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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Noise and Vibration



  • I have the exact same problem, the thumping noise coming from the driveline.2003 GMC Sierra HD Crew Cab, 58,000 miles. It has not been abused. The thumping noise occurs intermittently, in 2wd or 4wd, and applying the brakes somewhat dampens the noise. Been to the dealer twice and driven it with the service manager, but he doesn't really hear it or feel it. He says it may be the bearings or something like that. Sometimes the thumping gets so loud it sounds like a helicopter instead of a truck. Help!!!
  • thanks for the answer, i am going to pull the bearings off this weekend and replace i'll let you know what happens.
  • The thumping occurs at highway speeds, 60-70mph as well as the lower speeds. Seems to go away a little bit when turning to the right. I wonder if it is somehow connected to the problem with the intermediate steering shaft "clunking". Perhaps some harmonic vibration? I just replaced my tires ($704.00) because i thought the tires were cupping and causing the thump, thump thump....sound. Like I said, it is intermittent, but can be extremely loud. Very annoying. I'll look for your response. Thanks.
  • mine is the same way, i greased the intermead shaft and it quietened it down some, but still there.
  • Any luck greasing the bearings?
  • ahoronahoron Posts: 30
    bearing are sealed in the hub can't grease them just replace about $200 each side plus labor
  • Did replacing the bearings stop the thumping?
  • have not done anything yet been out of town and now have the flu. ahoron, did you have the same thing?
  • My 98 Z71 had the same noise. Lasted for quite awhile before fuel pump stopped working. A trick to get u through is if the pump does quit working... Tap the tank with a rubber mallet, or shake the truck (with at least half a tank of fuel) and most times the pump will work again for a while.
  • I have a 1997 GMC 4x4 Ext Cab p/u with a 4.3L.
    At speeds above 50mph I hear what sounds to me like something binding then releasing and then there is a clucking noise. I checked and everthing seems tight under the frontend. I also have put it in 4HI and 4LO thinking that maybe the 4 wheel drive didn't completely disengage. Any suggestions on what to check next?
  • goblin1goblin1 Posts: 2
    Hello. I have a 04 gmc sierra 4x4 with a 5.3 with a problem.At 900 rpm causing a vibration it can also be in park just take it to 900 rpm, it causes my dash to rattle on the inside and the muffler to rattle on the outside any tips on what would cause this vibration the truck has 70000 miles on it THANKS
  • goblin1goblin1 Posts: 2
    Hello i have an 04 gmc 4x4 sierra with 70000 miles on it at slow speeds like taking off or climbing a small hill at 10-20 mph i feel a rough spot in my pedals like a rough rub from something, does this going straight or in a curve, no load on it just creeping along and its not at the shift point, a couple of times it has even stopped for a split second,like it slipped then you feel it in the pedals then i hear some kind of noise like clunck from the rear end THANKS
  • 0patience0patience Oregon CoastPosts: 1,659
    There used to be a service bulletin regarding a clunk in the transfer case that said to flush the transfer case, but a new bulletin has been released to update it.

    File In Section: 04 - Driveline Axle
    Bulletin No.: 99-04-21-004A
    Date: September, 2001
    This bulletin is being issued to advise dealerships to no longer flush and replace the transfer case fluid when a customer comments about a "bump" feeling when the vehicle accelerates from a stop.
    When Corporate Bulletin Number 99-04-21-004 was issued, a new transfer case fluid had just been developed to correct this condition. Currently, a nickel-plated slip yoke is being developed that will correct this condition. A new bulletin will be issued as soon as parts are available.

    I would start by replacing the transfer case fluid and checking to see if the transfer case chain is stretched.
    The new yoke for the driveline doesn't seem to be available yet, so I would remove the driveline and get some lube for the slip yoke from your GM dealer and lube it real good and re-install it. The clunk may be from the slip yoke hanging up on the splines.
  • i also have a 03 silverado 1500HD and i also had this exact buzzing sound but it wasnt at idle speed but right around 120km, i had a friend sit in back so he cuold find it and it turned out to be the plastic plug just behind the driver side back seat, i pulled it out and threw it in the glove box and havent heard it buzz since, hope its as easy as that for ya
  • cappy8cappy8 Posts: 3
    2000 Silverado, 4wd, Z71 package 63,000 miles.
    I was driving on a newer flat concrete expressway at approximately 65-70 mph. The entire truck started shaking violently with the steering wheel almost jumping our of my hands. Pulled over, checked all tires, roadway, nothing amiss. No warning lights came on. Once I started again, nothing has recurred (at any speeds). Could this be the torque converter starting to go bad?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Have you ever changed your shocks?
  • cappy8cappy8 Posts: 3
    I haven't yet....but I will soon. Thanks!
  • davethecarnutdavethecarnut Posts: 248
    But you said " nothing recurred" as in it hasn't happened since that incident? That was the "new" roadway. If it was your shocks, it would happen more often. Unless you really load down your truck or drive fast over speed bumps, shocks can last 90,000 miles or more. If the truck bounces up and down too many times or there is fluid leaking out of them, then you should replace your shocks. Just my experience. :)
  • mundyjemundyje Posts: 2
    I have a 04 GMC Sierra Z71 with 75,000that has been having a chirping noise coming from both the front tires when I hit subtle bumps in the road. This has been going on for about 10 months but just have never got around to trying to fix it. About 5 months ago I had to replace the front left wheel bearing and thought this would take care of the problem,but it didn't. I replaced both the front shocks and still no luck. The problems only occurs when I'm riding on roads that have not been paved in a while or on gravel roads. It seems to only occur when the front tires are being "vibrated" by the road. I thought it might be an isolated problem with just my truck, but I heard a truck similar to mine driving down the road and it had the same exact "chirp". Any help would be great.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    When was the last time that the truck was greased?
  • mundyjemundyje Posts: 2
    Actually, it was about a week ago because I thought it may be the joints needed greasing, but still there is that same "chirp" sound.
  • Is the chirp coming from the tires or the suspension components? If it's tires, maybe the tires are getting "air" and chirp when hitting the pavement over those bumps. I don't know. Just offering suggestions.

    You have zirk fittings on the 1500 other than the steering linkage? :surprise:
  • kbexkbex Posts: 3
    I'm getting a clunking/popping sound from the front end while driving in reverse and straightening out the wheels. It happens when steering from right to left. I've checked underneath, there isn't anything loose or rubbing that I can see.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Sounds like it could be a loose crossmember. They will usually bind when reversing for some reason. I had the same problem. Just loosen all the bolts and retighten according to spec. It's usually the one under the trans.
  • hbridgeshbridges Posts: 3
    My 2003 silverado has a noise when applying the gas that sounds kinda like a spark knock but it is coming from around the catalytic converter area. I had two mechanics tell me it was a loose baffle in the catalytic conver so I took it to the dealer since the emissions stuff was still under warranty. They put a new catalytic converter on but it still makes the same noise. The mechanics at the dealership told me "that some of these trucks just make noises". They did not seem interested in looking any further for the noise and quite frankly I can't afford to pay their prices to "guess" what is wrong. I can climb under the truck and listen as someone puts on the gas and the sounds if coming from somewhere around the catalytic converter area. Any ideas?
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