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Volkswagen Golf Electrical/Lighting Questions

I've recently started having what I consider an electrical problem in my 99 golf gls. I've determined already that it is not the alternator. My digital clock, odometer, and tripometer remain on when the car is off and the key is taken out. It has always gone off before and I can't find anything in my manual about it. Does anyone know what this could be? Maybe I changed a setting I didn't know I had??

I've also read postings from several others about the pause inbetween shifting. I've had that problem since I bought the car and no service shop could tell me what caused it. It is a nuissance (sp??), and could be a dangerous one if you're not used to it, but I'm glad to hear that's its 'normal' I guess. Also had the problem with the mirror knob breaking off, headlights and taillights repeatedly burn out, rear cv boot/control arm needing premature replacement, my window track cracked and window fell down into the door, etc... If anyone else has problem with the window track DONT try and fix it yourself, VW has a service bulletin out for it and will fix it for free if you ask. I had a mechanic friend take my door off to look at it, then when I realized what it was I took it to VW and they refused to touch it since I'd taken the door off (even though I didn't touch the window mech., those jerks).


  • Does anyone have suggestions, please, on what would be good replacement speakers for the stock units in a 2005 Golf?
    I added an Alpine 4-channel amplifier to the car, which helped the sound a lot, but I would still like to get some better speakers, especially in the back. My first choice would be speakers that would replace the stock units with no cutting or other alterations.
    Many thanks for your help with this!
  • i have a 97 golf k2. i think i have a bad distributor cap cuz whenever it rains my car doesnt want to start. this isnt my point i just needed you to know that for the rest of my message. yesterday i went out to start my car to go to work and i turned the ignition and it turned over for about 5 seconds. then it just stopped. my battery is fine (i even hooked it up to another car to charge and see if it was the battery). Nothing is happening!?!?!?! every time i turn the key the noraml lights come on so it def. isnt the battery. so im guessing its my starter? how do i tell if its my starter? i dont really have any money to bring it in due to christmas. i really dont know what to look for or what to do. any help would really be appreciated. thank you for your time..........diddy p.s please help me using laymen terms. im kinda car
  • i have a question, im having a big problem and i asked 5 people and none of them knew the right answer, i want to change my shift knob to something of my chosing, but i cant figure out how to take off the original shift knob off of my stick shift, here are some pictures to help you guys to understand the situation im in. thanx for any help in advance, the pictures are at the bottom
  • Hi there,
    I'm having exactly the same problem with my Golf. I have taken it a the garage to see if the mechanic can find the fault, and it all works fine when he's there. It's been going on for a year. I dread the rain because I know my car won't start. I have found that if I leave the car turning for ages, it does eventually start. However, before it has done this, there is loads of smoke coming out of the exhaust - I don't think that it can be doing the car much good. By the way, I did change the glowplugs, so that's not the problem.
    Could you please get back to me if anyone has found a solution to your/my problem.
    Thanks, and merry Christmas!
  • I have a VW Golf Hatchback, year 2001. The boot recently stopped opening - completely locked. I have been informed by some other VW Golf owners that this may be a manufacturing fault to do with the rear window wiper / washer bottle leaking and slowing rusting the lock up. Has anyone else had this problem or come across it before?
  • Hello jeeves1

    As you know requirement to start a diesel is, fuel , air,
    and if you want it to start faster, preheat with glowplugs.

    Since your car starts after many revolutions, you likely have some problem with your glowplug system that only seams to manifest its self when it rains.

    Check to make sure the glowplugs get power, 12 volts, when you pre heat them when it rains and this hard starting happens.

    I would think the glowplug relay could be a prime suspect or
    the wiring that controls it, one input is the engine temp,
    this could be shorted out some how when it rains, causing the glowplug relay to never pre heat the glow plugs.

    You could just hook up a 60amp relay, to the glow plugs with a switch to its coil and heavy duty fuse, connected to the battery run the control wire inside, when it rains, turn this on for
    20 -60 seconds and try starting as per ussual.

    good luck.
  • super4super4 Posts: 1
    Changed a brake light bulb on a VW Golf 1.6 cl 1996 the other day and since then the electric windows have been going down by themselves one by one when ignition /engine is turned off? messed about with the bulbs again and fixed the lock which was broke (as I thought this could be affecting it) this was fine for an hour thought I'd solved it then it starts doing it again. Had to get windows up and pull fuse out to keep them up. Any ideas or has the car turned into Herbie
  • I've recently started having what I consider an electrical problem in my 99 golf gls. I've determined already that it is not the alternator. My digital clock, odometer, and tripometer remain on when the car is off and the key is taken out.

    Sounds like the ignition switch is going bad. A good independent shop should be able to fix that for little $$$.
  • My girlfriend's 1994 cabrio wont start. The alarm goes off everytime you open the door, put the key in the ignition, etc. I think the anti-theft is locking the ignition and fuel. Not sure how it got that way. I do know her car is a mess, the power locks dont work (so putting the key in the driver door to disarm the alarm wont work), the driver window mechanism got snagged, so we had to permanently shut the window,and it had starting problems that were fixed a couple weeks ago. Just a question as to how to disarm the alarm. I tried to disconnect the battery, but that didnt work.
  • Hi there,
    I have a Golf 2001 Tdi also and my hatchback wont open.
    What did you have to do for yours?

  • Need fuse box diagram for 85 golf and can't find it anywhere. Please help!!!
  • I recently left my 2002 Golf TDI parked for several days.
    Upon returning I got into the car as usual with the remote but noticed the interior safety light (lower left on door panel) remained on after closing the door. A few days later the remote quit working, (light was still staying on), I tried to reset the remote, no luck. The door lock control on the arm rest will still lock and unlock the doors, with the exception of the drivers door. The key will lock and unlock the drivers door only. Also the mirror adjustment has stopped working and the security system. I tried to take the panel off to investigate and only got a far as getting it loose from the door frame and where it locks over the window edge, couldn't figure out how to release it from the armrest. Any suggestions appreciated.
  • nogblokenogbloke Posts: 1
    I have a Golf and there is a load knocking on the drivers side rear wheel every time I go over a bump. I had a bloke check out the shockers but they are fine. Is there a coupling or something or a common fault which someone is aware of? It sounds like the body is bouncing off the chassis. Any help or advise would be fantastic.
  • I'm having a problem with the power locks in my '94 Golf. Whenever I lock or unlock the doors, the power lock motor in the rear hatch keeps running for about 30 seconds or so. Additionally, when I turn the key in the door, only some of the locks unlock(it is a four door). Had the same problem about 5 years ago and after three separate visits to a mechanic, he was able to correct the problem. My receipt indicates he "repaired broken lines in rear hatch" during one visit. Then and now, the problem began to occur during very cold weather and I may have turned the key quickly in one direction and then the other the first time the problem occurred. Does anyone have any ideas what is wrong with the locks and if a novice like me could fix it?

    Thanks for any suggestions
  • ansloosansloos Posts: 1
    two main problems.
    speedomter stoped working today.. checked fuses.. and non burned out that i could seee.. i don't really know what the problem is...
    then sinse i checked the fuses everytime i'd turn a corner my feul light would come on and beep. though there is just under half a tank of fuel..

    anyone know what's happening?
    i honestly know nothing about cars, im a student don't have much money but i need to get this fixed.

  • yur2sloyur2slo Posts: 1
    I have a 1997 glof that wont start. What happenes in when you get in the car and go to start it, the alarm starts to go off. if yo jump the starter to start it the car runs great and when you shut it off you can start it back up. But it it sits for a while it wont start and just set off the alarm Any help ?????
  • i have recently purchased a mk2 golf gti 1990 and just yesterday it started smoking whilst stationary and the fumes could kill im new to the vdub could anyone guess whats wrong with it thanx oh and when i turn full lock something screeches could that be the ps belt any advice will help thanx
  • I don't have a Golf. I own a New Beetle. But the symptoms are pretty universal. If your car is screeching when you turn the wheel, then the power steering pump is low or out of power steering fluid. If it isn't too late yet, then topping it to the correct level with the proper type of p/s fluid should silence that matter (you may still have a leak because that is a "closed system"). If that doesn't help, then it maybe time to replace that p/s unit...
  • edhoodedhood Posts: 1
    Friend of mine has an "error" display in the left LCD (Odometer?) of the gauge panel. Tells me the entire panel is erratic. Mechanic/dealer says to replace the entire assembly ($$$). My guess was chassis grounding but I'm advised that the codes have been read, wiring has been checked, grounding verified, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what this might be and a potential fix? Note that we are in Southern Mexico and availability of common Stateside fixes will be impossible.

    Any suggestions will be appreciated; thanks!
  • The power locks are pneumatic. Sometimes the hoses come loose. Often times, they come loose at the door. Try to locate the hoses goining into the doors and see if they have come loose. Otherwise, they might be loose somewhere else and you will need to trace hoses (lines) from the air pump in the rear of the car to the doors.
  • Hi, i have a 1998 VW Golf TDi and to date the only problem i had seems to have been common-engine still ticking over with igition off/dead battery issue (sol:igition relay fault). However just driving today and mid-journey-stereo died as well as power sourced to bluetooth in-car kit. I know its a fault with one of the fuses but not sure which one feeds. I would very much like some help, ideally someone with diagram details so that i can simply replace the faulty fuse myself. Thank you in advance.
  • dhoadleydhoadley Posts: 1
    Hi there, my mk3 Golf GTI has exactly the same problem; it sounds sero=iously metal on metal banging; after several trips to different garages, the problem has been identified as worn suspension bushes on the trailing arms, allowing the banging to occur as the arm bottoms out against the subframe . I have been quoted about £230 to get it fixed, which I am going to finally do in the next couple of weeks....
    Hope this helps - note at least 1 VW dealer failed to identify this problem !!!
  • i have a similar problem like white nova but i have a 97 golf , when i turn the key in the door, none of the door locks open, i hear that same noise for about 30 seconds. do i need something or should i try and trace the problem as well? thanx
  • suds1981suds1981 Posts: 2
    I got this 97 Golf K2 and its been doing well, however recently its given me weird problems. First the coil was bad, got that replaced. Then plunged in $$$ to change all the spark plugs and wiring. Now, just this morning, I push down on the clutch to start the car, and turn on the ignition.... there is rough grrrrr grrrr sound... and it doesnt start right away, after a few attempts it runs just fine.
    The gurrring seems to be coming from area under the clutch.
    Please help. I am a student and really broke. Could it be a timing belt issue, since I already have 137,000 on it?
  • salloumsalloum Posts: 1
    i have a manual 2001 golf, before a while the rpm meter started swinging whenever it;s on neutral, the problem seems to get more serious; now the swinging is huge, that sometimes the engine goes off!! and i have to start it again... does anyone know anything about that??
  • tazzagtazzag Posts: 1
    I have similar problem, have a mk3(95) golf GTI. My Central locking pump is staying on for hours sometimes overnight and draining my battery.
    Do you think its the pump and needs replacing or the vacuum hoses that and loose or split making the pump over work??
  • asavsasavs Posts: 1

    I am currently removing my complete dash cover from my Mark5 Golf.
    To get it from the car, it requires (for ease of removal) to take the indicator & Wiper stalks from the steering column.
    I already have the steering wheel & Airbag out, but I'm not sure from here as to how to remove the airbag clockspring & more importantly..the stalks...

    Any ideas would be appreciated


  • hh0395hh0395 Posts: 1
    hello guys,
    I got a 97 golf gti. Now I met a weird problem. After I driving my car for a while, if I turn the steeing to the left, the horn is beeping, but to the right, nothing happened.

    what should I do?

    thx in advance.

  • matthewj1matthewj1 Posts: 5
    I recently purchased a used 2002 VW Golf TDI from an Audi dealership. The Carfax report looked good, including routine scheduled maintenance throughout the years, and it only has 46,000 miles on it after 4 years. However, after driving it for 140 miles, the emissions light went off. I brought it in and they replaced a plug that was full of carbon. I am not great with cars, so I am not sure what that means. Anyway, I was driving it home last nite and the emissions light again went off. Does anyone have an idea? Thanks.
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