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Honda Fit Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • shneorshneor Posts: 66
    Spoke to a dealer Friday. He told me their dealership is getting two Fits, one Sport and one Base. Order is going in Monday - he changed the Base model order to the one I want, and they will order that. I don't think Honda has specific knowledge about pre-orders. Did not ask me for a deposit either, though I offered at one point.
  • Dealer told me that aftermarket cruise control was most likely the only choice on a Base Fit.

    One post I read stated that there were some holes in the sheet metal to attach the skirts. Also adhesive tape.

    About the tires you might want to call Tire Rack and ask them for advice. They told me last week they were ordering some special wheels for the Fit.

    Good luck. :shades:
  • Good move on securing an option.

    The difference between the Sport and Base is reported to be under 2,000. It's not going to be possible to just choose any options for the Dealers to add on at the Dealerships. Examples are cruise control. The steering wheel on the Sport have the cruise control built in. They won't have that option. If you want automatic, only the Sport has the shift paddles located at the steering wheel. On the Ipod radio there is a booster and two extra speakers. I don't think the Dealers will change that out either.

    The bundled option choices are usually a good value. The Sport has, the remote, fog lights, cruise control, alloy wheels, bigger tires, radio upgrades and the skirt package.
    I would usually order the upgraded package every time. This time I plan to haul the fit behind my motor home. I need the manual to pull it four wheels down and the fit's ground clearance is effected by the skirt kits and where I'm going I would damage them. If I take the lower ones off I'm afraid I would have to do some filling and repaint so I'll pass on them, If I were you, I'd look very hard at the upgraded package in the Sport. Buy the Best and only cry once.

  • bigger tires are better in fuel economy.

    Plus get the rims now. hub caps are weak and look ugly. but the steel rims are more durable. taking off parts will always leave holes. They are not meant to be removed. You could but holes and marks will remain. It looks like cruise will not be availble on the reg. car. GL :) :) :P
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    Honda wants long-term customers, much like Volvo and Mercedes used try to obtain to a deacade ago as well.

    The rest - they want to not get beat in that segment and boost their CAFE numbers and nothing else. They really want everyone to buy the next model up. Take Toyota - their smallest "normal car" is the Matrix. It's engineered to actually be an all-in-one car without any compromises other than size. The Yaris or even the Colorrl - feel like a compromise from a design standpoint the second you sit in them. NIce, but budget.

    Compare a Mini. It's exactly the opposite "feel" - it's small, clean, and fun. Too bad it's smaller than a teacup. Families and students won't actually but a Mini, because they need what the Fit offers - a true microwagon that's under $15K.

    I think the Fit will sell like crazy, myself.
  • I dropped into my local Honda dealership and put down a deposit yesterday. The debate about whether or not to put down deposits early has been interesting to read.

    In my shopping, I have had some very particular specifications: Less than a foot longer than my current car (an older Miata), MPG over 30, and a back seat area that can be used as air-conditioned cargo space if necessary. Doesn't sound hard, right? That knocked my list down to the Mini Cooper, Aveo, Xb, Yaris, xA, and Fit. (I think there's a Kia, but it's not on my "how long are they" spreadsheet at the moment.)

    Mini Coopers are costly for what you get. Aveo feels like it's made of legos. xB, I admit, lost due to its aesthetics. If the Yaris is more cheaply made than the Echo, I don't trust it to hold up. So that left the xA and Fit. I'm not a huge fan of the center instrument cluster, but the xA is an option. But the Fit's magic seats and safety features brought it out on top of the list.

    Will I buy it when it comes in? I hope so, but if I don't care for it when I test drive, there's a Toyota dealership literally across the street with plenty of xAs in stock. The internet sales manager I worked with had a moment of not knowing what to say because he kept trying to say I had bought a car, and I kept pointing out that I had not purchased anything but had secured opportunity to buy a car once they showed up if it suited me.

    So we will see what little blue Honda shows up in April. I hope it's worth the wait, but nothing is set in stone.
  • safitsafit Posts: 1
    Just put a $250.00 refundable deposit on a Black Sport model. The dealer I went to here in SA, TX was great w/ our '06 Odyssey purchase & I just need a "commuter/utility" vehicle w/ the gas prices as they are now. # 1 in line w/ them telling me it'll be March production w/ April delivery. This board has been very useful...

    Viva San Antonio!!!
  • FYI, here's a recent article on the Fit and competitors. Things we already knew, but this is one of the more in-depth analyses I've seen lately on the small car category.

    Also, I have a question - and suspect I might get some differing answers :) When I put down a deposit on the Fit last week, there was nothing in the agreement about price. My assumption is once pricing is known, we can revisit this - and I'm assuming MSRP, and/or the opportunity to negotiate (but fully expecting I'll pay around MSRP). We still need to add options, for instance, which will affect the price. The deposit puts me in line to get one of those first orders... why were some people emphasizing getting agreements with dealers to buy the car at MSRP? How would I spell that out?

  • jmurman42jmurman42 Posts: 675
    There was nothing on the agreement about price? So..what exactly did you agree to?
  • I think the size of the deposit and the conditions varies from dealer to dealer. I paid $1000 (fully-refundable) with no guarantee on price. I am expecting to pay MSRP since I am number 1 in line, and I don't really care either. I am looking specifically at the Fit, and a car that will possibly last me 15+ years (if my previous Accord is any indicator, that goal will be reached with ease). I am not looking for some kind of bargain. Having said that, I don't want to pay for any premiums or ADMU nonsense either.

    I specfically asked about the price and the dealer said the deposit guarantees me the first spot for the Fit of my choice (base 5-speed manual in Storm Silver Metallic). Final price will be determined at delivery.

    About the article...
    Interesting that the US Yaris will be built in France.
  • Thanks Hungarian - this is my understanding about my agreement too, that the fully refundable deposit puts me in line for a price TBD later. It's all sort of weird territory... but I take people have wanted to be in line for other new vehicles as they've come out.
  • mebmanmebman Posts: 100
    My dealer told me he was ordering his allotment last Monday. He said that I would be first on the list.I asked him if he needed a deposit or paperwork signed he said no, that wouldn’t be necessary. He also said that paying msrp wouldn’t be a problem. He went ahead and ordered 2 sport fits for me and my wife in the colors I requested. This all sounded a bit too easy. I wonder how secure I am in getting the cars I ordered at msrp come April?
  • teeyenteeyen Posts: 4
    I have been reading this forum for a while now and came to know a lot about FIT. Based on what others have done, I too have put down a $500 deposit with a dealer for the Fit and I am the first in the list, with the agreement that price to be decided upon the car's arrival & test drive. This is the first time I am buying a new car and all this is new to me too. Like mebman, I too wouldn't mind paying MSRP, but anything more and I might take a pass.
  • I am actually planning to buy an orange Fit Sport, and found a dealer who sounds nice to deal with.

    He is asking for a $200 refundable deposit, but also for a faxed copy of my driver license and my Social Security number. Is this normal? I never put a deposit on a new car or, in fact, bought a new car before.
  • The dealer probably wants to know if you are of legal age and if you are local.

    For the most part, dealers don't really want to sell out of their local servicing area.

    How close is the dealership to you?

    The deposit is reflective of your commitment to the purchase. $200 is pretty low, we have in the past with pre-orders get $500.
  • How are you handling pricing on the Fit with refundable deposit pre-orders? Will these cars be available at a "no-haggle" price or will you get the sticker? Does your dealership immediately add DAO's? ADMU?

    I received a rather curt (rude) reply from the Internet Manager at the "President's Award" winning largest dealer in my area when I inquired about a refundable deposit!

    Thanks for any thoughts on this. I appreciate your comments on this list.
  • License and SS# is to run a credit check to see what financing terms (interest rate) they can charge you. If you are providing your own financing, tell them.

    I hesitate to send a ss# via fax. Phone call to a person whos name you have is safer. Fax licence is OK. Most dealers want a copy if you test drive the car; again, they are running a credit check to see what they can get.

    As for dealers 'not wanting to sell outside their area', :confuse: you can usually get lower prices out of your area, since this is a "marginal profit" for that dealer. See internet sales manager,, etc.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    I have never been asked for an SSN when putting a deposit on a new car, and I do not give out my SSN unless there is a VERY good reason.
  • xkiddx13xkiddx13 Posts: 122
    you have never givin your ssn, funny casue here at my dealership you cant get a car unless we run a check on you and we need your ssn, then again we are a very well known dealership not some shady used car dealer in some shady place..
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Why do you need to run a "check" on a buyer who is paying cash for a car? You should be able to get all the info you need from the person's driver's licence. There are special machines that some dealers use now that run checks from the driver's license in a matter of seconds. I could never understand why an SSN is needed to put a deposit on a car. I guess I won't be buying at your dealership, if you require people who are putting a deposit on a car to provide an SSN.
  • xkiddx13xkiddx13 Posts: 122
    yes that check with your DL# that still uses your SSN, you dont think the DMV has your SSN, you are sadly mistaken, and the reason why they require the check even on cash purchases is government standards, so drug dealers and others in illegal business, dont buy the car with stolen money ect.. so they cant have away to launder the money. but i guess you dont know any of that then, even at some shady dealership the same checks are done. and if you dont wanna buy at our dealership that is just to bad for you when we can get the best deals on most cars you are looking for, and the service here is impecable, and we are also know as the #1 honda dealership in america, for volume of cars sold.. plus we just won the presidents award... so if you dont buy here many many many others will.. matter of fact i started working here, because i bought my car here awhile ago and found this place was much better then the last dealer i worked at..
  • xkiddx13xkiddx13 Posts: 122
    I dont know what dealership your talking about but we sell to ppl anywhere, we are in los angeles county, city of cerritos to be exact. and we sell to ppl in san diego, san fransico, las vegas, even oregon. if the customer wants something we have we will do anything to let them have it..
  • nwngnwng Posts: 664
    my dl does not have my ss#, and i never have to give out my ss# to purchase a car
  • xkiddx13xkiddx13 Posts: 122
    I bet they do, you just dont know it... your ssn is very easy to get just off your first and last name...
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    your ssn is very easy to get just off your first and last name...

    I know a guy named Mark Smith. What is is SSN?

    I think you need to do a little more research on that one.
  • I guess that you are referring to our dealership. The Fit will be sold at MSRP and Pre-sold at the same. The Fit's that are Pre-sold will not have any dealer installed options on the car, unless the customers want them on. The Fit's that make it through and are available for the "retail" side will probably a set of splash guards and maybe wheel locks on the Sport.

    We don't do ADM's or "Market Value" mark-ups. After things settle down then there will probably be some discounting, although there's not much spread with this car.

    We do approx 185-225 Hondas per month and although that's not a huge number by West coast standards, we are set to have 7-9 Fit's per month...thats a miniscule amount of any car of this type.

    Now, there are some people talking about SSN's being required by a dealership. I cannot tell you why they would ask for this. I know that it is illegal for anyone to run your credit without your authorization. Here in MD you cannot run anyones credit from a drivers license. Maybe in the states that use the SSN as your DL number, but I don't know if any of those are left.

    To the fellow who said that their dealership will sell to anyone, anywhere...more power to you. We prefer to have our customers closer to us. Each dealership has a different philosophy I guess.
  • thebillthebill Posts: 194
    We ask for a copy of your lic. because we had a vehicle stolen a while back and our insurance requires it. Also, the lic.'s in the area do not included SSN so it is impossible to run a credit check. It is also againt the law to run someones credit without the consenting.
  • Put my $250 deposit down back in 1/23...was the first one awt a "confirmation" order later this week

    How does that work? Do you have a fixed price already? If so, what is it?
  • shneorshneor Posts: 66
    Tried to get AAA pricing, but there won't be any at least for awhile. But the dealer ordered one to my specs (base manual). How much? I don't know yet, but it will be priced at MSRP (plus delivery, tax, license, etc.). The dealer did not ask for a deposit.
  • I recall that April 20 has been one of the rumored dates for the Fit's arrival (on the lots?).

    We called our salesperson at the dealership (where we put down a deposit quite a while back) and they had still not received any more information from Honda - neither the dates NOR the pricing.

    For those of us registered in the "Society of Fit," Honda sent out a marketing e-mail that mentioned at the end:

    " new wallpaper and stickers so you'll be ready when the Fit arrives on April 20, 2006"

    So, I take this to be a "semi-official" arrival date.

    The next question is when/how soon pricing information will be available.
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