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Toyota Land Cruiser Navigation System



  • We just purchased 2003 land cruiser with nav system, 6 disc dvd changer and rear seat dvd. On the nav system - the display screen, has an extra button on screen labeled "REAR OFF". We have not been able to determine what this button does? It is located, directly to the right of the "Display" and just to the left of "day mode"
    Can anyone tell us what this button does?
  • Where did you get your quote for your replacement Navigatioin? What a joke this is... I just bought a vehicle... The system was working when I bought it and now it goes in and out. I was qouted $5300.00 to get it fixed. I would buy a portable and say the heck with it but the units control so much more "stuff". No more pre-installed Nav's for me... I'll pay $200.00 for a Tom Tom next go round... :cry:
  • vavavavolvovavavavolvo Posts: 110
    What year is yours?
  • willy12willy12 Posts: 13
    Hi twisterchaser......sorry about your nav sys fiasco as well.......i was quoted $5600 for a replacement unit, which Sierra Toyota (Lancaster, CA) was almost embarassed to quote me--their jaws dropped. I tried to pursue this a little through the Toyota corp help (local out of Torrance, CA) and all they did was attempt to smooth it over by offering to discount it by 10%. Shoot, i'm almost like you, i'll go for a portable one, but the whole issue for me is that Toyota doesn't warn it's owners in either the NAV manual or the std glovebox manual not to replace your car battery without first safing it or else systems could be jeoparized. This is my major gripe......i merely changed out my original battery (2002) and the NAV sys went dark and the dealer and Torrance tried to tell me we must have switched the terminal wires.......BS!!!!! I say they are wrong and legally responsible for not putting out a warning in their manual(s). The built in NAV sys on these top of the line vehicles is a selling feature, at least it was for us (we bought ours used but it worked great until the battery fiasco). I think now I'll try to pursue through the internet for a used unit, search auto junk yards and/ior seek help through a local auto electric outfit. Toyota handling of this matter is very poor and not designed for customer satisfaction.
  • willy12willy12 Posts: 13
    Hi vavavavolvo! mine is a 2002. Can you help finding a replacement unit (the CD player unit that goes under the front passenger's seat?????? Anyone else?!!
  • vavavavolvovavavavolvo Posts: 110
    Willy12--sorry to hear about this. I agree that that is an unbelievable amount of money to spend for replacement system. I--like you--would be looking for a used unit.

    Could you tell those of us with working units what you have learned about how to prevent this from happening, since it sounds like it isn't documented in the manuals.

    What is "Safe mode" and how do you implement it before changing the battery?

  • willy12willy12 Posts: 13
    VaVa...well, i was told by Toyota service that should i have come to them for a battery replacement, they put a device in the cigarette lighter to block anything from happening to the car's computer and like components....I have also heard that one should take off the negative terminal first when switching out batteries to be "safe". Either way, these things aren't common knowledge to the average Joe out there so i contend Toyota is responsible. Of course I wasn't too happy when i had my battery changed out at a battery store and physically watched the young man put take it out and put in the new battery......i did notice immediately my NAV system was dark when i started the ignition after having a working NAV when i pulled into the store.......and, of course, the battery shop owner says they don't have anything to do about it. Either way, the consumer gets the shaft.
  • willy12 my Land Cruiser is an 04'. I have had very little success locating a used unit anywhere... I'm wondering if there is a location you can go to get the unit rebuilt on your own. I'm still looking on line daily for a replacement... Any assistance anyone can give would be great. I wonder if we were to get enough people with this problem together could we force a re-call or class action suit of some kind. I find it hard to believe the cost of replacing these units is so high with no work arounds...
  • rand3rand3 Posts: 1
    Today I took my 2005 Land Cruiser in because the DVD/CD changer wasn't working. Keep in mind....the navigation, the LCD, the handsfree, the radio, the backup camera ALL STILL WORKED. The Toyota Dealer quoted me $4600 to replace the defective DVD/CD changer. The part was quoted at $4200. Here is what kills me. I went to WWW.TOYOTA.COM and priced out a new 2008 Land Cruiser. The option to add ALL the things mentioned above is $3400!!!!!!! Explain that one to me.
  • hypnosis44hypnosis44 Posts: 483
    Sad but true. If one were to rebuild any vehicle one part at a time the total would cost in excess of 200% to 300% more than the purchase price.
  • willy12willy12 Posts: 13
    Hi allaccess........wish i could grant you "success". Perhaps we should consider signing a petition to Toyota Corp. This whole bit is outrageous. You've done more than i have regarding daily searches, and obviously this is not unique to these navig systems. Did you read what happened to me.....i merely had the original battery changed out wherein the nav sys went dark....all else works. If i find anything new out there i will be sure to let our little consortium know.
  • luluthi178luluthi178 Posts: 1
    hello! i know this is a long shot, but i was wondering if you ever found a way to get a navigation DVD for Greece? we had a 2007 totota 4runner shipped to greece but no one was able to help us search for a DVD. if you have any information about this, please get back to me. thanks!!

  • metro5metro5 Posts: 4
    In 1/2005 Toyota sent its dealers a tech bulletin (EL002-05) describing a defect in its 2004 Highlander, Prius and Land Cruiser models: "Some customers may experience various malfunctions occurring with the multi display". They state that a revised multi-display unit had been developed to resolve the problem and that a replacement unit would be installed IF the malfunction occurred within the 36K mile warranty period. When my 04 Highlander unit began to fail I contacted Toyota and they stated that yes, there was a potential problem with the system but that the repair would only be covered thru the warranty period. It's obvious Toyota hoped the faulty wiring would hold together through the warranty period and thus free them from responsibility. Toyota is reaping more profits from its error every time one of these units malfunctions - a new unit for the Highlander costs $5500. On there is a dissection of a failed Prius multi-display unit. They then compare it with a disassembled working unit. They show clearly that part of the wiring was re-engineered in order to remedy the problem. If you're comfortable working with a computer circuit board, the website shows the repair procedure. I am looking into a replacement unit from Shame on Toyota for this cover-up. An alert to used car buyers: AVOID TOYOTA AND LEXUS 2004 MODELS WITH NAVIGATIONAL/MULT-FUNCTION DISPLAY UNIT!
  • metro5metro5 Posts: 4
    Check out my post #108 re Toyota cover-up of nav. display unit defect. Apparently, vibration and climate conditions put stress on soldered components in the circuit board. The Toyota "Consumer Experience" contact explained that the company is only liable for problems during the warranty period, even if a notice of malfunction was posted. They closed the case and I was not even able to talk to a zone rep. I was also told that a letter to the corp. from an attorney would be ignored. A class action suit is deserved here.
  • rd2maxrd2max Posts: 1
    allaccess, any luck in getting the unit rebuilt? Have you stumbled upon a replacement unit at a fair price? An assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • navguy1navguy1 Posts: 181
    European DVD map disc will not work in US built navigation units.
  • navguy1navguy1 Posts: 181
    "REAR OFF" prevents the rear seat entertainment from being operated.
  • jes10jes10 Posts: 1
    I have been told the Navigation ECU is bad on my 2003 Landcruiser. The dealer that is fixing it is out of town. They asked that I get them the part # from the current ECU so they can order a remanufactured part and order the correct piece. I know the navigation head is under the passenger seat but where exactly is the ECU and the part number on that ECU?
  • lc2006lc2006 Posts: 2
    One month ago a squirrel nested under the hood of my 2006 LC and chewed the wiring harness. I took the vehicle to my dealer from whom I have purchased 3 other Toyotas and they estimated the damage to over $4000, insurance picked up most except for deductible. Two weeks later I have my vehicle back and two days later I realize that my Nav system is no longer tracking my current position by at least 55 miles it seemed to have lost its compass. I took it back and said that I think the antenna must be disconnected when they were doing all the work behind the dash. They had the vehicle all day and called and said it was just a calibration problem hmmmm. Two days later same problem again they have the car and say that it needs a new antenna (surprise) to the tune of $552 for parts and another $150 to install. Now I am in a position of who shot John was this directly connected to the original problem and they should have included it in the estimate and the insurance company would have covered or did they cause the problem all I know is that the unit worked when I took it in for the initial repair and does not now.
    Does anyone know where I can get OEM parts for the Fujitsu unit other than Toyota? I have Googled with no luck also a good manual. Also shouldn't I be able to hook up an external receiver to the unit to see if it works as I do with my laptop navigation? If so is the receiver connected to the ECU or the indash unit? And last how do I remove the indash unit? In the mean time I intend to take this up with Toyota.

    Thanks in advance.
  • mercaramercara Posts: 291
    I used to order many OEM parts from Grape wine toyota in texas. See if they can give you a discount.

    On a side note, in general, if you are a person who keeps your car beyond the bumper to bumper warranty, it may make sense to skip the factory navigation. Two reasons, the maps go out of date in a couple of years and dealers charge crazy amounts for a map update.

    Secondly, the newer units like in the Landcruiser also control other things like the heat/ac, radio etc. So, if the unit fails you are forced to fork out over $5000 for a replacement. It may seem a bit inconvenient, but for the number of times I use it, I would just rather have a portable unit in the car.

    It may sound trivial, but the reason I went with another truck when I upgraded from my 2002 TLC was that I couldn't order the new TLC without the NAV package. Although they do say it is an option, you can't get one in without it. Basically it is *mandatory option*.
  • lc2006lc2006 Posts: 2
    Thanks you have reinforced my feelings about paying $550 plus labor for an antenna (receiver) when I can get a top of the line portable unit for much less. What it does do however is reduce my trade in value on an already depressed market for SUVs. My choices are fix it, drive it until the wheels fall off, or take my lumps when I trade. It just irks me that the unit worked fine until I took it in for the original problem and now it does not and they want to charge me. :mad:

    Thanks again
  • 2005lc2005lc Posts: 1
    Is there any way to allow the gps unit to be programed while moving? thanks, bob
  • dEAR jes10. I'm so sorry i misplaced your e-mail until now. Yes, the unit is under the right pass seat. it is the whole unit and the disk goes into it. One can get the model #, S/N etc off of it. I feel like writing a class action suit against Toyota since there seems to be a lot of folks unhappy about these units going out and the replacement cost is outrageous. I merely replaced my car battery (had it done @ a battery shop) and it took out my system. Los Angeles regional center told me I must have switched the battery cables and shorted it out........wrong! My gripe is that no where in the car manual nor nav warranty manual does it give any kind of warning not to do anything to your car because it may take out various systems. And, of course, the local dealer said they would have been libel if i had come to them for battery replacement. Nonsense!

  • I imported a new 2008 land cruiser from USA ( american specs.w/nav) :sick: to saudi arabia.The NAV system does not work ! what should I do OR get to make the NAV work?
  • This Monday as I left for work in our 2002 Land Cruiser (only owner) my gps map display said, “Disc not detected”. I set the passenger seat full forward and removed the DVD protective shield and pressed the disc removal button. The disc ejected and was as new as the day it was installed. I reinserted the disc, but the same message came up after I touched “ I Agree”. Everything else works on the screen: audio,climate,radio,cd,etc. What next?
  • I have a 2002 LC with aftermarket video monitors in the headrest. Is it possible to override the blackout system on the built in display screen and view dvds using the stock changer while your moving? If not, can you use the aftermarket screens with the installed dvd changer or will they go blank when the parking brake is disengaged as well? Thanks
  • Everything works on my touch screen (audio, climate) except the navigation buttons. Any suggestions?
  • My 06 LC has REAR OFF I want to use the RSE can somebody tell me how to remove the REAR OFF in the Navigation System. Thank you for your help.
  • I just got a 2005 LC, but I'm waiting to get the new DVD, it didn't come with one, but for some reason the bluetooth doesn't work correctly, it connected the phone just fine and made the call, but neither me or the caller can hear each other....I tried all the settings....does this have to do w/ having no disc in the unit?
    The Calendar also won't work...related to not having a disc too?
    I'm in the process of getting a new disc.
    Please help.
  • kjack100kjack100 Posts: 133
    My wife's '03 naviagation system has had this problem for quite a can calibrate location and direction and it will work fine for a day or two. Then it drifts off course and eventually it will show you 100's of miles away. Also, the direction won't be right either. Any thoughts on which part of the system is causing the problem? We have a Toyota extended warranty, but in '03 it did not cover the nav system, despite the closer's promises, of course.
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