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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Transmission Problems



  • ricky16ricky16 Posts: 10
    i put 2002 transfer case in my 2001 and now the speed meter does not work and will not shift gears.
  • jbh40jbh40 Posts: 5
    I Have A 1999 K1500 the transmission [4L60-E] Bangshifts from 1-2 & 2-3.I rebuilt the trans. with all new silenoids and torqueconverter,replaced speed sensor,coolant temp sensor. It still bangshifts after its warm.shifts fine when its cold. I can pull off the road and shut the truck off for just a few seconds, start back up and it will shift fine for a little while then right back to bang shifting.i noticed that when it does this it loses lockup aswell. Does anyone have an idea of what's wrong with this thing? PLEASE HELP!!!!
  • I have a 97 gmc sierra with a 1st to 2nd bang while shifting.It has been doing this for years.Truck has 160,000 miles.This seems to happen when the truck is hot.I have been told by a friend to drive it until it breaks.I have also been told it is backlash from the rearend.The local mechanic scanned it (dont remember the code)and said there was a fix that gm had a wiring harness that would do something?Maybe a shift solonoid ? A shift servo ? I would take it to the local tranny shop but the guy is a crook,he bent me over my last experience with him.I was also told that doing a tranny service would make things worse.Can anybody out there shed some light on this problem.Thankyou.
  • the 97 gmc sierra has a 5.3 engine 4x4, I dont know what tranny it has.
  • Have 00 Silverado, appears to be slipping while in OD, @ hwy speed. does not do this in 3rd. checked around, possibly OD is going out. Recommend just replace tranny, repair would probably cost more.
  • Did replacing that solenoid fix it? I have a 97 Z71 That will only use 3rd and reverse. It has a po785 code. I replaced the 2-3 solenoid today and it did not make a difference.
  • I have a similar problem with my 97 Z71. I drove it for 100 miles the other day got to stop sign heard a loud clunk, and the truck would only use 3rd. What did you find out about your problem?
  • I have a 96 step side silver. with the 4L60E tranny. Well I want to get away from that tranny cause it is such an odd ball . I know it is the electronic tranny . But is there ANY WAY to go with a different tranny ? all I do is HWY driving . no pulling and such . O YEAH the tranny in the truck now is shot .
  • i recently towed my car from wisconsin to missouri i got most of the way here and the trans started to make noise so i checked and it was out of fluid.. it appeared to come out of the transfer case main seal is but i didn't think that they shared fluid do they? also now my second gear isn't working and i think also 4th gear. will a flush help anything or should i just rebuild the trans?
  • zhoodzhood Posts: 1
    i have a 90 pickup it holds first long and then shifts hard at 3500 rpm with reg driveing and it makes roaring wineing nois when going down the road like it comes from the converter i got the tranny at the junk yard and installed it my self not a mechanic i am a mason please help some on at napa said some thing about a tv cabel i do not know please help
  • jbh40jbh40 Posts: 5
    The transfer case has a input shaft seal that is bad, pull the transfer case and replace the seal.the fluid in the transmission is seperate from the transfer but when this seal goes bad it lets all the fluid from the transmission go into the tranfer case.Your transmission will need to be rebuilt, it sounds like the band is burned out. you will not have second gear or overdrive when the band is burned up. HOPE THIS HELPS.
  • We all know Chevy/Gm isn't known for their transmission production, unless it's on a performance vehicle. After #3 on my '02 Silverado (2 were replaced by GM), I've upgraded to a performance trans with a Vig 3400 stall and Servos.

    I agree... get the cooler. B&M has a nice set up and it's relatively easy to install.
  • Found out it's the ignition switch (not the key tumbler) that was bad. Seems it supplies 12v to the trans and when it would lose power, it went to "limp-home" mode. $30 switch, $20 labor, and problem fixed. I looked at the old switch and it had carbon on the contacts. Mechanic also said it could cause the electric fuel pump to quit.....too much computer stuff nowdays....

  • 2008 sierra 4X4 crew cab 6.0 V-max trailering pkg. About 1500 miles now. I drive like an old lady most of the time (I have to use a hand brake control-so kinda hard to take an agressive drive as bad as I may want to) but I do get on it now and then on the straights. As compared to my 2002 Chev 2500HD 6.0 this new one acts like it has a rubber band in the throttle linkage (I know it doesn't have a linkage but this description paints the best picture for you). The response you get doesn't seem porporsional to the amount of pedal movement you apply.You can move out easy, then press a little to pick it up a bit, and get not much response, so then a little more, and sometimes a little more before you get much, then it comes alive and keeps pulling hard way beyond where you would expect it to level out (almost like a turbo lag). Then you gotta get way out of it to level out at a reasonable speed. This seems strange. Is it just the way drive by wire is? Not a big issue just wondering. A bigger concern is when I slow down (pretty slow) to make a turn, like into my driveway (100 yds long) and then press on the gas slightly to take me up the driveway there is a slack point as if you slipped it into neutral for a split second before it starts to go again. I believe it is more prevalent when the pick-up is cold. I'm a newby here. I read all 400 or so tranny entries-pretty interesting. Lots of good heads out there! My AFM 6.0 has me a little scared after reading some of the comments in that section. I would invite any of you who really KNOW (not just strong opinions) GM engines to put my mind at ease. I was "Ford to the core" from age 12 but (after openning my mind enough to consider all brands) starting in 2002 have bought 5 GMCs and 2 Chevys and liked them all. Hey, I'm also pretty computer/internet challenged. Where'd that car picture next to my message come from? Please take it easy on this old farmer in your response!
  • I own an 03 Chev Silverado 2500HD Duramax w/ an Allison transmission. My problem started not long ago as a hard shift between 2nd and 3rd. I decided to change the fluid, filter, and give it a trany flush. Since then the truck has gone into limp mode twice at highway speeds, not good. It does this when everything is good and warm, when the trany is cold everything works properly. I would really like to get an idea of possible solutions. If they don't involve doing a rebuild on the trany I would like to do the work my self.
  • After a recent snow storm, rare for this area, I ran into a problem with my 2001 2500hd with the Allison transmission. It locked up in 2nd gear and I lost indication of selected gear on the panel. After it was left in the garage overnight it returned to normal but the lockup happened again a couple of times. DTC code of 0708/0709
    "range selector problems. Loss of indication became worse. After digging around on many forums and into the GM service bulletins I found something really interesting which ultimately solved my problem. There is evidently, a bit of a design problem in that when you turn left any water or snow gets sprayed up directly on to the park/neutral/ backup switch, which is also the range selector switch. If the selector shaft o ring is worn or cut, water penetrates the switch and the problem begins. I changed the switch and everything back to normal. Out of curiosity I drilled out the rivets and opened up the switch. Sure enough the o ring was damaged and there was water in the switch. The switch had water repellent grease in it but the water had caused high resistance across the terminals.The things they don't talk about !!! Hope this helps someone else.
  • I have a 2500HD also and it has the 6.0 gas in it. Tro help you out I bought the truck new and from day one it runs cool. Only on a hot day especially pulling my camper it will go upto 180 to 190. During winter months I rarly see it move. Take Care....
  • grampy1grampy1 Posts: 140
    2004 K1500 sierra, 4 speed auto,4.8 lit.

    Whats the best/accepted way to service the tranny? i hear different opinions. My owners manual just says "service the transmission". I don't know what that means.
  • i have a 2001 chevrolet silverado RWD its got 126000 kms on it now is there a 5 speed auto available for it because mine feels like it has 5 gears
  • I had the same problem with 2000 silverado, it was a dry yoke in the drive train. it took two years and about six trips to the dealer before they found the problem. it was fixed under warranty. i hated driving my truck those two years, i hope\ this helps.
  • akjbmwakjbmw Posts: 231
    I had a '98 K1500 that felt like a "fifth" gear when the torque converter lockup occurred. No idea if yours behaves the same. Also, when lifting your foot off the gas pedal, it coasted for about five seconds before starting a deceleration action. It was OK once I got used to it.
  • msfexpmsfexp Posts: 1
    My '02 Sierra 2500HD has the same shifting problem. When I attempt to "kick it in the butt" at speed hoping it would drop into a passing gear, the truck acts like it wants to, but then just "dogs down" unless I back off the accelerator. Had this happen before and the deal told me it was the oil filter...yes, oil filter. The previous oil change had a Wix filter installed. Evidently that has an affect on back pressure, typically 4-6 lbs., but was causing 8 -10 lbs. Filter was replaced by Genuine GM parts and the truck ran like a top.
    Again, about a year later, same thing. Wix filter was installed again, and again same problem. However, when I replaced the Wix with a GM/Delco filter, the problem didn't get solved.
    Does anyone out the have any other suggestions?
  • I recently noticed my transmission shifting hard at times. It normally shifts really smooth,but occasioinally hard. I noticed it more often now that the weather is warmer. the tempeature guage for the transmission runs around 150 degrees. I don't know if the fluid and filter has ever been changed. I bought the truck used and was wondering if it was okay to change them with the mileage at159000.
  • I'm having the same problem on my 01 Silverado with a 5.3. I didn't see that the originator ever responded. Please help?
  • i have 5 silverados in my fleet (2000-2008). as soon as they show any sign of something going on w/the tranny i have them serviced by a shop with a good history. no crooks. they can look at what comes out of the tranny and tell if i'm in for a bad day or just a flush. good luck.
  • whorl16whorl16 Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 Silverado 2500-HD 6.0 liter gas with 104,000 miles on it. The transmission shifts very smooth while accelerating, but during deceleration or braking, the vehicle starts shuttering and acts as if doesn’t want to down shift. Has anyone experienced this problem or have any ideas. Thanks.
  • onyx2onyx2 Posts: 3
    i have an 04 chevy 2500hd 6.6 that surges at idle. if i let the truck idle it jumps from 1000 to about 1500 every 4 to 5 secs. it only happens sometimes so it's kind of hard for me to pin point the cause of it. plus my engine light likes to come on an won't let me go over 2500 rpms. the code says something like (pressure regulator failure at acceleration). i know someone has to have same problem out there. if anyone can help with this please help.
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