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    Agree it is over priced, and on the SE they have the premium
    packaged linked so you have to get the sport and VDC package also. This of course really drives the price up.
    I really dont care about pushbutton start, I think that was on my fathers 52 dodge, dont need leather, but want fogs and HID's. They make it difficult to get what you really want and not pay through the nose. May have to rethink this, Mazda 6,Camry, Fusion,TSX,Accord come to mind. Even though I can't get HID's on some of them. At these prices I see the 1500 rebates will soon be back. This is of course marketing, add content in one area, decontent in others, raise the price, give a rebate and still make more profit.
    Nothing wrong here it is the American way. Old Mike
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    The problem is that RIGHT NOW, there are no 30K G35s. The base with no options is $32,150, and there's no haggling on this brand new sedan. That's IF you can even FIND a base with no options.

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    They needed to make more stuff standard on the 3.5Se model and allow you to chose your own options. I really do not like this packaging thing that Nissan does because you are forced to get features you may not want. This car has great power, but with all the goodies it is too expensive. I doubt the V6 models are going to make up more than 20% of sales at these prices. I also want to know why stability isnt standard on any trim level.
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    I'd add the Subaru Legacy GT to that list of alternatives. It comes very nicely equiped stickers for ~ $30K but can be found for $25K at some high volume dealers. I've been looking at them for awhile but their color choice is pretty limited and I wanted to see what the new Altima looked like and what it's color options are. Off to the website to do some "configuring"!
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    I concur. For a while now I was planning on purchasing the 2.5SL with DVD navigation until I saw what Nissan wants for the car, $28,944 on Edmunds. For the same price, $28,828, I can buy an Acura TSX with DVD navigation. Sorry Nissan, I'll pick the TSX over an Altima any day.
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    Drove it today. All decked out with a 32k sticker. This car is amazing. Buy one of the others, and you know you are settling for 2nd best.
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    you are too far off to ask that question... the cars are NOW just coming to the dealers. Start asking your question about month before buying it...

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    Just tried to configure the Altima on Nissan's web site. They really went too far with the packages. On 2.5S, you can't get satellite radio without leather seats + sunroof, nor can you have an auto-dimming mirror without a sunroof. On 3.5SE, you can't get satellite radio without leather + sunroof + rear spoiler. And the best part is, to get fog lights you have to get a rear spoiler!

    They also cut the front legroom by 2 inches compared to the old Altima (that I currently own). Those 2 inches is what made all the difference between the Altima and the rest of the cars, midsize or fullsize (for me anyway). Now suddenly, the legroom is the same as everybody else's, so there is lots more choice.

    I've waited for this car for over a year, even traveled to the New York auto show to see it rolled out, and it looks great. But I'm not going to reward Nissan for their marketing behavior. The new Sebring also looks pretty good, Milan is decent, and both are configurable. And TSX is cheaper. So get lost, Nissan.
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    Nissan is not too alone with the packaging thing, although they have gone too far. On the Saturn Aura, if you want leather (like I do) you also have to order an $800 or $1,500 sunroof package (and I do not want a sunroof at all), which pretty much makes having leather a $1,700 to $2,500 option. Like with the Nissan, that bumps the Model to the TSX range (I can dicker on a TSX, not on a Saturn). Guess what I'll take between a TSX and a Saturn ... :blush:

    To the poster (#213) who said this thing is sweet at 32k, get the Infiniti. It is far sweeter for the same money, and to MM99, you mentioned the Milan and that is where I am leaning. The Premier package with the V6 can be had for under 23k, it hauls tail, has now realiability ratings bettering Camry and Accord, looks distinctive, and is at least 4k under the others, and yes most of that 4k might not be there at resale time if you buy again in 3 years, but if you keep it six that 4k is in your pocket and you are not rewarding bad marketing and worse pricing strategies.
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    If it were all about money, we would be buying the cheapest little boxes we could get our hands on. I'm talking about a magnificent driving experience. The new, all decked out Altima drives incredibly.

    On the money side, 3 yrs from now, when the Nissan retains 60+ percent of it's MSRP and the Ford retains ???, which will appear to be the better bargain?
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    If you are in MD, you should start looking at the Carmax Nissan site which is already selling 07 altimas close to invoice. Just go to the carmax site, select new cars and nissan, and it will take you to the dealer near Baltimore
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    Denver Nissan wrote:
    On the money side, 3 yrs from now, when the Nissan retains 60+ percent of it's MSRP and the Ford retains ???, which will appear to be the better bargain?

    My main ride is a 2002 F150 King Ranch. Bought it new in June/02, it was stickered at 32k, got it for 24k (I buy cash), current market value in my area is a hair over 14k for my 4½ year old truck. So that cost me 10k for 53 months. That beats paying at or near MSRP for your Altima, a Camry, Accord, or any Bimmer out there. Not as fun a ride, true, but it carries my bike, my stuff, has not had one problem (other that cruise control recall - a 20 minute fix), and looks like it did the day I bought it. I don't care about % of MSRP, I care about the difference between purchase price and sales price. That is what it costs me.

    If you are only fixated on residual on a 32k sedan, get a stripped Bimmer 3 series and skip the Nissan. Even then my truck would be better, but the Bimmer beats the Nissan any day on that account. 32k opens up a lot of options that Nissan really should not be up against.
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    Ford discounts their trucks big time, and the King Ranch for 32K was rare. If you go out and try and build one today, you are lookin at 40K..

    Resale needs to be look at the pictures, unless you plan on driving the car till it falls apart....

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    "My main ride is a 2002 F150 King Ranch. Bought it new in June/02, it was stickered at 32k, got it for 24k (I buy cash)"

    You paid a premium because of cash, probably could of bought it for 22.5K financed

    "current market value in my area is a hair over 14k for my 4½ year old truck."

    trade in price?, that is usually the sticker price on the dealers lot in my area
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    I happened to see the car and it's a nice car (you have to see it in person, trust me), I'm probably going to get it God willing. A lot of people are probaly jealous because they can't get it. I don't really like the infiniti, if you don't like the altimi thats your opinion, people need to just make up their mind and get what they like, not what others like.
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    I was able to sit in one at a dealership this weekend. 2.5 with the leather. The interior does appear to be significantly upgraded from the last model. It was also very roomy in the front. Back has good legroom. The only drawback I saw was the headroom in the back was a bit tight for tall people.

    Comparing the '06 and '07 side by side, the styling change does not appear dramatic, found myself checking the tail lights to see which one I was looking at. Dead on from the front however, you do see some significant changes with the nose, etc.
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    drove a 3.5SE this weekend with Nav.
    i was very impressed. stickered at $31k. a little too high for an altima...maybe by Jan, this will be around the $28 area. the leather was nice and the new interior was much improved. the push button is fun and the room is nice. the 270 HP wasn't the fastest thing going, but was peppy enough. the NAV was pretty great. POI worked well...and it seemed pretty accurate with my knowledge of the area. couple that with ipod connectivity. BOSE was typical. not that great, but on par with what i expected. overall, i wouldn't mid driving one at all.
    id rather own a 2007 G35 (my dream car), but for everyone that says, "get the infiniti" thats not really good advise. obviously the infiniti comes with a premium, and is RWD, but the fully loaded Altima at $31k is still $500 less then the base G35. for starters, its hard to even find a complete base g35, and while its still fun to drive, im sure the reason he liked the $31k Alti was for all the gadgets. a similarly priced G will not have the fun stuff other the the NAV screen with no NAV capabilities, since in the new G the screen is standard
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    "maybe by Jan, this will be around the $28 area."

    Just out of curiosity what do you mean by this? I'm very interested in the Altima, but it is just a little too expensive right now. Do you think they are going to re-adjust the prices or come out with some sort of rebate?

    Thank you!
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    If you plan on leasing your next car, the Infiniti well do better as far as residual...

    But look at the TSX which is LESS money then the Altima you tests drove..

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    i mean the out the door price will be....right now my dealer was wanting sticker...

    sticker for an altima? i think its priced more then it should be and they arnt willing to budge...by Jan, i figure these will be going for less
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    Only time will tell on this, if the car sells well, then don't expect much of a discount....

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    ...at least by Spring I would think because the Altima is a mainstream family sedan (a sporty one) that comes in many different flavors and is not an exclusive type of vehcile so discounts will be avaiable ($500 over invoice and such) by the Spring I'm sure.

    The Camry is a hot car as well, but you can still get them at discounted prices. This new Altima will be no different, especially considering that the 2002-06 Altima was a great seller, but discounts were available on those as well.

    It's best to just wait it out I'd think.
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    Absolutely discounts will be available. Spring is a good bet. The Altima makes its living on volume. Once the newness wears off (if there is any to begin with), Nissan will be discounting these big time.
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    I just did a test drive of the 2.5S. I actually did two, one at night and the other during the day. The night drive was first and that was to check out night visibility and to see what the dash lights looked like. The dash lights were very bright initially. I needed to turn them down a bit. Headlight illumination was pretty typical. I was hoping it had those blue/white type. The day test was more involved. Acceleration seemed ample but not great. The new CVT tranny was certainly more different than what I'm used to. You could hardly tell if it was shifting or not. It was sort of like driving a go cart. I haven't decided if I like it better than the traditional auto or not. When I got out on the turnpike, I let her loose. The engine revved very high, almost having to floor it to really get it up to speed. The same thing when I tried to pass someone. The acceleration didn't seem to match the engine rev's. I know that's how it's designed but I guess only time will tell if it will have a negative effect on the motor. Engine noise was moderate while accelerating and bothered me but not terribly. Wind and road noise was held to a minimum.

    Steering was very good....very effortless. The telescoping feature was a positive for me. I like to put the seat back and stretch my legs when I drive and being able to bring the wheel out to me a little made driving more comfortable. Good response around corners but the car comes with Continental tires. I had them on my Taurus and didn't like them. As soon as they wore out, I replaced them with Goodyears.

    There was a 20 oz bottle/cup holder in the door which I liked. It gives you the option of not having something to get in the way of the shifter. The rear seat has a center pull-down arm rest with cup holders as well (good thing)Huge glove compartment (another good thing)and the 6 speaker sound system was very good. I brought my own CD's (recommended) and played songs that had a lot of bass and it produced!

    Conclusion: I'm not sure I'm sold on the CVT but the car did improve by 5 mpg (hwy), mainly because of the CVT. It will be interesting to see what people are getting in the real world. If anyone out there wants to check other cars with CVT, the two Toyota hybrids (Camry & Prius)use it as well as the Ford 500 and Dodge Caliber, among others. It's a toss up if I am willing to accept the CVT to get the additional mpg. However, I am going to wait a while to read up on more professional reviews and to see if Nissan offers any rebates in a few months. I think the sticker price is a little high for what you get.....just my opinion, though.
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    We got an 07 Murano on 10/28 and have fell in love with the CVT. It really makes for smooth crusing and with the V6 it does not lack for power. It is a Corvette? no but I am getting about 24 highway (1,400 miles so it is not broke in yet) and 22 in town. I think that CVT will be very popular and with Dodge using the Nissan / Jatco CVT system I think most will feel the same. Is it different? yes, but my wife and I got use to it very quickly.
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    Went to the S.F. Internation Auto Show this morning. The product specialist went through the presentation for the Hybrid (41 city, 36 highway, apparently one Mpg better than Camry). And after the official presentation, we chat a little bit and she mentioned that the Hybrid should be available in the month of Jan 07. After sitting in the 3.5 SL (black), I think the interior and exterior look certainly is better than the current generation of Camry and Honda. Would love to test drive the 3.5 and hybrid when it is available. Look to be a winner.
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    Over the past few weeks I test drove a 2.5S and a 3.5SL. I test drove the 2.5 a couple of weeks ago. I really wanted to see if the 2.5 would have the power I was looking for and I also wanted to see what the CVT system felt like. I was a little disappointed with the 2.5. The CVT system was interesting. I found myself wanting to put it in the "manual" mode to feel the shifting. I also felt like you had to "floor" the gas pedal to get any power. I wasn't impressed to say the least.

    I test drove the 3.5SL this last weekend and was way more impressed with the power. The CVT seemed more enjoyable to drive with more power on tap. My intention was to buy the 3.5SL with all the goodies (navigation, bluetooth etc...) but after sitting in the 3.5SL I was very disappointed with the front seats. The seats were ROCK HARD. That alone was enough for me to scratch the Nissan off my list. There is no way I would want to spend an hour sitting on that seat. My wife felt the same way.

    I also had the chance to mess with the navigation system. They had a 2.5SL sitting in the showroom with navigation in it...I was also disappointed with this feature. It wasn't very user friendly and the screen was a little on the small side. Now I'm comparing the navigation system in the Nissan to the navigation system in the Acura. The navigation system in the Acura is WAY better and more user friendly. I will say that I did enjoy the 3D view on the Nissan system. That was pretty cool. I have no doubt that with a little time I could master the Nissan system but I wasn't impressed over all with the system.

    I also noticed that the switches for the seat heater felt cheap. They had that cheap clicking sound when you would switch them on. The dash seemed OK to me. I wasn't totally impressed but I also wasn't totally turned off. If I owned the car I think I could live with looking at it everyday. My wife also noticed that she can't open the glove box without it smacking her in her legs. It opens very wide. This really is a non-issue but something to note...I will say that the glove box is huge.

    The final verdict for me is I probably won't be buying the Nissan. For the money and the short comings of the Nissan I would rather put my money towards a new Acura TSX or new/used TL. I'm also considering a new/used 07 G35. I figure I could pick up a 07 G35, RL or TSX at a discounted rate later next year. I will wait for one of those...
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    I finally got a chance to see and drive the 2007 Altima. I bought a 2005 Altima in the summer of 2004, drove it for a year and gave it to my son as a reward for his scholastic performance. I am 6' 3" with very long legs, and he is 6' 4", and it offered us better leg room and driver's position comfort than anything else in its class. I was very disappointed to see and experience the 1.7" less leg room in the front seat and virtually every interior dimension except rear seat leg room decreased over the previous model. The change in the drivers legroom and seating position is really significant for taller people. Also the seats seem less comfortable. As I said, I was very disappointed; I was looking to it to be my next car prior to Saturday.
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    tnsig, if you like to get a TL and won't mind an 06, you should try to grip one now... Some reported to get quote for 06 tl with nav in California for 30K (MSRP 36 or so) which will be less than a 07 SL3.5 with nav for now. Check the TL price paid forum..
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    There is no way Nissan isnt planning to offer rebates on this car with these MSRPs. I'm not sure who was saying the Aura costs just as much but that isnt the case. The Aura XR comes with quite a few features that arent standard on the Altima 3.5SE and a loaded Aura is around $27k before dealing. Saturn dealers cant do much but they can do something for you, I was quoted a price $750 under MSRP. Without navigation, a comparably equipped Altima 3.5SE is over $30k, which is kind of optimistic. Even the Camry is being discounted these days so I hardly expect Nissan to sell these cars close to MSRP for long.

    The dealer I visited had about 2 dozen 2006 models on the lot so it may be a while before he moves those 2007s.
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    The TL and TSX are both great cars but I'd urge you to go test drive a Subaru Legacy GT Limited. They sticker for ~30K with an extensive options list but you can get them for ~25-26K at some big volume dealers. If your located in the Northwest try Carter Subaru in the Seattle area for great internet prices.

    I'd been waiting to see the new Altima for awhile. I drove a 2.5 CVT and wasn't impressed (not a bad car but just a car). I think the 3.5 would transform the car but time will tell. I just purchased a Civic Si which has go cart like handling and steering response so stepping out of that and into the Altima left me feeling underwhelmed (I've only has the Si 2 weeks but I've gotten spoiled). If I'd gone from my 99 VW Passat to the Altima I might have had a different impression.

    I'll take a 3.5 6-spd for a spin before I write the Altima off - I just wonder how long it will be before they have one of those show up at the local dealership.

    Now that I've driven the Si for a couple weeks I think I'll test drive the Legacy GT again and see if I'm still as impressed with it as I originally was. Even the automatic was FUN to drive.
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    Thanks Topgun7. Hopefully I'll be able to find an 06 with navigation at that price. The dealer here in East TN isn't a large volume dealer so that price may be hard to get. We have a larger Acura dealer 1 hour south of me near the TN/GA state line. I'll probably check with them and see how many 06's with navigation they have left. I will probably find a better deal there...
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    Thanks mhattrup. I never considered a Subaru. We actually have a dealer close buy. I may have to go test drive one. I'm looking for something with navigation and bluetooth for starters and I obviously want something with decent resale value. Saftey is obviously important too... :)

    I actually went and test drove the 07 G35 last night. The car had excellent power and handling. I was impressed with the ride but I don't think the G35 is for me. The thing that really stood out was the MPG. My wife and I test drove it for about 15 miles (combination of highway and city with very little stop and go) and the MPG was 11.6. OUCH. I told the guy at the dealer that I was a little shocked at the MPG and he asked if I had reset the MPG calculator. I told him that I didn't and he said that was the problem. I'm sure resetting the MPG calculator may have made some difference but not that much...He told me a salesman owns an 07 and he's getting 23-24 MPG with city and highway. Yea right! I also found the overall room in the car to be lacking. I have a honda civic and it feels like it has more room. Although the interior is an improvement over last years model, I still wasn't really impressed. I think I would be happier with a TL or TSX...

    I've eliminated the new Nissan and G35 as possibilities and will concentrate my efforts on an Acura or something else. I will probably go test drive a Subaru to see what I think. Thanks again for the suggestion...
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    you guys are so lucky you can get an Acura TL for $30K. up here in Canada, a TL with Navi is $50K including taxes. We may be able to get an Altima with leather and Navi for about $44K, maybe $43K if you get the right dealership. even a Acura TSX will run us $45K with Navi and taxes. I'm looking at the new Altima because i can get all the same features for $43K, a $7K savings over a TL. I would definetly by an Acura TL over Nissan, but the $7K savings is pretty big for me. Do you think an Altima is worth $7K savings over an Acura TL? how about the Acura TSX?
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    of course the car will have a low mileage reading because most of the time it was idling and being tested.
  • tnsigtnsig Member Posts: 25
    could be possible. I have no clue if the person that test drove it before me reset the MPG indicator.
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    Personally I wouldn't buy the Altima because of the front seat in the SL package. The seat is horrible and hard IMO. Would I pay an extra $7k for the TL? Honestly, I don't really know. Based on the information you gave above I would take the 4 cylinder TSX over the 3.5L V6 Altima any day of the week. Now if the seat wasn't so horrible in the Altima that might change things.

    The added benefit of the Acura line is they have a better warranty package...at least here in the US.

    Good luck whatever you do...
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    I'm not sure if it will still be up on the Road & Track website but in the Mar 2006 issue they did a comparison of 7 AWD sports sedans. The Audi A4 Quattro, BMW 325xi, Infiniti G35, Lexus IS 250AWD, Mazdaspeed6, the Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT Spec B, and Volvo S40 T5 AWD. The Audi won the comparison with 377.5 points to the Subie's 376.2 - the Audi cost ~41K the Legacy GT Spec B (which is their sport handling package) cost $34,600. The test came down to these two cars the Audi won the "subjective" measures while the Legacy won the performance measures. What was interesting to notw was that of the seven editors, the four 'older guys' chose the subdued can do no wrong Audi while the three younger guys chose the more playful Subie. After coming out of a VW I wouldn't consider the Audi simply because it's reliability is suspect (great driving experiences just not always sure they are going to start up :-).

    Now a couple of the cars in this comparison have been updated but I'd bet the Subie would still do well and Subaru has added stability control, a six speed, split folding rear seats, and possibly the most important feature given gas prices and your comment about mileage "SI drive". SI drive is a dial which has three settings that allow you to change the engine management progrom from "Intelligent" to Sport to Sport Sharp. The Intelligent setting knocks down the horsepower and throttle response by about 10% (I think) and should give you a less frenetic drive experience and increase your mileage. Sport is basically the same performance settings as was in the 2006 and the Sport sharp increases the throttle response to make it even jumpier than it was in 2006.

    In addition to the fun factor and this new driver adjusted engine management system the Subie has a great saftey rating for it's crash testing. The Spec B is nice but I'm not sure I'd pay the ~$5K premium over the Legacy GT limited, it might have a tad more body roll than the Spec B version but most of us don't really push our cars hard enough to make that matter. If your looking for a good deal the 2006's have big rebates on them. Don't buy an 05 because they didn't do as well on the side impact tests as the 06's did (Subaru actually modified the beams in the door post area to beef them up and modified the side airbag design and placement slightly to improve their test results and I think they even proactively pursued the retesting in 2006).
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    Finally sat in an Altima (did not bother to drive), and was amazed at how little head room there was in the back, plenty of leg room, but I had to have my chin on my chest to sit back there, and I am only 6' tall. I guess this is the latest trend to slope the roof down, but kinda makes all that leg room a moot point. The Camry is similar but not as bad.

    Wish they still made more hatches - the Versa has enough head room (barely). I would especially like to see a wagon version of the Altima or another similar sized import.
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    I would especially like to see a wagon version of the Altima or another similar sized import.

    There is a Mazda6 wagon (and a hatchback is also available).
  • dudleyrdudleyr Member Posts: 3,469
    I should have been more specific - a wagon that gets good gas mileage. The 6 is a guzzler, getting the same mileage as my Sienna wich has a larger more powerfull engine, muh more weight and much more drag.

    Wish Mazda put th 4-cyl in their wagon, or the 2.0 liter engine in the 3.
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    Regarding Acura TSX vs. Altima - last year I test-drove a TSX (automatic) and was underwhelmed with its lack of torque. It was a relief, actually, to climb back into my 4-cylinder 2002 Altima (also automatic). You can see it from the specs - the acceleration that you get at a given RPM is approximately engine torque / wheel radius / weight of car + driver + gas tank. Of course, the "feel" of acceleration also depends on how the automatic transmission is tuned and on the engine's torque curve, but I can say that my Altima (R.I.P.) "felt" faster. (It also had more front legroom, a big deal to me.)

    Now, the new 2.5l Altima has the same engine, but is a bit heavier, and the "feel" of the new CVT is probably different (more sluggish, from what I gather from the posted impressions), so now they may be more comparable. However, I'm guessing that a 6-cylinder Altima is still way "faster," even with a CVT and the extra engine weight. Otherwise though, the TSX is a fine car, was high on my shopping list until that test drive.
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    Have not driven one yet but with regards to the CVT it has 3 modes sport,normal,economy it is also a learning transmission. So the slow 0-30 feel may be due to having to learn driving style or it may have been in economy mode.
    Old Mike
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    If you are simply flooring a vehicle from 0-30, 0-60, etc, to get there as quickly as possible, the transmission learning your driving style is irrelevant. Wide Open Throttle is Wide Open Throttle. Economy *may* upshift at a lower RPM, but I'd imagine you'd get the same results in Sport and Normal under WOT.

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    Speaking of under whelmed. I'm actually looking for a car to replace my 98 civic with no mods. I can ring the neck of that car and it doesn't do much. I would choose the TSX over the Altima for the simple fact I hate the leather seats in the Altima and the interior on the TSX is way nicer. Compared to my civic the TSX is a jet...LOL

    Now the Altima's 3.5 V6 was really nice. That engine has some great acceleration. One of the reasons I was considering the Altima was because of all the goodies the 07 had in it (smart key, navigation, bluetooth etc...) As you know the only way to get all of that is with leather seats. Well you know how I feel about the seats ;)

    I was seriously considering the TL until I decided to check out the XLE V6 camry. I test drove it today and was very impressed with the quiet ride, good acceleration and overall comfort. I think value wise it's better for me. It's 5k less than the TL and has more horsepower. The camry gets better gas mileage and only requires unleaded fuel whereas the TL requires supreme. I also believe the overall future costs will be significantly less. The only drawback to the camry is the interior. I really don't like the baby blue on the dash...I wish I could customize that and get rid of that color. The TL handled better but I don't think I would utilize the superior handling that much to justify the price difference. Plus my wife gets car sick and tells me to slow down anytime I get too carried away. I come from a sportbike back ground (yamaha R1) so when I get in a car on a curvy road I start to see how far I can push it...LOL

    Anyway I think the camry is going to be my next car. If I really get the urge to go fast on curvy roads I'll just get the bike out...

    For those of you considering the Altima I think it's a good car as long as you can handle the seats.
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    just wanted to thank you guys for your insight regarding the altima vs. tsx.

    much appreciated. i have to really check out the seats in the Altima, since i do a lot of driving!
  • mhattrupmhattrup Member Posts: 77
    Did you try the Legacy GT?
  • tnsigtnsig Member Posts: 25
    I went to the subaru dealer but they didn't have an 07 legacy GT sedan. I was told they probably won't have one until mid December. I don't expect to make a vehicle purchase until next year so I may very well check back with them to see if they have one and I'll test drive it.

    I did sit in the legacy wagon. I wasn't wow'd with the interior but everything seemed OK. My only concern with my brief encounter was the lack of leg room in the rear and it doesn't have bluetooth. However, I did find the oversized sun/moon roof very cool. I had considered taking the legacy wagon out for a spin but decided I'll wait for the sedan to come in...
  • mhattrupmhattrup Member Posts: 77
    Another car that might be worth a look (I know I'm going to go check it out) is the new Mitsubishi Evolution - if you go to the website in the previous post and look at the Mitsubishi listings you'll find spy photos of the new car. It is supposed to go on sale in early 2007 as an 08. I've been waiting to see this in production for a long time - that site has the first pics of what appears to be a production version that I've been able to find. The concept pics have been out for quite awhile but the production pics looks pretty good and I think that might be of a Lancer not the full Zoot Evo.
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