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Toyota Land Cruiser Navigation System

jslate1jslate1 Posts: 2
have a 2004 landcruiser bought new. the navigation system just went down, which also controls the heat. we do a lot of travelling. have 40,000 miles on it; warranty cut off at 36,000. dealership say's it will cost $ 5,000 to replace navigation system. any suggestions would be appreciated.


  • jduffyjduffy Posts: 2
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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  • jundjund Posts: 1
    A noobie here,just bought 03 tlc a week ago and have noticed how outdated the nav. system(new roads/maps). I went to a toyota dealer and asked how much it takes to get an updated disc for the nav. and was shocked when the guy told me it is $400, but he also told me that I could find one from microsoft called Randall's nav. disc for $80. I have searched Microsoft's site and even googled the said disc but to no avail.
    I am wonderring if anybody in this forum have any information regarding this disc or how to update 03 tlc nav. system.
    Thanks in advance for your info.
  • navguynavguy Posts: 61
    The map disc is under the passenger seat and can be ejected by sliding the tab to the right and then pressing the EJECT button.

    The DVD map disc should cost around $250 - $300. Shop around at another Toyota dealer for 00125-DVD05-CY. The part number on the DVD map disc is 86271-33034.

    Lastly, no other software will work with the Toyota navigation system.
  • navguynavguy Posts: 61
    One solution... check with salvage yards in your area. An inexpensive part may be available from a wrecked vehicle.

    Alternative solution... wait for Toyota to come out with an out-of-warranty program in early November or December of 2005. The part number should be 86111-60180-OW. Again, the program will not be available until November or December.
  • fangsf15fangsf15 Posts: 4
    The 2005.1 is the most recent disk according to my dealer (We currently have a 2004.2 in our 2005 Land Cruiser).

    Does anyone know whent the next version is due to be released? It seems that halfway through 2006 we should be close...

  • rashid1rashid1 Posts: 1
    i have a land cruiser 2002 last months manufacturing with 2003 dashboard.can anybody tell me where i can get software cd for my navigation system.i changed my battery and after that the screen is blank.the ac system also works through the screen so no and imported jeep from doesnt have software cd under the seat.can somebody help me?
  • spotbearsdspotbearsd Posts: 33
    Go see if you can buy an extended warranty from another dealership.. then show up at another dealership a couple of weeks later and show them the navi issue!
  • I am having a very difficult time getting information from my dealer on how to update my navigation system for a 2001 Lancdruiser which is running 2000 ver 1 software. I finally figured out how to locate the navigation DVD player and found out that there is no DVD in the player so I am at a loss to find a part number. I've seen a number of update DVDs on ebay, but all caution to be sure to know the correct part number and generation of your nav system. Can anyone help me with information?
  • steelcruisersteelcruiser Posts: 402
    Go to your dealer and get the info you need.
  • egusmanegusman Posts: 15
    first of all how could you possibly nknow what version of software you are running if there is no dvd in the player. the dvd is the software so you wouldnt be able top bring up on the screen what your version is if no dvd. i thinkl the proble is you have to slide the dvd player button over to open the dvd player door and then press the eject button. then the dvd will eject.
    then the number you need is 86271-33034. that is map update version 5.1 for 2nd and 3rd genration computers. do not buy the 5.1 map for 4th or 5th genrartion computers.
  • Thanks for your reply. The contents of the DVD are loaded into the navigation computer so the DVD does not have to be in the player (this is true for the original software according to the dealer, but they are not sure on upgrades if you have to leave the DVD in the slot). On the navigation screen there is a System Setup opion and if you touch this it tells you exactly what version of software you are running.
  • weprintweprint Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Landcruiser that had Nav DVD ver 3.2 in it. I just bought ver 5.1 (# 86271-33034) and it is not working. It either get the message "DVD Check in Process" or if I shut the car off and turn it on again, "Can not read Map DVD, be sure proper DVD is inserted" Any ideas why this might be happening?
  • navguynavguy Posts: 61
    The next DVD map disc update, version 6.1, will be released between the fall of 2006 or early 2007. ;)
  • navguynavguy Posts: 61
    Either the DVD map disc is dirty or scratched, or the navigation computer is failing. Only a Toyota technician can enter diagnostics to see if a code has been registered. ;)
  • I have the exact same problem. Please let me know if you solve it. Thanks, Wes
  • kidakida Posts: 2
    I have the same problem described in #15....another question based upon what is said in #13....does anyone know how to determine what generation computer you have installed?
  • Kida,

    What year is your Toyota Landcruiser?
  • kidakida Posts: 2
    Answer: 2004...any help would be appreciated
  • boorugboorug Posts: 3
    I have a 2001 Toy Landcruiser and the touch screen on the navigation unit does not work anymore, I got a quote from a local dealership and they quoted me around $7000 for a replacement unit. Any suggestions out there would help to find a replacement or can the screen be replaced? The unit still works but I can't get rid of the caution screen when you first start the car.
  • navguynavguy Posts: 61
    The navigation ECU under the passengers seat has probably failed... can you remove the DVD map disc? Or is it the display? What did they tell you was defective?
  • navguynavguy Posts: 61
    You need an 86271-3304x. The '4' indicates that it is for GEN 4. If the disc is 86271-3303x then it is for a GEN 3. I hope this helps.
  • Anyone know where I can pick up a copy of the GPS Nav dvd? Have a 03 LC w/Gen3 system. Is ver 6 out yet? Thanks.
  • navguynavguy Posts: 61
    V6.1 can be acquired from a Lexus dealer; Toyota dealers do not have the map disc yet. The Lexus part number is PT219-GEN23. Call around for best pricing as the dealers are free to establish their own retail price.
  • Thanks. Do you or anyone else know if there is a low-cost alternative to going through the dealer? Possible to buy the map disc directly from OEM or on ebay, private seller, etc? Thanks in advance.
  • I bought a new Landcruiser in November 2003; its navigation has the European maps but not Greece where I live and use the car. Toyota told me that until today there is no solution from Toyota to have a map for Greece. Can anybody propose a solution? Any DVD or software that may work with map of Greece?
  • if you can get map data from another gps map of cgreece you could possible use the firmware at the beginning of the european disc and then add the map greece map data where the european data was. the lexus 2007 is350 club members are doing it as the 6.1 5th generation update dosnt allow the overide button to be accessed anymore by tapping the screen. so they are burning the 5.1 firmare and then adding the 2006 data so they have the latest. of course both copies are obtained from lexus . copies can only be of legally obtained originals and for your own use keeping the originals.
  • q#15 and #20 both bought gen 2/3 update but the 2004 landcruiser went 4th generation computer. the only way to tell without having the dealer run your vin number is to actually get the toyota part number off the unit. the genration 2 unit for 2001 was 86841-50010. genration 3 installed in 2002 2003 and is 86841-33060. the 2 and 3 gen updates work on both generations. generation 4 installed in 2004 2005 2006 and is 86841-50090. generation 5 started in 2007 and part number not determed yet.
  • boorugboorug Posts: 3
    There is no dvd disc in the ECU could that be the problem? The dealer said the unit needed to be replaced. Thanks for your help on this!
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