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Dodge Magnum Maintenance & Repair



  • bbfd86bbfd86 Posts: 42
    I had a similar problem with my brand new 2005 R/T AWD. It was the transfer case - part of the AWD system. There is a TSB on it. It took my dealer two attempts to fix it. First attempt was to flush the transfer case. When that failed they replaced it under warranty.

    Either way, I believe your 2005 model should have been covered under the 70,000 mile warranty.
  • Thank you for the reply. I'll take it to another dealer for a second opinion and keep your message in mind when they diagnose the problem. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  • george5george5 Posts: 23
    I am also having the EXACT same problem with my 2006 Dodge Magnum, but I have an R/T with a HEMI engine. Rough idle for first two minutes with car shaking at red lights, AND it doesn't start at times after sitting for 2 to 4 hours after being driven. My car's build date is April 2006. Have taken it in to dealer - CERRITOS DODGE THREE times already, and they keep telling me the rough idle is NORMAL. There is no excuse for a brand new car to shake like this at red lights. So far I have 900 miles on the car, and took it in as soon as I noticed the problems. If anyone knows what's happening, PLEASE HELP. I am FED UP with the problems with this car already.
  • I have an '06 Magnum RT and it does shake a little when idling but I like it. I think it is supposed to be that way. It's just the 340 horses struggling to break free! I posted that question over at and everyone with a hemi that replied said their's did it too.
  • george5george5 Posts: 23
    If it happened at every light, I'd say it's normal. It is completely still at times at red lights, and at other times, i am BOUNCING up and down in my seat. I've noticed I get the bounce at red lights early in the day, after I've just started the car. I don't get this bounce later in the day. Very frustrating.
  • On 1/31/07 while slowly reversing up a sloped driveway, my 1992 Lexus 400SC suddenly accelerated rapidly and uncontrollably. It felt as if I was in a rocket ship! Although I slammed on the brakes, I could not stop in time to avoid a car parked in the driveway. Luckily, there were no injuries (grandson was in car). This is my first accident in 42 years. While I hear that some conclude that I mistook the accelerator for the brake, I KNOW that's not true. My foot was on the accelerator to begin with since I was slowing giving the car gas to climb the incline. Weather conditions were clear, no obstacles on the floor, and I was wearing normal shoes... no boots or heels. This accident was NOT my fault, but I don't know how to prove this since the problem is intermittent. I have filed an incident report with both the police department and NHTSA and have sent a certified letter to Lexus in CA. However, there is strength in numbers and need to hear from others who have experienced this frightening experience.
  • lkesnerlkesner Posts: 1
    We have an '05 R/T that has pulled to the right since we bought it NEW. Our dealer first told us it was out of alinement, then at 18,000 miles we had to put new tires on it (the dealer paid for 2 and we paid for 2 and the cost of mounting and balancing) Now with 22.000 we are looking at a 2nd set of tires. A local tire shop did a 2nd allinemnet and told us that the car was not out! So how do we get this fixed? or get our dealer to make it right?
  • caliberchiccaliberchic Posts: 402
    Check here jaqfire, "Toyota Matrix Tire/Wheel Questions" #55, 15 Mar 2007 8:40 am post number 70. It was done with a Matrix but it seemed to fix a similar problem with their vehicle.
  • 2006mag2006mag Posts: 1
    I am very frustrated with my 2006 Magnum SXT. When you start it then put it in gear and try to push the accelerator the engine light flashes and it barely moves and the engine stumbles but never dies. Within a minute or two it just snaps out of it and is just fine for the rest of the day. Sometimes the engine light will flash then stay on the rest of the day and other times it will go off within a minute or so. The dealer says the code is a "multi cylinder misfire." One time it did idle very rough on start up but most of the time it only has a problem when you are moving forward.

    The first time I took it to the dealer they changed out the 02 sensors. It didn't help. I should also say that it is somewhat sporadic and seems to depend on ambient temperature so sometimes it wont do it.

    The second time I took it back (one week after o2 sensor change) they reflashed the computer with upadted sofware from DC.

    The third time they said they couldn't repeat the problem and nothing was done.

    I now have had it at another dealer for two weeks and they say they cant repeat the problem either (it is in the 80's almost everday now).

    We like the car but we are at wits end here. My wife (who noramlly drives it) is scarred of it. I am now willing to start changing out coils and all the various sensors because I figure that will be less costly than trading it. Any ideas? :confuse: :cry:
  • Hey gang...I am also a Magnum owner, as well as a Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep Sales and Leasing Consultant. Having said that, I am NOT a mechanic, however the shaking some of you are experiencing is not one I have experienced. I don't believe that you should have any problems with shaking with this vehicle, and I would strongly suggest you take it up with your dealership before the warranty expires! I have owned my Magnum for almost 6 months now and I have NEVER experienced shaking. I honestly do not believe that this is a normal thing, and again urge you to push for more info at your dealerships.
    I wish you all luck. I cannot tell you how I love my Magnum, and I hope that those of you who are having problems get them straightened out so that you too can fall in love all over again with this great vehicle!
  • snowshoe3snowshoe3 Posts: 2
    Our friends 06 magnum has an air conditioner that doesn't work. Hsd it in to dealer to reprogram computer. It worked about 20 minutes then blows no cold or hot air at all.
    What can be wrong
  • femia71femia71 Posts: 2
    I am having a simliar problem-my Magnum shakes when I am at the red light--it seems like it is going to cut off but it does not.My engine light came on twice and then went off--they says the codes were to get a fuel induction and sparks replaced-so I did get the sparks replace but had to wait on fuel induction. I took it the dealership again when it shaked at the light and they say now I have carbon buildup and they have to clean out the carbon--a whopping $1100.00--are they crazy! They say it is a problem that happens with Magnum and 300's--so why is this not a recall? can anybody give me some advice! :mad:
  • femia71femia71 Posts: 2
    -do you still have problems--I am having a simliar problem-my Magnum shakes when I am at the red light--it seems like it is going to cut off but it does not.My engine light came on twice and then went off--they says the codes were to get a fuel induction and sparks replaced-so I did get the sparks replace but had to wait on fuel induction. I took it the dealership again when it shaked at the light and they say now I have carbon buildup and they have to clean out the carbon--a whopping $1100.00--are they crazy! They say it is a problem that happens with Magnum and 300's--so why is this not a recall? can you give me some advice!
  • kos2kos2 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Magnum R/T and having the hardest time figuring out how to replace the cabin air filter. Tried a couple auto stores for advice - no luck. Can any one help?

  • vclsvcls Posts: 1
    Good Day All;
    I have a 2006 Magnum SXT with the 3.5 engine, True duals cat back and a Cold air intake.
    I have had the same issue with the engine stumble (cold) that has been spoken of here.
    To date is has note been an issue, or much of one.
    It occurs on cold start up and could be as some has suggested weather related.
    Starts up fine and seems to idle o/k, but on light exceleration it stumbles engine light flashes, The light usually goes out right away. I have only had the light stay on over night once but the day it was to go to the dealer it went out.. This has only occurred to me about 8 times in the 85000K (53125M) I currently have on the car.
    It occurred yesterday (damp weather)I thought why not, so I just gave it more peddle and it cleared right up.
    I have spoken to a dealer re this and they state that unless I can get it too them with the light on they cannot tell what the issue may be ?? Sound right, I thought these things were supposed to remember what happened when the light comes on??
    Other than this issue it's been a great car so far. I'd go as far as to say I love this car.

  • i have had my car for only 4 days and i experienced similar problems. i finished backing out of my driveway and put it in drive and started to press the accelerator(i take off slow as im not used to the response) and the rpms jumped up past 2 and i stepped on the brake after i picked myself back up. i have never mistaken gas/brake and im carefull not to step to hard or fast for this reason...wierd...
  • i have a 2006 magnum sxt with about 12000 miles 3.5 engine
    I have that bounce when idling that i read about and i do not know if it is all connected.

    i keep getting cylinder 5 misfire detected. i have taken to the dealership 2 times now and will be going again because of the same problem. they said the computer was not picking up any problems and that i should try using better fuel. I did that after the second time in and also put in injector cleaner and it came on again. But i also have a shake at 60 and higher speeds. they keep saying it is a bad tire or something but i think they are connected in some way because it seems like after they have had it that it goes away for a day. sorry about being confusing and rambling but really getting frustrated because i hate my NEW car right now and it is a little bit of a drive to keep taking it back every other week.
  • my 17 yr.old has 06 dodge magnum she had 3 wrecks and said the steering wheel turned by itself after all this the dealer said there was nothing wrong I was driving it 1 day after getting it back I lost control off it the steering wheel turns by its self the dealer want fix it They want to see me loss control of it its hard to pull it back when it goes out control it want pass a state inspection dodge doesn't care. if you have a magnum that pull when you turn be careful
  • max007max007 Posts: 1
    My 05 Dodge Magnum is making the same low speed deep left turn hum/vibration/growl. It is very anoying and loud, I feel the vibration under my feet and on the steering wheel. My car has 35785miles just short of warranty limit. The dealer has replaced the power steering pump twice, to no avail. At present the dealer is attempting to figure it out, and hopefully fix it. They looking at hoses and steering rack. Also the shop forman mentioned to me while on a test drive that Dodge has had their share of power steering issues. I believe it, my magnum's steering is stiff and it does not return to center at low speeds.
    I will post the out come. I am luck to still be in warranty otherwise Dodge would have one less unhappy customer to deal with. :confuse:
  • Ok, I financed a used 06 in Feb of last year with 10,600 miles on it. Figuring it was relatively new I thought I'd have no problems like I was having with the Honda I traded in for it (which had 110,000 miles). Boy was I wrong. Since then I've brought this car in for problems such as bad vibrations when driving, vibrations under the hood when idle, weird jerky motion when slightly accelerating, popping sound under the car when getting in gear, odd friction I can feel when braking, bad gas mileage, strange high pitched sound that rings from under the front end of the vehicle when I am driving (not when I brake though) and lately I hear a weird buzzy sound when I lower the driver side window and sometimes I get a loud click noise if I decide to be brave and turn on the A/C. Any of these issues should be covered under the warranty, but the only thing they were willing to attempt to fix was the gas mileage issue, with a Fuel Induction Service that cost me nearly $200.00 (also, the service rep claimed this was a normal service done at 17,000 miles...once I told him my car had barely 15,000 miles, suddenly the service was normal between 15-17,000 miles). Overall the response from Dodge has been "we can't duplicate the problem" pretty much EVERY TIME! It's been in there over 11 times for these issues and apparently in my state, the lemon law doesn't apply to used vehicles. I have tried everything from contacting attorneys to tv "investigative reporters" to get help with this issue. Getting none at every turn. Dodge claims they "want to make me happy" and are willing to buy it back at the payoff and apply the difference in value from that to another vehicle. But then I'd also have to re-apply for a new loan and having been laid off from my job some months back, I doubt I'll get as good a loan as I got for this car. Does anyone know what could be the causes to these problems or how to resolve them??? I'm at my wits end with this damn car and know one thing for sure...I WILL NEVER BUY A DODGE OR CHRYSLER AGAIN!!!! (I'm also doing all I can to make sure others I know don't make this mistake.)
  • jacktbjacktb Posts: 41
    Problem: My 2005 Magnum RT (5.7) with 18K miles will stumble after a highway drive at 70 mph. After I exit the highway and drive for 1 or 2 miles at residential speeds of 35 mph, the engine will momentarily stumble but will not stall. I let off the throttle and it kicks back in after a second or two.

    This happens after the above scenario only. Otherwise the engine runs flawlessly.

    Any help would be appreciated as I want to gather as many ideas as possible before tearing into it.

  • My (N.O.S.) 2006 Magnum Hemi needs to crank for several seconds before firing up. The dealer tells me that this is "normal" (what else?).

    The thing is, other cars I have owned start up almost instantly when the key is turned; case in point: my '87 Buick Grand National, after having been stored for three years, roared to life the moment I turned the key. Why doesn't my Magnum?
  • I have an 08 R/T purchased November last year. I came from a 300C which was superb in every respect. In comparison, the Magnum is a disappointment. At just 1300 miles the oil was filthy. Same again at 2800 miles. Two oil changes in under 3000 miles. Now, at 3400 miles the engine seems to be breaking down the oil prematurely yet again. I don't drive it aggressively - it's in cruise control most of the time.

    The car rides and handles as well as the 300, but the engine is rough overall. In particular it has trouble picking up speed gently say from 20-30mph. The transmission takes several seconds to search for the correct gear and it sounds like a 1940s pick-up truck! Major disappointment. The dealer ran some diagnostics but all that has resulted in is a drop in mpg - from 22 to 20.
  • tekno1tekno1 Posts: 3
    I have a 2007 R/T AWD which has severe steering problems. On a smooth, flat road it will go straight. On a road which has a crown, I am fighting the wheel most of the time to keep it on the road. Slight imperfections in the road cause the car to "squirm" and sometimes feel like it is jumping right or left. On roads with irregular surfaces, the car rocks side to side like a vehicle which has been wrecked. The steering feels very loose and one tends to overcorrect when changing lanes, etc. On high speed sweeping curves, the car rocks with any irregularity in the road and feels like I am losing control. I have had it to three dealers, who have aligned it twice and pronounce it "normal." I have the Continentals which I hear may be a problem, but I have Continentals on my Avalon which corrected the poor performance of the original Michelins. I have seen one comment here that an adjustment of a "subframe" and alignment corrected the problem. I have also seen a comment that the steering gear was replaced. Any other suggestions?
  • Continentals are a HUGE problem. Mine lasted 18 K !!!!!! The run flats just plain suck!!!! :lemon:

    Do you have steering noise problem when turning?? If so run it to the dealership and have them inspect the differential discs BEFORE the warranty expires!!!! A little know fact that Dodge knows about but is not on their service bulletin radar (yet). :mad:

    It could save you up to $500!!!! ;)
  • pagetpaget Posts: 7
    The LED burnt out and the dealer says I have to buy the whole assy $80 and it's $120 in labor to replace. Any thoughts?
  • caliberchiccaliberchic Posts: 402
    Post them here
  • migrain1migrain1 Posts: 2
    I had the same issue with my 06 RT AWD. All over the road! I replaced the tires with yokohama and it was like I have a whole new car. The factory tires are junk and worn out at 18k. It would be even better with a wider set of Generals I think. The yokos are a bit stiff when cold, but worlds better than the conti.
  • brit5brit5 Posts: 12
    This is an easy fix -- I went through this problem some time ago with my 3.5 Concord & the car spent considerable time (& resulting $) in the shop. Eventually I gave up on the shop & started looking myself . I found the problem -- on higher milage 3.2 & 3.5 engines the spark plug boots start to track -- as simple as that. I had replaced ignition coils on the misfiring cylinders (boots included) & the problem jumped to different cylinders. I was looking at the coil assembly & I noticed a faint white track-line in the plug boot. I immediately bought new boots & instant fix.

    I applied that fix to my sister's 3.2 Concord which was exhibiting the same symptoms -- bingo -- all gone.

    I also have a comment re. 5.7 engine shaking at idle. Calm down everyone, it really is normal. This engine has an agressive cam with plenty of duration, lift & overlap -- it is the only way to get that free-reving hefty performance out of a pushrod engine. Compared to the hi-output pushrod V8's of years ago, the 5.7 hemi's "shakes" are barely noticable. It can't be "fixed", so either enjoy it or change cars. Some folks just don't know how well-off they are with this wonderfully civilized reincarnation of the hemi -- it even has the unmistakable hemi sound, although well muted.
  • when driving slow (parking lot, etc.) and encounter small bump, there is a distinctive rattle in the front end, particularly the drivers side. At normal speeds no noise noticeable. Have had the Tie rods upper and lower ? replaced, no fix. alignment, tires, brakes all good. Help!
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