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2007 Nissan Altima



  • Yes the majestic blue is very nice. Even on the 06 models it was very flattering on the vehicle. Between the the views of front and rear, which way would you be looking at it the most, from the front or rear. I have only seen these cars on the road, as black, silver, or gray....I really haven't seen any colors yet. I believe either one would be a good decision.
    P.S. In Maximas the red is very popular, if that helps.
  • I did mention the lack of vibrant colors to the Nissan salesman. He said that at one point Nissan did experiment with more unusual colors but they didn't sell well or suffered with resale value once the color was no longer trendy. He concluded that because of this, Nissan was more conservative with colors.
  • jkr2106jkr2106 Posts: 231
    Personally I do prefer black cars, but my '06 Altima is in majestic blue (there were many shades of gray and then blue; no black). But because of the tail lights, i thought the blue looked very nice and would have taken red as well. On the newer ones, I think blue and red are both excellent choices again, and I would probably go for the best deal.

    And I do agree the blue is a bit more metallic...
  • See, all consumers! We can't keep anything trendy unless its the norm.
  • So I totaled my '97 Accord a couple of weeks ago with 159K miles on it :(
    Oh well I just put a down payment on a 2.5SL and need help choosing the color...

    I like Dark Slate the best but might be a long wait for it.
    Wanted Silver before but I think the yellow/red tailights clash with it or maybe the it's because the car is smaller then the previous generations?
    Black is nice but is it really that hard to keep clean?
    Pebble Beach looks like OK in brochures but looks too Gold in real life?
    Do the Blonde leather interiors get dirty?
    Is the Black leather too hot in summer?

    Any thoughts, thanks...
  • jkr2106jkr2106 Posts: 231
    I have black leather in my altima and it doesn't get too hot in the summer, but I do think blond interiors get dirty (i've had blonde cloth though--don't know about leather). Also, on our '04 max we have black and keeping it clean is not THAT hard; it depends on the type of car guy you are. I LIKE washing our cars, so i probably do it more than necessary; if you don't then black may be more problematic.
  • The Altima is not any smaller, the chassis got shorten, but interior space and all is pretty much the same.
  • alex34alex34 Posts: 8
    I purchased an 07 Altima SE, with leather package. I live in Canada and this model comes with Traction Control System as standard and the Vechicle Dynamic Control comes with the leather package. I have an Off switch for the VDC system and I see the lights blink on when starting the car, but I have no Off switch of the TCS and I dont see any lights blink on with TCS when i start the car. According to the manual there should be an Off switch and lights in dash for TCS. I asked the dealership where i bought it and they are looking into it. does anyone know anymore about this? thanks
  • Good evening! I have been quoted a lease price of $325 f/39 mos on a 2007 3.5 SE (automatic) base model, no extras. That quote is including a $3000 down payment. Is this a good deal? They originally quoted me $389. After reading some posts, it just seems like a lot of people are getting payments just a little higher with much less down.... I am new to both buying/leasing - please help! S. Dozier
  • lili1lili1 Posts: 44
    3. I do not know and only insider knows or you will do something like engine part number comparison one by one as a start.
    1 & 2) I will say the metal belt on metal pulley and fluid CVT sucks up power on acceleration & shifting in comparison to MT which suck up more or less x hp per additional pair of gears involved in the gear you are in. However, at cruising without shifting,teh CVT appears to be much more efficient thereforeshowing up as better hwy fuel economy. However, you are asking about 1/4 mile acceleration, I may be a wash and actually it does not matter for what you can put your hands on by paying money. Compare the road test done by another magainze (try searching with 07 altima test 2 3.5 se). That was done on the 3.5 MT. I recall the time is also 15.?. SO it is a wash.
  • lili1lili1 Posts: 44
    I have not been informed therefore not misinformed.

    I am one consumer. Consumer perception is the challenge their 'marketing & desinger(s)' have to master in reading.... a lot of thoughts to earn our money and for our satisfaction is win-win and is appreciated but a lot of efforts do not equate to not missing the target or not getting there.

    A car is a product and therefore it is a package I am buying. Listen to the internam sales intro clip - it is almost like reporting on a car desinged with old shortcomings as the overwhelming goal. Frankly speaking, the torque steer and lower cost interior are must do's problem solver and not to equate to spiring design objectives. Nissan's shift and excitement in turn is discounted and just not standing out in this new generation.

    My perception is affecting my buying decision. This Altima is short by a little on several front important to me when I hunt for the similar excitement I had in '03 - they are lack of 1 or 2 exciting colors in additional to the std stuff, even Camry has two newer colors, option combo a little disturbing & making it more expensive in my case yet still cannot get what I want, I will dare not say it drives sportier and it is just not exciting, & it feel too power assisted on a MT, even exhaust note is not exciting as promised. When I add all these together, I have a major decision problem.

    Now, I may not be the mainstream consumer therefore the odd ball to let go. If I am in business, I will also go after the middle of the road mass masket and go after the average customers, not unlike the road that Toyota is going.

    Hey rev2please, I have seen too many of this 'listen to customers point of view', focus is not that magical especially when they can't do a huge sample; as well as the fact that a car is being such a complex package Vs a Gilette razor. There is yet a very good way to 'listen to the customer'. You hear more bitching based on past experience from customers than vision and what is the next shift. It can ONLY be considered as partail input anyway or else it will get you off-the-track just as bad as listening to your 'sales and marketing' people as a know-all of what customers want. Frankly spaking, how most company people have minimal interaction with real customers to have enough feel. Anyway, on top of this minimal stuff, you need to then DESIGN another statement with the 'SHIFT and EXCITEMENT' visiion. Where is it?

    Hey, when June is going modeling after the IPod, Apple has already up shifted to IPhone!!! Can't see it? I am not alone. Some critique is already calling this an update of the old Altima. You did not hear that when G3 Altima came out in '03!!!

    However,all in all, it is not bad or worse than the competitors!! What can I say. May be I should just forget about it, and pick up a noisy 2.5SL of any color as my 'regular Joe' highway transporter!!
  • Those of your who recently purchased an Altima or Murano with CVT, did you get an extended warranty?

    I've read that the CVT transmissions are relatively robust but I'm concerned about reliability over the long haul. The standard warranty covers for 60k if I recall correctly. Would you recommend going for something to cover to 100k? (Assuming I'd be keeping the car that long.)
  • I bought an extended warranty with my Altima.
    I'm not sure I needed it, but I had some back luck with my old car (a Ford though) and my mom thinks they're a good idea (my dad doesn't).

    I don't know, I'll admit I probably didn't do much research into the extended warranty. I kind of regret it, but I also think it helps cover roadside assistance / towing/ flats too (I think) and being a single girl living in cold MN, a little peice of mind is worth it.
  • chadwchadw Posts: 4
    I bought the extended warranty but it wasn't so much for the engine as it was for all the electronics. I got the 3.5L SE fully loaded with nav, etc. I didn't want to pay much if/when that stuff breaks. You can check to get an idea of the rates. Note: A lot of dealerships will try to sell you the warranty for a lot more than the prices you see online. Make sure you negotiate. You should be able to get it for less at the dealership. If you don't want to negotiate, then just buy it over the phone from the website later.
  • The car makers love the extra warranty. It is great revenue. The Nissan CVT is quite robust and to my knowledge is basically unchanged from 03 when the Murano came to market. They had a few bugs prior to release to public but were only minor problems. Out secretary has an 03 or 04 and has 1 minor problem with drivetrain but sounded more of a freak item (some connecting bracket on the CVT itself). With regard to "do you need it", you can purchase it anytime later if we feel that you are going to have problems. The cost is not that much different as long as the initial coverage has not lapsed. You do not need the extended coverage till this is getting ready to happen anyway.

    Nissan or should a say Jatco, a division of Nissan has a pretty much bullet proof design and one of the science journals agrees. I have an 07 Murano that I leased in OCtober and LOVE the CVT and the smoothness! I know the Camry is slightly faster but who tries to run 0-60 in 6 seconds everyday. I question Toyota's quality because they have recalled some 2.1 or 2.5 million cars the past 24 months. Nissan has had one major with the 2.5L and as soon as they realized they had the problem they actually shut the production down according to the Tennessean in Nashville.
  • Thanks! I had no idea of this feature's existence! Went back out and had to try it out last night.
  • I expect you've made your decision by now, but the Sonoma Sunset Red is indeed a metallic color. It's interesting today how cars are so advanced and sophisticated compared to many years ago, but in one sense they've reverted back to maybe 60-70 years ago in the choices of very few colors, and those of a dismal hue, and only two choices of interior color. I did choose the Red with blond cloth interior, and an unexpected bonus was the difference in interior appointments between a charcoal and blond interior. While we were waiting for my car to be made ready, the salesman said he needed to go over the equipment of the car with me. There was a red top-of-the-line one with leather on the showroom floor, but it had more stuff than mine--it also had blond leather and a nice wood-grain cover to the binnacle under the HVAC controls which I tho't was exclusive to the top line model. We then went out to the lot to do the lesson on an identical-to-mine SE, but in a drab gray with a dark cloth interior--its binnacle cover is of an ugly black mesh type of metal. When mine was brought around I was delighted to find that all the blond interiors have much more nicely-toned appointments, including the wood-grain binnacle cover like on the top-line model, all at the same price. I remember test-driving a Nissan Altima SE 3.5 with a 5 Spd I believe in about 1999--it was in a beautiful color called Gold Mink--a light, slightly metallic creamy gold. When I turned off I-35 at Temple, TX to go to the dealer to pick mine up, coincidentally there was a Nissan in that very color in front of me--I would have loved to have had one in that color, but I believe it was available for no more than one or two years.
  • I love the V6 in conjunction with the CVT transmission--in fact, it was what attracted me to the car. A few years ago I had the occasiona to drive a Saturn with a CVT and liked it, wondered what it would be like in a more upscale car with a much stronger motor. It's seamless, turbine smooth, much like the Dynaflow transmissions in the Buicks of the 50s and early 60s, but without the fuel wasting slippage. When you step into it, it also sounds and feels like the swith-pitch converter feature incorporated into the Dynaflows from 1955 on and used in Turbine 400 tranmissions from '65-'67. It's easy to keep the revs low--if you give it very light throttle, it turns only about 2,100 at 70, feels like a lock-up converter. We've gone from two-, three-, four-, five- and now six-speed automatic transmissions--STOP! How is a six-speed really any better than a five-speed, or a five-speed any better than a good four-speed with overdrive? It seems to me around town the things are going to be shifting all the time.
  • ggs2ggs2 Posts: 18
    i just purchased an '07 altima earlier today and was offered the paint protection service as well as the undercoating. usually costs $994.00 but can get it now for $595.00.the paint protection apparently protects against acid rain,bird droppings,&uv rays.of course the undercoating is mostly for rust protection and road noise. is this something i should consider? also was offered a leather protection package as well. i was told that the leather cleaners that people use now are actually bad because they contain alcohol. can anyone recommend a good, safe leather cleaner? thanks
  • A thing I'm curious about is this--automobile engines have been being designed and produced for just over 100 years. Why is it that some problems have not been worked out conclusively and permanently from some point on? How can a company make an engine today, with all the knowledge extant, that will still have problems with oil consumption or ring seatings? Seems like those things would have become elementary.
  • dotsyncdotsync Posts: 19
    everything i've read say that these dealer addons are a joke. the paint on the new altimas is actually pretty high quality and any high end leather cleaner should do. also, if these are things that concern you, im sure you can purchase them later from a third party for a lot cheaper.
  • lili1lili1 Posts: 44
    In pursuit of improvement/'better idea', not do things the same way, 'thinking outside the box'.... therefore changing to another design/materials change/tweaking something for reasons such as solving the whatever problems of the current design, for cost cutting, emission parameters or emission induced parameters, fuel consumption criteria, horsepower/P performance requirement, weight parameter, life reason, reliability reason, technology change enabling some changes in design and now manufacturability,supplier constraint in suppying the ring, new technology in the ring design area, supply management find cheaper supplier but does a different design, a different designers intuitively/egotisitcally/professionally/personally/inherently want/need to do things differently, etc...who knows what in this particular situation.....or supplier's offering better idea for the same reason(s), ..... and compounded by screw up or oversight such as lessons already learnt from years ago/knowledge not passed on due to generation change,......and this new idea is then all on paper and who know what the rings will actually do in the cylinider and therefore will be tested to see what surprises come up, and if the test plan/concept is not done well, not tested enough, often not able to reflect real life situation, or not even know how to define or simulate new life situation,not tested enough for reasons including the company's product launch date allowing shorter than traditional lead time, then the result or compromise concluded with some judgment to be good enough....then you have things and conditions beyond what anyone can anticipate at that time, you have this kind of surprise (you are effectively extending your testing in the market believing that you dealership newwork can change parts in same day until but once in a while you have a crisis. Hey, same touch as the foan pieces falling off the space shuttle rockets and any less pumped person will just not wish to be on board. )

    So, philosophically, all in all, it is for the sake of changes and improvements which often brings better and better things (but also worse and worse things) in some ways, may be not for the bettering which you need or care for but they often do for the company's needs, not need, or bottom line.... and consumer can fall victim to these things. I for one will not buy products made in the initial batches and let problems cleaned up first, which including manufacturing problems at manufacturer or suppliers, be they discover themselves or failure in teh field. If you look at it another way, it is OK if you are one of those who such hassles don't bother you, you enjoy being the first to have the new toys, your local dealer in combo with Nissan is believed to be top notch in learning fast and in reaction, then there is nothing wrong being the the earlier users and often paying more.
  • I tho't the purpose of chrome was to look "garish" as compared to the paint! What's wrong with garish? My '07 3.5 SE is the burgundy (they call it some fancy name, Carcinoma Sunset or something like that)--looks burgundy to me. The appeal of the dreary colors of today is a mystery to me--the next time you see a silver or gray car, especially on a rainy day, notice how closely it blends in with the pavement. The car I traded for the Nissan was an '04 VW NB TDI--in Sundown Orange--it was one of the most visible colors in the spectrum. So far as I'm concerned, only two real colors are offered--blue or burgundy, the rest are the bunk. Fifty years ago, 1957, a parking lot of new cars looked like a collection of Easter eggs such was the array of colors available.
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    LOL!!! Carcinoma? That was funny. I guess
    you meant Sonoma Sunset!!!
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    Voripteth, I had a 2002 Maxima in the majestic
    blue color (the car was totalled in an accident back in July (RIP). The majestic
    blue looks very nice when clean. But like the
    black color it shows the dirt and water spots
    and such. I would also agree that the Sonoma
    Sunset color looks very nice on the Altima.
    I have to say, I also like the pearl white color. These new "White" colors on today's cars have that pearl sheen to it that I think
    looks really nice.
  • jautojauto Posts: 3
  •'re exactly right--I just couldn't resist! BTW, several years ago, I test drove an Altima 3.5 with a manual in a beautiful color called Gold Mink--a light, slightly metallic creamy gold. Coincidentally, as I was driving up to the dealership in Temple, TX to pick up my new car, there was one of that color going along--I would have loved to have had my new one in that hue.
  • One wonders which of the things in this exhaustive list inspired the Vega engine...
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi - you probably want to check out the Altima Prices Paid & Buying Experiences discussion for that information.

    Let me suggest that you turn off your caps lock. All caps make a post very hard to read so many people will just skip it. Also it makes it appear that you are yelling at us. :)
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi - the Altima Prices Paid & Buying Experiences discussion is probably the best source for that information.

    Let me suggest that you turn off your caps lock. All caps make a post very hard to read so many people will just skip it. Also it makes it appear that you are hollering at us. :)
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