Dodge Ram Lighting and Electrical Problems

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2000 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup. When tryed to put on high beams headlights would go out, after a couple of attempts they would come back on. Replaced high beam switch on column and now the high beam indicator light on the dash stays on all of the time and the low beams appear to be very dim.


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    have recently experienced the lights in my truck periodically dimming and then returning back to normal. This happens with or with out the head lights being on, while driving in traffic or waiting at a stop light, At times it seems like the engine revs up a little but not all the time. I have performed a number of searches on the web trying to find additional informaiton on this. I have been told by the dealer service department that this is normal, but others who own Dodge 2500's do not seem to have this problem, does anyone have any suggestions?
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    Cummins diesel or gas rig?
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    I have a 2003 Dodge, diesel, 2500 quad cab 2wd. I am also having problems with the cab lights dimming and returning to normal with circumstances equivalent. Thank You in advance for any advice or direction.
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    I have a 2003 2500 quad cab 4x4 ctd long bed and my lights also dim then return to normal seem to be speratic there is no ryme or reason and the dealer also said it was normal .is the dealer blowing smoke ?
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    I have a 2003 2500 CTD quad cab long bed 4x4
    I get a violent bouncing from side to side once in a while usualy on the freeway at higher speeds the only way to stop the bouncing is to pull over and stop. It only doses this from time to time and there is no set patern .the stering wheel dont shake or pull the truck continues straight but whole truck bounces very hard from side to side almost as if wheels are coming off the ground, The dealer can not find any thing wrong. any suggestions on a way to stop this bouncing?
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  • babyredneck76babyredneck76 Member Posts: 2
    For some strange reason, my headlights (low beams) speradically come on for no reason while the truck is turned off. The weired thing is that if you disconnect all of the fuses, the lights still stay on. The only way to turn them off is by disconnecting the battery. Can anyone give me some direction on where to start investigating this issue?
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    just bought new truck had it a mth 4200 miles wouldnt start completely dead checked batterys at12.6 truck running batteries at 12.9 dont know if alternator or power module chip problem . any feed back would be great
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    well tonight i got home and my neibor said that my turnsignal didnt work or my brake lights. well they were right. they wernt working. so i checked my fuse and it was good. well i have a 1996 dodge ram 1500 v8 with a 5.2 and i am good at mechanical stuff but this electrical stuff is just killing me. please give me some advice on things i should try. please. my headlamps still work and everythuing thanks daniel
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    Hi everyone,

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    Hi Christine, and welcome to Edmunds!

    In my pre-delivery inspection of my 96 3500, I noticed the brake lights stayed on... not good for a brand new truck just off the carrier. Dealer service department took care of it before delivery. Usually it's a fuse/relay issue, but in your case, I'd say there are two additional things to look at...

    - for the headlights, you likely got something wet while off-roading. You probably want to check the power module and see if there's water in it - and get it dried.

    - for your reverse lights, you likely have a wriring issue between the trans and the light connection. There's a solenoid that is triggered when the shifter is properly engaged in reverse that activates the reverse lights - that would be my first suggestion.

    And as mentioned in the post box, please, do not include your email address in your posts. We can't protect you from spammers or other malicious use that way. just make your email "public" in your profile (use the Prefertences" link in the left margin), and only logged i members will have access to it.

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    Thanks alot for the information! I will pass the information on to my friendly neighborhood mechanic!
    As for my e-mail address (oops) I will see about removing that information.

    Thanks again, Christina
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    I noticed that I have NO brake lights. I keep blowing the fuse and can't figure out why. I changed the stop light switch under the dash, checked all the light housings and still keep blowing the fuse, anybody have any suggestions, I could use the help...Thanks Bill
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    i had the same issue with my ford pickup
    apparently there is something frozen in suspension I took it to a leafspring shop for 800.00 they fixed it my truck the steering shook also
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    I have the same problem with my truck. Occasionaly my parking lights come on or my fog lights come on automatically. They are turned off inside the truck, but I don't know what is causing the problem. I have only owned the truck for about a month, but as far as I know, it has not been offroading.

    Did you find out what was happening with your truck?

    Please let me know.

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    I have a 2001 Dodge Ram, 4x4, Tow Package, the works, but I can't get the tow lights to work. If anyone knows which fuse this is or just any tips then please respond. P.S.- I have connected everything correctly and the trailer lights do work on another vehicle. Thank You
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    My 2004 Dodge Ram 1500st engine light stays on is there any way to reset it
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    problem with dash guages not working. odometer blinks three times than says no bus. tapped on dash cover and blew fuse for dash lights. guages has come back on one time but went off again. has been happening for about two weeks. any help?
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    NO BUS means the dash has lost communication with the computers. Could just be a connection, could be more serious (fried wires).

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    The overdrive light and switch on the dash...what is it telling me? Is it in O/D when the light is OFF? I can't tell the difference, at high speed of course.
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    Is it in O/D when the light is OFF?

    That is correct :)

    kcram - Pickups Host
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    Thanks! :) I thought so but wanted to be sure before I investigated further whether or not the O/D was working.
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    I am currently having the same problem with my 98 Ram 1500. Have you solved your problem yet? I'm tempted to pull the instrument cluster and grease the terminal contacts as suggested in a previous post on the same problem.
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    My husband just went thru weeks of the same problem. His truck just wouldn't start. So he replaced the time & control mod. and that didn't work. Then when he tried starting it, it would blink 3 times and say "no bus". So he replaced the crank sensor, still didn't work. He tried numorous other things (like checking conections & fueses) and nothing worked. Tried calling a local dealer to confirm that the time and control mod. DIDN'T have to be programed for he truck.....3 times they said NO. We finally had it towed in to be put on a computer. GUESS WHAT!!! That mod. DOES have to be have an anti-theft system. Hope this helps someone!!
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    I have a 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 TRX4 with the 5.9L CTD. About 3 weeks ago I started the truck in the morning like always and I noticed that the lights dimmed and then got bright again and then dimmed and so on and so forth for about 3 minutes, and as I watch my volts meter it is cycling in sequence with the lights. It has been getting progressively worse to the point that if it sits for more than 3 hours it will cycle. I have also noticed that it affects the RPM if higher than 1000RPM. If anyone has an idea of what is going on please let me know.
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    Completely normal and described in your owner's manual. Now that it's cold, the grid heater (which warms the intake air before it reaches the cylinder) will cycle for three minutes after the engine is started to allow better combustion and less smoke. You'll experience this all winter, nothing to worry about.

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    I recently purchased a 2001 4x4 Quad from a private party and within 24 hours check engine lite came on. Took to dealer and it turned out that heads had multiple cracks. (Came to find out through a little research that this is a common issue on 5.9L after 100,000 mi. Bad design on valve wall thickness, fixed in newer heads). Anyways on way to get this fixed a few weeks later I started truck and all dash went dead and "No Buss" came up. First response from Dodge Dlr. was that it was either a minor short in Power Control Module(PCM) or it was failed all together. Heading to Mech.for head replacement I stopped at carwash to wash off mud in engine compartment, when I got back in truck all dash back to normal, YEA!, apparently just a short and saved $800.00 While at independant mechanic to get new heads I noticed small knock in low end as well. Mech. heard as well and decided to replace engine with factory remanufactured long block. Upon completion new engine would not fire. Indie Mechanic had to send to Dodge Dlr so a new "AirBag Module" could be installed and computer re-programmed. $460.00 for module and $300.00 for labor, Hmm there goes the aforementioned $800 bucks. Hope this helps someone out there. Truck runs great now. Scott
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    I have the same problem on my 2006 3500 with 6400 miles. I find it hard to believe this is normal with sensitive computers and electrical components. Would this not be a voltage spike with heater making headlights go dim and back to normal brightness? Please e-mail me...strength in numbers!
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    My 06 3500 CTD Mega does it too. Normal, normal, normal...and in the owner's manual. Just enjoy!
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    Not to mention, there are two heavy-duty batteries under the hood... the draw by the computers and other electricals wouldn't even tax one of them.
  • releerelee Member Posts: 2
    I just returned from My Dodge Dealer (11/22/06), I found on the internet there was a fix (flash) for my 2006 Ram 3500 to change the charging system. I told my Dealer and they checked and sure enough there was. Quote from work order: " Customer states when cold volt meter goes low (11.8 volts-14.1 volts) - headlamps dim...performed TSB 18-003-06 Reva. erased and reprogrammed module AJB 1275".
    Sure enough 30 to 40 seconds after starting when cold is normal...but 2 minutes is not. Especially when I live in Southeast Texas.

    Thanks for the advice.
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    Hello, my turn signals just stoped working on my truck and the wierd thing is the hazard flashers still work. I'm hoping someone can tell me where the turn sign. relay is or if there is a fuse involved on that circuit. Everything else seems to be working ok. Please help Kcram or anyone Thanks carnut17
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    It's not a relay per se... the flasher is a plug-in unit that is easily replaceable... swaps in and out just like a fuse. Your owners manual should show the location (most vehicles have the flasher on the fuse panel somewhere).

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    Thank you kcram, the flasher was in the fuse panel on the far left side of the dash next to the door jam. It turned out to be a faulty relay flasher. The haz. flasher and the turn sig. flasher relay are identical so i just switched them and found the problem.
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    you need both flasher for safety. make sure to by a new flasher. you never know when you will need haz. lights! :surprise:
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    Thats true mopoarblue2 considering i have 296,000 miles on my Cummins, still runs like a watch.
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    I have a 1995 dodge ram 1500 pickup that I can't keep the radio working in. The first time it stopped working, I replaced several fuses and it started working again.... for a few days. It would work one day on the way to work, but would be off again on the way home. Then it just stopped working at all. I found another blown fuse (the one for dome light) and replaced it, thus the radio worked again. Few days later... same thing. I checked the fuses again and none were bad. What could be the problem??

    Thank's in advance for your help!
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    Have a 99 1500 When I turn on the windshield wipers to the intermediate speed the wipers go straight to the middle of the stoke and stop there and act as if there are all the way down, which is right at eye sight. Some one told me there is a pulse board that controls that. Any help would be great.
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    I have a 97 dodge Ram. My truck has done the same thing. No brake lights, no turn signals. I DO have tail lights??? I have replaced all the breakers, all the bulbs, flasher relay. Nothing. I ran a scematics through chilton web site and I found where both items are fed by "a black" ground wire. According to thier trouble shooting guide, it said either to check the relays or the ground wires. Problem is, according to the schematics the black wire originates,???? it just starts. I don't know if its under the dash or in outer space. What did you do to fix your problems???
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    i am looking into buying a 2000 ram, and i was wondering if anyone knew of a general electrical problem that may exist in this year truck.
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    I have a 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup. The low beams work fine. The high beam work OK as long as I hold the lever on the dimmer switch close to the steering wheel. As soon as I let go of the lever the high beams go out. If I click the level again the low beams come back on. Do I need to replace the dimmer switch or is something else wrong? Thanks.

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  • dhayes125dhayes125 Member Posts: 5
    I have a o6 Ram 2500 that I use to plow. When lifting the plow the alternator gauge drops causing the "check gauge" light to come on. Dealer told ME to buy a gel battery ($180). Anyone else have this problem?
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    1999 Dodge 1/2 ton reg. cab, short box, gas 5.9L, 112,000 miles.
    Brake, Park, and Hazard Lights work. No turn signals.
    Fuse block under hood looked OK.
    Fuse block by Drivers Door looked OK.
    Original Bosch flasher unit ( 0-332-209-150) under dash by steering column replaced with car Quest Flasher unit (FSH 7127)
    Turn Signals still not working. What is the minimum voltage these flasher units will operate at ? Or do I have, two bad flasher units now ? Thanks - jander
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    I recently purchased an 05 Ram 1500 4x4. Shortly after I bought the vehicle, I went to start it and the battery was dead. I just figured I left the cargo light on and didn't think much more about it until it happened again 3 days ago. My truck does not have pwr locks or windows nor does it have the daytime running lights. I looked out my window a couple of days ago and noticed that the headlights and tail lights were on. I went out to turn them off and even though the lights were on, the light switch was in the off position. Tonight, I have been out 4 times because the headlights were on. When I open the door, the headlights will shut off . The only thing that I can think of between this time and last time is the use of the 4 wheel drive before both of these instancrs but I have no idea how that could cause the headlights to come on without a switch or anything. The truck does not currently have an alarm system installed. Any ideas on how the headlights could be turning on without any kind of switch
  • fredericks8fredericks8 Member Posts: 2
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    Well, the interior lights come on when a door is opened. Its possible that you have a very sensitive or defective Door Open switch on one of the doors.

    A component that could cause this is a defective Central Timer Module.

    Best regards,
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    ok, the gist of it is my electrical system.Sometimes no problem, sometimes major problem. This just started. While driving my elec. system will shut down. The lights,stereo,horn(which doesn't make sense since it's a push button mounted to the dash and wired directly to the battery), all lose power. While the truck is parked and I try to start it the engine turns over but the fuel won't ignite. And to top it off, the problem doesn't happen all the time. Any clues before I hafta spend a fortune ??
  • dustykdustyk Member Posts: 2,926
    Can you please provide model (4x2, 4x4, etc.) , engine, transmission, and vehicle mileage?

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