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Ford Bronco Problems



  • Is there more than one relay for the ABS system?
  • thanks for the info miesk5
    electrics all check on nov. 1 as i got a new battery that day. have not tried the check the codes
    heading to AZ tomorrow morning.
  • miesk5miesk5 Posts: 35
    No bav, just that one relay; ck the socket for corrosion before you do anythaNG
  • ok-thanks.I wish I had waited and not replaced the rear sensor.Could have saved $20.Something I did notice before the ABS light came on was that sometimes when I lightly touched the brake pedal it felt like it would stick and pop out.Not sure if that tells you anything.Live and learn
  • miesk5miesk5 Posts: 35
    yo BAV!
    Doubt that it is the brake pedal, Look @ that AutoZone Link I posted and go thru the pin point tests for that Code. In reply mode here, I can't view what I posted.
  • got the codes and fond a p334.ergsystem high signal for the sensor.

    had a cracked erg tube
    valve system was shot
    and the sensor..
    $339 in parts and its running right.
  • hi i have an 86 bronco and will somtimes start but it hesitats and dies iv taken it to 2 local shops and ran it on the computer but cant find nothing. they said its getting a positive charge on both injector wires. they cant find no broken wires grounds ar good and i put a new distributer and computer in. chek engin light is off. i dont know what to do. PLEAS HELLP.
  • I recently purchased a 1994 Bronco that had a blown engine. After replacing the engine, and chasing down all the electrical problems I have a problem I can't fix. The overhead console comes on for about 5 seconds when the key is first turned on, and then it goes out. The display shows "188 e var/cal 00
    Any help would be appreciated
  • miesk5miesk5 Posts: 35
    Did the shop say anything about the TFI Module? Sometimes a new TFI can be a bad unit.

    Ck yourself;
    TFI Module Failure, Troubleshooting Tips, Ford
    Source: by
    and a general one w/other tests;
    TFI Module Diagnostics Manual
    Source: by Timing: (11)
  • miesk5miesk5 Posts: 35
    by Ford in your Owner's Guide;
    "Electronic Compass
    Factors affecting compass accuracy
    The compass reading can be affected when you
    drive near a number of things — such as large
    buildings, bridges, power lines, and powerful
    Your compass can also be affected by magnetic
    or metallic objects placed in or on the vehicle. If
    the compass is giving inaccurate readings,
    perform the following compass adjustments.
    Compass adjustments
    There are two possible adjustments to the
    compass: Zone and Calibration.
    Zone adjustment
    1. Determine which zone of the country you
    are in by referring to the following zone
    Zone map
    2. Press and hold the “MODE” button until the
    “VAR” indicator appears in the display
    (approximately 4 seconds).
    3. Release the “MODE” button. The display
    will now show the current zone number that
    is stored in the compass.
    4. Press the “MODE” button repeatedly (or
    press and hold in) until the desired zone
    number appears in the display (once it
    reaches 15, the next press of the button will
    set it to 1).
    5. Release the “MODE” button when the
    desired zone number is displayed.
    After approximately three seconds the display
    will flash all segments and then return to normal
    operation. Zone is now updated.
    Calibration adjustment
    1. Find an open area that is free from steel
    structures and high voltage lines. An open
    parking lot is a good example.
    2. Press and hold the “MODE” button until the
    “CAL” indicator appears in the display
    (approximately 8 seconds).
    NOTE: You cannot perform calibration unless
    the display reads “CAL.”
    3. Release the “MODE” button.
    4. Once the “CAL” indicator has appeared,
    drive the vehicle slowly (less than 3 mph /
    5 km/h) in 360° circles until the “CAL”
    indicator turns off. This will happen within 2
    to 3 complete circles."

    by Steve83 and Ford; Test it's sensor. If it's good, replace the module inside the console. But it has a built-in error. Read this
    TSB 96-8-15 Erratic Compass & Map Lamp Operation - Vehicles Built Through 2/1/96

    Publication Date: APRIL 8, 1996

    1993-96 EXPLORER
    1994-96 BRONCO

    ISSUE: Map lamp switch and/or overhead compass function operation is irregular, and/or map lamp bulbs may burn out on some vehicles. Installation of revised parts should resolve this issue.

    ACTION: Replace the map lamp, switch, compass and wiring harness with a revised Overhead Console Kit (F67Z-78519C42-AA). Refer to Instruction Sheet #7151, included with the kit, for service procedure.

    The Overhead Console Kit (F67Z-78519C42-AA) includes the following:
    One (1) Map Lamp Assembly
    One (1) Map Lamp Button
    One (1) Compass
    One (1) Wiring Harness
    One (1) Modification Label
    One (1) Instruction Sheet (I.S. #7151)

    F67Z-78519C42-AA Overhead Console Kit

    WARRANTY STATUS: Eligible Under The Provisions Of Bumper To Bumper Warranty Coverage

    960815A Replace Map Lamp And Console Assembly 0.3 Hr.
  • i turn key and truck power clicks off and wont start everty thing comes back in 5 min what do i do truck was running great help
  • miesk5miesk5 Posts: 35

    Many things to ck;
    Battery posts, connectors; and cables/connectors to starter relay, starter, Ground cables from batty to engine, firewall and frame

    suspect a weak battery or a bad ignition switch, a wiring problem, or...
  • I have an 85 bronco XLT, inline 6, 4 speed, and it seems like once I drive it and get it warm, 5- 10 minutes, it starts making this sqealing sound almost like a belt is loose. It goes aways once I come off the clutch and am on the gas from about 1200 rpm 2200 rpm, anyone have any ideas to what it is?
  • miesk5miesk5 Posts: 35

    Hard to guess at from here, some some suggestions;
    ez stuff first

    Could be just the belt(s);
    can you get a helper to listen for location of the sound using a piece of graden hose or cardboard tube (gift wrap, etc.)? Be careful of fan! and hot radiator, etc.
    Belt worn or stretched to maximum take-up length of system.
    Tension force not sufficient.
    next is the pulley
    pulley has been marred in belt tracking area.
    Pulley or tensioner are worn.
    Pulley does not rotate smoothly or has a
    sticky feel to it when spun
    Worn bearing

  • my son bought as is not running for $400.00 1990 Bronco11 xlt, 2.9litre. he had to buy a new battery, fuel filter and a new fuel pump. with sending unit for fuel gage. $139. + the plug for the fuel pump relay was bad. this is the help we need to find out where the color coded wires go to a differant pig tail. which of course are a differant color. i did'nt write down the poistion of the wires. (not wise) anyway the wires on the Bronco is blk-yel / org-blu / brn-grn /red - org-lite blu. the other plugs colors are three in a row are blk-red-brn. on the other side across from the black wire is a yellow wire. we need this information to get this vehicle running we hope. his work site is 16 miles twice a day it's killing me on the gas i have to use. i'm on a fixed income. so if some one could take the time to do some research or knows some one that has this model find out the code's? on this Bronco the fuel relay is on the passinger side. Please help us (JERRY) :confuse:
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Hi Jerry, I found some wiring diagrams at the Automotive Repair Reference Center database online via my public library (you may be able to access something similar - check the Online Repair Manuals guide for links).

    Meanwhile, I don't see a '90 2.9l, just a 2.3L, a 3.0L and a 4.0L engine. I'll email you a pdf file of the 3.0 L one that has a wiring diagram. Hopefully you can make heads or tails of it!
  • 96xlt96xlt Posts: 6
    I have a 96 Bronco with the 5.8. At times the engine turns over very slow. Timing is good, starter is new, battery is new & and alternator good any ideas ?
  • miesk5miesk5 Posts: 35

    check positive and negative cables & connectors at the battery -look at wire strands u\for corrosion here and all cited below; cable/connector may look good, but a lot of times, corrosion is within strands creeping up into connectors

    NEG (ground cables) to the engine (pass side below intake manifold (ck ground "bar" (metal ) there for rust, corrosion and tightness) and then down to engine block/frame' also from "bar" to firewall wire

    Pos (+) to the starter relay, to starter (sometimes they loosen/corrode). Check all the connectors too. Ck alternator wires to batty

    See our NEW Big Bronco Technical/Mods, Parts Sources, Technical Service Bulletins, & Vehicle Classified/General Info Links site
  • i was out playing in the mud and now my four wheel drive doesnt work. i took the hubs apart regreased them and still have the same problem. when i have it in two wheel it goes as if nothing is wrong. when i put it in four wheel high it starts to bang in the front end and when i hit the brakes it starts to pop again. when in four high only one wheel will spin.
  • auto stick shift om colum broke still can shift but handle is real loose does any one know what part I need thanks
  • 96xlt96xlt Posts: 6
    Thanks for the help, turned out the new battery had a dead cell.
  • deb32deb32 Posts: 3
    I have replace the coil,starter,solenodid,spark plugs,cap and rotar, fuel filters.Checked both fuel pumps and it will not start.I have spark,fuel,compression but the car turns over but will not start what did I miss please help.
  • Should there be one or two spout conn. on my 93'.There is one by the fenderwell and one about halfway to the dist. on the wiring harness?thanks
  • miesk5miesk5 Posts: 35
    yo, some info here:
    see parts #23 Gearshift Selector Tube Spring 7379 (Automatic Only)
    24 Gearshift Lever Pin 7G357 (Automatic Only)
    25 Transmission Column Shift Selector Tube 7212 (Automatic Only)
    26 Screws N806584 (Automatic Only)
    27 Gearshift Tube Bushing Clamp 7E400 (Automatic Only)
    28 Gearshift Lever Socket Bushing 7335 (Automatic Only)
    29 Transmission Shift Selector Position Insert 7A216 (Automatic Only)
    30 Screw N806584 (Automatic Only)
    31 Shift Lock Actuator 3Z719 (Automatic Only)
    32 Shift Cable and Bracket 7E395 (Automatic Only)
    etc, try a junk yard for parts.

    Shift Cable Adjustment for 92-96
    Source: by Steve83
  • miesk5miesk5 Posts: 35
    yo, What year is your bronco and does it have manual or auto hubs; does it have man Xfer case shift or electr.?
    for now;
    Those hubs, auto or manual do not like a lot of grease
    Ck for broken parts on da wheel that does not spin;
    Dana 44 Parts Break-Out Diagrams w/ auto & manual locking hubs & BoM
    Source: by Dana BIG PDF FILE!

    "How to test Ford Auto locking hubs on all TTB aplications.

    1. Place transfercase in 2HI or Neutrall.

    2. Lying under vehicle, turn front drive shaft (one direction only).

    3. Automatic hubs should lock after 1 to 5 turns of driveshaft (one direction only).

    After step 3 the hubs should lock, youll know they are locked becouse you will hear a click from both hubs and you will no longer be able to turn the front drive shaft (in the same direction). If this is not the case then continue to step 4. If you can no longer turn the drive shaft (in the same direction) then skip to step 7.

    4. If you can still turn the drive shaft (one direction only) then one or more of your Auto hubs is not working.

    5. Continuing to turn the Drive shaft (one direction only).

    6. Look at the u-joints for the front stub axles, if both are turning then both front hubs are malfunctioning, if only one is turning then the one that is not turning is locked and the one turning is malfuctioning.

    Replace as necosary (preferably with manual hubs, Auto hubs have Yams in them)

    7. To unlock the hubs, turn drive shaft in opisat direction untill you hear a click from the hubs.

    To check for transfercase engagement.

    1. Place pushbutton transfercase in either 4 HI or 4LO.

    2. lie under vehicle.

    3. You should not be able to turn front drive-shaft in either direction." by Gacknar!
  • 88 bronco manual hubs and manual xfer case shift
  • miesk5miesk5 Posts: 35
    You prob. have this type of Hub;
    Flange-style Manual Hub Parts Break-Out Diagram, used only on 87 & early 88 F150s & Broncos by Steve83
    This was a change by Ford that didn't last long; so you may have prob.s finding new parts.
    Some info for you:
    11.3 How come the hubs on my 87-88 Bronco are different than other Broncos?
    This was another of Ford's better ideas. For '87 and '88 Ford used a one-piece locking hub assembly. This hub simply sits between the wheel and brake rotor and is held in place by the wheel studs. This type of hub is very easy to remove (simply remove the wheel), but it is different from all other Broncos and therefore parts and replacement hubs are expensive and hard to find.

    To convert your 87-88 Bronco to the "standard" hubs you'll need to swap all the parts from the spindle out from a Bronco or F-150. It may even be possible to take these parts from any vehicle with a Dana 44 front axle and the same wheel bolt pattern as the Bronco (5 on 5.5"). If you are considering this swap it would be a good time to consider the 8 lug axle swap you've always wanted (see section 10.2).

    10.2 Can I put 8 lug rotors on the front of my Bronco?
    8 lug rotors (and larger axles and hubs) can be installed in 78-79 Broncos. The axle housing on 78-79 Bronco and F-150 Dana 44's are similar to the Dana 44's used on F-250's. To install the 8 lug rotors from an F-250, you need to swap everything from the knuckle out as well as the axle shafts themselves. This is a super strength upgrade from the stock axles, and also gives you bigger brakes.

    The jury is still out on 8 lug upgrades for TTB axles from 80-96 Broncos. Some people have done the swap, but it required making spacers for the ball joints because the 5 lug TTB Dana 44 knuckles are smaller than the "regular" Dana 44.
    It's a good idea to do the rear axle at the same time and upgrade the master cylinder to match your new brakes.

    our New Bronco Tech Links Site;
  • miesk5miesk5 Posts: 35
    Deb, What year, engine and tranny?
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