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Lincoln MKX



  • brendaboobrendaboo Posts: 17
    You might try going to and look at any accessories they have for the MKX. I know there aren't many yet! You might also try E-Bay to see what they have. Good luck.
  • wyo45wyo45 Posts: 11
    I have been shopping for a small SUV for the past several years. My key criteria are:
    - relatively compact size, no third-row seat (smaller than an MDX)
    - all-wheel drive (live in Chicago)with car-like ride and handling
    - distinctive styling
    - premium features
    - safe, good crash-test ratings
    - price less no more than $40-45K
    - does not require premium fuel (Yes, I realize that if I can afford $40-45K for a vehicle then I can afford premium fuel)

    I have test driven and researched every possible vehicle. The finalists are:
    Land Rover LR2 (2008):
    + Very distinctive Land Rover styling and nice features for about $36.5; Suprisingly good ride
    - Rear seat leg room is unacceptable (I have two 6' sons that may be passengers); Concern about long-term reliability; No crash test results available yet
    I fell in love with this vehicle, but the rear seat space was a show-stopper.

    Lexus RX350 (2008):
    + Quality & reliability
    - Styling is dated; very common. Showstopper was the front seat. The armrest is terribly uncomfortable (at least for me). Also, why does Toyota insist on continuing to offer a cassette player but no MP3 jack? Reinforces my view that it is a 8 year old vehicle.

    Accura RDX
    + Good quality, typical Acura styling
    - Driver compartment feels a bit too clausterphobic; choppy ride

    Nissan Murano
    - Again, too dated (approach 5 years without a significant update)

    Cadillac SRX
    + Greatly improved quality, especially in interior materials
    - Pricing too complicated. Way to many options and configurations. I can't imagine trying to find the vehicle exactly like I want.
    - Looks too long, more like a station wagon

    Ford Edge / Lincoln MKX
    This vehicle was a major surprise; Perfect dimensions inside and out, even in the rear seat; new engine uses regular fuel and gets reasonable mileage; new 6 speed transmission; very comfortable

    In the end I am strongly leaning toward the Linxoln MKX for the following reasons:
    - I prefer the styling of the Lincoln to the Ford. The rear end is beautiful. I'm so glad Lincoln avoided the passe clear rear lights. The front grill has really grown on me. I think it will stand the test of time better than the Ford (though I do think the three bar grill is far suprior to the hideous chicken wire mesh on the Ford 500 - Ford needs to stick with something for a while).
    - Quiet and good ride.
    - Cooled seats; I can't imagine anything better on a hot day
    - Vista roof. I didn't think I really needed a sunroof until I sat in the back seat of the MKX and got the overwhelming feeling of space.
    - MP3 jack, homelink etc.

    I do have a few minor qualms:
    1. I wish Lincoln offered a silver color or a nice light silver-blue metallic. Living in Chicago, nothing hides the winter salt better than silver. I also wish that there were a few colors available exclusively to Lincoln. Since MKX/Edge share the same color pallete, I will elect for black (when I think Lincoln I think black).
    2. I am not crazy about the satin-nickel accents. They would be better if made from metal rather than plastic. I will opt for the black interior since they seem to blend better than in the light interior.
    3. Can someone tell me about these new "chrome clad alumninum wheels"? These appear to be chrome plated plastic glued to alloy wheels. What is the rationale for this other than cost savings? Any idea how these will age? Can the chrome cover be replaced if they get scratched? They certainly would be easier to keep clean than many of the standard chrome plated alloys.
    4. I wish Lincoln offered HID headlamps. I've never had these, but have heard raves from friends. However, the adaptive lighting seems like a good safety feature.
    5. The Edge/MKX (and the LR2) are all a bit wider than many of the competitors. Can anyone comment on ease of parking and frequency of door dings?

    At this point, I am ready to purchase a black/black MKX with the ultimate package plus the vista roof and sattelite radio. I don't think the navigation system or upgraded stereo are worth the additional $2900.

    However, before purchasing I am very interested to hear more true owners experiences and any other comments about the wheels or vehicle width.
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    The width of the MKX is a big selling point to my family. It is so nice to be able to have the elbow room you need and the ability to actually seat a third person in the second row comfortably and not like a sardine. The extra rear legroom is great also. I would be more concerned about door dings due to the lack of a side rub moulding anywhere but way down at the bottom of the doors. I have seen a black MKX and it looked fabulous, especially with the black leather. Very rich looking. If you can keep it clean black is the best color out there. My family prefers the front end of the Edge to that of the MKX, but the features and the back end styling of the MKX win over the Ford. For the Ford not to offer Homelink in the Edge is criminal on a car that can top a $36,000 MSRP. We are waiting to see what additional features and colors will be offered for 2008. The dealers are supposed to have the 2008 ordering guides this coming week. We are hoping for some shade of blue to be offered.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    1. Lincoln does offer a light silver/blue metallic, its called Pewter and its beautiful...Not as common as plain old silver but still hides the salt.

    2. The real metal actually wears worse than the satin plastic. Metal dimples. Just take a look at an MKZ with the alum. instead of wood trim and you will se what I mean.

    3. Chrome clad alum wheels are the next greatest thing and if you ever had the chrome wheel with the chrome chipped off, you'll understand. I quote from a Ford training sheet:

    What is a chrome-clad wheel?
    A chrome-clad wheel consists of multiple layers:
    1. The foundation is an aluminum wheel
    2. Insulating binder
    3. High-heat, high-impact composite (a premium blend of advanced plastic polymers) is permanently bonded to the
    aluminum wheel, adding an extra layer of protection
    4. Chrome plating is permanently bonded to the composite layer As a result, the chrome-clad aluminum wheel looks great and lasts longer than a traditional chrome-plated wheel.

    Is a chrome-clad wheel plastic?
    No, the wheel is aluminum with a real chrome finish. There is a composite layer between the aluminum wheel and the chrome finish. This high-impact composite layer was specifically developed for use in a vehicle’s impact zone.
    This high-impact composite makes chrome-clad aluminum wheels more durable than traditional chrome-plated wheels.

    Aren’t chrome-clad wheels really just wheel covers?
    Not at all. They are two different things:
    • Wheel covers are typically made of less advanced plastic materials and are a separate piece that can be removed from
    the wheel
    • Chrome-clad aluminum wheels are a complete, solid system with no removable parts

    • Improved resistance to road salt and chemicals for a longer-lasting shine
    • Improved durability for fewer dings, dents, nicks and scratches
    • Easier to clean and maintain
    • Consistent mirror-like finish even in deep recesses

    4. The Lincoln does use "projector style" lamps. HIDs are more expensive to replace both bulb wise and if you are ever in an accident.

    5. Width is your friend. The MKX is 1 inch wider than an Explorer and the track (width between the wheels) is 3 inches wider. This results in improved interior space and more planted driving experience. The Edge still fits through the tight double glass doors at the dealership showroom where I work.

  • rich72rich72 Posts: 7
    My wife had many of the same requests as yours and loves the MKX we bought back in January. She uses it everyday to and from work and we have gone on 2 long trips. We have all options except rear heated seats and entertainment system.

    As for some of your issues.
    1) She went with the light exterior/interior, the black interior made the cabin look small. Also, we live in Florida, and the last truck had black and it was very hot.
    2) Another reason against the black interior, the light interior had a nicer looking wood grain finish.
    3) I didn't notice the wheels at first, but up close they do look like hubcaps. But very easy to clean.
    4) Haven't used HID before, but we have no problem and live in a dark area.
    5) The truck fits easily into a single door garage and the rear sensors work great during parking.

    Overall, we are very happy after the first 3 months. Fuel mileage isn't great (Avg 18 mpg) due to the short daily trips it is used for. Kids and mom love the vista roof, and the navigation and stereo are great if you need them. We looked at the Lexus RX350 (Great reliability, too many on the road), Acura MDX (Expensive with the same options and not pretty enough exterior for my wife) and the Cadillac SRX and Mercedes R350 looked to much like big station wagons.

    Hope this helps.
  • wyo45wyo45 Posts: 11
    Thanks for the information on the wheels. My current vehicle has chrome plated alloy wheels and I've had this issue with pitting. The MKX look like they would be very easy to keep clean. It seems that Chrylser and Ford are using this the chrome-clad alloy most extensively.
  • mkxawdmkxawd Posts: 22
    My reason for going to a "CUV" and not an SUV is the, literally, slide in slide out height. My wife loved it the first time she sat in the passenger side of the MKX. I had decided to get a CUV back in 2004 when I purchased a 2004 Grand Marquis but couldn't find the CUV that I liked. Didn't like the Volvo XC90, Pacifica or SRX. Other CUVs were either too cheap or too expensive. Enter the MKX this year and I almost have the perfect CUV... My entire life has been spent in V8s (Fords, Bonneville's, Olds Cutlas, LTD, and for the past 15 years, several Grand Marquis'.. My 2004 is an LS Ultimate with air suspension in the rear... Well, it took the MKX (V6) to get me out of a V8... The MKX has the styling (understated and elegant inside and out) .. I'll have to give a little when passing at 50/60 mph but the MKX has enough power. Yes I test drove it and it was fine, including the brakes which Edmunds didn't like. They seem fine to me ... I'm ordering the Pewter w/Greystone interior which actually has light seats. Be careful with the light dashboard. In a test drive, the sun glare was terrible. Greystone is fine ... Contrary to others, I'm glad the MKX doesn't have HID lights. I believe they are a hazaard to oncoming drivers. They're almost like having brights on all of time. The big problem I have with the MKX is no cover in the back when I am carrying luggage or other items. HUGE mistake by Lincoln and their QA folks. (Not a deal breaker).. Would like to have hand pulls in the front for the elder folk and adjustable pedals. Again not a deal breaker.. The way the options are laid out is fine... For me, AWD, Ultimate package w/Rear Cargo Mgt System, Sirius and THX II ... I'll be ordering within two weeks.... And by the way, I really like the adaptive front headlights. And one more item... My Grand Marquis' have had the keypad on the driver's door since I think 1992.. Haven't had to use it until 3 weeks ago in a car wash. They locked my car keys in the car.... The MKX has a keypad...
  • magoo99magoo99 Posts: 13
    I'm sold on all aspects of the MKX but I have one reservation which is holding me back from buying one. The Edmunds review of the MKX (as well as some other reviews I've read) indicated that the stopping distances of the Ford Edge and the MKX when brakes are applied are considerably longer than other cars in this class. Can anyone who currently owns an MKX comment on this.... have you experienced problems in braking distances required to bring the MKX to a stop!!
  • wyo45wyo45 Posts: 11
    I have a couple more questions:

    1. What is the difference in the dash with the standard sound system versus the THX sound system. Is the display the same? What about the speaker above the center stack?

    2. Does anyone have a picture of the front end with the front license plate holder added? I assume this fits directly on the front bumper.
  • mgh1mgh1 Posts: 10
    Same here--would get it in a second, but I'm not putting wife and kid into something that takes 200 ft to stop from 60 mph, v. like 140 ft in the Lexus RX...
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    Last report I saw was 146 ft from 60-0. Is the extra 6 ft really going to make a difference?
  • rwinland1rwinland1 Posts: 10
    We just picked up our MKX last night. Pewter/Black, front wheel drive, with every option (Elite Package, Ultimate Package, heated rear seats, towing package, cargo management). Very nice vehicle. After four minivans over sixteen years, and with the youngest now almost 12 and the oldest grown and gone, it was time for something different... and more stylish. Obviously it is too early to offer very many comments but we do like the vehicle.

    I think the standard sound system has the typical Ford radio, and I don't know about the speaker above it. If I can get this to work here is a picture of the license plate holder.

  • magoo99magoo99 Posts: 13
    The stopping distance from 60 mph in articles I've read are closer to 30 ft more distance to stop vs other vehicles in this class. I really would like to make a case to move on the MKX... akirby, can you refer me to the article you read indicating a 6 foot difference. Of course 6 ft doesn't sound significant but if the car in front of you is equipped with brakes which results in less distance to stop than you... well you get the idea. Thanks.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    146 ft was from the Motorweek 60-0 tests: 146 ft for the Edge, 147 for the MKX. Most other vehicles (as tested by Motorweek) seem to be in the mid 130's.

    If you think that extra 12 feet is so important then you should go get a X5 that stops in 117 feet compared to the mid 130's for other SUV/CUVs.

    All indications are that the majority of the difference in braking distances are due to the tire compound which they're changing for 2008. Some of it might be the ABS calibration and/or the front suspension also. Get the dealer to swap the OEM tires for Michelins and you'll probably be back in the mid 130's just like everyone else.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,281
    I also read in another forum (can't remember which one) and somebody said that the 2008's would have bigger/better brakes. If that's a concern for you, you might want to wait for the 2008 and see if it's true or not.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    I don't think anyone said anything about bigger brakes. They said the braking would be improved but most of that was due to a tire change.
  • jeyhoejeyhoe Posts: 490
    Ah for the days of yore when Lincoln aimed to build cars that were better than the competition, ala the LS which was refined until tests showed it stopped shorter, and with less nose dive than the BMW 5-series. Now, they tart up a Mazda and call it a day.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    That's what happens when your budget goes from $2B/yr to $600K overnight. They're just now starting to recover but it will still be 3-4 years before they're really back in the game.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,281
    The guy who posted said that the brakes would be better (bigger?) in 2008 models to reduce stopping distance. I can't for the life of me remember where I read it. If I find it, I will post it.
  • texasestexases Posts: 7,734
    Anyone get the greystone interior? The camel's too light (dash, seats, carpet - we have a teenager) and the black's too hot. I'm not crazy about the dark woodgrain, though.
  • mgh1mgh1 Posts: 10
    Can you point me to that 146 ft stopping in a road test? I'd be interested in seeing it, thanks.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001

    This is the MKX - it was 147 ft. The Edge was 146.
  • mgh1mgh1 Posts: 10
    Thanks, much appreciated.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Both interiors are very very light. The gray is not nearly as dark as what you might be picturing in your mind. In fact if you didn't know you were looking at the Greystone, you might think it was beige. The camel is more brown/yellow and definately is light colored.

    If you are concerned about dirt, get the charcoal.

  • mkxawdmkxawd Posts: 22
    I test drove an MKX and it had the camel interior. There was a terrible glare from the sun that I never experienced with other cars.. I'm getting the Greystone interior (dash) with the light seating (but then my children are grown and out of the house)... So I can enjoy a light and clean interior... :) Good luck ...
  • mkxawdmkxawd Posts: 22
    regarding the statement "I wish Lincoln offered HID headlamps. I've never had these, but have heard raves from friends."

    I think HID lights are hazaardous to oncoming drivers. Is there anybody out there that agrees with me? Or, am I just getting too old for this world? I believe most of these folks that like HID lights, like the style and don't care (or maybe don't realize) about the hazaard they create to oncoming drivers. (at least that's what I believe). I'm glad the MKX doesn't have them. And yes, the adaptive lights seem like a very good idea.

    By the way, I am about to order an AWD MKX.. Getting out of my Grand Marquis and into a CUV... Reason? Terrific step in/step out height (vs sedan step down/climb out)... I think Lincoln did a very good job with the MKX. I believe there is a lot of value for the price range they decided to target (just below $40,000). 224/V8 vs 265/V6? - I'm sure the Grand Marquis is smoother passing at 50/60/65 mph but I'm ok with that.. And like the article I'm responding to said, the MKX runs on regular gas (same as my Grand Marquis). At $3 or more (and more, and more) a gallon, sounds good to me...
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,281
    I think the after market HID lights are more troublesome than the OEM ones. My current car (VW Passat) has them and I've only been flashed once or twice.

    Try HID's at night and you will see that they are very much worth it. The lack of HID's is probably the main reason why I'm hesitating on the MKX.
  • lateralglateralg Posts: 929
    What's being flashed have to do with cars? :blush:

    Apparently, you've never been to San Francisco.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    If HIDs blinded oncoming drivers they would never be DOT approved. I find DRLs MUCH more annoying than factory HIDs.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,281

    Oncoming drivers let you know that your lights are blinding them. Usually it's b/c you left your high beams on, but some people do it b/c of HID's.
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