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Dodge Dakota Crew Cab - II

meredithmeredith Posts: 577
edited March 2014 in Dodge
This topic is a continuation of Topic 772....

Dodge Dakota Crew Cab. Please continue these
discussions here.

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  • i waited patiently 6 weeks for my 00 quad cab 4.5l
    auto 4x2 loaded to be built and delivered to my local dealer. i called d/c customer service and traced it along its rail route just like many of you had and it got to dallas the last sunday of feb. now it sat in dallas for a week waiting for the transport to pick it up and was finally delivered to my dealer on the next monday. when i got to the dealer to pick up my truck the dealer took me out to the vehicle and pointed out the reason it took so long to get to his dealership.....turns out dallas had a hail storm on the previous thursday and the truck sat there another 2 days until the adjuster could come look at all of the damage. it was then released to the dealer as "minor damage to be handled under warantee". the dealer had to point out the hail dents to me as they were so small i wouldn't have seen them for a long time on my own. now the dillema, do i allow the dealer to repair the dings with his paintless dent repair guy or make him reorder my truck or make him discount it further and live with the minor damage. i ended up letting him repair the damage and i dont' think anyone could possibly ever tell it was damaged at all. i just couldn't bear waiting another 6 weeks for a new one to be built.
    what would you guys have done? does anyone have any experience with the paintless dent removal?does the paint eventually come off where the repair was done? have i made a mistake? i hope not because the truck is everything i hoped for a real pleasure to drive and is getting 14.5 mpg according to the computer. i still haven't had to fill up (only 249 miles on it so far).
    talk to me folks
  • jcody1jcody1 Posts: 58

    Did'nt you say you saw a wire harness w/ plugs hanging on each side near the fog light mounting location? This has got to be the wiring for the fog lights. I don't know specifically about a Chrysler, but my last Ford Ranger was this same way. I did not order the fog light option, but I installed them myself. I used the factory wiring that was "hanging" on each side near the fog light location. I just went out and crawled under my Quad. On the passenger side the fog light wire comes out from between the frame rail and the plastic catch pan/shrowd under the radiator. I pulled the plastic loom open and the wires inside are blue w/ black stripe, and solid pink. I think...I am color blind..but that is a close guess!! If those wires are there, then I would look in the fuse panel under the HOOD to see if there is a spot to put in a relay for the fog lights. Mine is in relay location #1 in the fuse box right next to the battery. Let me know if you hanve any more questions...I check this daily (normally)
  • hennehenne Posts: 407
    here are the basics:
    i have a 2000 dakota quad, 4.7, auto, 4x2, 3.92 rear, towing package and just basically loaded.
    i traveled from the mississippi gulf coast to just 40 miles east of kansas city missouri which was 850 miles one way. i ran 70 mph the whole trip out of overdrive, and the rpm was 3500rpm. i pulled a 1200lb 6x12 uhaul trailer up there empty, and i averaged 10mpg, the return trip was with an additional 1000lbs in the trailer and still averaged 10mpg, i dont think the weight really matters to the truck, i think it is more the wind drag, my boat is more aerodynamic and it weighs 4900lbs and i average about 10 mpg with it also, i think once you lock out that overdrive its just gonna hang in the 10mpg range if your rpm's are in the 3500rpm range.

    well i hope this helps any body thats interested in trips and towing.


    p.s. i know someone will ask why i didnt just rent a trailer in missouri, well it costs 125.00 to rent local for 4 days, it costs 250.00 to rent one way, so i figured in estimated fuel costs and i decided it would be cheaper to pull it with me than rent it there.
  • bja4bja4 Posts: 67
    I had a 92 Dakota loaded with the 5.2, auto, 235/75R15 tires, and 3.92. I could get 16-17 mpg with a 1400lbs. Northstar camper on it at 70 mph. The only time I ever took overdrive off was when it down shifted on it's own going up a hill. When I got to the top of the hill, I would just put it back in overdrive. This truck got 16-17 mpg when it was empty. Weight doesn't seem to matter. The worst mileage I ever got was traveling through Wyoming in 30-40 mph head winds. I never had the truck in overdrive and still got 13 mpg at 75 mph. I sure hope my new Dakota club cab I'm getting in two weeks can at least match my old Dakota.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Spoke with Ernie at D/C this morning, and he traced my truck to the rail head in Twin Oaks, PA. At least it is now in the proper (for me) state, and awaiting truck transport to the dealership. I'm getting very excited now. Hope all of the other "quad-waiters" on the forum receive good news as well.

  • slr9589slr9589 Posts: 121
    Well the truck is on a CSX train some where and i can not figure out how to access the csx site without getting myself enrolled to do business with csx....i am looking for car # ttgx 151515
    thanks '
  • badassbobbadassbob Posts: 78

    I ordered mine from Kernersville Dodge, and the
    Salesmans name was Dave Fierle...The service was
    excellent....My wife and i set up an appointment to test drive one and when we got there on
    Saturday...he had one with dealer tag on it. We
    talked for a while and tossed me the keys and said
    "have a good time"...I couldnt belive i didnt have
    to have a "Choufer"...After a 45min drive through
    the backroads, we came back where he gave me a
    price that no-one in a 100mile radius could
    touch(only negotiated for 10 minutes because i was
    armed with EDMUND's info). email me at
    [email protected] and ill be happy to email you the agreement with a cost breakdown...I'd sure drive 4 hours or so to Kernersville from western NC to same a few hundred bucks..I was lucky...I work in K-Ville 5 minutes from the dealership...

    ***Side note---I looked at an A.R.E Lo-Pro
    lockable Fiberglass Tonue($695 installed but the
    guy told me it was negotiable) today and am almost
    95% sure i will order one this weekend... Anyone
    have any experience with this particular
    top....This top only sticks up around 1/2" or less
    over the rails and does not lap over the rear of
    the tailgate.... Looked really sweet...Only concern is that a weatherstip must be applied to the top of the bed-rails and tailgate..

    All you guys/gals that have your Quad
    now.....Enjoy and keep posting the things you
  • quadderquadder Posts: 3
    just took delivery of a 2WD SLT quad 4.7 V8 auto 3.55 LSD & towing pkg ...took only 4 weeks to come in..2 weeks of that was shipping... our local dealer, sells every new dodge $175 under invoice. had the truck a week, already added a CD changer and put on 500 happy miles... will get a spray on bedliner next. stay tuned...
  • thewink1thewink1 Posts: 21
    thanks for the advice, i will try for the warantee. you're right it will make me feel better for the try at least. these trucks are awesome! i find myself looking for reasons to drive just to get in it!
  • bobcat36bobcat36 Posts: 5
    Its good to hear that bookitty is finally getting his truck. Mine was supposedly shipped from the factory on 3/6 and may be here by the end of the week. I think I will try to call DC customer service tomorrow and see if they can tell me where it is. Everytime I have called DC, they have been very helpful. I got a different person every time and they always gave me good information. After talking to DC I would call my local dealer and he would give me the same information that they gave me.

    Hey quadder, how's the CD changer? Did you get the Dodge one or something else? I ordered the special stereo and CD changer when I ordered my truck and I hope it sounds good. I had to turn in my Eddie Bauer Explorer last week and my dealer gave me a Plymouth Breeze to drive until my quad gets in and it has a radio with no CD or cassette but the sound is probably better than the Mach sound system that was in my Explorer.
  • quadderquadder Posts: 3
    My quad has the factory stereo with CD changer controls. I asked about the changer and was told it listed for $380 plus installation. I think they discount that but I didn't pursue it. I checked CRUTCHFIELD, they offered 2 6-disc changers that work with the Chrysler radio, a MOBILE PRO and a PANASONIC. Both require extra cost adaptors to integrate with the dash radio. I went with the Panasonic CX-DP610. It cost $340 for changer & adaptor. It seems to be a quality piece and it sounds great. It came with installation instructions specifically for a Dakota and about 15 ft of cable, so I mounted the changer on the floor under the rear seat on the drivers side at the very back of the cab. The wiring is simply plug in except for the power lead. Overall it was a smooth job. I would like to know where other quad owners mount CD changers. Mine has the power front bench, and room is tight undeneath. There might be room in the glovebox, but I didn't have to cut or drill anything, so under the back seat was a no brainer for me.
  • rube4rube4 Posts: 1
    I placed an order for 4.7L V-8 4x4 manual tranny in Mid DEC. of 1999. I was told by my dealer on 03/15/00 that there is a hold on production of these trucks. He says he has no idea when it will be produced. Anyone out there have any info or similar problems getting their truck?
  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    I'm not sure your dealer has got it right. Here in central PA, Quads are coming in everyday (figuratively). Placed my order Feb 16 and Ernie says its scheduled for mid-April completion, end of April delivery.

    Has anyone else at your dealer ordered and gotten their Quad? My is like yours: 4.7, 4x4, 5 sp, SLT, 4 wheel ABS (only thing I'd consider out of the normal). Seems to me that the dealer lost the order, doesn't have a high enough allocation to receive regular shipments of Quads, or something else.

    You've been waiting too long, simple as that.
  • badassbobbadassbob Posts: 78
    Just called D/C and found out that im on D1 Status and my truck will ship 3/21......Placed the order on 2/23.... 4.7L, 4x4, 3.55, 5-Spd, Ltd.Slip with Sport Plus group, & High Back Buckets...If everything goes as the rep says, i should have mine the firsl of April....

    As for you guys that have been waiting months,I agree with SPIKE50. I have to believe that there is more to the story than your dealer is willing to share with you... If i were you guys, i would call and raise cain with anyone and everyone that i could get a hold of that was associated with Dodge....You should be getting something(i.e Ext Warranty, etc.) for your patients...
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Hey guys and girls, how about helping out a student working on a doctoral dissertation by participating in a painless survey. Go to topic 1693. Thanks.

  • themacguythemacguy Posts: 417
    on -- what else -- 12-24-99. You don't suppose...???

    Naaahhh! No way!

    Way? :-O
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    I guess it's possible for my Quad to remain "in transit" until then, so what else is new? But, thank you for your most depressing thoughts.

  • slr9589slr9589 Posts: 121
    well my truck arrived in the local r/r depot wed is exactly 2.5 miles from the dealer!!but dealer says it could take a week to ten days for it to go the next 2.5 [email protected]!!it figures....
    will keep watching and supporting this site.
  • I love my Dak quad. I would like more storage space though.I found a pretty good spot to keep my jumper cables under the hood. On the driver's side I slipped the rubber cables into the fender, leaving all four clamps visible in a small open place behind the battery. Out of the way, but there if I need them. Works great! I may build a small tool box to mount under the hood also. Anyone interested?
  • My truck arrived at the "Alliance Railhead" in Ft. Worth TX. 3/8/00. I live in Ft. Worth and dealer is located about 170 miles South. Still waiting. Unbelieveable! 4 days from Michigan to Texas, and now, in my hometown, been waiting over a week for the drive...Might have something to do with price of diesel...cram as many vehicles on the rig before any deliveries...

  • bpmanningbpmanning Posts: 13
    I live in Maine and have been to the two closest Dodge dealers looking to order/purchase a Club Cab 4x4 SLT 4.7 auto loaded w/ Tow package msrp 25,000. Both will only see it to me at msrp. I was told that the 4.7 is on restriction and if I want it I will have to pay full pop. Also was looking to trade 93 s-10 ext cab 4x4 tahoe package 92k milage. Would only give me 2,000 for it (Edmunds value about 6k trake 8k retail. I feel like i'm being raked over. Any thought or insite very appreciated.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Well folks, today I received a call from my dealer
    that my Quad had arrived. Went to the dealership
    tonight (my wife drove me there) and did all of the
    paperwork. Went to delivery, only to discover that
    it was equipped with 3.92 ratio differentials.
    Refused the truck, salesman came over and showed me
    that the order manager had changed the ratio
    because you cannot get the 3.55 with 4.7 and 5
    speed with towing. Problem is, that no one informed
    me and I have been waiting since 12/24/99. They
    were rather casual about the whole thing, but I was
    very upset, since no one bothered to call or
    inform me. They said that they could order me
    another truck, but that was all they could do. Now
    I'm wondering if the combination of 4X4, 4.7, 5
    speed, and tow is available with 3.55.
    Unfortunately, it was 9:45 PM and the manager was
    not there. Please respond by post if you have the
    same combination and a 3.55. I can call D/C
    tomorrow, but right now I am crushed. Perhaps
    themacguy's prophecy is accurate.

  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Thank you troops. I did ask for an extended warranty, but the salesman is not empowered to rectify or do anything, and it was late in the evening and everyone else had gone. It does have limited slip. The salesman showed me where the order manager (mangler) had a written notation that only 3.92 was available with 4.7 5 speed. The fact is, that I was not in the loop. I am really upset, and anxious to find out for certain if that is true. If it is, I will be upset that the information was not passed on to me, if it is not so, then I will be livid.

  • Who can tell me what the anti-spin option is for, and what the pro's and con's are.

    I thought maybe it was like 'positraction,' so that if one wheel starts to spin on ice the power will be delivered to the wheel that isn't spinning.

    However, a salesman told me no, that's not it. He said it's some unspecified thing that you need only if you pull a big trailer every day. I suspect he's wrong, but who can tell me for sure?

    Also, if you have 4WD, is there any benefit to having anti-spin?
  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Posts: 765
    Bookitty, what can I say?

    I heard a lot a couple of months ago about the 3.55 / 5 speed not being available with the 4.7, but I have never seen anything official. I believe that the reason is that the torque was just too much - but to me that makes more sense with the auto than the standard.

    I agree that the main problem here is that you weren't informed about what was going on - unforgiveable in my mind. I have the 3.92 / 5 speed and am delighted with it, but that was because it was what I wanted. I think that you are stuck with the 3.92 if you want standard, but you should certainly get as much from the dealer as possible for their wholly unacceptable handling of it.

    On another note.....

    It must be that time again, it seems like only days ago that I regurgitated anti-spin for the quadrillionth time, so here is quadrillion (or maybe clubrillion) and one.

    Anti-spin, or limited slip does a similar job to 4wd, but it works left to right rather than front to back.

    The differential has a clutch in it that forces the wheels on both side of the truck to turn. So, in an open diff if the right hand rear wheel is spinning on ice you are going nowhere; in a limited slip application the left hand wheel is forced to rotate once for every x number of times that the right hand wheel rotates. That way you still get some traction.

    Now, as to whether you need it in a 4x4, well some say no, but I say most definitely. I would never, ever, consider buying a truck without it - and I do some fairly serious offroading.
  • jcody1jcody1 Posts: 58
    I have a limited slip in my Quad. It is great. Much better traction in the wet or the dry. I had the open rear in my 98 Club cab, and it was constantly doing the ol' "one wheel peel" when you wanted traction!
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Checked with D/C, and the combination is completely allowable. Error on the order manager (mangler) and subsequently the salesman who was supposed to call me, but did not. Another case of the misunderstanding the word "restrictions." I spoke with the sales manager, and told him that although I wanted to be reasonable, an additional long wait is not an option. I told him that if I asked to use the Quad until another came in, that would not be reasonable. Or, if I asked to use his vehicle, that would not be reasonable. Changing the differentials, or gifting an extended warranty such as the one they proposed (7 year, 75K, $100.00 deductible, major coverage) for $1,298.00 would in my estimation combine fairness and reasonability. I await his call. The truck is really nice (or keen in my era) and looks super. Again troops, thank you for your support. Next phase; We storm the Bastille!

  • slr9589slr9589 Posts: 121
    the posting on the wrong rear end has me Quad will be here in a few days,....5 speed,4.7.2wd.....where on the invoice do you see the rear end they put in?
    i asked for the 3.55 with limited slip.....
    what do you say guys?
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    They would not come up with an acceptable offer,
    and I really did not want the 3.92. I could get an
    attorney, but that is not practical. While it is
    against my principal to re-order, I have done so,
    and they have promised to push through the order.
    Principal is an expensive hobby, and I really don't
    have the time to wade into battle. It was an
    honest mistake, but my mother always told me that I
    would have to pay for my mistakes; She never
    mentioned that I would have to pay for Reedman
    Dodge's mistakes as well. You're a great bunch.

    Bookitty (Quadwaiter)
  • poolman57poolman57 Posts: 16
    Bookitty, you have my respect along with many other people's respect. For as long as you have waited, I don't know if I could have reordered or not. It was bad enough waiting 2 months for my 5.9, auto, 3.92, black, sport, 4wd, lsd, buckets, etc. quad. I am VERRRRY pleased with my truck and everyone else is too. I show it off every time I go out and everyone loves it. My head steadily grows larger everyday.

    Hey: everyone that ordered and has received their truck: My sticker has a box on it, top on middle of the page and it says, "This vehicle was especially built for (my name)" and my name is there. I took my sticker and had it lamenated just for that reason. Is everyone else's like that too or did anyone notice? just curious.

    Received my Quad last Thursday and already have 550 miles on it! I have been driving the s**t out of it and loving every minute of it. This thing will absolutely hual some royal a**. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL truck too.

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