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  • yuryyury Member Posts: 146
    Hi, All

    A question to regulars here on the forum. What's your overall impression on reliability of new Altimas? How would they stack up againt camcords?

    I am in particular interested in 3.5S

    How's the fit and finish? Any interior rattles/noices?

    Looks like there's a 1% financing available in Canada...makes me think maybe i should get rid of mu 05 malibu....
  • rps1rps1 Member Posts: 13
    Hi yury, I have the 07 3.5SL, and the fit is tight and the finish is exceptional. No noise or squeaks. No interior rattles or noises. My overall impression is great, but the car is new so only time will tell. I have no complaints at all..
  • jd10013jd10013 Member Posts: 779
    Yea, they're so new, its hard to say about reliability. but your 100% right about the fit and finish. nissan took a really, really big step forward in that department with this redesign. The quality increase on the inside is deffinitly the single biggest improvement over the 06 model.
  • jaeger1jaeger1 Member Posts: 43
    '07 3.5 SE 6MT - 3 months, and apart from som e fiddly cargo net clips, ZERO problems, ZERO rattles, TONS of grins.

  • yuryyury Member Posts: 146

    just wondering, how long did you guys had your altimas?
  • jd10013jd10013 Member Posts: 779
    I bought mine in early feb 07. its been perfect. but, it is only 5 1/2 months old. Every car I've owned has had at least 1 or two thing I din'd like, but not this one. I can honestly say there isn't a single thing about it that I find myself wishing nissan had done differently. like I was saying before, its much nicer than anything before it. I've been buying nissan vehicles since '92, and the improvement in quality is tremendous.
  • yuryyury Member Posts: 146
    So, I got to test drive an 07 3.5S, majectic blue with black interior. Here's my impressions.
    First thing, I currently own a 05 malibu (3.5 V6, 200 hp), so that was the point of reference.


    1. The interior. Black interior looks way nicer than the grey one that was in the other Altima dealer drove me in to the storage.
    It has a mix of nice cloth and a suede like sufraces.
    2. The size. It does feel a bit smaller that the malibu. Probably mostly because it has less headroom and I probably pumped up the vertical adjustment lever too much. The back seat is a bit smaller too and there's less legroom at the back. But it is still adequate unless someone really tall rides at the back.
    3. Driving stuff. To me it felt liek a sports car actually. Handling is tight, power is high. I was spinning the wheels while trying to GENTLY pull out of the parking lot. The brakes are little strange, kinda soft, but after some getting used to it may actually work out ok. Steering wheel is small, but comfortable. They say it's light at low speeds, but i don't think it's lighter the malibus', maybe even stiffer. But comfy and positioned well.

    The tranny feels actually not much different from a regular auto. Well, no shift shock of course, but for me it not that big a deal. Can live with the shock, can live without it.
    The car picks up really good with a minimum pedal input, it even is a bit too jumpy...when you push it in at higher speeds there's a bit of disappointment since you don't get the same initial jump. But that's all in the head, cause the car still accelerates pretty quick.

    Downshifts with the 6 point manual mode....Will take getting used to. It's all smooth, there's no instant revving up so I even wondered did it do anything at all?? But of course it did and part of the blame here is that it's 6 points, so your rev increment is pretty small.
    The suspension is on the hard side, but comfy, has kinda rubbery feel. Doesn't shake the bejesus out you, but definitely you feel the road.


    1. Aux input didn't work when I plugged my MP3 phone in. I gave me about a second of sound and then it kept saying "no aux input" amd switching to the radio.
    2. Steering wheel vibrated in the highway. But that maybe due to unbalanced tires, etc. no stability issues however.
    3. there was a distinct rattle in the speaker area somewhere, only present when the radio was on. With the radio off it was ok.

    Comments, anyone? i am especially interested in the comments in the problems section, am i looking at something that may end being prblematic or maybe there's a good fix that thay can do...
  • vikariousvikarious Member Posts: 15
    The only problem I've had with my car so far is the latch on the armrest doesn't want to stay latched. I'll be driving along and all of a sudden the armrest will be up and the compartment open.

    I have a feeling it'll be one of those things they "can't replicate" at the dealership and I'll have to live with. I haven't taken it in yet but hope to soon.

    I seriously LOVE this car.
  • yuryyury Member Posts: 146
    one more thing....on the way back from the dealer in my malibu i felt like i was driving a fridge :)

    btw, guys, anyone knows what's the diagonal size of the trunk? It would be kinda nice if I could fit my 170 cm skis there witout having to fold the seat.
  • jd10013jd10013 Member Posts: 779
    1. the axu, might jut be the phone. I'd try it with another device (ipod for example) to see if its the radio, or the phone. not saying the phone is broke, just may be a compatibility issue

    2. the steering wheel should not vibrate. If thats the car your going to purchase, demand it be taken care of. My car runs smooth as glass at any speed, well, haven't exceeded 80mph yet.

    3. sounds like something is loose, the vibration from the sound comming out of the speaker is whats making something ratttle. again, demand that it is fixed to your satisfaction.
  • bv050506bv050506 Member Posts: 97
    First off, I've owned both the Camry'07 and the 3.5SE '07 Altima with preferred package. The Camry is nicer inside, and a tad larger. Altima trunk bigger. Camry is a tich fast er IMHO. Love the CVT tranny in the Altima which also handles MUCH better than the Camry.
    I have the bose stereo which carries a lot of base and ocassionally I'll get a speaker that rattles a bit. Did you put the radio setting on auxiliary? I heard this complaint in other posts as well. I have no vibration problems at 79, 80 ,90 115, etc. The Altima is a fine car and I haven't had any problems to speak of as yet. I just turned 7,000 miles in 90 days!
  • rps1rps1 Member Posts: 13
    First of all, I don't know how you can compare an 05 200hp Malibu to an 07 Altima with275 HP. You say you had a hard ride with the 3.5SE. Take a 3.5SL for a test drive and you will not feel the road at all. It's a smooth comfortable ride with the same power as the SE. The trunk is 15.3 cu ft.I don't know if your skis will fit without putting the rear seat down. I test drove a Camry and found the interior to be cheaply made with no comparison to the Altima. I love the CVT, and don't see any comparison to a conventional tranny.
  • kannikanwokannikanwo Member Posts: 19
    Hi all, I have the Altima Hybrid with the tech package and was wondering if the compass was suppose to be in the rear view mirror. It is obviously on the navigation but I was hoping to see it on the mirror too.

  • youkwonyoukwon Member Posts: 1
    hi, i am currently seriously purchasing 2007 nissan altima 2.4 S to replace my '96 lexus es300. i rented altima from hertz for 1 day and pretty much did everything i can think of to fully evaluate the car. rental car had little over 10,000 miles on it.

    everything seemed okay until i noticed an annoying rattling noise inside the cabin. it was obviously coming from plastic bin or some plastic part inside. has anybody exprienced this rattling noise as well? pls let me know. one thing that i cannot stand is a wierd noise inside the cabin. i also rented and did the same thing with 2007 camry and this one had no annoying noise inside the cabin. thank!!
  • bv050506bv050506 Member Posts: 97
    My '07 Camry was an XLE the only thing it didn't have was NAV. My Altima 3.5SE has everything but NAV as well. The AltimaSL is more like the interior of the Camry. I guess I'd call it more luxurious. The SE is more sporty, with no faux wood trimming. The Altima has improved vastly this year, but IMHO I still think the Camry is nicer inside. It really came down to a handling issue with me. The guys skiis will most likely not fit in the trunk. I'm thinking 170cm will be the max. I too love the CVT tranny! Enjoy your ride!
  • victrolajazzvictrolajazz Member Posts: 75
    "Downshifts with the 6 point manual mode....Will take getting used to. It's all smooth, there's no instant revving up so I even wondered did it do anything at all?? But of course it did and part of the blame here is that it's 6 points, so your rev increment is pretty small."

    I've had my 3.5 SE CVT since December, but have driven it only 3,100 miles. I'd never used the "+/-" part of the shifter--in fact didn't know exactly how it was supposed to work, so I got out the owner's manual. I don't really like to shift, but what I do is, once I get up to 65-70, is shift over to Manual, then hit "+" and it goes on into 6th. It works like a manual in the way that it eliminates all torque converter slippage in whatever gear you're in, so technically it would seem to me over a l00 mile or more trip it would produce slightly better gas mileage. If I need extra power to pass, I move it back to "D" so the torque converter will work again.
  • mz6greyghostmz6greyghost Member Posts: 1,230
    My wife and I placed a deposit on an '07 Altima last evening. It's the 2.5S, 6-speed manual, Majestic Blue with the Charcoal cloth interior, with the Convenience Plus package (leather wheel and shifter, power drivers seat, moonroof, 16" alloy rims, etc.) and floor mats. Despite the fact that it has to come from Connecticut (I'm in upstate NY), it's EXACTLY what my wife wants (yes, both she and I both currently drive and love a three-pedal car).

    It'll be shipped by early next week, and ready for pick-up by the 28th.

    We are VERY happy both with the car itself and the purchase experience, and hope to have excellent luck with it in the future. :)
  • yuryyury Member Posts: 146
    torque converter? it's a CVT, i think it's just 2 pooleys and a steel belt..

    are you saying that it will acpually force the upshift? hmmm...interesting
  • yuryyury Member Posts: 146
    1. that's weird....i mean c'mon it's just an aux, what can be simpler? it also was kinda flimsy...
    It gave me about a second of sound and then said "no aux input" and switched to the radio.

    i must say, i am not that excited anymore. i read what people posted an club nissan side, the interior rattles pop up left and right. and what I have seen is that the door panels are fitted diferently on different cars. On the showroom silver 2.5 it was loose and quite squeaky when pushed....on the tester it seemed ok. i just think a new car like this these issues should not be present, it's just not right. I know how the rattles can be....It comes on and off and when you decide to show it to the service manager it will decide not too rattle only to start rattling on your way back from the dealer after you had embarassed youself in front of the service guy. Then they put tape in, it's ok for a day and then comes back again...after 3-4 visits like this they simply tell you that i cannot be fixed.
    so, i dunno....

    however..the Camry it hardly any better. they've been trying to fix the tranny for the whole year and it's still a hit and miss.
  • b777girlb777girl Member Posts: 7
    I'd be interested to see how you like it. We've had ours (the same exact car, except for color) for about two months, and I have to say I'm not exactly thrilled with it. I've already had to take it in twice, and now there is a safety recall on it. Overall, it's a 'nice' car, I'm just still really skeptical about Nissan quality. I've always had Toyotas in the past, but my husband and I just really like this body style (well, the styling overall) better than the Camry. Please post your thoughts after you've had it a week or two. I'd like to compare notes.
  • mz6greyghostmz6greyghost Member Posts: 1,230
    Please post your thoughts after you've had it a week or two. I'd like to compare notes.

    Since she drivers over 400 miles per week, she'll have a note or two by then... :)

    Despite the recalls, my mothers '03 Altima hasn't had any problems (besides a hit-and-run at a parking lot that did over $4K worth of damage). I'll agree that recalls are frustrating, but we shall see...
  • frankinbeansfrankinbeans Member Posts: 20
    I haven't been so happy with a car since 2000. I just traded in my 07 Civic EX, which used the cheapest interior material of any car that I've own. It had less than 4500 miles on it and the driver's seat had creases and just looked worn out. Most of the plastics in it scratched easily.
    As far as Nissan quality and reliability. We had a '00 Maxima SE and it held up very well. Only issue I had with that one was the oxygen sensors went bad in it's 4th year. Which I believe was pretty common with that generation.
    We'll see how the Altima handles a 4 and 6 year old.
  • victrolajazzvictrolajazz Member Posts: 75
    torque converter? it's a CVT, i think it's just 2 pooleys and a steel belt..
    are you saying that it will acpually force the upshift? hmmm...interesting

    I talked to Nissan service and they said it does, indeed, still have a torque converter. If you'll notice, when you're going along, even in "D", with not much pressure on the accelerator, the tach needle will tend to stay put, but if you step into it, it will "slip"--I think that's a combination of the torque converter unlocking and also the belt moving along on the pulley. When you're in "+/-" Manual mode, whatever you shift to, 1-6, the belt stays in that place on the pulley--when you press the accelerator in this mode, the RPM increases only to the extent that the weight of the car will allow (as it would in a car with manual shift), but I believe the torque converter will come unlocked, too. Shifting back to "D" allows the belt full movement up and down the pulley once more--at least that what it feels like to me. And I have to say all this with a caveat--it's all very complicated to me and I may have the mechanics of it wrong, but it's the way it seems to work.
  • jd10013jd10013 Member Posts: 779
    I wouldn't base any car purchase on what I read on message boards, wheather to buy or not. bassed on what you've been posting, the car your looking at (specific car, not model) sounds like its been abused. I'd test drive another, or shop for something else. I will say though, I haven't experienced any rattles, creaks, noises or problems with mine. Its been perfect so far. Its the 3rd nissan I've owned. the first was a 90 sentra that went 220,000 miles, and was still running when I traded it in for a civic in 2002. never did any engine work to that car. not a radiator, water pump, altenator or anything else. My second nissan was is a 98 200sx. It has 146k on it, is sitting in my driveway, and is driven everyday. I kept it when I bought my alti so my 15 yr old would have something to drive when she gets her license. total repairs on that car is, 2 sets front brakes (1 at 79k, 1 at 130k) and 2 batteries. that its. everything else (including the rear brakes) are factory installed parts. It's why I stuck with nissan for my last purchase.

    But, your the one who has to live with it. If your not impressed with the car after the test drive, don't drop 20-30k on something you may not be happy with.

    and I wouldn't pay too much attention to whats said at nissan club. Most of those guys start modifying their cars as soon as they get them home, and drive the hell out of em. the way most of them treat their cars, I have no doubt they have rattles and such. they also (IMO) tend to exagerate things, and have unreal expectations. after all, its a 20k family sedan, its not a lexus or infinity.
  • rps1rps1 Member Posts: 13
    I don't understand how you can evaluate any rental car that has 10,000 hard miles on it. You say that you did everything possible to it and heard a noise inside the cabin. If everyone that rented the car before you, drove it the same as you did I'm surprised that it only had one noise in it. No one drives a rental like they drive their your own.
  • bluenblondbluenblond Member Posts: 5
    I ordered mine in Dec 06 in Toronto, got it in late Feb 07, started getting the latch unlock issue since last month, had the dealership look at it last week for my 12000 Km service, no worries, they ordered the part and its obviously covered under warranty.
    I would suggest you get it replaced as well, at no cost!

    Otherwise, for a thing or two its a Perfect Car! so your love is seriously justified :-)
  • stingitestingite Member Posts: 1
    I've been noticing when the auto-light feature is turned on, and the vehicle is just turned off, the headlights are on for an excessive period of time. Any tips on how to adjust that time duration?
  • redjackalredjackal Member Posts: 8
    I drive much too much. 14000 miles on my 07 Altima 2.5S within 4 months. Here are my comments.

    1. As did happen to another person here, my center console cover has seemed to have worn out and pops open on its own sometimes. They need to make the latch a bit more secure.

    2. I do here rattling from the compartments sometimes. But upon close inspection it has always been due to an object sitting in them. I just reposition the objects. (re: door compartments and center console) You can actually take out the center compartment containing the cup holders by pulling it straight out. It then becomes a square shaped compartment if you don't use it for cups. I can see how this might rattle if it becomes loose, but mine seems to be secure.
    -Some of you might not know this. The top of the center armrest slides forward towards the gear shift about 6 inches if you apply the right angle and pressure.

    3. I'm not sure how accurate the onboard computer display of the average gas mileage is, but mine is at 26.1. This is in accordance with weaving through traffic/passing driving style 80% of the time and 20% driving normally. My foot seems to put the rpm at around 4500 when passing most of the time and only occasionally does it go past that.

    4. The CVT seems like a technology step in the right direction. I don't know the particulars about it though. I used the onboard timer and got a 10s time for 0-60mph in drive mode and 9s in shift mode. But I suspect my use of that timer may have a +/- 0.25s error or more. I should have a passenger in the car with a stop watch next time. I think Nissan states that the CVT allows for an increase in horsepower (statistic) with an increase in gas mileage (statistic.) I notice it likes to stay around 2000 - 2250 rpm while cruising on a flat road.

    5. The keys have that issue with cell phones for which I hear they will have a recall. Mine allows access and ignition start, but the actual buttons on the remote are non-functional. It seems to understandably disallow the trunk to open via the button on the trunk itself if the engine is on. So I have to go push the button on the dashboard since my remote button is inop. Only a minor inconvenience and soon to be rectified.

    6. The front seats are uncomfortable for rides longer than 10 minutes. Well... I can only speak for the driver seat hehe :) I can only assume the passenger seat to be slightly better due to the ability of the passenger to be more at ease since they are not driving and can better assume a relaxed pose.
  • vikariousvikarious Member Posts: 15
    I found another thing wrong - the auto up feature on my driver's side window button doesn't work. Auto down does, and the passenger side one works, though.

    These are minor things, but I'd like to keep a running list so I can have them all fixed at one time.
  • jd10013jd10013 Member Posts: 779
    I found another thing wrong - the auto up feature on my driver's side window button doesn't work. Auto down does, and the passenger side one works, though.

    consult your owners manual. there is a procedure for resetting your power window. it is not broken.
  • starryknightstarryknight Member Posts: 31
    I used the onboard timer and got a 10s time for 0-60mph in drive mode and 9s in shift mode. But I suspect my use of that timer may have a +/- 0.25s error or more.

    Are you sure you pushed it to the limit? Car & Driver did a performance test in September of 2006 and they recorded 0-60 in 7.4 seconds and a 1/4 mile ET of 16 seconds, top speed of 87 mph. Their car had 5344 miles on it.
  • talkappertalkapper Member Posts: 1
    Our '07 Altima 2.5 SL jerks & hesitates, slightly, around 1500 to 2000 rpm under a light pedal and going up a slight incline. I started noticing it at about 3000 miles or so. I've had two local dealers look at it. After driving it with me, both techs noticed it.

    The first dealer I had look at it is where I bought it. A service advisor & I went for a test drive. They then ran diagnostics and couldn't find anything. On my second visit, a tech took a drive with me and noticed it. The service advisor said he'd call the Nissan Tech Line on this. He called me just over a week later and said there wasn't a technical bulletin out on it and couldn't do anything to fix it.

    I took it to the other dealer, went for a drive and he "reset" the CVT. The tech claimed that it is a "learning transmission" and with two different drivers, its harder for it to learn both driving habits. I find that unlikely.

    I'm not sure if this is an engine or CVT problem. It was driven about 200 miles from another dealer, all interstate, to mine before I bought it so I don't know how it was broken in, if at all. I rarely use the manual shift. It was built Feb '07.

    Anyone have any ideas or have noticed this, too?
  • rps1rps1 Member Posts: 13
    The last button on the rear view mirror turns the compass on or off.
  • rps1rps1 Member Posts: 13
    I only have 1000 miles on my 07 altima 3.5sl and have not noticed what you described, but I'll certainly keep it in mind and get back to you if I do. Could it be that the 4 cyl. is straining on an incline?
  • jd10013jd10013 Member Posts: 779
    The tech claimed that it is a "learning transmission" and with two different drivers, its harder for it to learn both driving habits. I find that unlikely.

    that is true. the computer that controls the cvt is programmed with 300 or so algorithms, and will select the ones that most match the way you drive. It's not as far fected as it sounds, because most new cars today record things like speed, acceleration lenght of time and force that are applied to the brakes ect. all that information is saved, like a black box does on an airplane. that data can be obtained by insurance companies and law enforcement. the cvt just uses that info to learn how you drive.
  • hell606hell606 Member Posts: 7
    I bought the 2.5 with the SL and Tech package and I didn't get the compass on my mirror. I have called Nissan and they tell me to contact my sales person and when I contact the sales person they tell me I need to contact Nissan because it came from the factory as is. I now it is not a big deal since I have navgation but if it is listed I should have it
  • rps1rps1 Member Posts: 13
    I have the 07 3.5SL with the tech pkg., and have the mirror compass which I like very much. You have to keep on the dealer and nissan and make a pest of yourself if your pkg. called for the compass. Unless you keep on them nothing will be done. Seems as though someone at the factory goofed. Good luck.
  • greanpea68greanpea68 Member Posts: 1,996
    If it is noted on the window sticker " automatic dimming mirror with compass" Then you deserve one because you paid for it.

    But the sl package only states that it comes standard with a "Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror" It must state with compass.

    If it does state compass then your dealer should have no problem switching that out for you. They might need to order it. Check your window sticker to be sure of actual wording.
  • brownieaffairbrownieaffair Member Posts: 5
    If you're at about 65-70 and aren't accelerating, most likely the car will already be in 6th. By popping it over to the manual shift mode, it drops it down a gear generally (to either aid in braking or acceleration), so in reality by putting it back in 6th you aren't doing too much...besides keeping it in 6th at all highway speeds. When passing, why not just shift it into 5th and accelerate? - if you're in manual shift mode already.
  • ohionativeohionative Member Posts: 4
    I've had a 2007 Altima for 2 -3 weeks and put 900 miles on it. I still have not found a comfortable driving position, and the more I drive it, the more my right leg hurts! Otherwise I love the car, but my tiny little Corolla was more comfortable than this car. This was a very expensive mistake on my part! Has anyone else experienced this issue with the cloth seats?
  • victrolajazzvictrolajazz Member Posts: 75
    "When passing, why not just shift it into 5th and accelerate? - if you're in manual shift mode already."

    Because in Manual mode it still remains in what feels like a locked up condition in all the gears--whereas "D" allows the engine to rev up to a higher RPM, kind of like the old switch-pitch converters in the 50's and 60's Buicks. I'm finally getting more used to Manual mode and really like it--am using it much more around town.
  • jaeger1jaeger1 Member Posts: 43
    If you couldn't get comfortable on the test drive, why did you buy the car?

    I have the leather package and find the seats supremely comfortable. I just logged Toronto to Vermont return road trip where I was the sole driver with less fatigue than I would haev magined possible.

  • ohionativeohionative Member Posts: 4
    That's the problem, it was comfortable on the test drive, but has become increasingly uncomfortable the more I drive it.
  • teacherlady2teacherlady2 Member Posts: 1
    The window sticker on my new 2.5 S with SL and Technology package lists the "Auto Dimming Rearview Mirror" and "Compass" separately. When you look for the compass in the owners manual it guides you to the review mirror. Since my rearview mirror does not have the compass I brought it back to the dealer with the window sticker and owners manual and asked them for it. The salesman brought me to the parts department and the parts department manager said they would order it for me (about 268 bux) because it should of been included and it is included under the warranty.
  • greanpea68greanpea68 Member Posts: 1,996
    The salesman brought me to the parts department and the parts department manager said they would order it for me (about 268 bux) because it should of been included and it is included under the warranty.

    That is bad business on that dealership. I would ask to talk to General Sales Manager or the General Manager of the store. If they are a reputable place they would correct the problem with no charge to you. When you think about it $268 and the hour it takes to install is no reason to loose future business from you or anyone you would potetially refer. As youy say it is on the window sticker which means you paid for it.

    After looking at your post again I realize you have the tech package. On your navigation screen their is a compass.
    So now that I think about it again. The window sticker has to state " Auto- Dimming Mirror with Compass " in order for you to qualify for that accesory. :confuse:
  • danny914danny914 Member Posts: 1
    Hello, im new to this forum. I recently purchased a 2007 Nissan Altima 2.5 SL with Connection package. The car runs fine, but the only thing i'm worried about is every morning or basically anytime I start the car up after 5,6+ hours, I hear a loud metallic rattling sound in the front engine. It only lasts for a few seconds and slowly gets louder and then vanishes. The car runs great, and the sound doesn't come back until the next morning. I called the service dept and they said i'd have to leave it overnight, the guy suggested over the phone it might be the oil which has pooled up at the bottom of the reservoir moving thru the engine? I really don't know, does anyone have any ideas on what this may be?
  • bv050506bv050506 Member Posts: 97
    This is an interesting topic. My avalon ahd incredible seats, then I went to a Camry and they were very uncomfortable. When I bought my '07 Altima with power seats and lumbar support I was and remain very happy. I'm a large guy 5'10" and about 225lbs. I'm blessed with a 26 inch inseam so obviously my legs are not long. The seat hits me perfectly at the knees and I get a lot of support. Anytime I want more back support I just increase the lumbar support. I can remember when I bought the car thinking longer legged people may have difficulty where the seats end and not having enough leg support. Perhaps there is a seat cushion you can get to enjoy the ride more. Best of luck.
  • b777girlb777girl Member Posts: 7
    I also have the 2.5SL with Convenience package. My car does the same thing. It's been doing it about every four days since I bought it back in May. I've taken it in twice now, and they don't know what is making that noise, nor have they been able to repeat that noise at the dealership. (Nor has anyone else complained of similar issues). They suggested I leave it overnight and for an entire day, so they can start it up every couple of hours. This way, the engine stays "cold" (no one drives it), and if they don't hear it when they start it up, they'll turn it off and try again a bit later. I'm an aircraft mechanic, and I think this recommendation is valid. I just need to get around to making another appt. Also, I was able to find a Nissan Tech bulletin on this (or similar) issue, but it only applies to specific engine models. Mine was not one of them. Of course.
  • victrolajazzvictrolajazz Member Posts: 75
    "They suggested I leave it overnight and for an entire day, so they can start it up every couple of hours. This way, the engine stays "cold" (no one drives it), and if they don't hear it when they start it up, they'll turn it off and try again a bit later."

    I think this is counterproductive--starting it every two or three hours isn't going to prove anything. It's when the engine sits overnight--and that is usually 7-8 hours--the oil completely drains away from the bearings. When the engine is started up after this length of time is when you hear the very brief, but not good for the engine, sound. This is one of my pet-peeves about computerized engine controls. When I first start my 3.5 SE after sitting overnight, the computer instantly rips the RPM up to nearly 2,000 RPM before letting it gradually slow down to around 1,200. I've never heard bearing noise, but I know this kind of RPM on a stone-cold engine can't be good. All the surfaces are dry initially and the engine should be allowed to start at an RPM under 1,000 RPM, or at least no higher, for the first 30 or so seconds. I never start my carburetor-equipped cars with that much force but let them find the lowest RPM at which they'll run 'till at least some warmth gets into the system. I've got a little '90 Festiva with 182,000 miles on it that I use as a dinghy and on really cold mornings, it's RPM hits 2,500 and stays there for nearly a minute--I'd hate to see what's in its oil pan...
  • jd10013jd10013 Member Posts: 779
    You don't by chance live in california do you?
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