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2007 Nissan Altima



  • carnut21carnut21 Member Posts: 38
    For maximum power 93 octane is required so when you take it to the racetrack use the 93 for full benefit. Otherwise, run the 87 and the timing will automatically adjust for the knock so that it does not knock. This is not just Nissan's but most cars unless they are high horsepower models.

    The V6 that Nissan builds is about bullet proof and when you desire in a racey manner it is alot of fun.
  • mz6greyghostmz6greyghost Member Posts: 1,230
    For maximum power 93 octane is required so when you take it to the racetrack use the 93 for full benefit. Otherwise, run the 87 and the timing will automatically adjust for the knock so that it does not knock. This is not just Nissan's but most cars unless they are high horsepower models.

    But, as previously mentioned (and proven by other Altima owners), the $3-4 you save running regular will be wasted by the 2-4 MPG LOSS, as well as any potential long-term engine repairs needed due to a diet of strictly regular gas.

    There's a reason why Nissan recommends premium, and it's NOT to line the pockets of the oil companies. "Bulletproof" or not, the V6 is specifically tuned to run premium, and NOT just for the "racetrack".

    But if you drive 30K miles per year, I'd recommend the 4-cylinder. With the 6-speed manual, I tend to average 31-32 MPG, with occasion to reach 34 MPG on all-highway trips (and easily cresting the 600-mile-per-tank mark). All on regular gas, with plenty of power for merging on the highway or passing on a two-lane. When (not if) gas crests the $5 per gallon mark, you'll have a few extra $$$ to actually put food on the table. :)
  • busirisbusiris Member Posts: 3,490
    I agree. I also have a 08 2.5SL and it has an amazing amount of power with the CVT.

    As for gas, here in SC premium is about 18-28 cents more per gallon. Unless you drive tons of miles per yesr, the difference in savings by using regular isn't very large, viewing the big picture. However, if its just your "hot button" issue, then I suggest you run regular and a tank of premium every 4th or 5th gas up...
  • motoguy128motoguy128 Member Posts: 146
    Will the so called sxperts please explain which components in the engine will fail if regular unleaded is used. The correct answer is none. 10 years ago there may have been a real concern about pre-detonation blowing a hole in your piston and throwing a rod. But modern engine control the timing very carefully. Like in my BMW motorcycle, premium fuel is recommended for best performance, but regular may be used with less peak power. My manual even gives the different power ratings with each fuel. I've never see an objective test showing that regular unleaded will result is significantly lower mileage in most driving conditions. The engine will retard the timing to prevent any possible damage. It also depends on what altitude you drive at. At higher altitudes octane rating are effectively increased, and you can rarely buy anything higher than 90 or 91.

    Don't play the fear card unless it can be backed up. Unless the manaul says do not use less and XX octane, no damage can occur.

    That being said, I agree that if you're concerned about fuel costs, why buy a V6? Get the 2.5 4 cylinder. It's a real overachiever of a motor. It's a longstroke design with great bottom end, but still breaths well at higher RPM's... even if it is a little noisy up there.

    With gas likely to reach $4 this year and well over $5, $6 or higher over the life of the vehicle, is getting a V6 really the best decision? What will the resale of a "gas guzzling" V6 be 5 years from now if gas is $6/ gallon and most cars with similar performance manage closer to 30 mpg instead of 23mpg that the V6 gets in most tests and the 26mpg that the 2.5 manages.
  • busirisbusiris Member Posts: 3,490
    There is a theory that some manufacturers suggest/require premium fuel so as to re-enforce the idea that you are driving a "premium" class vehicle.

    Like you, I have run regular gas in vehicles stating "use premium fuel only" (Mini Cooper, Harley Davidson bikes, etc)., and never had an issue. It may have affected the mileage and performance, but I didn't notice any MPG reduction (wasn't really looking, to be honest), and I don't drive that close to the "edge", so I didn't see any performance reduction.

    But, each to his own, I guess...
  • pernaperna Member Posts: 521
    I'm on my second Nissan with the 3.5, and when me or my wife accidentally put 87 octane in, the cars run like crap. The difference in acceleration is quite noticeable.

    I only drive around 12-13k per year though, if I would driving 30k a year I'd buy the 4 banger no question.
  • jd10013jd10013 Member Posts: 779
    There is a theory that some manufacturers suggest/require premium fuel so as to re-enforce the idea that you are driving a "premium" class vehicle.

    a wives tale. the fact is, all high compression engines are susceptible to preignition of fuel in the combustion chamber. a higher octane fuel with a lower anti knock index (AKI) will prevent it. Knock, ping, run-on, performance and other things depend on a lot of factors, but for high compression engines, ie high performance, the biggest one is the quality of the fuel.

    It's really kind of simple, your not going to ruin your car by running cheap gas in it, though you will likely cause the formation of deposits on your valves and other parts and reduce performance and millage. But, buying a performance version of a car (which is all the V-6 variants are) and then putting cheap gas in it to save $4 per tank is like putting ketchup on prime rib instead of steak sauce cause its cheaper.
  • motoguy128motoguy128 Member Posts: 146
    Cheap gas is a different issue than octane. Although I've put every brand possible in my cars and motorcycles and never noticed any real difference in performance and never had any significant deposits in my engine that I was aware of. The only issue I've had is the in remote locations the gas might have been a little old or higher in moisture, but that is unavoidble in BFE.

    Also remember that typically, ALL gasoline comes from a regional distribution point. This gasoline comes by pipline from any number of different refineries. The tanker truck for that typical brand, dumps in a small barrell of their partcular additive formula and fills it up. Similarly to help understand oil prices, there in no direct link from the oil drilling ot the refinery. A Shell oil rig will fill an ocean tanker which unloads to a pipeline or storage facility. The refinery buys whatever grade crude oil they need on the open market. The exploration, drilling, ocen transport, storage, refining, storage, transport by truck and service station are all related, but indirectly linked.

    So buy fule wherever you want, the only difference is the additive package they toss in there (a minimum amount of detergents are required by law) and how rapidly that particular station turns over their tanks and how well they maintain their equipment.

    For octane, just check the manual. Most cars that recommend premium will also state than regular 87 octane is acceptable and will only results in reduced performance and possible reduced mileage in some cases. I beleive Toyotas 2.5L V6 is this way. My BMW motorcycle states the rated engine HP output for both 91 octane and 89 octane.
  • axr6axr6 Member Posts: 42
    I agree with the position that using 87 octane should not hurt the engine or the gas mileage for the average driver.

    Higher octane gasolines burn slower, their flame propagation is slowed down compared to lower octanes. This was required on older engines which were used at high RPMs and high power duty applicatons. Those application required much timing advance at higher RPMs and loads and thus, a slower burning fuel.

    Most drivers that I know never exceed 3 - 3500 RPMs during their whole lives of driving. For such drivers the 87 octane should be perfectly sufficient and, since for such driving slower flame propagation is not an issue, the gas mileage should not be effected. For those who like to run up to the redline and do hard uphill, high RPM pulls, the premium gas brings higher performance and, at those RPMs and loads you could possibly see the gas mileage adversely effected. But, when your foot is on the floor at 6K RPM, is it really an issue to consider fuel economy? You are probably running way below 10 MPG under such driving conditions.

    For me, when I drive my wife's '07 3.5 SE on our home, winding, hilly Sierra roads, we fill up with premium. But, then again, I drive at redline much having decades of track racing experience. When she is doing her normal driving patterns, (never exceeding 3K RPM) we're using regular. Anything else would be wasted money for her driving conditions.
  • jkristojkristo Member Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2007 Nissan Altima 3.5SE on Sat, May 10, 2008. I noticed when I start the car in the morning or park it and then start it up again let's say 5 minutes later after coming out of wherever I am going, the car will make a noise after I put it in drive and press the pedal to accelerate. I took it in this afternoon to have the service department listen to it and they said most likely it was an ABS self check(nothing to worry about). They said they have never heard the sound in other cars this loud. Should I have them really take a look at this or do I need to just take there advice and not worry about it?

    Thank you,

  • lauflauf Member Posts: 6
    I was vaccuming my Altima today and I tried adjusting the seat foward and it wouldn't move. So then I tried sitting in it and then adjusting it and it's stuck! Anyone else have this problem?
  • altimaladyaltimalady Member Posts: 9
    I had this exact problem with both my driver's seat and passenger's seat.

    When I took it to the dealer, they didn't find anything wrong with it. I asked them to call head office to inquire and to my surprise they called me back to re-check the seats. They found the problem. It was very simple, at least for my car. There was a screw that was protruding and getting in the way of the track. All they had to do was screw it down all the way. As simple as that.

    Have them check this.

    Good luck!
  • jamesgarrett3jamesgarrett3 Member Posts: 2
    It sound like the same thing happens to my 07 3.5 SE. Mine is a metallic click at around 10 mph after being parked for a night. My car is manual, so I asked the mechanic if that was it. The only thing I could think of was that the car was towed, and I don't remember hearing the sound before then. I don't know if it is anything to worry about because they told me the same thing.
  • sfbaychrissfbaychris Member Posts: 7
    I bought my 07 Nissan Altima Hybrid in October 2007. It has been care free. However, the "unlock" logo on the "power door lock switch" is not lighted since it was new. Only the "lock" logo is lighted. Is this normal? I asked the dealer when I had my oil change. He checked few new cars, and said others are like that. Don't seem right to me.
  • vikariousvikarious Member Posts: 15
    Mine's like that to0 - not a hybrid though.

    And I think the buttons are backwards. IMO the lock should be on the bottom of the button and unlock on top - but it's the other way around. (If I recall correctly.)

    Not a big deal, but just kinda weird.

    The other thing that REALLY bothers me, is the power points. The one in the front dash only works when the car is running, where as the one that's tucked away in the console works all the time. It makes it hard to just leave your cell phone or whatever plugged in to charge because you can't plug it in a handy spot.

    Has anyone else noticed that?
  • flightnurseflightnurse Valley of HellMember Posts: 2,217
    Regarding the lighted switchs, if you notice, only half of all door switchs are lited the other half is not. Regarding the lock and unlock, its a safety issue, they have it right, this way its harder for a kid or dog to lock themselvves in the car..
  • bamamombamamom Member Posts: 3
    I got my Altima Oct. 2007 .. At 5k it began to use oil the dealership changes oil and does all work on this car. They started an oil consumption test at 6500 miles and for some reason they started another test the first time I took the car in for them to add a quart of oil. anyway, its now 8600 miles and they are telling me Nissan will prob want to replace the motor. It is 1 1/2 qt low each thousand miles or so. Any one familiar with this? If they replace the motor do I have the right to demand a new , not rebuilt motor? Should I just tell them I want a new Altima to replace this one? I don't know what to do and I have the feeling that they think this old Granny will just sit back and let them do what ever, but I won't. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Linda
  • jd10013jd10013 Member Posts: 779
    never heard of this problem occurring before, it just sounds like you you got a dud. It happens every once in awhile. If they have a rebuilt engine available, then thats what you'll probably get. If not, they'll put a new one in, and I can't believe there is a large supply of rebuilt engines for this car. Dont waste your time demanding a new engine, or new car. they're only going to do what the warranty requires them to do.

    But, don't worry about a rebuilt engine, they're fine. I don't know how much you know about cars, but when they replace your engine, they're only talking about the actual engine block, and all the internally lubricated parts. the engine block is just a big hunk of hollowed out cast iron. thats why they reuse them, unless of course it's been cracked or scored or something. But in that case they wouldn't be rebuilding it anyway.
  • sfbaychrissfbaychris Member Posts: 7
    Well, it is the bottom (unlock) logo not lighted up. Now I know, it is not just my Altima has this issue. I don't think this is desgin this way. Looks like a bug to me.
  • mz6greyghostmz6greyghost Member Posts: 1,230
    I don't think this is desgin this way. Looks like a bug to me.

    No "bug" at all, it's by design.

    All Altima's are like this, even ones on the showroom floor.
  • altimaladyaltimalady Member Posts: 9
    I have a 2007 2.5S Altima and recently I noticed my air conditioning is not producing any cold air. I brought the car to the dealership and they pumped some freon in it and a dye to see where the leak is coming from. After driving it for about a week the dealership is still unable to find the leak so I have to go back in a couple of days.

    The dealership was quick to warn me that if a stone hit a component of the AC that it would not be covered by the warranty. Of course, I'm very upset that I have this problem only two years into owning the car. I maintain my car at the dealership and I will be devastated if this is a non-warranty issue.

    Am I the only one experiencing this problem?
  • victrolajazzvictrolajazz Member Posts: 75
    No, but you may have another option you might not have thought of. If they do formally determine something (a stone like you said) hit one of the AC components, it is conceivable you could collect, minus your deductible, under the collision provision of your insurance. A rock hitting a part of the car is considered a collision just as much as another car is.
  • altimaladyaltimalady Member Posts: 9
    Thanks for the insight. I didn't know this.

    I took the car in today for a 2nd inspection and again they could not find the leak. The tech believes that since the leak appears minor, that it may have started from day one and that it may well be a seal. I have to keep driving the car and taking it in for further checks until the leak finally appears.

  • cj7375cj7375 Member Posts: 15
    I bought Honda Civic 2007 brand new, I love the car but it seems to be small for our family of 4.

    Now, I am thinking of trading it for Nissan Altima 2007 4 cyl.

    I know these 2 cars are in dirrerent categories, but still - do you think this would be a good trade ?

    Will Nissan Altima 2007 be as durable as the Civic 2007 in a long term ?

    I plan (if I do the switch) to keep the Nissan Altima for 10 years .
  • jchd1340jchd1340 Member Posts: 13
    DO NOT BUY THAT CAR!!! do your homework. alot of people are having problems. mine has only 29000 mi and it's a major headache. bad mpg, tranny sucks, sounds like a diesel at startup, dealer says it is all normal. [non-permissible content removed]!! do yourself a favor buy american!! my company car (ford focus) has 200000 hard miles on it and sounds better than my babied 07 altima 2.5S
  • cj7375cj7375 Member Posts: 15
    well, out of 14 cars I have had in the past 20 yrs. 11 were American made.

    I had nothing but troubles and expensive repairs.

    It got to the point where my wife gave me an ultimatum - " either me or car that does not brake every month ..."

    My worst memories are with Ford Aerostar minivan. Nightmare.

    But the Dodger Caravan was not far behind. I replaced 3 transmissions on the poor Dodge. or poor me ....

    I do not mind to buy a Ford Focus if I know that it will be as reliable as the Honda Civic or perhaps Nissan Altima.

    What do you drive ?
  • flightnurseflightnurse Valley of HellMember Posts: 2,217
    What bait from jcld1340, first off what company keeps cars for 200K... I have a 08 Coupe with the CVT and 2.5 I have 34K miles on it, and I am averaging 32 MPG right now, this combined highway and city, I'm usually drving about 80 on the freeway. No complaints at all, the Altima is one of the best cars Nissan builds...
  • jpolwortjpolwort Member Posts: 27
    Perhaps YOU got a lemon Altima. I find it very difficult for you to criticize one of the best selling vehicles in the last few years. I have an '07 2.5SL, get 31 MPG, have 36K miles on it, and NOT ONE major mechanical "failure" has occurred. My only complaint, is that I got black leather seats, and here in the Midwest (St. Louis), where the tempatures reaches 97+, it's an oven getting in that car. But, in less than 10 minutes, I'm comfortulately cool. Yeah, I believe in the whole "buy American" theme, but the folks at Toyota, and certainly Nissan, know how to build fuel efficient, great looking, and almost service free vehicles. I plan to keep my car for a very long time, until Nissan comes out (most likely), with a redesigned hybrid Altima, in like the next 4 years, that will look just as good, and probably get 45 MPG. The best is yet to come, for both foreign AND DOMESTIC vehicles. I am confident the American car market will surge again, just as soon as the economy gets better. My 2c worth.
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Member Posts: 750
    As usual, we don't hear the good things much...only the bad things
  • jchd1340jchd1340 Member Posts: 13
    sorry lf i hurt anybodys feelings. but somtimes the truth hurts! i was just trying to help. research that car . there are alot of unhappy 07, 08, 09, altima 2,5 owners out there. let the rest find out the hard way
  • altimaladyaltimalady Member Posts: 9
    Just to comment on "ichd1340" about the Altima not being a good car.

    I have an '07 and love it. Yes, I had an issue with the AC but it was fixed immediately and everything else on the car is PERFECT. I also get great mileage.

    Let's keep an open mind here, there are lemons in all car makes. I had a Pontiac Grand Am for 12 years and had a few problems during that time but generally speaking the domestic brand was good to me, no major dollars spent. Others who've owned a Grand Am had numerous problems so to assume that ALL Altimas are garbage is an unfair comment.

    I did my homework for a long time before I gave up my 12 year old Pontiac Grand Am to buy the import and I'm thoroughly please with my Altima. It's fun to drive, it feels safe and I know it will last a long, long time!!!
  • jchd1340jchd1340 Member Posts: 13
    I stand corrected its closer to 99%. ps: next time you start your 07,08,09 2.5 altima after sitting overnight listen closely to your engines top end starving for oil 2-3 seconds. NOT GOOD!
  • altimadrvraltimadrvr Member Posts: 7
    wow you might be the only person ive ever heard that thinks the altima sucks go ask a chevy,ford or dodge guy how many of there sedans get sold a month the altima is by far the best selling car for nissan my 07 yes 07 35se gets 25mpg never has given me any headache living in new england never gotten stuck will outrun any american made crap box sedan and oh yeah i dont baby it i drive it like its designed to be that tranny you say sucks i can get 100 mph out of it only in 3rd gear have yet to experiment with any other gears so keep driving your worthless american rattle box :confuse: :surprise:
  • jchd1340jchd1340 Member Posts: 13
    WOW!!!100mph your so cool but clueless. your car does not have a cvt transmission and the last time i checked the speed limit in new england was 65 mph
  • mikezak1mikezak1 Member Posts: 14
    :) I have an '07 Altima 4 Cyl. 68,000 miles. No major issues @ all! Consistently get 33 - 34 mpg hwy, @ 65- 70 mph. Live in Twin Cities area. Car is maintained (30K, 60K, and oil changes) at Luther Nissan, who I recommend highly.
  • hud94hud94 Member Posts: 1
    edited June 2010
    The 3.5 V6 from Nissan used to be bulletproof, until 2004 when they changed the timing chain components. Go over to the Maxima forums and you'll hear about everyone having their timing tensioners & guides replaced anywhere from 50k-80k miles at a cost of $1k - $2k. It's not a safety issue so there is no recall and there very likely will not be in the future.

    I was going to buy a Maxima until I discovered this. I don't need that additional expense on the price of the car. Stay away from the 3.5L Nissan engine!
  • onavonav Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Altima 3.5 V6 and have just been informed by the dealer that I need my timing chain replaced at a cost of $1,700. I realize that this may not be a safety issue, but it is certainly a deffect. I am thinking of reporting this to the Illinois AG. I'm curious to know, has anyone tried to recoup the cost of this repair through this or any other avenue?
  • jpolwortjpolwort Member Posts: 27
    I'm no legal expert, but I doubt you will be able to "recoup" anything for a car that is 7 years old. You have probably reached the "statute of limitations", but I'm just throwing that out there. You didn't state your mileage, but I'm assuming that to be well over 100,xxx. You should consider the cost of replacing the belt, versus perhaps buying a new car. Yes, $1700 is much cheaper than a new car, but I question your motive for contacting the Illinois AG without knowing all the facts. With year-end incentives, you can probably get a great deal on any make/model, especially a 2011 model. Just my 2c worth.
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