A car-based SUV like the Acadia (and its ilk) or Equinox (and its ilk) would be a better fit for many of the people who buy an Envoy (and its clones).
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    The more and more I see the Outlook, the less and less I like it. I hope it looks better in person. Looks kinda big, too.

    Plus, LookOut! is a rather unfortunate name... ;)
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    Yep, you're right. I've seen the pic's and if hadn't been for seeing the Enclave first, I'd say this thing looks really good. It still does retain some of the lines just not as emphasized. Interior bit more tame as well. Overall though good looking vehicle.
  • vanman1vanman1 Member Posts: 1,397
    When is the GMC version going to be shown?
  • gunga64gunga64 Member Posts: 271
    Seems to me that the forum is mostly interested in styling and engine size of the Outlook and others... I'm looking for MPG. But with 260+hp I guess I will have to look elsewhere.
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    I wouldn't discount that just yet. With the new 3.6L engine and 6 speed transmission, I'm hopeful that these cars will be able to rate better than 30mpg hwy.
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    Looking at a recent write-up on the Outlook, the AWD MPG ratings were 16 city, 24 highway. This vehicle weighs just under 5000 lbs. and is around 200 inches long. For me, GM missed the boat if they're aiming for a mid-sized crossover. I thought my Pilot at 4450 lbs. was overweight.
  • jchan2jchan2 Member Posts: 4,956
    24 MPG?

    acceptable, but nothing fantastic.

    Is it just me, or does the Outlook look significantly longer than the Pilot?
  • deerlake7deerlake7 Member Posts: 176
    The Pilot is 188" vs. the Outlook at 200". The Outlook is very close to the Tahoe in size.
  • edkleinedklein Member Posts: 34
    Man, that is a lot heavier that I was expecting. A Honda Odyssey Touring weighs a good deal less than that and gets better mileage. Granted, we're talking AWD on the Outlook (what's the source on that, anyway?) but I can't see a 2WD giving back more than 2mpg, so say 26 hwy.

    I'm seriously considering looking at these vehicles when I make my next purchase in about two years. But, if I'm going to give up that much cargo space over a minivan, it has got to give more back in the mileage department.
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    I am amazed that Saturn all of a sudden is coming out with such greats cars/suv's. This is what a SUV should be, big, fairly fuel efficent, roomy, and loaded with features. I love the interior also. They have the shifter on the floor like the Mountaineer/Explorer, have voice acitvated nav system like the Pilot, and a power liftgate which is only a feature on mini vans or hi end suv's. My father was looking for a SUV and he is considering the Mountaineer and Pilot I will convince him to get this SUV. Just wish they would have more Saturn dealerships around..........
  • bobw3bobw3 Member Posts: 2,992
    The size of the Outlook looks to be about the same as my Ford Freestyle 200/68/74 L/W/H. Maybe the Outlook will even be a little wider to fit 3 pass in the 3rd row. In most aspects, the Outlook is pretty similar to Freestyle. I'm getting 26mpg HWY and I paid $25K with rear A/C heat, tri-level climate, safety pkg, convenience grp), so if the Outlook comes in at the same price, the Freestyle would be one of the competitors.

    I think one advantage of the American mid-sized SUVs is on the interior space of their 3 row mid-sized SUVs. The Pilot & Highlander are both pretty tight inside, but you do need about 200" in length to get decent legroom in the 3rd row and 20cubic ft of luggage space behind the 3rd row.
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    When I found out about the Saturn Outlook I called the Saturn dealer and talked with the same person that just sold my wife her SUV (VUE) only about a month ago.

    When I talked ot the salesman he advised that some of the info has just become available. The vehicle itself will not be available until later this summer (he was thinking maybe end of June, or July, then again maybe August???)

    However, he advised of the following: The Aura is along the lines of the Malibu, the Prevue is along the lines of the Buick Enclave, and the Outlook is along the lines of a GMC Envoy/Chevk Trailblazr.

    To me this made complete sense since if you look at all of them on the Saturn website and at the pics of them they do all look like the model they are based along with.

    I have been looking for an SUV but could not seem to choke down the price/issues of the Envoy/Trailblazer. But, now with the prelim info I was told I thin that this vehicle is what I need.

    AWD/FWD, capable to pull 4,500lbs., 3 rows of seats, able to seat 8 people, DVD voice prompt Nav, a lot of the features of the Tahoe. Just all around a vehicle I will like and enjoy from what it seems.
  • deerlake7deerlake7 Member Posts: 176
    According to a leasing website, Outlook production startup is scheduled for 11/14/06, so in dealers around mid-December?
  • chrisl0chrisl0 Member Posts: 114
    Aww weak I was hoping they be out like towards the end of the summer to early fall. I wanted to get a good look at it ASAP. :(
  • waltawalta Member Posts: 13
    IMHO, the Saturn Outlook's interior looks so cheap when compared with the Buick Enclave's interior. While I realize that Buick is suppose to be more upscale, I don't think that requires Saturn to look so low-class. Saturn, leave that to Chevy. :shades:

    The only think I don't like on the Buick, are those coach-class-like fold down trays! What was Buick thinking??? Is Buick going to hand out bags of peanuts too? I would want first class from Buick, not coach!
  • chrisl0chrisl0 Member Posts: 114
    Heh, I think the interior of the Outlook is fairly good. Its not Buick good since it doesn't cost as much.
  • carmaniac555carmaniac555 Member Posts: 5
    Iam very pleased with what they have done with the Enclave. I think Luts' ideas about interiors are finally starting to sink in. The interior is DYNAMITE I love the color of the metal agianst the blonde wood. The exterior is also very nice that water fall gril is something. But there are still acouple of things that peole dont need.First, who need 4 dvd screens and then 2 of them moves between 2nd and 3rd rows. Those Coach styled sockets on back of the 1st row seats look complicated to work. That center stack looks amazing but it would be hard to out of 3rd and 2nd row. Also those tray tables are just stupid but nice looking but stupid. But ayways if Buick can just get ride of those bugs im telling they would a winner on there hands. Its such a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L car and if they price it right ill be the first one inline to get it and i never ever ever would think i would concider a Buick and im in my mid 20s :)
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    Just saw on the NHTSA web site ( that the Acadia received 5 stars (the highest rating) for driver and front passenger crash protection in frontal crashes. The performance in side impact crashes and the rollover ratings are not yet posted but are listed as "to be rated" so I'm hoping they'll be out soon. So far, so good.
  • kjnormankjnorman Member Posts: 243
    Please remember that the Enclave is a concept vehicle and so a lot of what you see will not make it to final production.

    Yep, people do not need 4 DVD screens, so that'll go, but perhaps two screens will remain - one for each of the second row. That would make sense.

    Expect those coach class trays to go as well. I would be very surprised to see those stay. Other things likely to disappear, the leather trimmed center consol and some of the nicer finishing materials.

    At the end of the day, this will probably shift from a beautiful car to an okay looking car. I just hope they do not mess up the interior too much as they productionize it.

    One thing I would like to see is the rear dvd screens built into the front head rests rather than being stuck up in the headliner (I have never liked that).
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    The Lamda is a full size SUV on a non framed chassis. It is meant to be a replacement for the Tahoe w/o the "real" truck capabilities (of road/heavy trailering) that many buyers do not need.
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