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Ford Bronco Problems



  • hello my friend put that same stuff in his ranager and a week later had to buy fuel injectors for me i had to do a fuel pump
  • i find a good running 83 bronco for 2,000 and just wanting to know if this is a good deal has already been restored and looks great.
  • if noting else tap in to a wire or fuse that cuts off when u turn the bronco off did that in a 85 ranager i had sumone cut all that out so i made my own
  • my brother just bought one does the same thing we have not find the answer to this prolem yet are self but try ur shift linking in the tranny
  • Did you ever find out what the cause of this was? I have a 94 Bronco that does the same thing.

    Can you email me at

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    Can you email me at ...

    That would deprive other members of valuable information and defeat the purpose of a Forum. It's best to keep the discussion here. :)

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  • robb14urobb14u Posts: 1
    I've got an 85 eddie bauer with P/L , P/W, and C/C that have issues,, a short time ago the P/L stopped working, and the P/W are not going up as fast as they use to.. but still work.. and a couple days ago the C/C stopped working,, have hayne's repair man,, but doesn't say much in the elec, chapter.. and electric diagram sucks.. any ideas as to where the relays are located, or what else I should check, and where it is located?? thanks
  • I pulled in my driveway and shut off my 90 Bronco (302). Now it will not run.
    It was 'huffing' when I shut it off.
    It has spark, fuel and cranks fine. It had a new coil several weeks before it quit.
    Any ideas? :confuse:
  • Im writing this message for my husband. The bronco was revved to 4300 rpm, and as a result there seem to be no gears? It can be started, but not driveable. Help?
  • You're right. Sorry about that. I was replying to a very old post and didn't know if the person was still looking at the forum.

    I had some sugggestions to change the entire distributor, change out the timing chain, change the fuel pump, etc. I had spark and fuel, but the truck wasn't firing enough to run. I ended up putting an MSD coil, distributor cap and rotor. The truck fired right up. I set the timing to 10 degrees and it starts every time now. It's running a little rough until it warms up, so I'm going to change out my thermostat next (cheap fix) and then put MSD plug wires and new plugs in it. Hopefully that will keep it going for a while.
  • My 89 full size bronco (5.8 liter) will suddenly die with no warning what so ever. If i am at highway speed it will almost instantly restart its self. This only seems to happen on hot days. On cool days, i don' seem to have the problem. Any ideas as to the possible cause?
  • :mad: :mad: i have a 89 fullsize 5.8 liter and my left break lights and my turn signal on the same side dosen't work. I tryed the fuses and changing the bulb. What eles can i do?
  • hey my bronco started the same thing i replaced the motors for the windows and the lockes now everything works great :confuse:
  • check and see you might have a vac leak
  • im a 17 yr old kid, getting ready to start working on my dads 84' bronco 2, i have to put a new transmission in it, but ive never done it before, and all the sites i read instructions on, i cant seem to follow, can anyone help me with instructions?
  • hahshahs Posts: 1
    Im not to savy on working on trucks but i was looking for some info if someone could help please? Sometimes while im driving my AOD will come on by itself. I try and turn it off by pressing the button on the handel but it wont turn off. So when i give it gas it reacts very slow and then i will get a pretty forcefull jerk whrn it finally shifts. It does not do this all the time or every day. Just sometimes. The only way i can get the AOD to turn off is to pull over and turn the truck off. Sometimes it will start turning on by itself again and sometimes everything runs smoothly for a few days. I need to figure out what is wrong before i end up doing any damage that will cost me more money then this fix. Thanx in advance for any help.
  • cwtcrcwtcr Posts: 1
    I have a 96 bronco, 351W with auto tranny w O/D, the transmission when the motor is warm is stalling when i shift into reverse, once it stalls i can restart it and shift into reverse and it will not stall but the rpm's fluctuate quite a bit from very low to normal. When the engine is cold and rpms are up it operates as normal. It also has stalled on me when i come to a quick stop at a traffic light or something, rpm's just slowly die. But if i brake regularly it is fine, Also it is running fine in any forward gear and no hesitation at any speed. any ideas, thanks
  • You might be on the right track, but the u-joints aren't the only thing "IN THE DRIVETRAIN" that will cause that type of vibration. The yoke that ties the trans output shaft to the driveshaft/u-joints has a plastic coating on the splines of the yoke itself. Find a driveshaft rebuild shop and have them get ya a NEW yoke. You wouldn't believe how much difference it makes having that teflon coating, filling in the slack, and dampening road noise!! ;)
  • Well I haven't read down through any other possible replies, but I'll offer this question to you. Have you "EVER" replaced the fuel filter? :blush:
  • I am having the same exact problem, same symptoms and everything. I took it to a shop and the guy ran the codes and said it was an internal tranny problem. I also have a 96 bronco, 351 with auto tranny w O/D. Has anyone figured this problem out yet?
  • well the most common cause is the "camber" bushings will need to be replaced. it is best to take it to a shop that does alignments.
  • the other night i was leaving a club, jumped in my 1992 bronco eddie bauer and turn the key when all i got was the engine turning over. the next day i tested the wiring from the fuel pump and there was no power to the pump except for the gas gauge wire. i also noticed that the ignition control module mounted on the firewall in front of the driverside is missing one of the two screws. could this be the issue of it not firing up?
  • I have a 94 basic bronco. The brake lights stopped working and now the hazard lights too. Also the blinkers but I put a new fuse in a fixed the blinker. I also put in a new fuse for the brake/hazard lights but it didn't do anything.
    Any ideas? I am a novice:) :shades:

    I also need new screws to put the top back on. Where can I buy them? Thanks Tonya
  • i had the same problem this summer, the fuse would short out each time i put the truck into park and then back into gear. there is a short in the steering column. it is near the hazard switch. :)
  • i have had this bronco for 2 years and did me good. but i was out hunting and when i came out of the woods it started bucking and then died. i can get it to start but i can not get the rpm up. soon as i put it in drive and try to give it some gas it dies. i was told it is the timing cuz when trying to get the rpm up it will backfire under the hood. but had someone check it and it is fine and ides smooth. i think it might be my gas presher how can i test it. HELP LOL
  • This is just a suggestion, because I have a 94 EB with the 5.8L. There's a fuel rail along the intake that supplies the fuel injectors (not sure about the 5.0). There's what looks like a tire air stem. With the car ignition turned on, but not running, so the fuel pump turns on, you can push down the stem and fuel should come out. Make sure the engine is COOL. If no fuel, start by changing your fuel filter then your fuel pump. If the fuel is not your problem, check your plugs, plug wires, coil, and distributor. If you've cracked one or more of your spark plugs with the off roading, it will cause the bucking when you rev the engine.

    Hope this helps.
  • My 93 Ford Bronco(351/EFI) quit running suddenly while idling .... have replaced the fuel filter. The Fuel Pump "Sounds" normal when turning on key to start, but have not checked further. When trying to start, engine turns over but does not fire. Checked the distributor .... cap and rotor seem functioning ok. Sprayed starting fluid (Deep Creep by makers of Sea Foam) into air inlet ... would not fire. Do you have a check-list of what to try next?? Is there an electronic module at the distributor that could fail & cause this behavior?
  • I have an 87 ford bronco 5.0 engine.I have replaced ignition, starter and solinoid, I have already gone thru two solinoids. I have measured the voltage on the wire from the ignition going to the s on the solinoid. it reads the correct voltage.if the starter is attached to the solinoid and i bump the ignition the solinoid contacts get stuck, the starter will continue to run. even after the s wire is pulled off.if i have the wire going to the starter disconnected, turn the ignition to on and take the wire going to the starter and bump it on the + battery the truck starts up easily. will listen to any solutions. than you! p.s. battery is fully charged.
  • If your rotor and distributor look good, check your coil and spark plug wires. I changed all mine out to MSD (coil, distributor, rotor, wires) and changed my spark plugs while I was at it. Runs very smooth now. If that doesn't work, your computer module could be bad.

    Hope it helps.
  • Hi gang, would anybody have or know where I might be able to get the main engine harness and the main brain wiring harness for my bronco, I have been all over the internet, no luck, thanks.
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