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2007 Nissan Altima



  • lili1lili1 Member Posts: 44
    Swapping for my 07 3.5SE trunk lid with spolier, any one?

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!! Spolier is not my love.

    Anyone has a Dark Slate color trunk lid with NO spoiler to swap for one w/ a spoiler from a Brand New Dark Slate 07 3.5 SE? Prefer someone in any state bordering Iowa/Illinois becasue anything beyond driving distance is prohibiting.

    Even a 2.5 model will work but each of us will have to cover ourselves for the model number logo. I will keep my chrome piece above license plate.

    In all cases, I will take your third brake light if removable and the spoiler itself has that fancy brake light built in.
  • vmokhutovvmokhutov Member Posts: 23
    Hello owners of 2007 altima. I have x-trail with 2.5 engine and in winter when you start it it sound coarse and rattling until it warms up. I read about new altima that there 20% new parts in this engine. How it behaves at cold?
  • gasmizrgasmizr Member Posts: 40
    Well all i can say is that it was out all day in near zero degrees while i was inside at work. came out after dark hit the start button and it started right up and ran smooth. I let it warm up for about a minute and then took off. No noticeable difference then when it has been warm, 50+. My care has about 1500 miles on it. I can hardly tell it is running even at startup. Though every once in a while it runs rougher but still not nearly as rough as my 96 civic which is still smooth. So whatever they did it must have made a difference. I drive about 50/50 and have been getting 31-33mpg combined, very good i believe. This is what my civic was getting for the same basic driving. I am very happy with the gas mileage. :) My friend with a 06 civic si can not believe how good the gas mileage is for the size of the car. Plus even with the 4 the pickup is good now that i am through the break in period. Power really kicks in at between 4k and 5.5k. :P

    The comfort is good and the seat seems to be breaking in. It was a little firm to start but now is very nice. Good back and lumbar support for me. If you really need extra lumbar support you will have to go past the convenience package and get the SL which as adjustable lumbar support.
  • vmokhutovvmokhutov Member Posts: 23
    What transmission do you drive? How do you like it?
  • brownieaffairbrownieaffair Member Posts: 5
    I have a 2.5s - Dark Slate. I would like a spoiler, but I'm over in Jersey. Might be difficult to coordinate. The model number logo is easy to switch up.
  • iron_horseiron_horse Member Posts: 2
    Bought the '07 Altima 2 days ago and am awaiting my color choice to arrive at the dealer. During the test drive, I was too busy concentrating on the engine, visibility, and seats, and neglected to fully examine the base (non-Bose) stereo included on the 3.5SE.

    From the 3 seconds that I played with it, it was not impressive.

    What are your thoughts on the stereo that is standard on the 3.5SE?

    Has anyone upgraded to an aftermarket sound system?
  • vikariousvikarious Member Posts: 15
    I have a 2.5, but I actually thought the system was really pretty good!

    Has anyone found/had any problems with their cars yet? Sometimes when starting mine, it kinda sounds like it's grinding. Don't like that!

    Otherwise I think we're doing ok - I still haven't had the first oil change done, but I think that'll happen this week.
  • jd10013jd10013 Member Posts: 779
    Not a problem with mine yet. In fact, I'm a little surprised. This will be the first new car I've bought that hasn't had to go back to the dealership in the first couple weeks. Never been any serious problems, but something little always came up. A radiator cap with my last nissan, and a check engine light for my honda civic.

    as for the stereo, it nice, but a little lacking. no eq, just the bass and treble to set. not too terrible as far as stock stereos go, but I'll probably replace it in the next month or two.
  • bv050506bv050506 Member Posts: 97
    I get a new car every year and have had many nice systems. I think the Bose is fine, I do miss the mid range adjusting. the bass is nice and deep, and the highs are sometimes tinty. By and large it is a good system stock for a car. The best system I had was in my '05 Avalon...the JBL Synthesis with sub-woofer. Always clear and never distorted. At the upper limit the Bose will lose clarity. The base system blows! Enjoy your new ride!
  • iron_horseiron_horse Member Posts: 2
    I'd like to replace the factory stereo in my 2007 Altima 3.5 SE (non-Bose). I'd like to stay under $700 total, (including 6 to 8 speakers). I'm not concerned with mega-wattage, and I have no brand preferences.

    My main wants are:

    1-Excellent clarity (even with the windows down)
    2-Versatility (ability to accurately reproduce a wide range (highs and lows) of music, from classical symphony to heavy metal)
    3-HD FM-Ready/CD/MP-3 capable and i-pod ready.
    4-Built-in equalizer
    5-Removeable faceplate

    I'm not as 'picky' as I may seem. My old car ('94 Taurus SHO) had a great (non-branded) factory stereo with 4 speakers, no external amp and no equalizer, but it sounded great.

    I'm not well-versed in audio lingo, but does such an animal exist (in my price range)? And can anyone suggest a set-up/configuration (or good website with comprehensive info). (I want to be able to just walk into a store and say, "Set me up with the following."
  • bearbacker51bearbacker51 Member Posts: 1
    Hello everyone.
    This is my first post.

    I am shopping for a 3.5 SL and have gotten what I feel to be some decent quotes right around $26,000.
    These dealers are outside Chicago.

    Any thoughts on whether these are good prices for the Chicagoland area?
    I am going to visit one dealer this weekend and would like to know something before I go. The price includes Splash Guards, Floor Mats and Aluminum Kick Plate.
    Not sure about delivery charge yet.

    Quick question, Silver or Dark Slate?
    Which do you feel looks better on the Altima?
    I know thats a loaded question but look forward to the results.

    Thanks to everyone for your help.
  • b777girlb777girl Member Posts: 7
    I just bought the 2.5s with the convenience package about 2 weeks ago and I noticed that grinding sound as well upon starting. I called the dealership and they said no one had ever mentioned it before. Do you have any idea what is making that sound? I noticed it does it when it's been sitting for a while. It's not easy to "recreate" at the dealership,so I anticipate they won't be able to help. It's unnerving, for sure. Sounds like it's trying to turn over again or something.
  • jd10013jd10013 Member Posts: 779
    the dealership should be able to figure it out. they'll just hook it up to the computer and see what codes come up. If your ambitious, the car has a diagnostic mode. if you search the internet, you'll find steps on how to put the car into diagnostic mode and you can find out whats wrong yourself. You'll probably have to look up any codes it gives you online though.
  • chiefloadchiefload Member Posts: 31
    Triple-Seven-Girl... If memory serves me right (and some people say that went a long time ago...), AutoZone will get the codes out of your car for you, if the problem causes an OBD code (not sure if you need to have the Check Engine Light come on first though). There might also be a way to display the code in one of your display windows on the dash. It MIGHT be explained in the owners/operators manual (for my Intrepid, I have to turn the key a few times without starting the engine and it displays in the odometer field).

    (B777 nice aircraft by the way... I work Ops Control for a DC10/MD11 operator... sigh...)
  • bv050506bv050506 Member Posts: 97
    I picked the dark slate as it has a richer more refined look to it. I also darkened the windows and it really made it look sharp. I'm in michigan and I couldn't touch an SL with what you said it had for the price you quoted.
  • jd10013jd10013 Member Posts: 779
    link title

    that will tell you how to put your car into diagnostic mode, and what the codes mean.
  • chiefloadchiefload Member Posts: 31
    Good stuff. Thanks JD. Hope that our Triple-Seven Girl reads it....
  • 90subbie90subbie Member Posts: 6
    I bought my 2007 SE last month. I don't know how, but this evening I was driving home and my lights came on automatically, but so did my front passenger map light. I flipped every switch inside my car to try and turn it off. Finally, I went ahead and locked the car and the light went off after 30 minutes like it said in the manual.

    Any ideas of what's happening?

    Thank you for your assistance.
  • greanpea68greanpea68 Member Posts: 1,996
    Did you push the map lights on or off ? I would try pusshing the map light itself to see if it turns off. If they are pushed in it won't matter what the switch is on off/door/on. And yes the battery saver will still work like it says in the manual.

  • plus1plus1 Member Posts: 1
    I bought a 2007 Altima SE and I was wondering what kind of speakers are in it. I see that the deck in the back has two 6x9's. Are the door speakers 6x9 also? Because the system sounds pretty good. And does anybody know what kind of speakers they are.. ( they are not Bose)
  • rps1rps1 Member Posts: 13
    I drive an '05 Altima 3.5SL and use reg. gas (87), and get great results as far as performance, power and gas mileage. I'm thinking of going for a '07 Altima 3.5SL, but with the gas prices rising daily, I'm holding back. Does anyone that has the 07 3.5 use reg. gas or is premium a must?
  • jd10013jd10013 Member Posts: 779
    I have the 2.5, not the 3.5, but the owner manual says to put premium in the 3.5. You can try putting regular in it and see how it does. If it starts knocking, you'll have to switch. I wouldn't consider the price that big a deal. premium runs about 20 cents a gallon more. if you burn a tank a week that will be an extra $4 a tank. comapred to the extra $100 dollar or more you'll pay a month (if you finance) for the 3.5 over the 2.5..........it isn't realy that much.
  • starhuskerstarhusker Member Posts: 26
    Hi, I'm a little confused about the intelligent key. I know only need to press the start button when I'm inside the car. But when I'm outside, can I use the remote control to start the car as well? Thanks.
  • jd10013jd10013 Member Posts: 779
  • starhuskerstarhusker Member Posts: 26
    I've never driven a CVT car before. With AT on snow, I sometimes manually shift from high gear to low gear when the road is covered by snow to reduce speed, instead of press the brake pedal. This way, my car doesn't slip. I wonder if I can do the same trick in CVT? esp. with Altima 2.5 S base model.. Thanks!
  • starhuskerstarhusker Member Posts: 26
    Is there an option to do this? I think it is very useful during either winter or summer. Thanks.
  • jd10013jd10013 Member Posts: 779
    Yes you can. the altima cvt (different from what they put in the versa and sentra) has a manual shift mode. you can shift from 1st-6th with the exception that it won't let damage your engine and it will automaticly shift down to 1st when you come to a stop. In other words, you can't stall it. for example, if your going 70mph and put it into manual mode, it will go into 6th. you can probably shift down to 4th, but i doubt it would let you go into 3rd as the engine rpm would be too high.
  • starhuskerstarhusker Member Posts: 26
    I somehow got the impression that the manual shift mode is only available from the SL models (either 2.5 or 3.5). Could someone confirm this? Thanks.
  • jd10013jd10013 Member Posts: 779
    no, its available in any altima with a cvt.
  • elaineucfelaineucf Member Posts: 2
    Hello Everyone,

    I am shopping for a 3.5 SE, I received a quote last week for 22,900. The dealer is located in Orlando, Florida. I think that it is a good quote based on my research so far. Any thoughts on whether this is a good price?

    Thanks for you help! ;)
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Hi - welcome to CarSpace! You'll want to have a look at the Altima Prices Paid & Buying Experience discussion to see what others are paying. You can cross-post there as well.

    Good luck - keep us posted!
  • rps1rps1 Member Posts: 13
    Hi, The price sounds good, but it's all according what optional equipement you are getting. I received a quote on a 3.5SL with every option available including nav.system for $29,400. That is below invoice.
  • bv050506bv050506 Member Posts: 97
    I have a 3.5 SE as well. I burn regular all the time and have not experienced any knock. What does happen is a decrease in horsepower and a decrease of 2 to 3 mpg, especially on the highway at 80mph. Premium in Michigan is 3.39 per gallon right now and headed to $4 a gallon, so i may be burning a lot of regular. It was recommended that about every 5th tank to burn premium to keep everything clean and "open". Get the new car! It's a much better vehicle than any previous models and handles like a dream. Interior is much nicer as well. Good luck and enjoy the ride.
  • elaineucfelaineucf Member Posts: 2
    Thanks! ;)
  • 02maxed02maxed Member Posts: 2
    I just thought I would pass my observations along about my new 2007 3.5 SE Navi/Leather.

    I trade in a 2002 Maxima SE Leather and I was very impressed. The 2007 Altima 3.5 I test drove impressed me enough to pursue the lease. First, I am a 6'2" and 260lb male. The car fits perfectly with lots of head room. The seats are comfortable and overall cabin space is huge. The back seat fits everyone in my family and we are all over 5'9".

    The Navi based entertainment system works flawlessly and is easy to use. The integrated Blue Tooth telephone system makes phone calls dialing and answering a breeze. It was a snap to setup.

    The Bose sound system doesn't really show it's performance until you play CDs, we were playing some Cuban dance CDs on Saturday night and it was like we were in the crowd and not in the front seat of my Altima.

    My XM SAT subscription took 20 minutes to complete and I really enjoy the music and events available on XM. All my presets are set to XM.

    The 3.5 and CVT feel very balanced. An example of the performance is on the Saturday after I had taken delivery, my wife and I took the new ride to visit my wifes mother 2.5 hours away. It is a quiet ride with bursts of traffic. Along the way, we came across a group of calls going below 55. The road was clear and I signaled and pushed the accelerator to down but didn't mash it to the floor. As I was passing I remembered the line in the break in recommnedations not to exceed 4000 RPM for the first 1200 miles. As I was passing the last car I looked at the dash, I was doing 3500 RPM at 100 MPH. The ride was smooth, no vibration, no wind noise, just the sight of 5 cars disappearing behind me. The smile on my face was huge.
    Changing lanes, leaving the stop light all are quick and you are up to road speed in no time at all.

    My Maxima was fast and could do the same kind of passing but it wasn't as smooth. But then it had low profile tires which impacted the ride.

    The gas mileage was in the 30-35 MPG range and the cost is another factor. In my Maxima I used to use Mid-Grade and from time to time filled with Premium. The performance didn't seem to suffer except at high speed. I traded my Maxima off with 107K miles, no oil consumption to speak of. No major part failures and the only reason I traded it off was that the shocks were starting to let go and it was time.

    I am very pleased with this new addition, the new platform has noticeable differences from my wife's 2006 2.5 Special Edition. This car seems roomier but then I am biased.

    The price was comparable with Toyota and Honda and the dealership I deal with has always given me great service.

    All in all a very easy change.
  • rachel_1938rachel_1938 Member Posts: 2
    If you have back problems, this is not the car for you. Just purchased one 2 wks ago, very uncomfortable seats & headrest, plus I did purchase power seats which helped on my previous Maxima. Seats are hard, do not mold to the body, and yes, I feel every bump in the road. This car is very different from from older model Maxima. I, too, live in Chicago & am 5'7", 115 lbs. Dealer suggested it would be better when broken in....not unless I can find abt a 300 lb person to wear the seat down.
  • dk4dk4 Member Posts: 4
    Please clarify if you purchased the Altima or Maxima? Thanks. :confuse:
  • psorterpsorter Member Posts: 89
    I don't know if you did the math but losing 2 to 3 mpg using regular is about 10% drop in gas mileage, which is about equal to the cost difference between premium and regular, so what's the point? Use premium.

    Even if you didn't lose any gas mileage on regular what's the point in trying to save the cost of a cup of Starbuck's coffee every fill up on a 30K car? Makes no sense whatsoever.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Member Posts: 3,469
    If it does not need premium and does not suffer mileage wise it makes no sense to throw that money away no matter how expensive the car.
  • jd10013jd10013 Member Posts: 779
    I may not need it, but the OM for the 3.5 says to put premium in it.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Member Posts: 3,469
    Well that is reason enough.
  • redjackalredjackal Member Posts: 8
    Model: 2.5 S

    I have issues with my keys. The buttons don't work, but they still let me in the doors and start the car. The second set of keys never worked. Then the first set stopped working after 6 weeks. So I took it into the dealer and they took 3 hours trying to make them work again. They got the first set to work, but not the second. Now, after 5 days, the first set stopped working again. I don't know how many times I will go back before I demand new keys. I've never dropped them or got them wet. Has anyone else had issues?
  • jd10013jd10013 Member Posts: 779
    Rumor on the internet is that having you key next to you cell phone can damage the key. From what I've read Nissan knows about this and will be issuing a recall in the fall. I would request a new set of keys, and be sure to keep them away from you phone. don't put you phone and key in the same pocket, or in the console together.
  • brownieaffairbrownieaffair Member Posts: 5
    Yeah, I remember when I was reading the manual the night I bought the car a few months ago it mentioned not to put a cell phone too close - radio frequencies interference, etc.
  • bv050506bv050506 Member Posts: 97
    I haven't run the math but you are most likely right. I'll pay closer attention to it. I just have a problem with $3.50 a gallon for anything. I still remember 78 cents premium in my '99 Volkswagon Passat. I don't like paying $4 for a cup of coffee either so thank God no Starbuck's in my town. But I'll look at it over the next few fill-ups and see what really makes sense. Thanks
  • redjackalredjackal Member Posts: 8
    Thanks for the info. I don't see how they expect us to keep our cell phones away from our keys. One is bound to come into range of the other a dozen times a day. And what is that range supposed to be? Lets hope they design some shielding in that recall. I guess I could live without the buttons working on the keys for now.
  • bv050506bv050506 Member Posts: 97
    did you ever get this answered? I thought they were Bose?!?!?? I don't think the ones in the door are 6X9, but oval and most likley 4X8. The subwoofer does a nice job of sending out the bass, especially in the back. My kids even think it sounds awesome.
  • rachel_1938rachel_1938 Member Posts: 2
    I purchased the 2.5S Altima 4 cyl. Just read that someone has a problem with the Maxima seat as well. I called Nissan today to see what if anything they can/will do about it.
  • greanpea68greanpea68 Member Posts: 1,996
    I work for Nissan and they just sent out a report that If the cell phone and the I-Key are touching it only gets affected when the phone has a incomming call or if you make a out going call. The only way it would affect it on a out going call is if they were touching which means you might have been using your bluetooth. Just remeber when you get incoming or outgoing calls and your cell phone and I-Key are touching it can disrupt the signal from the I Key.

    Nissan is working to correct that problem...
  • jd10013jd10013 Member Posts: 779
    Thanks for the info. I don't see how they expect us to keep our cell phones away from our keys

    It was an unforseen problem, and to the best of my knowldge, only involves some cell phones. thats why there is no warning in the OM. It says something about keeping it off the tv and a few other places, but nothing i can remember about phones.
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