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Toyota Land Cruiser Navigation System



  • i have 04 TLC navigation display is not properly working. screen shows also audio and climate control is not operatible please help me what can i do. Dealer asking 5K!!!!!!!!!!
  • metro5metro5 Posts: 4
    Most likely it's just the display unit that needs to be replaced, not the entire nav. system (5K). My dealer was able to install a refurbished display in my 04 Highlander for much less. Toyota alerted dealers about a possible malfunction in the multi-display unit in a 2005 tech bulletin (EL002-05). I believe the culprit is with a faulty solder joint within the unit. 2004 Highlander, Prius, and Land Cruiser are affected. Although the company admitted that the unit was defective, they would not repair anything after the 3yr/36K warranty period. Toyota revised the unit in 2005 models.
  • gypgyp Posts: 2
    I haven't really checked if anybody else posted this info, but repaired our sudden, sad, No disk detected error on a 2001 Land Cruiser.for which we were forlornly quoted some several thousand dollars from the big guys to replace, and therefore lived without for a year, shooting off nasty emails to Japan here and there. Audio & Video Service Stop was able to perform whatever fix they did for about $400 with shipping. Man oh man was I happy to see my POIs again. I told them I wanted to let folks know about them, so here I have done so. Sorry it's probably a bit late for some, but sounds like these guys are well beefed up on all kinds of in car nav systems.
  • gypgyp Posts: 2
    I thought I should also add my experience trying to update map data on a burnt disc. Failures included a disc somehow burnt with including Joliet file system (which I noticed by viewing the disc in Isobuster) - the nav wouldn't read that disc. By then I was nervous about loading wrong Lexus 5.1 firmware, so I just copied my 2.1 disc, replaced all of the map files from the 7.1 disc, did NOT copy the other weird new files like the .bin or .vns files, and left my 2.1 loading.kwi alone. So I kind of had a 2.1 disc with 7.1 data. I made an .iso of the folder contents with ImgBurn, and changed out my burner for a NEC one that allowed bitsetting to DVD-ROM, and then burnt the iso to a Verbatim purple double layer. When I plunked this one in the nav, it did try hard to read it, but would not load POIs, or find a route, and the address buttons and all were grayed out, and also the zoom wasn't working, and it just generally looked all choked up and ruined. Depressed, I went in for the night, and, turning the car on again in the morning, strangely, it all was working just fine. So, I dunno. Guess the Toyota was tired too. Am still scared to try the 7.1 with the 5.1 23 mb loading.kwi. Not sure if the change would be reversible, since it seems I'm doing ok with my 2.1 loading.kwi, and of course have the override screen at UL LL UL LL LR. It sounds as though those using the 23 mb 5.1 loading.kwi said to be for Generation 2/3 might be for some other kind of in dash version or pure Lexus with bluetooth or some other features or what not. If anybody could clear that up, or the reversibility back to my 2.1 disc if 5.1 messes me up...
  • willy12willy12 Posts: 13
    thank you gyp for posting.
    Yep, i'm one of those Landcruiser owners that has a blacked out nav system as of Dec 07 when I put in a new car battery. The local dealer took a big swallow when they quoted some $5500 for a replacement........

    Frankly, I am fed up with the attitude of Toyota. They basically told me I must have crossed the wires when I changed out the battery, adding that had I come to them for a new battery it wouldn't have happened-they have a device that safes all car systems. And, most consumers don't know this. I ask who goes to a dealer to put in a new battery? I'm sure they've had several customers that have had this happen to them and I think it's unethical that their manuals that came with the car don't warn owners not to touch their batteries or else it could "take out" a computer sensor, or the nav system etc. I was actually thinking of a class action suit.

    W. Marsh
  • phuthumaphuthuma Posts: 12
    Any known source other than the dealer for an '09 disc update for a 2003 LC...$265 if purchased through Toyota? Thanks!
  • salehibysalehiby Posts: 2
    I have 2009 L.C. without navigation system , my question is is it possible to install the orginal navigation - DVD system to my car and HOW ??
  • salehibysalehiby Posts: 2
    I have 2009 Land Cruiser without navigation system , my question is is it possible to install the original navigation - DVD system to my car and HOW ??
  • phuthumaphuthuma Posts: 12
    I'm sure it's possible and costly...the built-in is nice (I have it in my '03 LC and it needs an update--still looking for a non- dealer source) but consider a garmin as it is portable and reliable. The 700 series nuvi from amazon is a bargain. It could run into the few thousand for a retro-fit from the devil, er I mean dealer.
  • mvargomvargo Posts: 2
    Do you think there are any weird functions that I don't know about for the nav, toyota landcruiser 2004. suddenly a few days back no voice for nav. The menu has a setting for no voice but it's set to ON, like speak. I even tried factory presets. She is just not talking. Nav is working just fine, just silently.
  • phuthumaphuthuma Posts: 12
    Other than the manual, you may want to check that the steering wheel 'tab' for voice activation has not locked or become stuck in an off or silent mode/position
  • phuthumaphuthuma Posts: 12
    ps have you purchased an 'update' for your system? I believe an '09 dvd is available...I am looking for a disc from another source (other than the dealer) for my '03
  • mvargomvargo Posts: 2
    i think the dealer said they did an update to 4.2 a while back, it messed up my street always telling me to make a left turn in to the I have never thought of updating it, nothing has changed in this area too badly.
    I can get the thing to follow voice commands though. this no voice is probably something REALLY easy to fix, i'm just blind to it....
  • dwj_42dwj_42 Posts: 3
    I want to share information regarding repair to my 2002 Landcruiser nav system. Dealer informed me that ECU (Electrical Control Unit - fancy word for DVD player) was shot and would need to be replaced to fix nav system. Quoted me $5500!.......After searching the internet for alternate solutions, I found a forum where a repair shop was listed that could repair the ECU. The website is They repaired my ECU for approx. $400. Works great! Toyota should be ashamed..........Here's how to remove the ECU: Unit is located under the passenger seat. Slide the seat forward as far as possible. Remove screws that hold down dust cover and remove dust cover. Remove screws that connect ECU bracket to floor - this will require moving the seat back to unscrew the forward screws. Also unscrew the ground wire nut. The carpet edge in front of the seat may obscure the screws and will need to be peeled back a little. Once loose from the floor, slide ECU w/bracket toward the back of the seat. Disconnect electrical wires - (plug into back of ECU). ECU and bracket should now come free completely. Remove screws holding bracket to ECU. ECU contains the map DVD. I shipped the ECU and map disk to Video Service Stop. They returned it in about 10 days. I hope this helps someone else save $5000!!!!! Good Luck.
  • radicasterradicaster Posts: 3
    Thanks - I was an early (maybe 1st) contributor to this blog about 3 years ago. Have a 2004 bought new and NAV failed at 52K miles - no warranty service from Toyota. Wes Wood Suwanee, GA
  • willy12willy12 Posts: 13
    Thanks so much MR. DWJ_42..this is indeed awesome news and I'm so very grateful to you and this forum....if this works (and i have no doubt it's worth the try!) this is the answer many of us have been seeking--still think Toyota Corp needs a class action suit filed against it for the crap they give their clients which is a $5500 estimate, what utter nonsense! They are shameful, yes!
  • vavavavolvovavavavolvo Posts: 110
    Let us know how you make out with the repair of your nav. Good luck.
  • dwj_42dwj_42 Posts: 3
    You are very welcome.......I hope you have the same success that I did.
  • philg87philg87 Posts: 74
    I have a 02 TLC with the same problem no disc. I got the same quote 5k. I will check in to this. Thanks for the information.
  • gertie51gertie51 Posts: 1
    Have just brought a Sahara with this system but there is no instruction booklet--does anyone know where i can get one or if i can download one on the net anywhere
  • dwightadwighta Posts: 1
    I have a TLC 2006 with about 60k miles, and the navigation is intergrated in with the climate controls. The navigation system loses where I am all the time - it started off just once in a while - but now it is about 50% of the time the map thinks we are hundreds of miles from where we really are - is this the similar experience you had - and if so sending the ECU unit from under the seat seemed to work?
  • mdsdmdsd Posts: 26
    you have to make sure to pick the right zip code and city so that the nav can really know where you are at the time.....
  • dtgdtgdtgdtg Posts: 1
    I'm having the same issue with my '04 Land Cruiser. Any idea how to remove REAR OFF? Thanks
  • SYMBOLS What is the square crossed symbol that appears opposite some motorway junctions please. Also is it possible to get a list/picture of symbols that are not listed in the manual.Thanks
  • May be able to help if you tell me when and where the REAR OFF appears
  • I haven't used this product, so I can' t comment on the quality or durability of it. I just ordered this Nav screen protective film, as the surface coating on my screen is wearing off, so I'd like to preserve what's left of it.

    Will post a review once i get it. Thought others may be interested too? emfortoyotalandcruiser.aspx
  • edy3edy3 Posts: 1
    hello my name is Edy i have a 2004 landcruiser and its giving me the same problem that you had let me now what you did my email is thanks. the external system is not connected let me now what to do.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Please don't ask for "personal" help via email. We all benefit when a problem is discussed on the open forum. Thanks.
  • I am having a similar problem with my land cruiser . I had the battery changed then al of a sudden the navigation system and everything attached to it went out. All I get is external system not connected. I am trying to find out if anyone knows how this can be fixed without having to pay 6000 for a new unit.
  • 05landcruiser05landcruiser Posts: 1
    edited February 2010
    I have a 05 LC with an outdated NAV system. My wife has a 07 Lexus RX 350 with a newer updated navigation system. Could I take her disk and insert it into the LC to update mine, or would that mess up my system?
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