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Ford 2001 Heavy Duty F-250



  • The 2001 F-150, F-250 / 350 Ranger E - Series Ford model book, page 44 has the following text referring to a long overhead console for the F250 Super Duty.

    "3. Handy overhead console includes a compass, garage door opener, exterior temperature readout and a place for your shades, standard on Lariet."

    I have a Supercab Lariet with a small "overhead console: trip computer (compass, distance-to-empty, outside temperature), general storage bin". as listed on page 47.

    What do others F250 owners have in your Supercab or regular cab?
  • I was lucky to receive an '01 F250 SC SD HD XLT 5.4L 4x4 SB as a company vehicle. I could do a lot worse. But the lease company ordered the optional:
    "Heavy-Service Suspension Package
    NOTE: Recommended only on vehicles which will permanently utilize aftermarket equipment such as heavy-duty winches, brush guards or other apparatus which loads the front axle to the specified gross axle weight rating (GAWR), heavy-service front springs."
    My truck will have none of these recommended items. Rough ride! What can I do to tame this beast? Must I get kidney belts, like moto-cross riders wear?! I love the truck, but...! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • bessbess Posts: 972
    Other folks here have switched to bielstien (spelling) shocks and they claimed it made the truck ride much nicer.. This might be something to try..
  • lazejlazej Posts: 8
    Have an 01 with the General tires(LT 235 85R 16) and no problems so far. Only 4600 miles.
    The fuel milage so far has been 17.0-17.8 mixed freeway/highway. Can't belive I can go 500+ miles on a tank of fuel. My 460 wouldn't pass a gas station.
    Only rumor I heard was the Cummins will be avilible for 02.
    Anybody wants to check out the TSB's there is a site at that has recalls and lists all the TSB's.
    Love this truck
  • Thanks for the response. Do you recall if the Bilstiens (spelling) were directly in response to the Heavy Suspension Option having been ordered, or due to other issues? Are there any other ride taming options that you (or anyone else out there) have heard of? Thanks...
  • Feb 3 bought an F-250 SD Crew Lariat with 7.3 Powerstroke & 172" wb. I was told it could take up to 12 weeks to come in. Anyone know more realistic delivery time?
  • My F250 4x4 SC SD HD XLT 5.4L came with basic General tires. In snowy conditions, the effectiveness in 4WD is terrible! I don't mean to sound sacreligious, but both my Explorer and my Blazer are much better on snow. They'd both leave it in the dust. I love my F250, but it can darn near get stuck in a flat parking lot and 1" of snow. Not that it matters, but I have manual locking hubs and manual transfer. Yes, the hubs are locked. ;) I do not have any weight in the back, but I'm not exaggerating, it darn near gets stuck on a flatlot.

    Any ideas? Could the tires be that poor in tread design? The truck only had 5 hundred miles on it. It doesn't even seem to be pulling from the front tires. Anyway, help?

  • I was just checking out the Edmunds "New Car" section for pricing on a 2001 F250 SC V10. It had been my understanding that the only axle ratios available were a 3.73 or a 4.30 but it looks to me like there is now a 4.10 also available. Does anyone know if this is correct and if it's a recent change?
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    To the best of my knowledge the 4.10 is not available withe the v-10, only the diesel and the 5.4.
  • bessbess Posts: 972
    For an F250:
    Limited-Slip with 4.10 Axle Ratio
    NOT AVAILABLE with 99F, 99S, 446, 449, X31, X32, XC1, XC3.
    4.10 Axle Ratio
    NOT AVAILABLE with 99S, 99F, 446, 449, XC1, XC2, XC3.

    99F and 99S are the V10 and PSD engines..

    If you go to an F350, (w DRW) I think you can get a 4.10 with PSD.. but still not the V10.

    I hope this helps
  • I want to buy a retractable bed cover for my soon to arrive F-250. I saw the Roll-N-Lock version. Does anyone have any experience with this make & can you recommend a brand?
  • I am retiring this year and am buying a 5th wheel. It is 26 foot, high profile Komfort brand with one slide-out. Empty weight is 7700, tongue wt. 1500, GVWR 10,000, but it is highly unlikely that we would ever load it that heavily. We will do very little off-road camping, but will use the camper as a "rolling hotel" while we travel. I would like to pull it with a F-250 Lariat SuperDuty Crew Cab, Short Bed, 2-wheel drive, with a 5.4L and 4-spd automatic. Ford says it needs to be the V-10, but I will only tow about 2 months per year and will live with the truck as a daily driver the rest of the time...would like to get SOME gas mileage! Can anyone advise me and is anyone out there doing this? What kind of gas mileage can I expect both with and without the 5th wheel? Will the truck handle the load through hilly terrain? I want to do this the right way and still be economical. I appreciate any and all advice-information.
  • Anybody know what the spec if for the oil drain plug?

    Looked in the Owners Manual(s) and in the Factory Service Manual- no spec seen.


  • When I went to do my first oil change at 3k miles (01 PSD, 250 4x4) I noticed a slight coolant leak,

    The housing around the water pump had evaporated coolant, and there was some liquid coolant on the cross members and hoses below. The coolant was JUST below th "MIN' level in the overflow tank, so not much was leaking.

    Dealers found a "bad o ring" where the pump seals to the block. Fixed it in one day (Saturday)-brought it in at 8:30, done at 4PM.

    Just FYI.

    Otherwise, no problems.

  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    I personally would recommend the v-10 for towing. The truck you are talking about itself is very heavy. Secondly I would recommend the 350 because the 250 crew cab is 800# heavier than the supercab without gaining any payload capacity. The 350 crew cab rides pretty the same as a 250 crewcab. Thy one out. You get a heavier rear axle and springs and the cost I believe is about $700 more. Have fun either way.
  • lazejlazej Posts: 8
    The General tires look like they are about 95% Hiway tread. I have 400lbs of sand in the back. Did okay in the little bit of snow so far. As I tow a 7,500 lb trailer now and look to get an 11,000 lb 5th wheel I would not go with the 5.4. Your asking for trouble with that setup. I looked at the F-350 and went with the F-250 as Camping World has 5,000 lb air bags for $220. Used them before and they work great. Better that an extra $700-$1,200 for 2 leaf springs.
  • I just bought a 2001 F250 Crew 4WD with the V10. They recommend the 5W-20 oil, I can't find Mobil1
    in that viscosity! Auto Zone had no oils AT ALL of that type!!!! HELP! I am sure I can substitute 5W-30 in Mobil1, but am worried my gas mileage will get worse than the 12mpg I now get?
  • I just bought a 2001 F250 Crew 4WD with the V10 and the General tires. I live in the mountains in NM where we have gotten a ton of snow this year. I have driven up snow packed hills etc. with a full passenger load, no problem. My pu has a shell which adds weight in the back. Is your 4wd working?
  • bessejbessej Posts: 13
    You won't find 5w-20 oil over the counter. You can only get it at Ford. I put 10W30 in my 01 superduty crew cab with the 5.4 and noticed no drop in gas milage. Once I use up my stock of 10W-30, I will probably switch to 5W-30 and use that for the remainder of my life with this pickup. When I can buy Havoline for 49 cents a quart after rebate why would I want to pay Fords price per quart for their oil?
  • I almost bought my F250 SD CC with the 5.4, what is the power/torque like when you are not towing?
  • connonconnon Posts: 52
    I had to look around quite a bit to find 5w20 oil. Exxon makes it.I can't tell you where to find synthetic however.Checked a few major oil company(castroll, pennzoil,amsoil) websites and none of them listed a 5w20.I dont like the idea of having to go to the dealer to buy motor oil. I too, have at least a case of 5w30 from my 99 Superduty that I just traded in against a '01 King Ranch S-crew.
  • bessejbessej Posts: 13
    Ok, let's try this again.

    So far it has been very acceptable with that engine. I have the 4.10 limited slip rear end with the manual transmission so that I can work the gears rather than the computer. I think that combination makes for a good power transfer and the pickup accelerates very well. My towing requirement are such that I didn't need the bigger engine around 2500 pounds max towing for the things I do. Everything considered, I think that power train combination is very good.
  • bessejbessej Posts: 13
    Well, when you figure that the engine that is in the new pickups is probably the same as what was in the pickups that are only a few years old and the oil recommendations for the older ones was either 5w30 or 10w30, I don't see where the issue comes from for not using 5W20 oil. I think that even with the oil cooler, if you are towing something up towards the max for a long distance, the lighter oil may break down and leave you stranded. Anybody an oil expert on this?
  • I own one the first '99 SD's on the road. I ordered mine on Apr.29,'98, and it was delivered to the dealer on June 4. It is an XLT, 4X4, EC, V-10, 3.73, SB. There have been a few new production bugs, but well taken care of by the dealer/Ford. I now have almost 49,000 miles. The truck delivers 11-14 mpg solo, and 9-12 towing. I had the rear gear oil changed to Ford synthetic, and had the trans pressure upped. I also ordered this truck without carpet, which I would recommend to ANYONE. This truck is powerful (loaded down or not), stable, agile, and downright fun to drive. Being over 2 1/2 years old, many people have experienced this truck in one fashion or another, and have been convinced this truck is the best HD truck ever built. I pull a travel trailer of about 8,000 lbs, and can drive like there no tomorrow with complete trust that this truck will handle what ever is asked of it. One day a car (Chevy) pulled out in front of me from a stop sign. After being in a coma for 3 days, the lady survived but was ruinrd for life with pins and plates in much of her body. Not only did I drive my truck 200 miles home, but except for a headlight pointing downward, everything, including lights, worked perfectly. When you talk about cost of driving a vehicle, you need to consider what TOUGH is worth. Think about it.
  • I average right around 15 mpg mixed driving, not towing, but with 2 adults and a kid with 400 ls of sand over rear axle. I feel this good gas mileage considering how large the vehicle is. The lowest I have gotten has been 10.5 towing my boat (3500 lbs) going into the wind. Around town I average 13. I feel the 5.4 has plenty of power to get up and pass and get back in without taking a half mile to do it. The truck serves my purpose. Pictures are under

  • I ordered my 2001 f250sc, sb psd 6 speed on 12-6-00 and recieved it in 8 weeks. Originally they told me it could take up to 16 weeks.
  • Decided it was time to get on-line and give my two cents worth. Took Delivery of my 01'F250 SD CC 4.30 V10 this last November in Albuq NM. Couldn't find what I was looking for in AZ. This truck has been incredible since I first got in it. the power is amazing, have gotten anywhere from 13.2 to 14.4 MPG. finally had a chance to hook her up to my 27 foot Travel Trailer. Acceleration with the trailer on her was great. Pulled onto the Hwy and before I knew it I was doing 80mph. Don't know MPG Pulling as I haven't made a road trip yet. To make a long story short. I would recommend a F250 SD to all the non believers. Prior to buying my SD, I test drove the Chewy 2500HD 6.0 CC Wasn't impressed. For Cannon, here in Tucson AZ, I found the Motor craft 5W-20 oil in the local Walmart Super Center.
  • Are you running auto or manual? Haven't heard of anyone getting that kind of mileage with the V-10. I am looking to buy a new F-250 SD SC 4X4 V-10. Was considering the 3.73 manual but haven't been able to find out whether limited slip is available with the 3.73. According to what I've seen, it looks like it is available with the F-350 but not with the F-250. That doesn't make much sense to me. Have heard that Ford's limited slip is not the best. Can't limited slip be added aftermarket? Can anyone help me out with this?
  • My 4X4 SD has an auto trans, I've gotten that kind of milage several times now driving back and forth to New Mexico. That's doing about 65 to 70 MPH. With the 4.30 rear end, anything faster will decrease your milage. I got in the mid 12s to lower 13s driving 75 to an occational 80 mph. The 4.30 rear works for me though. I do alot of in town driving and plan on pulling the trailer alot this year.The limited slip is available with the 3.73 and the 4.30. It's a two to three hundred dollar option that's worth it.If you don't plan on pulling anything bigger than a 25 footer,the 3.73 limited slip should work out great for you.
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