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Was recently at a dealership here in Winnipeg looking at a used 2014 Highlander. We need a new tow vehicle for our trailer. Presently towing a 1600 lb popup but looking at replacing it with a travel trailer weighing around 3200 lbs.
So was asking if the unit we were looking at=t had factory tow package. No sign of a hitch on the truck. Sales manager said that he could have a hitch and trans cooler added that would give us max tow capacity of 5000 lbs.
My question is is that all that the factory tow package consists of ? Other brands of trucks the tow package also consists of larger output alternators and larger rad for increased cooling.
Is the sales manager correct or is he lying to make the sale?
Thanks for any help and advice.


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    I think it depends on what trim level you have. If it's an XLE you could order a tow package to get you up to 5,000 lbs. That includes the trans cooler, more powerful radiator fans and a 150A alternator.

    if it's an LE or an LE Plus with the 6 cylinder engine, that is being modified by the dealer, I'm not so sure you'd have 5,000 capacity to count on. In that case. I would check with Toyota to get the straight scoop. I suspect you'd be okay at 3,200 but you might be pushing the truck's limits on a dealer-modified rig.
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    Thanks for the info. We were looking at an LE. While at the dealership they said Highlanders in general with tow package were rare and the 2 we were looking at did not have. Then 10 minutes after leaving dealership they called to say that sales manager had done a VIN search and that both we had been looking at had tow packages.
    Both wife and I were very skeptical. They wanted us to come back and see paperwork. Told them to scan and email to me and I would review at home and come back the next day. So far no emails 24 hours later. Not expecting to receive them either. . I looked under the back end of both vehicles and there was no hitch.
    He kept trying to up sell me to a 4 runner.
    Have no intention on going back. Guy gives car dealers a bad name.
    Had been at Mid Town Ford previously to look at an Explorer and had a much better experience.
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    Toyota tow packages don't come with a hitch. But, it is an option on the manufacturer's sticker.

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