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    The past couple of days, it seemed like everyone was disappointed in the new Altima, so I decided to check it out for myself. I LOVED it the 3.5 AND the 2.5. Loved the finish, power, CVT, all the tech goodies,...Didn't think the seats were too hard, legs too cramped (i'm only 5'11, tho), CVT too 'wierd?'. I liked it all and I would probably have paid MSRP for it if I didn't still owe so much on my '06 3.5SL.

    So just wanted to remind everyone that people really can get different impressions from the same car, so just test it out. If you dont like it, fine, but in my opinion you'd be doing yourself a disservice by not at least seeing for yourself.
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    I couldn't agree more. Just because I thought the seat was horrible doesn't mean the next person will. :D
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    Yes there have been many negative posts, perhaps since the price is so high, so are peoples expectations. The 3.5 sl with options is priced right up there with a just about fully loaded camry xle. Accord seems to be a bargain between the 3, of course it is a generation behind right now. The prices for a family sedan are getting out of hand as far as I am concerned. This opinion is probably due to perspective since I paid 40,000 for my first brand new house back in 1974. So paying 32,000 for a new car does not compute. Old Mike
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    I test drove one 3 weeks ago and took delivery of a 3.5SE CVT this weekend. Great car. Instant power delivery, very comfortable, quick steering, and a surprisingly good paint job for a mass produced vehicle. Prior to making the purchase I test drove an Accord, a Camry SE, a Legacy GT, a Pontiac G6, and the prior generation Altima.
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    tc155 Please tell us why you picked the Altima over the other cars you looked at. Thanks Old Mike
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    Just bought myself a majestic-blue 2007 3.5SL (with every option but the spoiler, for $700 over invoice), after test-driving a Legacy 2.5GT and both 2.5S and 3.5SE Altimas.

    Legacy is nice, but its transmission (automatic) is somehow weird, not shifting when it should. (It does have an auto-manual mode, but I'm not a fan of this concept.) Also, despite the specs showing almost 2" more front legroom in the Legacy than in the Altima, in practice, the Legacy is more cramped, with no room for the driver's left foot. I'm coming from an old Altima with tons of legroom, and the new Altima does feel as spacious for the driver (I'm 6'0), despite a loss of 1.5" of front legroom on paper.

    The CVT is really nice, not sluggish at all! Both the 2.5S and 3.5SE accelerate great with it (with me and a dealer in). Actually, as was the case back in 2002 when I was deciding between the 2.5l and 3.5l versions of that year's Altima, on the whole, the 2.5 feels a bit more "agile" and "light" than the 3.5, apparently because of its lower weight. I would not pay extra for the 3.5 this time either if the 2.5 was offered with the stability control option, which was a must for me (totaled my previous car because of lack thereof). If you want stability control but do not want a rear spoiler, Nissan gives you only one option, a fully loaded 3.5SL, which is what I got. BTW, leather seats are OK, just had to play with the adjustments for a while.

    I was planning on test-driving also a Dodge Charger AWD and a Saturn Aura, but decided not to - was perfectly happy with the Altima.

    Now, for the open-minded among you, for the past few days I've been driving a rental 2006 Huinday Sonata V6, and it far exceeded my expectations - the engine is smooth and quiet with a great pull at low RPM, the auto transmission makes the most of the engine torque, and the suspension is nice. (And it has stability control.) If you can live with a somewhat less than stylish interior, Sonata is a surprisingly good car.
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    any info on pricing or lease deals?
    I am looking into 2007 2.5S..
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    You mentioned quick steering - did you happen to test drive a 2.5 base car? Is the steering quicker on the 3.5? My immediate reaction when I took the 2.5 for a test was that you could turn the wheel 3-4 inches without even beginning to feel it affect the car's path. (admittedly this was just after stepping out of my Civic Si) I was back in my Passat today and I wasn't struck with the same sense of having to put significantly more steering input in to get a change in direction. I'll have to test drive the Altima again but I was underwhelmed with the steering feel the first time out.
  • mhattrupmhattrup Member Posts: 77
    Congrats on the new car - I still want to test drive a 3.5 (one with the sportier suspension that is available) I want to see if it makes much of a difference. The Charger and Aura are both nice looking rigs but I think your better off in a Nissan in terms of reliability. I actually like the looks of the Sonata and am impressed by the test results but I like a manual tranny and they don't offer it with the V6.
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    Old Mike wrote: "tc155 Please tell us why you picked the Altima over the other cars you looked at."

    These were my impressions that led to the purchase of the Altima: The Accord's suspension was too soft for my taste. The Camry SE had very good ride and handling, but the styling didn't grab me and there were a number of reports of transmission problems. The Legacy GT didn't feel as responsive as the Altima (not sure whether it was a function of the automatic transmission's downshift delay or the turbo lag). I felt like I was sitting too low in the G6 with respect to the height of the dash. The G6 steering was a little heavier than what I was looking for.
  • tcl55tcl55 Member Posts: 3
    I did not drive a 2.5 base car so I can't compare the steering feel with the 3.5. It certainly doesn't take 3-4 inches of turning the wheel before feeling a change in direction. The turn in feel of the 3.5 SE should be better than the 2.5 since the 3.5 SE has a firmer suspension and lower profile tires. However I doubt that it will feel as nimble as your Civic SI given the weight difference between the two cars.
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    I need to try a 3.5 SE and see what it feels like. I was surprised at the contrast I felt from the Civic to the 2.5 just in the parking lot. In fact it might have been more noticable at parking lot speeds than when rolling down the highway. I just know that my Passat's steering is more point and shoot than the 2.5 Altima's was and it was closer to the Si's. I'll have to try the 3.5 SE agains a Subie GT - when I test drove the automatic in the Subie I thought it was the first manumatic I might actually consider purchasing but I know the 0-60 time takes a hit as compared to the to 5 speed. Thankfully I don't live in an area with much (if any) stop and go traffic so a manual is still fun to drive.
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    .......... check the link for 4 pics. Sexy...

    2008 Nissan Altima coupe unveiled

    Nissan today unveiled the 2008 Altima coupe at the Los Angeles auto show. The car will go on sale as a 2008 model in summer 2007. "Rather than just eliminating two doors from the Altima Sedan, we gave the Altima Coupe its own style, its own dimensions and its own interpretation of Nissan’s exhilarating driving pleasure," said Bill Bosley, vice president and general manager, Nissan Division.

    Though the new coupe shares much with the latest edition of the Altima Sedan, which went on sale in early November 2006. Dimensionally, the Altima Coupe rides on a 105.3-inch wheelbase, a full 4 inches shorter than the Sedan. Overall length is 182.5 inches – 7.1 inches less than the Sedan. The Coupe also has a lower profile – at 55.3 inches it is 2.5 inches shorter than the Sedan. In terms of major body panels, the two cars share only a common hood, with all other panels and lights unique to the coupe.

    The new Altima Coupe is offered with a choice of two engines and two transmissions. The 3.5-liter 24-valve DOHC V6 is the "next generation" version of the VQ-series V6 offering 270 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque. Also available with the new Altima Coupe is a 2.5-liter DOHC 16-valve QR25 inline 4-cylinder, producing 175 horsepower and 180 lb-ft of torque. Customers can chose between a CVT transmission and a 6-speed manual.
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    Correction: changed the color of my new Altima from "majestic blue" to "precision gray" (all that chrome looks too garish on blue). Wow, they do let you run wild with colors - a total of 7 shades of gray to choose from :) (counting black and white and greenish gray and brownish gray).

    Had to cancel the sale on the blue one, but another dealer who had the right color matched the deal ($700 over invoice including everything pre-tax). So this seems to be the going rate here in MA/RI area, and it's well below Edmunds' TMV.
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    Is it FWD like the sedan? That would make more sense to me, but I think in another post (#257) there was a link stating it would be RWD like the G35 coupe.
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    I bought a 2.5S about 2 weeks ago.
    I had been waiting for-EVER for the car to come out, as I had pretty much decided on an altima (after being unimpressed with the Sentra) but didn't want a 2006.

    I love it. I got the convenience package and BLACK. Oh man, it's HOT!

    I'm coming from a 2000 Ford Focus (which I did love) so it's a bit bigger and I can definitely feel that, though I'll get used to it in no time. Plus it's quieter, roomier. Sexier!

    I paid (apparently - I'm thinking there was some number fudging going on) $200 below sticker because the dealer I went to didn't have the car I wanted and I had a "Friends and Family" couon from another dealer. They laughed at me when I "bargained" with them, but...I figured the prices weren't going to budge anytime soon - especially with the lots FULL of 2006s.

    And, I know it's just a silly feature but I friggin' LOVE the push button start!! It's so cool, I feel like I'm starting up the batmobile or something.
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    All the speculation I have read elsewhere has indicated the Coupe 3.5 will be FWD - only the article referred to in #257 has said otherwise (maybe). I think if it is not FWD, it would bee too much a direct competitor to the 350/G35.
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    I went to my local dealer tonight to check out the Altima sedan and noticed a Precision Gray, Radiant Silver and Dark Slate parked all next to each other. That's too much gray. The Altima needs more color variety IMO. It's a beautiful car marred by bland colors.

    A burgandy or deep plum color would look great on the Altima IMO, or even a color similar to the odd Seascape would look good IMO. I'd also like to see a true beige instead of the Pebble Beach (which looks similar to Polished Pewter but is slightly lighter)

    But above all, I'm in LOVE with the new coupe!
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    Enjoy your car! It's only money, but... you may have made your love for the car too obvious to the dealer. I remember helping a friend to buy his Mazda 3, and cringing when he replied to the dealer that he "loved it" after the test drive. Right that moment he was out a few hundred bucks. So before buying your next car, try practicing poker face: :(
  • ricardoheadricardohead Member Posts: 48
    One of my favorite car-buying stories:

    A friend wanted a used Passat that a dealer had, and wanted my help negotiating. I agreed, got the necessary info from him, told him what I expected to get it for (about 12k), went into the place, and told him to basically shut up. The salesman, the friend and I are sitting there talking, and the salesman starts asking about price. Immediately my friend says "I'm willing to $15,000, but I'm sure you can do better." Both the salesguy's and my jaws dropped, speechlessly. I told my friend to leave the room that very minute. The salesman and I proceeded to laugh our butts off, and then I applied other leverage and got him to 13,200. I figured the $1,200 was the price my friend had to pay for being an idiot.
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    That's funny!

    Sort of along those lines, when we were first married, my wife and I would always fight when we made a major purpose. I would be so "nonchalant" that she would think I was not going to buy and would start trying to convince me about how much she wanted it. Right in front of the salesperson.

    But after a while, it started working to our advantage. We would argue so much that the salesperson was ready to agree to just about anything to get us out of their office. I cannot tell you how much we saved on our first house.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Member Posts: 1,134
    Never thought of that one. My late first wife and I used the silent treatment - just sat staring at the salesperson until he/she came in with a better enough offer. If he/she didn't, we walked. Usually worked though.
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    A burgandy or deep plum color would look great on the Altima

    "Sonoma sunset" looks almost burgundy, the dealer had an Altima in this color on the floor and it's quite nice. The problem though is all the chrome on the front grille and the trunk, which looks garish on any bright/primary color IMO. Spent a while staring at two cars side by side, one dark blue and another gray, and had to go for the gray, even though always wanted blue.
  • ricardoheadricardohead Member Posts: 48
    One thing when a car deal is slid in front of you - NEVER be the first to say something, even if it is no. Sit there until the salesperson says something. The first one to open his/her mouth is far more apt to give up more in the deal. Studies have proven this.
  • newcarsnewcars Member Posts: 103
    That's good, too, but yours seems to have been a planned strategy. What made my wife and I so "funny" is that we were really arguing.

    The way all always approached a major purchase is to never show over-interest and enthusiasm but my wife would think that I really was not interested. Therefore, she would try to "sell" the purchase to me. I'd then get made because I would think she was being too willing to buy. She would then get made at me for being made at her.

    Then we'd starting arguing (mostly about the purchase itself, I will say we never got personal arguing with each other). The salesperson would then offer us better deals than we originally asked for just to get us out of their office.

    All completely unplanned.

    All very effective.

    But in the interest of marital bliss, I think we will try your strategy from now on.
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    I recently looked at a 2007 Altima at a car show and liked the fact that the top of the center console would move forward so that you could rest your right arm on it while driving. Is that exclusive to the 2007 or do previous years' Altimas do the same?
  • jkr2106jkr2106 Member Posts: 248
    My '06 Altima 3.5SL does not have it, but my '04 Maxima does. So I guess it's a new feature for the Altima, but not Nissan in general.
  • mm99mm99 Member Posts: 25
    My 2002 Altima 2.5S had this sliding and rising armrest, but my 07 Altima 3.5SL doesn't. When I test-drove a 07 2.5S, I don't recall that it had one either. But its fixed position is convenient for resting your right elbow with the hand on the steering wheel.
  • mm99mm99 Member Posts: 25
    Sorry, actually, my 07 Altima does have it, thanks for pointing this out! A very nice feature, much better than the flimsy plastic contraption I had on the 2002 car.
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    The 2007 Nissan Altima is coming out wih a coupe?! Check out the website. Nissanusa.com. What do you think?
  • mhattrupmhattrup Member Posts: 77
    It seems like it was just a week ago the first spy photo's hit the web and now it's already on their website. I think it looks sharp, I hope it's trunk is bigger than the G35's and it's nice that it's a front driver for those of us in the snow belt. I think it looks sportier than the Accord Coupe.
  • vmokhutovvmokhutov Member Posts: 23
    Anybody test drove new altima with 6 sp. manual trany?
    Give us your impression. Is it smooth? Is the clutch progressive? Are engine rpms hanging when going from one gear to another like in most cars today? What rpms engine shows at 100 km/h
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Member Posts: 3,855
    Took a short test drive of 4 cyl with CVT. I think I liked the CVT, but did not really drive enough to be sure. The CVT was really the only reason I decided to drive one. I don't really care for the styling or the pricing of the Altima. I've driven mostly manuals for last 20 years, but planning to go with an automatic this time, this was the reason for being interested in the CVT.

    I did not like the seat, it seemed too flat, low (even with height adjusted to maximum), and a bit hard.

    On a side note...I find the creation of a mythical base model by Nissan to be kind of obnoxious. It is apparently only available without A/C, only in manual transmission, only in black and only by special order. Why even bother...of course, I know it is so that they can advertise base price of about $2000 below the real base price.
  • viv3viv3 Member Posts: 2
    hello, need some advise
    looking to purchase a new 07 altima, which I love what is best the bottom line price to expect from a dealer? I also have a friends and family nissan discount. What is that worth? Comparing the altima to the Acura tsx. Much smaller card but the resale value is a lot higher. Any thoughts
    Thanks viv3
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Hi, welcome to CarSpace! Check out the posts here: Altima Prices Paid & Buying Experience discussion. That's a great place to find out what people think about pricing.
  • win9x23win9x23 Member Posts: 1
    I've been looking to buy an moderately priced front drive 4 door sedan, manual transmission, that can get out of it's own way when I step on the gas. Camry SE would be great but no MT. When the 2007 Altima was announced with 270 HP I thought this was the one. At only 3200 lbs, it should easily outperform the Camry or Maxima and be right up there with the G35. But some road tests, most notably the one I just saw on MotorWeek, have been very disappointing. Motorweek reported 15.6 second 1/4 mile (with the CVT). I would have expected around 14 seconds with that power/weight ratio.

    Some questions:

    1 - Anyone seen more promising tests?

    2 - Does the CVT suck up that much power?

    3 - Does anyone know the similarities/differences between the 3.5 in the Altima and the one in the G35? Where does the extra 36HP in the G come from?
  • voriptethvoripteth Member Posts: 16
    What sort of experience do 2007 Altima 3.5 owners have with different grades of fuel? I've read that premium is "recommended" but is it required? I would imagine that the car's computer would compensate for standard grade fuel but how much does that affect performance? For regular communting I'd hope to use 87 grade fuel since it's much less expensive but I wouldn't want to damage the engine or have :lemon: performance. Can owners of this car give me some real world feedback on this issue? Thanks! ^_^
  • lili1lili1 Member Posts: 44
    Read 787, 788, 789 msg under the altima buying experience group.

    I only tested the 3.5 w/ 6 speed.

    It is smooth and is quite easy if that is what you are after. CLutch pedal is extremely light and progressive enough although it is not proportionally gradual as you will wish. Harder to kill the engine by mistake in your pedal skill. Engine hangs long. It is basically not like a manual sporty vehicle of yester year but rather clutch as if you are switching off the hp, flip a gear, let out the pedal reasonable well, you do great & not effort, too easy.

    None of the sport car feel and forget about heel and toe stuff. At least I don't the pedals positioned or angled right for that kind of driving.

    There is a roadtest 2 on the 2007 ALtima done by Road & Track or someone on the 3/5SE manual. that will have the max speed and max rpm to figure that out. MY guess for this kind of power, it will be 2500 rpm or a little less = very quiet.

    Now, I did not try a 2.5 manual. If it is 2.5, I will think the noise level will be annoying at all speed when you are trying to take off a little faster. It will be quiet when cruising.
  • flightnurseflightnurse Valley of HellMember Posts: 2,217
    as a owner of a 05 Altima 3.5 I can tell you that there is a different between putting Premium ver Regular unleaded. Put the car runs just fine on Regular unleaded.

  • voriptethvoripteth Member Posts: 16
    Thanks for the reply, Tony. Can you give me any additional information on the "difference" that you observe when using 91 fuel instead of 87? Is it just that the car is a little bit peppier or is it such a big difference that you always buy 91 octane fuel?

    Have you tried using the mid-grades of 89?

    Thanks for your insights.
  • voriptethvoripteth Member Posts: 16
    I'm a bit mystified at the lack of colors for the Altima. Granted they have 9 external colors but the vast majority are some minor variation of black, white or gray. Black colors (Dark Slate, Majestic Blue, Super Black) White (Winter Frost, Radiant Silver) Gray (Precision Grey, Pebble Beach) The only colors they have with any chroma are Metallic Jade and Sonoma Sunset. I like these two colors but I can't find examples of these cars in the Chicago area. Is Nissan trying to appeal to the color blind market?
  • rev2pleaserev2please Member Posts: 19
    No the sad thing is that people buy these colors. Nissan is known for keeping around what works, or sells, best for them. The majority of people in the North buy black and the majority of people in the south buy white. Thus they make lighter or darker variations of these colors. Don't blame the manufacturer, blame the consumer. They just use what works and sells. It sucks I know. I like different colors on my vehicles too.
  • voriptethvoripteth Member Posts: 16
    So we're the only two people in North America with taste in colors, eh? ;) Fortunately I just got an e-mail from a nearby dealership that an Altima in Jade is there so I can see the color in-person. I find the color looks much different when actually seen on the car.

    One of my reasons for wanting a car of a different color is so I can pick it out in a parking lot. My current car is a variation in taupe and it is nearly impossible to tell it from the sea of other cars of nearly the same color.
  • rev2pleaserev2please Member Posts: 19
    Have you seen the sonoma red, I think the 07 Altima looks absolutely gorgeous in that color!
  • flightnurseflightnurse Valley of HellMember Posts: 2,217
    well first off the VQ35 engine is one sweet engine. Difference really responsness of the engine and the eagerness to rev faster. Either way, the poor souls in the BMW 328 and some in the 330i well be very suprised.

    No haven't tried Mid Grade yet.

    I have used Av-gas 110 (avation grade) and let me tell you, the engine loved it, but its very pricey and just wanted to try it once.

  • voriptethvoripteth Member Posts: 16
    I haven't seen one yet but I just got an e-mail from a local dealer that has one. I'll probably take a look at it soon.

    I did look at the Jade color during lunch. While it was nice it did give me the feeling of a greenish taupe. If I want a car that stands out in a parking lot I don't think this is the color to pick. Then again dark red isn't exactly a rare color either. At least it isn't a shade of gray!
  • rev2pleaserev2please Member Posts: 19
    And I normally hate red cars, But with Altima's iconic tail lights this red is very sharp, and sophisticated. And so far I have only seen one.
  • lili1lili1 Member Posts: 44
    I will join to make it three of us. I have managed to hunt down find one with Jade near where I am to look at, also the sunset and the peeble beach. I totally agree. The Altima lacks a couple of more refreshing colors for those with a different touch. The Jade is close to that of the pre-07 green but a touch more pastel or the same, may be. However, here is my take on it. The type of green (mica or something) on the 06/07 Avalon really make it the best looking rarer color but it does not do the trick on the Altima. It is OK, not offending but I did not want to embrace the car. That one has the steel wheel plastic hub cap but fundamentally, the body shape and that Jade does not do the trick. The Sunset was too conservative not unlike what was on a '80 Malibu or something and I rather have a real metallic maroon. The peeble beach was just like or close to the modest tone on the '06 whatever they call it. I rather have a old champagne back or the Huyndai champaign or light gold whatever they call it. On top of that, you compromise on this color, you further compromise on the leather color. Some can't have black for an European or sports car touch, and if you do, it will not give you the wood finish cosmetics, while the other will give you only the black only leather and not cream. The while is not pearly or at least no like an Avalon. Drive me nuts. I am almost driven to not consider the car. Gut feel, this 07 Altima does not appear to have a single visionary designer on the body line and interior and it looks like a [non-permissible content removed] put together by a basket of inputs from a bunch of 'marketing folks'.
  • voriptethvoripteth Member Posts: 16
    I had a chance to look at the Sonoma Sunset Red last night. It's a decent color although it didn't seem to be metallic so the color appeared to be duller than I hoped. I saw it after sunset so I'm sure it will look different in the daylight.

    One big surprise was the Majestic Blue. On the web site I thought that color was very dark and near black. It's a very metallic blue that actually shows quite nicely! Now if I can only see it on a clean car in the daylight.

    Now my dilemma is to choose red vs blue. I do like how the red is accented by the taillights but I'm not fond of the non-metalic paint and the fondness that cops have to ticketing speeding red cars. The blue is a nice color is less contrasty with the sun roof giving the car smoother lines. From the front of the car I prefer blue. From the back I prefer red. Help!

    Anyone have an idea of which color is more popular? My goal is to have the less popular color. I'm thinking it may be blue.
  • rev2pleaserev2please Member Posts: 19
    Well first of all, the way a car drives is not shown by the color of the exterior. So judging a car or making bad comments about one because of the colors is not fair. Second car manufacturers do things a certain way to make things less expensive and obtainable for guest. I have meet some the people who work with nissan on this vehicle and they are very proud and excited about this new car. A lot of thought and consideration of what previous Altima owners concerns went into the making of this vehicle and from a consumers point of view, I would want my manufacture to listen to me. I believe you may have been missed informed about this new altima, or you just haven't be shown or thought enough about it.
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