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Dodge Magnum Maintenance & Repair



  • kowalskikowalski Posts: 94
    My brother who drive nothing but Audi's was in town this weekend and drove our Magnum RT AWD tonight to pick a few things up at the store.
    He returned and just was freaking what a great ride the car had not to mention tons of power.........Hes buying one also asap his Saab wagon just had the turbo go out the they are not happy..
    Too put it lightly we are a bit spoiled we have had some awsome rides in the past but the magnum is a total surprise and a treat ..
    You cant go wrong..Just baby her and be light on the pedal till you have approx 2k on the car ..
  • Dodge Magnum 3.5 AWD has a shake in the front end. Dealer can not fix it after 8-10 visits. Not tires or wheels. Worst at about 61mph. Have seen the same problem in several other new Magnums. Has been a problem with mine from when it was new to now 27K miles. Other Dealers have seen this and have no fix.
    Anyone else?
  • msnekamsneka Posts: 1
    The air conditioning went out in my Magnum last week, right when the temp went to 90. It has been at the dealership for two days now. They keep telling me that they are still looking at it but it seems to be a computer problem. Also my check engine lights goes on and off a lot. They put it on the diagnostic machine but stated that it doesn's show a code. My car in not under warranty anymore because I travel alot. I had an extended warranty and got behind on the payments. When i called 2 weeks after they cancelled to pay off the balance, they refused and asked for payment in full. (including $500 payments already made) :cry: :mad: :lemon:
  • don_ecdon_ec Posts: 1
    My wife has a right pull in her car and we have taken it back to the dealer aproximately 5 times. My wife and I are tired of this drawing out so long. I have read posts in other forums about TSB's which supposedly have a fix.
    How does a person gain access to this information, in order to present the service manager/ sales mgr. with this information. They both said that they had never heard of this happening to a Magnum.
    Also if I can get them to buy back the car, what is a fair price for milleage?
    Thank you for your help, Don
  • bbfd86bbfd86 Posts: 42
    I’ve been having a weird problem with my new ’05 Magnum. I bought after market rims from (Borbet Type FS) for the stock Continental summer tires. I first had new Continental snow tires (also from Tire Rack) on these rims for 3,000 miles without any problems. I then switched the summer tires onto the new rims. The car has had sluggish steering and an unstable ride ever since. The dealer is replacing the stock tires with new Goodyear tires as the stock Continentals have apparently been very problematic. A senior Chrysler technician has spent a lot of time trying to figure out what is wrong. They think the new rims from Tire Rack may be throwing the suspension and steering off. The dealer has been great about trying to fix this issue, so no problem there. Has anyone had similar problems with after-market rims from Tire Rack?
  • bbfd86bbfd86 Posts: 42
    The dealer has replaced the Continental tires with new Goodyears. That made a big difference - the car handles much better now. They are also going to replace the steering rack.
  • tncarmantncarman Posts: 82
    I bought an '06 Magnum R/T a few months ago and the air conditioning keeps going out. After 10 minutes it just dies. Today, it even started using heater on the Passenger side. We have the Dual-Climate Zone. Is there a way to fix it? I know the dealer would just start the car and it'd work and they'd cut it off, wouldn't wait 20 minutes...
  • coolridercoolrider Posts: 84
    My Mag R/T is not driven every day; I had thought that this was the reason for the brakes to squeeel loudly while cold, backing out of the garage. A neighbor says no, that something is wrong with the brakes. It does not do it in forward motion, but at low speed there is some scrubbing noise in the front end. Could they need adjusting, bad rotor maybe? At first I was thinking it was just new, or rust was building up on unused surface of rotor. I have limited knowledge of brakes and would like some ideas before I visit the dealer. Could this be the cause of low milage? Thanks forum users.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    If your car is driven infrequently, especially if it is parked outside (or your garage is very humid), it is highly likely that surface rust is causing the grinding. That having been said, this type of grinding should only last for a few stops and then be gone for the duration of the trip.

    If your car has a persistent grinding noise, they yes, I too would advise that you take it to the dealer.

    Best Regards,
  • badkitty1badkitty1 Posts: 2
    I saw where someone had posted that they had a rattle coming from the front of their Magnum that seemed to "travel". I couldn't find his post again to reply to it, so I thought I would put this up in case anyone else has this problem.

    I have an 05 SXT w/ 46000 miles (I drive alot!) Since I pulled it off the lot, it had a weird rattle that got worse in hot weather and was loudest on the right side but would also come from the driver's side. I took it to the dealer 5 times. They felt so bad once, they gave me a free wash and detail! Well, we finally figured it out. I figured out it seemed to be coming from the fender area and it turns out the plastic wheel well was rattling against the fender. A few clips installed still under the basic warranty since that is when the problem started to happen and I am now rattle free and happy. :shades:

    I thought the service tech was going to cry when I told him it was finally fixed!

    BTW, I LOVE my magnum. I love all the check it out looks I get and I love passing everyone in traffic! I knew buying a car in it's first production year would mean some bugs, but they have all been taken care of and my dealership has been great. I didn't even buy the car from them, but they act like I did.
  • coolridercoolrider Posts: 84
    Thanks shipo, I will pay attention to the "sounds" on the way home next trip out probably to watch the shuttle launch next week hopefully.
  • pfedericipfederici Posts: 1
    i have a 2005 Magnum RT and recently my moonroof has seemed to slip. It doesn't seat correctly when closed and is a problem in the car wash. Has anyone had a similar problem?
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    There have been several TSB's on moonroof issues on both the Magnum and 300. Check with your dealer on that.
  • lennyskylennysky Posts: 8
    I have found that, on the sunroof (which I assume is the same as a moonroof), if I turn the car off and press the close button, it sometimes stops half way and you have to press the button again. I don't think I have had the problem with the motor running. Anyone find this happen to them as well?
  • :confuse: My 05 Mag SXT ESP/BAS dash light is on. I've taken it to dodge 3 times now to get fixed. They keep telling me that it's a communication module failure. The last "repair" was the other day, the light came back on this morning and now the passenger side airbag light is staying off when it should be lit since I'm alone in the vehicle (if that makes sense). Has anyone else experienced this problem? :lemon:
  • Hello I'm new here and unfortunately my first post is a mechanical problem...

    I just bought a 2006 SXT 3.5L w/ 12K miles and a few times it's had problems starting. It acts like it's flooded or not getting gas and only starts after pumping the gas and than holding it down to clear it out several times; it idles rough for a few minutes and than is fine. It only does this when it sits for a couple hours or more, but not all the time. After about the third time the check engine light came on and has stayed on (it's only been a day or so since it came on with minimal driving).

    It just came off the lot and is still under warranty, so I will be taking it in first thing when they open, but I'm interested if anyone has experienced this and knows what's going on. Thanks,
  • Problems? Where do I begin. Purchased my 05 SXT used w/30,000 miles on it in May of 2006.

    Here's my list:
    Clear coat peeled at the molding and door handles on drivers side of car.
    Sun roof rattles when fully opened
    Car pulls to the right
    Rattle under the left front end (am told it could be a loose bolt on the swaybar)
    Something underneath sounds like it's flapping when you're going 60mph or so, we think it might be those plastic protectors under there.
    Passenger window on the drivers side sometimes won't go up or down.
    The inside door panels on all 4 doors are loose, you can actually push them in and see them move, it's like they aren't latched in all the way.

    It's outside of the dealer warranty period so now we're stuck trying to figure out what's wrong ourselves. It's been in the garage 2 times and nobody seems to be able to fix it. Very frustrating.

    We're actually considering trading it for something else. We owned a Chevy for 6 years and put tires, brakes an alternator & battery on it and it was solid as a rock. Never a squeek or rattle at all.

    I was hesitant to buy a Dodge, I think I know why now. Very disappointing, we probably won't get anything for trade in.
  • I love my Magnum. As with any car their can be a problem one or have some issues with them. We have a Cadilac STS and the car has been in the dealer for 31 days which is now considered a lemon.

    I have had a few issues with the magnum, I had to replace the tires went from continentals to good year. At 36,000 minles I needed to replace my rear brakes, thankfully the fronts were replaced 10,000 miles ago due to a defect in materials they were covered completely - a little tussle with the dealer but they covered them 100 %.

    I do a have problem with the passenger rear window creating a suction that at times if too hot outside I cannot open but i face the airconditioning towards the window and then it will go down. The dealer has put silicone spray o nthe moldings but it will still do it from time to time.

    As I said I love my Car, I get great comments about hte car, it handles great.
  • Just got recall notice #F35 in the mail. "The engine in your vehicle may have been assembled with sand-like debris on the number two connecting rod bearing journal of the crankshaft. This can cause excessive rod bearing wear and result in engine failure."
    Says they will inspect the engine and if necessary replace the engine.

    Anyone else see this notice or experience this problem?
  • Nothing yet !!!!

    What year is your car ? Is it a later model. I have a 2005, but purchased in Nov. 2004.
  • 2006 SXT, purchased in May 2006. In talking to the dealer, this recall affects vehicles manufactured during certain dates. I'm taking it in to the dealer on Monday.
  • :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: Well here goes, since purchasing our 05 SXT it has had the engine replaced, 2 transmissions,1 window regulator ,been aligned 3 times , and is currently back @ dodge for the 9th time for A/C problems ( this time they are replacing the entire distribution assy under the dash)
    We tried to get Dodge to buy back this vehicle but they would not !!!! it now has over 36K on it so it is past Lemon Law status.......... :mad: :mad: we are fed up with Dodge and all their 5 Star dealerships.........when I worked in a dealership if we could'nt fix something right the first time it cost us our elite status.
    This Magnum has 22 invoices on it if you look it up on car fax , I will never be able to re-sell this car only trade it in and get hosed by some other dealer.............
    ANYBODY HELP !!!!!!
  • I just took in my 2006 Dodge Magnum to the dealer for the fourth time today as the check engine light came on AGAIN. It has less than 1400 miles on it. First they replaced the O2 sensor. The second time I had a bad cat converter so they replaced that. The third time they did a computer upgrade. Today I find out my exhaust manifold was warped. They think this THE last problem with this vehicle. I am wondering whether or not to trade it in for another vehicle after this last repair. It has been frustrating to say the least. Any advice would be appreciated.
    By the way I live in California.
  • Just a quick update regarding the recall notice on 3.5L engine. This notice only affected 4 cars in the Maryland region where I bought my car, 2 of these were in the Pacifica. The dealer found no sand in the crank shaft bearing and I now have my car back. Luckily, I haven't had any other major issues with the car (knock on wood). I've had it since May '06 and now have 8,500 miles on it. Good luck to the rest of you Magnum owners out there.
  • red67red67 Posts: 2
    Thanks Sweetabee. I really do like my car. It is a beautiful car, it has some awesome power and it has all the bells and whistles you could want. It just aggravates me that these things that you wouldn't normally have problems with so soon are occurring.

    Since my first post I took it to the dealer with my list in hand, they fixed everything except now I have this awful clunking noise in the front end. Only heard when going 30mph or less over bumps. It sounds like I'm going to lose the wheels. I've researched and have been told it could be the swaybars, tension struts, swaybar bushings?? I don't know what these do, but I'm going down today during my lunch to have a tech go for a ride with me. No doubt, the car will clunk like a junker.

    We've been looking for something else that'll be better for winter driving anyway. I haven't made up my mind, but if they can fix this issue and everything else is fine, maybe I'll keep it. I guess some have good luck and others have bad....I think I've got the bad.

    My husband thinks the previous owner ditched the car....we found a pine tree limb stuck in the underside of the car!! We think it was driven hard, of course you don't know that until you sign on the dotted line!
  • bbfd86bbfd86 Posts: 42
    Why look for something else for winter driving? I have an R/T AWD. It handles the hard Upstate New York winter driving wonderfully. I drove to Syracuse in a lake effect whiteout on I-90 and the car was rock solid on the road. It also performed superbly during a ski vacation in the mountains of Vermont. I run it with four Continental snow tires during the winter.
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    Please check the list of discussions here in the Dodge Magnum Group for the appropriate discussion to post in.

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    If you don't see a discussion that seems to fit the issue you want to ask about, feel free to start a new one. If you happen to create a discussionthat duplicates an existing one, we can take care of that as we go.

    Thanks for your understanding and help as we organize things!

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  • My 2005 Magnum SXT AWD with 3.5L V6 started to develop a vibration, shaking and low hum in the front end when turning left or right at low speeds like leaving a parking lot etc. The car has 39,500 miles on it. Today the dealer diagnosed the problem as a faulty stearing rack. Unbelievable. Cost to repair $1000+ and now I'm thinking why would I buy another Dodge or an American car when I know that a Toyota, Nissan or Honda wouldn't have a faulty stearing rack at 139,000 miles much less at 39,000 miles. I paid good money 15 months ago and now I'm facing having to dump $1000 into the car. "D" game Dodge. :mad:

    Anybody have this problem as well?
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