Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra vs Dodge Ram



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    The fact is transmission shops are more prone to see a diesel-motored light duty pick-up that's been pushed past the design limits than a gasser, whether is a Chevy, Dodge, or a Ford. For some reason many diesel owners seem to think their machinery is more impervious to problems associated with lack of transmission maintenance and exceeding load limits.

    In 1998 Dodge had the 47RE 4-speed transmission behind the Cummins motor. This transmission was adequate under design conditions, however, like any other component that is exposed to exceeding design parameters they proved to be less reliable. Chrysler later replaced the 47RE with the 4-speed 48RE, a much more substantial design with heavier componentry and a far better computer program for diesel operation. These have proven to be fairly reliable.

    The new 6-speed 68RFE that is unique to the LD Dodge Cummins' is built off of the 545RFE used behind Dodge truck V8s after 2002. The 545RFE is without a doubt one of the most reliable and durable transmissions available in light duty trucks, bar none. These transmissions are bandless, fully electronic, fully adaptive and have been exceptionally trouble free. After model year 2007, I think you'll find more complaints with the Allison than you will a 68RFE.

    Dodge diesel mediums (4500 & 5500) use a 68RC, which is a different transmission.

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    I'm looking at buying a pre owned truck. I've been looking at 06's. I will be using it for my daily vehicle as well as to haul a horse trailer on the weekends. I'm torn between the Chevey and the Dodge. Any suggestions???
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    It's all a matter of personal preference like how the truck looks and performs. Both trucks will serve your purpose leaving the only thing left like which one looks better or has the best deal. The GM trucks have better mileage while the Dodge has better low end grunt. I don't believe either is morre reliable than the other.
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    lets settle it, I have owned all 3, we will start from the top, siverado 2500, duramx,allison
    tows like a bear, decent fuel mileage, worst reliabilty and not quality biult.

    f250, 5.4 gas, auto, no power, poor fuel economy, uncomfortable, can't tow a whole lot with out trouble--but it is a gas job

    ram 3500 mega with cummins, great trucks tows great(duramax a little better but I believe it is the tranny that makes the differance)best fuel mileage, not a very nice ride, well biult, feels a lot more solid than the other 2.

    you can read all the stats you want but they do not mean anything, test drive them and find the one you like from the day to day people that drive the trucks to the max capacity, I am a general contractor and work my trucks so I do have a small amount of knowledge when it comes to them.
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    So why did you buy the 250 with the 5.4? You could've at least got the V10.
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    Its good to see you are looking for a heavy duty truck. As i was reading this the comment about the allison transmission caught my eye. I just wanted to clear something up about gm and their "allison transmissions". They arent actual allison transmissions. They are only allison approved transmissions. A true allison transmission shifts like crap and sounds like crap, but will never break. So dont let gm fool you. Anyways if ur looking for a heavy duty truck i would go with either a ford or dodge.
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    Where did you here that it is not an Allison Transmission.The internal parts of pick up truck Allisons are the same as used in medium duty trucks,pick ups use different converter and rear housings.I work for a distributor and with a serial number from the tranny I can furnish any part except the housings.As far as the shifting issue,I am confident you will not find a better shifting transmission in the truck market.
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