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2002 Buick Rendezvous Class Action?

fader325fader325 Member Posts: 1
edited December 2013 in Buick
Does anyone know if there is a pending Class Action Against Buick on the 2002 RDV Model? We have a CX that we purchased used in June 2005. Since then, we have replaced the manifold intake gasket ($500)(at about 46k/mi) it needs an A/C Compressor before the weather gets hot here and it is in the shop as I speak with a leaking Head Gasket...possibly more, because it had a gush of anti-freeze that let loose last Thursday (like Niagara-Falls!) The more I read...this is par for the course with this model. Something should really be done. Just talk to a mechanic and they are familiar with this problem...please tell me someone has addressed this with an attorney!!!


  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    You may want to ask owners in the main Buick Rendezvous discussion.

    tidester, host
  • sharracsharrac Member Posts: 2
  • regalluvr2regalluvr2 Member Posts: 114
    At the present time I'm not aware of any class actions against Buick for the 02 RDV.GM built the 3100 and 3400 V-6 engines for 8 years (1995-2003) with well known intake and head gasket issues and has gotten away without a recall so dont expect anything on the RDV.

    We got rid of our lemon 2002 CXL AWD Buick over two years ago and it became someone elses problem.We took a $6000 bath on our RDV but were happy just to get rid of it.A trouble free 2004 Toyota Highlander replaced it.If you will read thru all the RDV forums on Edmunds you will see that I've been highly vocal about what lemons the 2002 RDV's are.

    The 2002 RDV's are plagued with such problems as BCM's,intake gaskets,head gaskets,AC condensors,wheel bearings,stalling and not starting,etc.

    Consumer Reports rates the 2002 RDV below average for reliability.Its a shame as they are a roomy and nice riding vehicle.The quality just wasnt there.
  • kolsenkolsen Member Posts: 1
  • netnerdnetnerd Member Posts: 118
    For the record, I just got a call from the Buick Service dept. where my 2002 RDV is getting an oil change. They say there's a coolant leak from the lower intake manifold gasket.

    Is this one of the common problems?

    I just came across this webpage: 0406/20060406/

    which has an article all about the intake manifold problem, and states that GM is well aware of it. It also sounds like if you're persistent enough, GM might pay for the repair.

    In case the link breaks, here's the story:

    CTV lifts hood on potential problem in some GM cars

    Kathy Tomlinson, CTV News

    It's a simple component buried deep under the hood -- in some 1 million General Motors vehicles sold in Canada alone. It has the potential to cause huge headaches though, for the GM vehicle owners.

    It's an intake manifold gasket, put in at the GM factories, in some makes and models between 1995 and 2003. According to GM's own internal service bulletin, the part can "degrade" -- causing coolant to leak -- sometimes into the engine. Several vehicle repair mechanics told CTV that in the worst case scenario, the coolant mixes with engine oil -- making the oil ineffective -- and damaging the engine.

    They say in extreme cases, the engines overheat and seize completely -- which means the vehicles need complete engine replacements. Some GM customers have been hit with repair bills of up to $5000 -- after their warranties have expired.

    "I started to cry," said Ontario resident Lisa Slatter, whose 2002 GM Montana needs at least $1700 worth of repairs. "I cried and I cried because I thought I don't know how I'm going to pay for this."

    Slatter's problems started when her vehicle had less than 100,000 kilometres on the odometer. It was leaking coolant, she said, and her warning light was on. An independent mechanic diagnosed a leaking intake manifold gasket -- and told her she should get it replaced.

    Eventually, her GM Montana broke down completely. Now, she needs a new head gasket -- a significant repair.

    "I didn't know (how serious that problem was) until my thermostat was over in the red," Slatter said. "It totally overheated. Because the coolant was gone."

    "This is absolutely not normal wear and tear," said Kirk Robinson, an independent mechanic who worked as a GM service technician several years ago. He also hosts a call-in cable TV show in Toronto, called "Auto Talk".

    Robinson agrees with several other mechanics, who told CTV they see and hear from GM customers with the same problem almost every day. Kirk told us he does repairs associated with GM intake manifold gaskets at least once a week -- and says it's the number one complaint he hears during his call-in show.

    "It's very well known in our industry that this is a fault," he said. "It's definitely a manufacturing defect."

    It turns out that GM has known about the problem for years. CTV obtained copies of four GM internal service bulletins -- from 2001 to 2004 -- warning General Motors dealers about the potential problem. For example, in 2001, GM wrote:

    "Some owners may comment on excessive engine coolant consumption, or an engine coolant leak near or under the throttle body area of the upper intake manifold." "Upper intake manifold composite material may degrade...and could result in an internal or external coolant leak."

    GM's service bulletins list several vehicles potentially affected -- 23 makes and models manufactured between 1995 and 2003. Since then, GM has come out with a new, improved intake manifold gasket. Still, mechanics say, the old part continues to break down in vehicles that haven't had it replaced.

    Robinson, for one, thinks GM should have called all the potentially affected vehicles in for full repairs, when they first identified the problem.

    "I think they should have brought (the affected vehicles) back and fixed it a lot sooner," he said.

    "I think this is the biggest problem that I've ever seen with automobile manufacturers," said Phil Edmonston, who writes the consumer car guide Lemon Aid. "I really believe it's the biggest problem GM has ever had."

    There's an on-line consumer petition -- with 11,000 signatures from GM customers -- calling for a voluntary "goodwill" recall by GM. In Canada, The Automobile Protection Association has logged 800 complaints. There are class-action lawsuits brewing in the U.S., where Edmonston now lives.

    "The way to fight is just simply send a registered letter or an e-mail (to GM)," Edmonston told CTV, during an interview in West Palm Beach, Florida. "If your vehicle is not reasonably durable and has a mechanical defect, any judge on any bench -- small claims up to the Supreme Court of Canada -- can make that company pay."

    Edmonston said he knows of several cases where GM has paid for intake manifold gasket repairs -- beyond the warranty period -- when customers have made a big fuss. He believes GM should now cover all related repairs, on all its affected vehicles.

    CTV asked General Motors several times for an on-camera interview. The company sent a statement instead, which says, in part:

    "An intake manifold gasket concern can arise from a variety of causes. It is for this reason that any concern a customer may have beyond the warranty period is handled on a case by case basis," wrote Stew Low, director of communications for GM Canada.

    He also indicated there will be no voluntary recall of affected vehicles.

    "GM does not plan to issue any type of goodwill action regarding the intake manifold gasket situation."

    GM vehicles potentially affected (source: GM Technical Service Bulletins):

    * 1995-1997 Buick Riviera
    * 1995-1998/2000-2003 Buick LeSabre
    * 1995-1998/2000-2003 Buick Park Avenue
    * 1996-1998/2000-2003 Buick Regal
    * 2000-2003 Buck Century
    * 2002-2003 Buick Rendezvous
    * 1996/1998-2001 Chevrolet Lumina
    * 1998-2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
    * 1997-2003 Chevrolet Venture
    * 1999-2003 Chevrolet Malibu
    * 2000-2003 Chevrolet Impala
    * 1995-1998 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight
    * 1995-1998 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight
    * 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue
    * 1996-2003 Oldsmobile Silhouette
    * 1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass
    * 1999-2003 Oldsmobile Alero
    * 1995-1998/2000-2003 Pontiac Bonneville
    * 1997-1998/2000-2003 Pontiac Grand Prix
    * 1996-1999 Pontiac Trans Sport
    * 1999-2003 Pontiac Grand Am
    * 1999-2003 Pontiac Montana
    * 2001-2003 Pontiac Aztec

    General Motors Canada encourages any of their customers to contact their Customer Communications Centre at 1-800-263-3777 if they have questions regarding their vehicle or service needs.

    Send us your tips, stories and ideas to CTV Whistleblower:

    Email address: [email protected]
    Phone number: 416-313-2494

    Mailing address:
    c/o CTV News Toronto Bureau
    444 Front Street W.
    Toronto, Ont. M5V 2S9
  • netnerdnetnerd Member Posts: 118
    Just a follow-up to my own post:

    When my local GM service guy first told me about the coolant leak from the lower intake manifold gasket earlier today, he said it would cost $700 to repair. He said he had no knowledge of it being a common problem. I called back an hour or so later--after having done a little research here on Edmunds and some Google searching--and spoke to a different guy (the first guy was at lunch). Told him I believed it was a common problem, that GM even knew it was common, that I had been coming there for 5 years and would like to be able to continue doing so, and didn't think I should have to pay for the repair. He said he'd talk to the service manager (or somesuch higher up).

    Got a call from guy #1 a few minutes ago and was told that they'd decided that they would do the repair for me if I paid a $100 "deductible" and the rest would be covered by the warranty (not sure what warranty since mine ended over a year ago). I decided to take the offer since I figured that $100 is worth the time and effort and frustration I'd have put into trying to get it done for free, etc. Had they come back and said $350, I was prepared to tell them that that was unacceptable and then I'd try to get it done for free (or at least for less than $350).

    I've had the BCM replaced, the air conditioner condensor replaced, and now the intake manifold gasket leak. Only one left is the ball bearings. :mad:
  • rdvs2002rdvs2002 Member Posts: 5
    If there is one count me in.....I have a 2002 and it is horrible. Had the AC condesor repaired...two weeks later the BCM....the wire harness....what's next??
  • buickno1buickno1 Member Posts: 2
    I've also had that grinding noise for a while, i also noticed my mpg fell by 3 mpg. The car had a total meltdown over the weekend and it turns out it was the differential. Has I known about this sooner it would have been only a fluid change. Which would have prevented a $3,600.00 Repair--luckily GM is covering the repair-no clue why but the dealer got it cover after two phone calls to GM. Strongly suggest you get that checked
  • jredfieldjredfield Member Posts: 8
    Will my 2002 Rendezvous run OK on E-85 fuel? By the way, I found the discussion above very interesting.
    We love our Rendezvous. It gets driven in town traffic most of the time and has never given us any problems.
  • macphersonmacpherson Member Posts: 33
    I wish I had found this site before buying our 2002 rendezvous in Jan/06. Being used, the dealer - Riverside Auto in Guelph ON, has been NO help whatsoever. We have lost count of the number of times it hasn't started, usually when we stop for gas. Wait awhile & it usually starts. Today, it's been 3 hours & still won't start. The A/C doesn't work & the latch on the console broke within days of us taking delivery. I've noticed that it wants to stall at high speed.
    My question is- does replacing the fuel pump correct the starting problem? Someone please reply as it's a very expensive repair that I don't want to have done if that is not the problem. All replies appreciated. Thank you- Lorrie :mad:
  • jpt45jpt45 Member Posts: 2
    Having similar problems. Why did you replace the BCM? I am having security issues, once the battery is disconnected, the radio is in security and so is the entire vehicle in SECURITY and the message states to service vehicle soon.
    I also had the intake manifold replaced and so did my son's. Both 2002 Rendezvous.
  • rdvs2002rdvs2002 Member Posts: 5
    I to had this "Security" issue with my 2002 Rendezvous. We had to replace the BCM. Took care of that problem. A few months later we had "traction control" issues. Had to replace the front left wire harness. The traction control light was coming on and you could hear a grinding noise. When my BCM went, the lights would stay on, windows wouldn't go down, horn would honk, door locks would lock and unlock. When you unhook the battery and rehook, it will correct it TEMPORARILY. It will come back and get worse!! Good Luck....
  • jpt45jpt45 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the feedback. The disconnection of the battery will NOT reset now, so I guess I will need to replace the BCM. Anyone else have the same problem?
    Thanks again,
    Joe :cry:
  • rdvs2002rdvs2002 Member Posts: 5

    Don't give up without a fight. Call GM and make them pay. They know that the BCM is a MAJOR problem in these cars as well as the A/C condensor, and the wire harness. They should have recalled this model a LONG time ago. Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Welcome to my world!!
  • mallaikmallaik Member Posts: 9
    You seem to have problem with the BCM. This is the Computer module. Same thing happened to our 2002 RDV. It would stall at the gas station when we stop to get gas, and would start after few minutes. Luckily we had this problem when the warranty was in effect. So, they replaced it under warranty. We also had problems with leaking manifold/head gasket, wheel bearings, and the A/C. We paid through our nose for all the repairs other than the BCM. GM refused to cover the repairs because the warranty expired.

    This is the worst car we ever had. We have been a very loyal GM owners throughout our lives (we are in our 50s, and have owned lots of GMs). This is not the way any company should do business or treat their customers. We will never purchase GM product again.
  • chrissy4chrissy4 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 CXL RDV with now 90,000 miles on it. I have had some of the same problems with my car. I had the very bad whining noise from the back and no one could hear it but me... I eventually made them flush my differential fluid (total of $401) and the sound went away. They also said that there is always going to be a little bit of noise unless major repairs were made, but they basically said my differential was fine. I have no noise now. Another problem I have been having is my AWD DISSABLE light and Anti-Lock light has been coming on periodically. Also when I pushed on the breaks I would sometimes feel and hear resistance kind of like a grinding noise. I was told it was my front right wheel sensor needing to be replaced which consisted of the entire hub assembly needing to be replaced (cost $368) I had already had my breaks replaced and two other mechanic shops say my bearings were fine. After all of that it took about a month for the grinding noise to come back and just today the lights for my AWD Disable and Ant-lock came on.... So, I wonder if they are now going to tell me my left front wheel sensor needs to be replaced... I wonder if I have air in my break line. I don't know what's wrong!!! I just want this to stop! I just got the car in December and I've already had $1200.00 worth of repairs!!! Can anyone tell me what's wrong with my car now?? The mechanics aren't doing anything to help..
  • vani2004vani2004 Member Posts: 9
    My AC condenser doesn't work so i went to local dealer and they quoted me $900+ to replace AC condenser. OK after GM quoted $900 + for new condenser & labor to instal it i decided not to fix and look for alternative way to fix it inexpensively. First i called Buick customer service to see if they can do something about it as it is common problem but seems like its not gonna help it. AC Condenser parts alone cost $409 at GM dealership. I called local parts dealers (advanced auto parts & NAPA). Both of them quoted me $275 for new AC condenser. Can't belive the price difference in parts alone. Then i thought let me try ebay. AND GUESS what? i found Brand new AC Condenser just for $97 plus $25 for shipping. check it out: atrefZC6QQcoactionZcompareQQcoentrypageZsearchQQcopagenumZ1QQfgtpZQQfmmdZQQfmmkZ- QQfposZ49783QQfromZR2QQfsooZ2QQfsopZ2QQftrtZ1QQftrvZ1QQfyhiZQQfyloZQQlopgZQQmppf- qyZQQsacatZ33547QQsadisZ200QQsaprchiZQQsaprcloZQQsargnZQ2d1QQsaslcZ2QQsbrftogZ1Q- QsofocusZbs

    Then i called local reliable Car Repair shop & told me it will take 3 to 4 hours to install it at $50/hour plus whatever freon cost. So if you have any problem just get parts from online at ebay. I called GM dealer and told them if i get parts from outside would you fix it. SAid "NOPE" DAMN!

    Stay about form this Buick Rendezvous. I hear all kind of noises from my BUick rendezvous.

    Anyway i am thinking to buy this new SUV, TOYOTA Highlander HYBRID. ANy thoughts??? I am still shopping at EDMUNDS.COM . Stay away from this Rendevous......its looks great but not worth it.
  • rdvs2002rdvs2002 Member Posts: 5
    I had this two months's not the wheel sensor. It's the wire harness. I called GM and insisted that they pay for this. They did. I have also replaced the BCM twice and the AC Condensor. It was the SAME problem...Anti lock lights came on, service traction control...the whole nine yards. GM should have recalled this car a LONG time ago.
  • nbw0305nbw0305 Member Posts: 7
    I had this when the car turned 15,000 miles. It took them 20,000 miles to find the problem. It was wiring. Now I have 60,000 miles on the car and the same problem has returned. The ABS kicks in when it shouldn't and the AWD disabled lite and the anti-lock brake lites are coming on. They replaced a hub assembly. Didn't fix the problem. Has it back in the shop today and they basically told me that I am not feeling what I think I feel. To drive it and when it happens again, not to turn the car off. Call them and drive right over so they can hook me up to the computer. I will never buy another American car. They tell me that there are many things that can cause the ABS to behave the way it is.
  • vani2004vani2004 Member Posts: 9
    Never....even i decided to buy toyata highlander or honda odessy as my next vehicle. I am tired of spending hell of $$ behind my 2002 rendezvous. First wheel bearing, then condenser, & now compressor (parts alone cost $800). Damn.......i am pissed.
  • marzalzmarzalz Member Posts: 2
    It seems that many 2002 Buick Rendezvous owners are having the same similiar problems that we are currently and have been having. I love my car but I have to say the way it was built is a headache. Not all are made of money and can easily just go out to buy another vehicle to replace this terrible made automobile. Yes, indeed a regret to buy this kind of SUV but why bother when whats done is already done. Can't try to sell it or trade it when knowing the problems that are occuring because of the guilt you would feel. It will then be someone else's problem that can lead to a lawsuit or even worst accident. Dealerships can't fix intermittent problems, GM company will not make any recalls, so what can we possibly do? Well we've reported a safety issue to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in March of 2006 but so far no word. Here are the problems we have been and currently have: :mad:

    1. Internal and External lights all shut off even when car is running (SAFETY ISSUE!!!) We've had incidents while driving on highway during night hours and all lights just shut off causing complete darkness long up to a minute. Happens anytime of the day! BCM was replaced but it did not fix anything. Started just couple of months after we bought it brand new and til this day it still occurs.

    2. Security mode turns on, if thats what you call it. This is where Service Engine indicator comes on, locks up radio, stops clock, doors lock up, and AC stops working. Basically everything locks up.

    3. Starting car is hard to start as if it will stall. Beginning Aug. 5th 2006 the car won't start at all and is stuck in my garage. July 31st was last driven and it took couple of starts to get the car to start adn it drove fine and no problems starting until August 5th when it just shut down.

    As far as reporting it to National Highway, I guess there are just couple of people that has this kind of issue so, maybe that is the reason why no recalls have been made nor feedback on these complaints. Judging from this forum it looks like there are many more complaints on this forum than the National Highway complaints, why so? You want a recall, you want your problems solve, you want to spend less, you want to enjoy your car, REPORT THE COMPLAINT!

    Issues involving safety issues should definitely be reported!

    So, we are left with a faulty car in hopes that GM will make these recalls and we are left with us pulling out our hairs for the expenses we have to make to get this vehicle fix. Why not do something about it? Make a complaint (already did), lawsuit (can't afford a lawyer), and an easy way to get back at the GM...Spread the word and do not buy there cars. Maybe it will make GM realize that you can't just sell something and leave your customers in the dark. Is GM that heartless? :confuse:
  • vani2004vani2004 Member Posts: 9
    I am very helpless......I drove my 2002 RNDVZ for year and half without A/C because i can't afford to put new condensor & labor to fix it. finally i had to replace it last month in july 2006. I can't afford Dealer mechanic because they were very expensive so had to go thru local mechanic. Just fixed the condensor last month and week later, A/C compressor started making lots of noise and head gasket licking quoted me $2350.00 for parts and labor to fix it. I can't belive it...I just had to put brand new condensor and now compressor and head gasket......I don't have that much $$$$$$$ to fix it. I am stuck and helpless. i have only one car and that i can't repair because of big expense to fix it...i am not rich ....but i don't have other option besides to fix it otherwise how i go anywhere without car...but i am helpless becasue i don't have money....Very helpless :cry:

    I am very confused
  • keion1keion1 Member Posts: 1
    I have this same problem. Can anyone tell me about how much the wiring will cost to get fixed? I dont want to get ripped off by a dealer or mechanic.
  • macphersonmacpherson Member Posts: 33
    My sympathies- we have the same problem. We still owe $'s on the car- we have no A/C, we have the continued starting problem (the one that GM denies),and I'm worried about the head gasket & computer. :lemon:
  • nbw0305nbw0305 Member Posts: 7
    Fortunately, mine was done under warrantee. I'll tell you the extended warrantee paid off with this car. I just traded it in because they refused to do anything about my continued problems with the ABS engaging. One mechanic told me it was the computer, another told me the testing was inconclusive. They didn't want to but a $2,000 part in!!!
  • doctbardoctbar Member Posts: 1
    What is the name of the dealership and city or telephone number. My car has just started doing the same thing and I would like for my dealer to talk to the your shop to see what they have done to fix it.
  • huskydawghuskydawg Member Posts: 15
    To all RDV owners,

    Sorry to hear all the problems that you guys had. I was in the same boat. However, now I can say that is all in the past now. I just traded-in my 2002 RDV today, and I definitely did not purchase another GM vehicle. Best of luck to all of you.
  • macphersonmacpherson Member Posts: 33
    Lucky you! I still owe money on mine so I'm stuck for awhile. It would be great if we could forward all these posts to GM- don 't you think? :lemon:
  • regalluvr2regalluvr2 Member Posts: 114
    Over 2 years ago we dumped our lemon 2002 CXL RDV at a big loss!No dealer wanted to give us anything in trade for a 2 yr old 35,000 mile RDV.We finally got a new 04 Toyota Highlander Limited that has been great so far.
  • vani2004vani2004 Member Posts: 9
    I decided my next car will not be GM either after spending thousands of dollar on my 2002 RDVZ... Can't even trade-in because Dealer want it very cheap (even GM dealer know about its reputation) stay away from Buick/Gm. Go for toyota or Honda.
  • manny5manny5 Member Posts: 16
    Both myself and my wife have been life long GM Car owners. We believed in supporting our labor and being patriotic to products made in our own country. After owning 2002 Buick Rendezvous with horrible problems and how GM has been non responsive in even acknowledging these problems, we have decided to dump GM for life and never ever buy any of their products. We are seriously looking at either a Toyota Highlander or a Honda Pilot as our next vehicle. We are trying to trade in our 2002 Rendezvous, and its value is so little we would be pretty much giving it away. Considering all the repairs we had to do, this has been the most expensive car to own and operate (in fear) in our 50+ year lives.

    Bad (not good) bye GM, wishing you the fastest demise from existance so that you can not inflict the pain you have inflicted on us to any more loyal and honest customers.
  • deniseknoxdeniseknox Member Posts: 5
    I bought my 02 Rendezvous in Dec 05 and I just replaced the BCM, cost me $500. I also called Buick @ 800-521-7300 and they told me they have never heard of this issue before. All of the lights would go out, including brake light & headlights. Scared the dickens out of me, first time it happened was at night. I almost wrecked the thing, and I have been an only GM buyer for 12 years since I started driving. Needless to say I will buy a Honda, they at least own up to there mistakes, most of the time. PLEASE PLEASE call buick if you have not all ready done so. Also please write GM a letter @ P.O. Box 33170 Detroit, MI 48232-5170. Make sure you send so that it can be traced, otherwise they will say they never received. Please join me in bringing the rest of the public up to speed, before one more person is affected. I went ahead and paid for the repairs even though I could have traded the POS in, but I am a person who will not do that to someone else.. for those of you who did SHAME ON YOU!!!
    I have started to smell AntiFreeze and I bet I am about to have alot more problems.
  • macphersonmacpherson Member Posts: 33
    Oh, you won't believe the problems that are about to start for you. We bought our 2002 in Jan/06, with 124000KMS. on it. We fell in love with the styling & the handling etc. I so wish that we had researched on this site before we bought. The dealer said "Don't worry- I'll look after you- just bring it to me if any issues". What a joke that was. As soon as we left with it, he didn't want to know us anymore. The problems started immediately.( Of course we bought an extended warranty- but it's a powertrain warranty which doesn't cover the issues we have had.- This warranty cost us $1500.)The 1st & biggest problem has been the starting issue- it seems when running errands etc., if the car is started several times in a short period, it just stops starting- almost like it needs a rest. If you wait an hour- it starts again. This ususally happens when I have a busy day & can't afford to be stranded. It's gotten so bad that now when I know I have several stops, I leave it running. That's great for the gas mileage & I can see the temp.guage climb!!!There were several diagnosis- fuel pump, connector under the front seat, spark plugs etc. We thought we had it solved with the spark plugs. GM denied any knowledge of these starting ptoblems, yet reading this site it seems there are thousands of us with the same issue. Our A/C has never worked- again it seems that it was a problem with the 2002 that was rectified in later years but again GM says they never heard of it. Why would they fix something they never heard of???? The car is beautiful when it runs & if GM stood behind their product I wouldn't hesitate to buy another, but when they call me a liar....well that's it for GM products in this house. Sorry to go on for so long---------- :lemon:
  • jk27jk27 Member Posts: 244
    Just a reply to your "post of impending doom" ... not all 2002 Rendezvous are lemons, evil or unreliable. And there is certainly no guarantee that the previous poster will experience ANY of the problems you have (A/C, starter). I've owned a 2002 RDV for 4.5 years. It's always been reliable and I have not experienced any of the starting problems you have. I've had a few problems (as I have had with ALL cars I have ever owned). Most were repaired under warranty. Some were not, but buying a new car does not guarantee no maintenance or repairs.

    BTW, if your AC has never worked, why haven't you filed a lemon-law claim or filed a claim with the BBB Autoline? That would be unacceptable to me, and I find it hard to believe that your dealer wouldn't fix it.

    Just keep in mind that no car manufacturer will pay for ALL repairs for as long as you own the car. 2002's are now almost 5 years old -- well out of warranty for most vehicles (except for Hyundai and Kia).

    Would I buy another GM/RDV? Without hesitation, although I will probably move into a minivan next for cargo capacity reasons.
  • deniseknoxdeniseknox Member Posts: 5
    I am hoping my problems do not get any worse, I did go over the weekend and look into buying "THE CRAVE" the new Honda CRV. I am totally in love with it.

    Anyways I have contacted someone in regards to my issues with my Buick, regarding a class action here is a link for anyone interested in checking it out.
    I wish everyone the best of luck.
  • da_hepcatda_hepcat Member Posts: 3
    Agreed. We own a 2002 Rendezvous that currently has 48,000 miles on it. The only thing I've ever done to it (other than routine maintenance) is change the blower motor resistor pack, which I did myself. Its unfortunate that people who have good experiences with a product don't post more often. It probably gives an unfair representation of overall product quality.

    My wife was recently in an accident in our Rendezvous. She lost control on a snowy Chicago area tollway. Her injuries were minor (bruised shoulder), but the RDV sustained $9300 in damage, primarily to the front-end. The insurance company did not total it, as the repairs were still under 80% of its value. So I find it hard to believe the $2000 trade-in claims. After almost a month, we finally got it back. So far so good. It drives just as well as it did before. The big lesson here is that the RDV did its job of protecting the occupants at the expense of the vehicle. My 2 year old son was in the car too (2nd row), and he sustained no injuries.

    As far as the intake manifold, I also have a 1999 Pontiac Bonneville that I bought used in 2003 with 53,000 miles. I know the dealer changed the upper intake manifold before I took delivery. Its 2007 and I'm just shy of 100,000 miles and it continues to be a very reliable car for me. I drove my 1991 Bonneville to 186,000 miles.

    Cars are complicated machines. And no matter what company you buy from, the potential for a lemon is always there. Foreign car makers are not exempt. My siblings have horror stories about Toyota and Mazda. So I can honestly say I will seriously consider another GM vehicle.
  • nbw0305nbw0305 Member Posts: 7
    Trust me your problems will get worse and you will get NO satisfaction from Buick or GM. I finally gave up and bought a Nissan....if I were you I'd go for the HONDA!!!
  • deniseknoxdeniseknox Member Posts: 5
    Well let me just start by saying, I have not had any more problems to speak of yet. However I don't believe for a minute that I won't. My class action is going nowhere as no one else has contacted them. As far as RDV getting a bad rap well all of us have alot more miles. So I hope that yours does good, I want to believe the GM has gotten at least a couple of them right. I also own a GM Truck we bought it brand new and not one problem. Everyone I know has had problems with these things. I wish everyone the best!!
  • tigfittigfit Member Posts: 7
    Well my Buick 2002 Rendezvous started having the same electrical problems as others! 80,000 miles on it! I will be driving down the road at night and if headlights are on auto all of a sudden everything goes black. Door Locks go up and down at same time ABS lights up for a second some time panic horn starts ,air conditioning shuts down and battery light goes on then off. First started about 6 months ago when the air would not work but I did not know it was same problem. Took it to Dealer and they grounded positive cable on the battery for only $86.00. They told me it probable is computer it may happen again or may not!
    Well I can see I am going to be in for some problems! If I find a cure I will get back to you all!

    To Bad its such a nice vehicle!
  • deniseknoxdeniseknox Member Posts: 5
    I can tell you what is wrong... you have to replace the Body Control Module (the computer). There is no other fix, and trust me it may go away for a few days, but it comes back. I think I paid $600 total to have it done, but my husband is a certified mechanic and got me a good deal!!
  • tigfittigfit Member Posts: 7
    Well thanks for the info! I figured I would be replacing the BCM sooner or later . I was hoping it would go out completely so it would be easier for Dealer to figure out! Even though I know they are familiar with this problem they still play dumb! Once you replaced the BCM has any of the problems come back? I noticed in one of your other post you mention smelling anti freeze has anything come of that? I am losing a little anti freeze a month. Nothing in oil so must be a bad head gasket. Noticed a little garbage in overflow container! Great!
  • spike99spike99 Member Posts: 239

    Is it the gasket materials that were used in 2002-2003 3.4L engines? Is the the Dex-Cool fluid NOT lasting as long as it should (or advertised it should)? Do they use too small of engine in the wind resistant RDVs / mini-van vehicles and thus, it runs under more stress (whis is more heat) then other vehicles? Is it too small of RAD - for the weight and wind resistance and thus, it can't keeps its cooling system cool enough? Or, is its faulty RAD Caps - that don't keep 11 lbs pressure? So many questions and such little "solid" answers to point to one specific root cause of the problem. I do know from reading many posts, many Google searches and learning from experienced mechanics, the 2002-2003 RDVs (especially the AWD versions) have a high percentage of intake gasket leaks then cars using the same engine. Class Action cases flying all over the place. And, many GM loyal customers stating they will never buy a GM vehicle again. It's a real shame that GM doesn't swallow the pill, do a mass recall (even if it costs them more dollars than fighting it) and in the end "they make it right". I know, some GM lawyer will say it isn't their fault (re: point the finger at something else) but in the end, it's GM name on the vehicle hood. Thus, its my opinion that GM should be the ones to "make it right" - even if they are not to blame. Sometimes, I'm not at fault either but in the end, my boss tells me to make it right - for the good of the company I work in. So, I do free unofficial recalls (if one can call it that) for some of the things I sell at work - even if my company didn't make the product. In the end, we make our customers happy - even if we have to swallow the profit that was made during our initial sale.

    Maybe a cheap intake gasket was used in the 2002/2003 RDVs? Many state this is the root cause of the problem. Maybe it is bad Dex-Cool fluid. Or, Dex-Cool fluid that should be changed every 3 years - instead of every 5 years? Or maybe its as simple as a bad RAD Cap - that lets too much air bubbles into the system. To me, GM should "change all 3" and keep their customers happy (in this area). Especially for their loyal customers - that they took many years in wining over.

    With that said, here's some interest info I found on a different forum. Surf:

    Note: The 3rd post (within the above link) is from an experienced vehicle person. The 3rd post and the drill down link (in the 1st post) are well worth reading, and applying to your RDV. Especially if you have an older 2002/2003 RDVs (like me), that is still using the original factory DEX-Cool fluid. Happy reading!!!

    Hope this helps others. Especially folks who are questioning the factory Dex-Cool antifreeze fluid.

  • regalluvr2regalluvr2 Member Posts: 114
    GM had tons of problems from 1995-2003 with bad intake gaskets on a great many 3100 and 3400 series V-6 engines.10's of thousands of these have failed with some losing $6000 engines as a result of it.How GM got away without a recall is beyond me.It sure cost them alot of customers.
  • spike99spike99 Member Posts: 239
    I agree regalluvr2.

    I guess what GM legally does and what we (the customers) feel they ethically should do is 2 different things. We have a saying at my work. It takes a business 4 times more "business energy" to win a customer back over, compared to a simple "we'll swallow the pill on this one" - in order to keep our existing customers we have. Or as some of my friends say, "I'll take a punch in the eye to keep a friend loyal to me". Seems a shame the bean counters are running most business, compared to "a smart business man" these days. Sad to say but true...


    Earlier today, I chatted with my local auto mechanic. He's been in the business for 22+ years, and knows his vehicles (and engines) inside and out. I even throw him a few inncorrect statements and he quickly corrected what I was saying. Thus, very hard to BS this guy...

    For my 2003 FWD RVD, he recommended the following:
    - I obtain / confirm if the previous owner was using normal brand of engine oil or synthetic oil. I should continue to use the same type of oil the previous owner was using. I should NOT switch to its opposite oil type.
    - I obtain / confirm if the previous owner was using normal unlead gas or that ethenol mix. In my area, both mixtures are still available (at the same price). I should continue to use the same type of gasoline. Just like the engine oil type, I should NOT switch to its opposite gas type.
    - I should get my local tranny specialist (which isn't him) to replace its tranny fluid. Tranny fluid is good for many years but to ensure my maintenance chart is starting at zero, I get them to change (NOT FLUSH) its tranny fluid. He recommends tranny fluid in FWD vehicles be replaced (NOT flushed) every 3-4 years. Thus, add years onto the "average" life of the tranny - regardless of the brand of vehicle. I remember my tranny specialist (who rebuild the tranny in my 2001 AWD Safari van) saying the same thing last fall.
    - I should get my local tranny guy to install an Aux Tranny Cooler. For my 2003 RDV, the mid size " Tru-Cool LPD Transmission cooler" is perfect for my hot summer days, and light weight 4x6 trailer pulling needs. Even if I wasn't pulling a light weight (4x 6 1,000 lbs) trailer for 2 hours twice a month, he'd still recommend I get a mid size Aux-tranny cooler installed.
    - He recommends I replace my RAD's antifreeze fluid every year. Yes. Every year. Whether it needs it or not, the RAD fluid gets replaced (not flushed). Same time it goes in for Spring Inspection and Tune-Ups, they change the antifreeze in the system. He stays away from the DEX-Cool fluid - especially during the host summer months in my region. He's seen too many "gummed up" RADs in his line of business. He can't prove what is the root cause of rad fluid "gumming up" (re: Dex-Cool fluid, bad rad cap, electrical currents across the engine, etc. etc.) but for the cost of $40-$60 to replace the antifreeze (with universal antifreeze) every spring, it is well worth it. Especially in the long run.
    - On my 2003 FWD RDV, he said its factory Intake gasket will enventually leak. This is a guarantee - from his own professional experience. It may leak tomorrow or it may blow 10 years from now. Due to "cheap" gasket materials back in 2003 (and previous other years), the Dex-Cool antifreeze and engine vibrations (or something else???) the factory installed Intake gasket in my 2003 RDV will leak. This, he guaranteed will "eventually" happen.

    OH NO!!!! Being worried, I asked him what to do. He suggested I do the above RAD, Tranny and engine fluid changes "more then normal", install the extra AUX Tranny cooler and keep a sharp eye on its RAD fluid levels. And also keep an eye on its engine temp guage. If the temp needle goes up/down in waves, is consistantly above its 1/2 way mark, its anti-freeze levels visually disappears or there's other signs of something isn't right, it's time to get its Intake Gasket replaced. No more driving. Simply schedule an appointment, drive to the engine shop (asuming its a slow leak) and "get it done". In my area, the intake gasket replacement is $850 to $1,000. He suggested that when I get its intake gasket replaced, I do take it to a professional engine shop. They charge more but they do it right. Right the first time. Regardless what they suggest, I demand they "plane the heads" and use the newer Intake gaskets. There's a much better gasket replacement on the market today. Ensure the engine shop installs the newer gasket type. One can perform their own intake gasket replacements (if they are good with a wrench) but if one NEVER wants to replace the intake gasket again, do get its heads planed. This removes warps and removes any pits within its aluminum surface.

    I then asked if he would buy my 2003 RDV knowing what he knows today? He chuckled and said, "sure - the RDV with the 3.4L engine is a great vehicle. Just keep a bi-weekly eye on its antifreeze levels and its engine running temp. If it needs an intake gasket replacement, "get it done". Do it right and the gasket replacement (if done right) should never have to be done again". And if one keeps their vehicle for 5 years after this repair, that's only $1,000 / 60 months, which is under $17/month (for out of pocket repair cost). People waste more dollars on useless Christmas presents then fixing their vehicle "the proper way". Sad to say but true. As per his own words.... If you change its fluids (as per his fluid change recommendations), many RDV 3.4L engines won't have a leaky intake gasket for 10+ years. When it does leak, get it fixed ASAP. Otherwise, its "head gaskets" will leak soon after - which is even more dollars to repair. Like a snow ball rolling down the hill, the ball most be stopped ASAP - before it grows into other issues. If/when the Intake gasket leaks, "get it done and get it done properly". Thus, its head gaskets won't blow either.

    Not too sure if the above is true (or not) but his recommendations in many different areas sound solid to me. Like many, he can't prove the exact reason of blown Intake gaskets on the RDV 3.4L engines but he too has noticed a negative pattern. A pattern that he says, will eventually happen to every 3.4L engine - unless its egnine is never turned on.

    Hope this helps as well....

  • kdelongkdelong Member Posts: 3
    I would like more info about your class action lawsuit. I would love to join it!! I think the 02 is a lemon and GM needs to be responsible for it.
  • kdelongkdelong Member Posts: 3
    Has anyone figured out yet what causes the ABS to kick in when braking on an 02 RDV? My mechanic has checked it out 2 times and replaced all of the HUB bearings without success. I plan on having the fluids flushed, but I don't plan on replacing the differentials. Any other suggestions?
  • spike99spike99 Member Posts: 239
    Please explain the "conditions and action" of the ABS brakes acting up on your 02 RDV in more detail. The more details, the more others will advise if electric problem or a mechanical problem.

    If wondering, I also have a GMC Safari van. Back 16 months ago, I got one of its front ABS Brake sensors replaced. Darn thing was $300 + 14% taxes. OUCH!!!! The mechanic said when the first sensor goes, its opposite side sensor usually goes soon after as well. Sure enough, 3 months later, its other ABS Sensor goes. For this vehicle, its ABS would come ON when braking on dry roads. Instead of coming on like if driving on wet / ice roads, there would be a 1-3 second delay (with NO brakes at all), then its ABS brakes would come on. They would come on hard and strong. My mechanic said its computer wasn't getting any ABS signal from one of its one front wheel (due to a bad sensor) and it would take up to 3 seconds for its ABS brakes to come on. Which is its default - if it feels there's a braking problem. After sliding into 2 intersections and almost hitting a person (due to 1-3 second delay in brakes), I had to due something. And do something before somebody got hurt. So, I pulled its ABS Fuse. Today, I drive our Safari van like a 60-70s Vechicle. A vehicle with NO ABS brakes at all. Today, its got better brakes since the day we bought it. Not too sure if we'll ever replace its other defective front ABS sensor. Its brakes are actually "much better" without ABS at all.

    Not suggestion you should pull its ABS Fuse (which is located in its "under front hood" fuse box). But if you wanted to determine if its an ABS "electrical" or a "mechanical" brake problem, pulling its ABS fuse would allow you (or your mechanic) to determine if the ABS problem is "electronic in nature". Just like I did on our Safari van's front "defective" ABS sensor.

    Hope this helps - somehow....

  • deniseknoxdeniseknox Member Posts: 5
    I would love to give you more information, and the only information I am permitted to give on this site is listed a few pages back. I got a ding for sharing to much information. Also they have not pursued the case because there were no other takers.. takes more than once person to get a class action going. My RDV has been running Ok since I replaced the BCM, and I guess until it is paid off I just have to live with it. I tried putting tires on the car and have taken it to 8 different places, which all tell me they are fine, but yet I have to put air in there every other day. Just a junk car... but I will NOT trade it in for someone else to have this nightmare. Maybe once person in this world caring about others will make a difference. ~d
  • bxdbxd Member Posts: 186
    My family and I have had several versions of GM cars with the 3100/3400. I have personally "torn up" a 3100 to replace intake gaskets, I do my own car work. So I have seen with my eyes what happens.

    Frankly, the problem is the lower intake gaskets. They aren't reinforced enough and due to heat cycles they get deformed and begin to leak. There are newer gasket designs both from GM and from Fel Pro (they actually call theirs the "Problem Solver" :) that have metal reinforcement and will last the life of your car if installed right.

    That said, you may wonder why Dex Cool is often linked into these discussions. Dex Cool hates being exposed to air! Air causes it to breakdown much more rapidly and that's where all your goop/sludge comes from. The only reason it's being exposed to extra air is the leaking gaskets.

    5 yrs / 150k miles is too long to wait, even with good gaskets. That claim should never have been made. A drain/refill with Dex Cool every three years is good advice.
    If you haven't been doing that, you may want to do 2 of these within a few months of each other to freshen things up.
    If you want to move away from Dex Cool, that's fine, but you need to do a complete flush not just drain & fill, as most other types will not mix well with Dex Cool.

    I have a 3100 with 153,000 miles on it. It had leaking gaskets, they were fixed, and the engine runs like new, literally. This engine is at its mid-life as best I can tell! The 3400 is the same design.

    They are great engines, anchored down with horrible intake gaskets. The advice above is great: watch your coolant levels closely. Always compare the level first thing in the morning, so the engine is cold, and you are comparing the level apples-to-apples.

    At the first sign of it dropping, if you want to keep your car for a long time, bite the bullet and have them replaced. Be ABSOLUTELY SURE they are using a revised gasket!! Just last summer a GM dealer tried selling me the old style. I would prefer using an experienced, independent garage, and request to see they actually are using Fel Pro Problem Solvers. Second choice, GM dealer, once again confirm they are the redesigned gaskets, ask to see them, ask them to show you the reinforcement. Ask to keep your old ones!! You want to see the old style after the job, confirming again the new ones installed were different!

    Do that and your engine will be the last thing to worry about. :)
  • kdelongkdelong Member Posts: 3
    What you just described (being on ice without any ice) that is exactly what I have every time I brake. Now, fortunately, the abs will disengage automatically and I don't have to deal with it. I just replaced a sensor and all of the hubs. I took it to a new machanic and he said the sensor is out (same tire). He said it may also be faulty wiring between the sensor and computer. If not that, computer glitch. He did not "recommend" removing the fuse for abs, but I think he was "strongly refering to the idea". Middle of summer, who needs abs?? I can wait until next fall to fix it. Plus, I have been driving long enough to remember driving without abs, just like riding a bike, comes right back to ya.

    Thanks for the info. I am having the new mech test the other sensor and hopefully that will fix it. Funny thing is, today it rained and I did not have any problems at all with it. First in about 3 weeks I could brake normally. Maybe I will move to Seattle!

    Thanks for all of your ideas and insight. I will keep it all in mind. It has been a big help
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