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2007 Nissan Altima



  • Below you will find Popular Mechanics test drive results in their November issue:


    Altima prices begin under $20,000—that's a bargain.

    Family-Size Fun

    Large, front-drive family sedans aren't usually at home on twisty mountain roads. But the all-new Nissan Altima is. This car loves to be driven hard, as we found during a day's drive around California's rugged Monterey Peninsula. From behind the wheel the car feels much smaller than its predecessor. In truth, it sits on a new chassis that shaves only 1 in. of wheelbase. That inch pays big dividends in road poise. The engines, either a 175-hp Four or a 270-hp V6, sit deeper in the engine bay for a lower center of gravity. The front halfshafts are angled equally, so torque steer is virtually nil. The V6 SE model is a screamer and our choice—with either the six-speed manual or new CVT. And the seats are among the best in the segment. — BEN STEWART

    Inside, it's hard to recognize as an Altima. The hard plastics are gone, replaced by soft, high-quality materials. Now it feels like a more expensive car.

    San Antonio Steve
  • I found a couple places that have spy pics of the Altima Coupe - It looks really good in my opinion - the rumor is it will show up at the Detroit auto show and be released mid year. Very similar to the G-35 Coupe in terms of proportion. The Car & Driver review showed a 5.9 0-60 time on the sedan they tested. They actually were quite high on the interior but not to enthused about the manual transmission's action. They also didn't really like the exterior which I think really looks good in pictures and can't wait to see in person. My local dealer was saying it wouldn't be released until January but now I see a few posts that show its already on the lots in some places. I wonder what the deal is?
  • There was some sort photo shoot in LA on the coupe. I'm really excited about it, I love the 07 Altimas, and I always said it would look awesome as a coupe. If it comes out, I WILL buy one.
  • flightnurseflightnurse Valley of HellPosts: 2,178
    With the success of the G35 coupe, and the shape of the 07 Altima, a coupe version is possible. To have almost the same performance as a G36 coupe for about 10K less, I think they would fly off the showroom..

  • Agreed, Tony. While I don't think it will have aynwhere close to the 'G36' performance, I believe they will still fly off dealers lots. Plus, with Nissans generally sporty image, having only one coupe (350Z) is questionable.

  • just got my first look at the 07 altima 3.5. V nice looking, but that price list is missing all the option packs. this baby can quickly run into a bunch of dough, more than last years SE-R. It was not prepped, so had to test a maxima with the belt drive. when hammered, that is one wierd feeling. there is also a bit of a balancing act with the steering wheel. waiting for more.
  • Saw and sat in a new Altima yesterday afternoon. It was in the back lot at SouthPoint Nissan in Austin being prep'd for a car show or something.

    Granted, it was just unwrapped and not totally cleaned, but I was slightly less than impressed overall. The Sticker was removed, so I could not get price data and the like, but it was reasonably loaded with equipment.

    The back end of the new Altima is sexy - a bit fat like the Maxima, but also a bit long, and good looking. I have to get used to those taillights going halfway up the fender - perhaps it stood out because the car was black. The front end from certain angles (particularly a 3/4s view) looks somehow odd - it had to do with the chrome bar at the bottom of the grill being so far forward combined with the design of the intake integrated into the bumper piece, and the hood looked a little short and steep somehow for my taste. Still that was only at certain angles, and overall the exterior is pretty good.

    Inside I was actually disappointed. It did not help that the console storage bin cover on a new, never driven vehicle, was broken (unable to stay closed), but the general feel of the materials was only "fair" in my estimation - not too cheap, and not too nice. The tilt/telescope on the steering wheel either kept messing up or was broken - if that is how it is supposed to work I would never risk an adjustment while moving. Leather felt standard for the class and the seat was okay.

    I flipped on the radio and is sounded dead and flat. Dead and flat like an AM radio from a 1970 Pontiac Catalina. I played with the adjustments and it did not help. I could swear there were no rear speakers, but there were. The sound system in this vehicle was atrocious but given the vehicle I sat in was pretty well loaded I assume the sound system was near top of the line. Nissan needs to change it out.

    I couldn't drive it, but got to start it. Love the push button start. That was the best thing about being inside. Hopefully this was a first production loser copy of the car, and the full production runs will be better.
  • Just driving back from Trader Joe's this evening, and a Nissan dealership was RIGHT THERE. So I stopped, and saw a nice 2.5S in Red/Maroon, with the Convenience Package. The salesman was great, and really pushed me into driving it - he wanted to drive it as well. The 6 mile loop showed me a few things I had expected, and a few things I didn't:

    It's a sharp-looking car. Nice interior, comfortable seats, (8-way power with CP), lots of leg and headroom. The steering tilts and telescopes. It's easy to tilt, but since there's only one release handle, it's tricky to telescope. With the CP are Cruise and Radio controls on the leather-wrapped wheel. Very nice. Radio sounded very good. I'm assuming the earlier poster was looking at a car that didn't have it's antenna installed yet, or something - this one sounded just fine. But I was listening for the engine, so I had it off. I tried the A/C and heat - very powerful blower, and very quiet, even at full-blast.

    It starts with the Button - the Intelli-key is standard! Smooth, quiet idle. Once in Drive and on the road, there's very little wind or road noise. It made the engine sound, when pushed past 3k, seem starkly loud - it's really the only noise there. The steering is the best part - very smooth and linear. It corners very well at what I'll call seven tenths. The trans was very unobtrusive, and it does included the manual shift mode on the 2.5S. Unexpected, and nice. I tried a few manual shifts, and it did what you'd expect - allowed a downshift while entering a curve to get revs up, and then a quicker take-off after the curve. It hold a lower ratio for engine braking down descents as well.

    The trunk seems very large, but I was disappointed in two things: the seat cushion doesn't fold forward (like the Sentra) for a truly flat load floor; and the trunk-lid hinges are the old-style that descend into the trunk while closing. Otherwise very wide and and deep storage.

    All in all, very pleasant to drive for $22,175. ABS adds only $300, and most of the Altimas on this lot had it.

    I'm awaiting the call to announce when they get a 6-speed manual in stock.

    Just my 2 cents.
  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    The interior plastcs are improved from the last generation model. However I didn't like the exterior as much as the 02-06 model. The exterior kinda looks "out there" for a 4dr sedan. Its going to take some time to get used too the exterior. Trunk space is good I think. I talked to a salesman today that sells Nissan's. He said they sold a couple of 07 Altima's at MSRP. He said they just got the 07 Altima's in on Wednesday. I was at an auto show today so I did see all the cars. It looks like Nissan has spruced up their interiors of late in most of their cars of late.
  • 14871487 Posts: 2,407
    They reviewed the Altima in the lastest issue and were more impressed than MT was. They didnt have much negative to say about the car and felt the interior was greatly improved. I want to sit in one myself and see. My biggest problem is the price of the V6 with options, it really can get expensive. They should have gone for more value on the V6 models to undercut camry.
  • mf15mf15 Posts: 158
    Yes the price is qute high but there is now a 1000 rebate on the 07 Max which has not been out that long. So unless the Altima sales really take off, I would expect rebates after the newness is over with. The 2.5S is there real volume seller so perhaps they do not care that much about how many 3.5 se and sl models they sell. Old Mike
  • 14871487 Posts: 2,407
    Nissan has been pouring on the incentives lately so you might be right. I would expect at least $500 cash back in the near future. The SE is quite pricey compared to the Saturn Aura and it only gives you a handful of additional features for all that money.
  • 2zmax2zmax Posts: 140
    I had a brief test drive in the new 07 Altima 2.5 SL
    Here are my impressions:

    1) Engine – same as before – noisy, but less torque due to CVT. In order to accelerate quickly you need to floor it. I hated that, because it took some time to get this thing going. I hated the noise though, it sounded bad.
    2) I don’t know what to think of this CVT, I guess that some people love it – I hate it – it provides such a huge disconnect between you and the car – think of it in terms of Manual vs. Auto – this CVT is like that.
    3) The interior was much better than the 06, and I loved the Intelligent KEY system, which was cool. The gauges looked much better than the old orange ones.
    4) The steering killed me. It is like driving a Chevy Malibu – same electronic steering, what the hell were you thinking Nissan? After driving Mazda 6 and 3, the steering in the Altima sucked big time.
    5) The ride was ok, nothing special.
    6) I hope that the 3.5L SE is much better, because I would never buy the 2.5

    I’d take a Honda Accord with the 2.4L (I can’t believe I just said that ) over the new Altima 2.5
  • We received two 3.5 models at the dealership yesterday. A red one with leather, and a white one with the works. It had Nav (a smart touchscreen system), backing camera, great stereo w subwoofer, etc. very nice car. I have not had opportunity to drive one yet. I for one am a big fan of the CVT. It is smooth and quiet, and needs no service, ever. I do like it with the more powerful engines (the 3.5). Haven't experienced it yet with the 2.5 liter.
  • I never thought I would say this, but as an every day driver, I think I would be OK with the 2.5L engine. Of course the 3.5 would be better, but the extra cost and fuel economy might not be worth it with the 2.5L having 175 hp. Of course I haven't driven it yet, and I plan to wait for the 2-door anyway, so that might change.
  • The 2007 altima has finally been updated on the nissan website. You can now configure it the way you want...
  • flightnurseflightnurse Valley of HellPosts: 2,178
    FIrst off we have a 05 Altima 3.5SE with 5spd auto.. Love the car, and the room in had, the engine is sinfull and transmisson works very well for the engine..

    I bought a 07 Versa SL w/CVT and Convience package, and for $700 it comes with Bluetooth and Intella-Key (plus other items.)

    Now what I think of the 07 Altima..

    Its over priced.....

    I think Nissan missed the mark on pricing, for a fully loaded 3.5SE, you can buy a Infiniti G35, sorry guys, I'd take the Infiniti, MUCH better leather, better interior items then what Nissan uses.

    Nissan needs to make the Bluetooth a standlone option like they did in the Maxima last year. Charge $350 for it, people would flock to the car...

    I really think Nissan made a mistake, a lot of people don't want to spent $4400 for a package, in which some of those item are far less on other cars in nissan line up...

    I love the styling of the car,but.... The Price...

  • Funny I said the same thing to the salesguy, flightnurse. I asked what it would go for reasonably decked out with the 3.5 and he said 30k or so, and I said I'd skip it and get a G35. Its a no-brainer call at that price level. Expect deep discounts here. Pay near sticker on the new Altima and your financial acumen is immediately in question.
  • flightnurseflightnurse Valley of HellPosts: 2,178
    Well I agree, but I bought my versa in JUly of this year, the first one sold at my nissan dealer and paid less then sticker for it. But only time well tell, I plan on going on this sunday to see the new altima and talk to the salemen to see what they have to say.

  • mf15mf15 Posts: 158
    Agree it is over priced, and on the SE they have the premium
    packaged linked so you have to get the sport and VDC package also. This of course really drives the price up.
    I really dont care about pushbutton start, I think that was on my fathers 52 dodge, dont need leather, but want fogs and HID's. They make it difficult to get what you really want and not pay through the nose. May have to rethink this, Mazda 6,Camry, Fusion,TSX,Accord come to mind. Even though I can't get HID's on some of them. At these prices I see the 1500 rebates will soon be back. This is of course marketing, add content in one area, decontent in others, raise the price, give a rebate and still make more profit.
    Nothing wrong here it is the American way. Old Mike
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    The problem is that RIGHT NOW, there are no 30K G35s. The base with no options is $32,150, and there's no haggling on this brand new sedan. That's IF you can even FIND a base with no options.

  • 14871487 Posts: 2,407
    They needed to make more stuff standard on the 3.5Se model and allow you to chose your own options. I really do not like this packaging thing that Nissan does because you are forced to get features you may not want. This car has great power, but with all the goodies it is too expensive. I doubt the V6 models are going to make up more than 20% of sales at these prices. I also want to know why stability isnt standard on any trim level.
  • I'd add the Subaru Legacy GT to that list of alternatives. It comes very nicely equiped stickers for ~ $30K but can be found for $25K at some high volume dealers. I've been looking at them for awhile but their color choice is pretty limited and I wanted to see what the new Altima looked like and what it's color options are. Off to the website to do some "configuring"!
  • I concur. For a while now I was planning on purchasing the 2.5SL with DVD navigation until I saw what Nissan wants for the car, $28,944 on Edmunds. For the same price, $28,828, I can buy an Acura TSX with DVD navigation. Sorry Nissan, I'll pick the TSX over an Altima any day.
  • Drove it today. All decked out with a 32k sticker. This car is amazing. Buy one of the others, and you know you are settling for 2nd best.
  • jautojauto Posts: 3
  • flightnurseflightnurse Valley of HellPosts: 2,178
    you are too far off to ask that question... the cars are NOW just coming to the dealers. Start asking your question about month before buying it...

  • mm99mm99 Posts: 25
    Just tried to configure the Altima on Nissan's web site. They really went too far with the packages. On 2.5S, you can't get satellite radio without leather seats + sunroof, nor can you have an auto-dimming mirror without a sunroof. On 3.5SE, you can't get satellite radio without leather + sunroof + rear spoiler. And the best part is, to get fog lights you have to get a rear spoiler!

    They also cut the front legroom by 2 inches compared to the old Altima (that I currently own). Those 2 inches is what made all the difference between the Altima and the rest of the cars, midsize or fullsize (for me anyway). Now suddenly, the legroom is the same as everybody else's, so there is lots more choice.

    I've waited for this car for over a year, even traveled to the New York auto show to see it rolled out, and it looks great. But I'm not going to reward Nissan for their marketing behavior. The new Sebring also looks pretty good, Milan is decent, and both are configurable. And TSX is cheaper. So get lost, Nissan.
  • Nissan is not too alone with the packaging thing, although they have gone too far. On the Saturn Aura, if you want leather (like I do) you also have to order an $800 or $1,500 sunroof package (and I do not want a sunroof at all), which pretty much makes having leather a $1,700 to $2,500 option. Like with the Nissan, that bumps the Model to the TSX range (I can dicker on a TSX, not on a Saturn). Guess what I'll take between a TSX and a Saturn ... :blush:

    To the poster (#213) who said this thing is sweet at 32k, get the Infiniti. It is far sweeter for the same money, and to MM99, you mentioned the Milan and that is where I am leaning. The Premier package with the V6 can be had for under 23k, it hauls tail, has now realiability ratings bettering Camry and Accord, looks distinctive, and is at least 4k under the others, and yes most of that 4k might not be there at resale time if you buy again in 3 years, but if you keep it six that 4k is in your pocket and you are not rewarding bad marketing and worse pricing strategies.
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