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2002 Buick Rendezvous Class Action?



  • :mad: i need help couse my 2002 buick rendezvous is actin up crazy first the service engone is always comein on and off then my engine started to make alot of noise hwen i put it on park then it started to kill my gas real quick then when i am at a red light then let go of the gas it go off real quick with high tourqu it really stated when it would take speed by it self not needing to push the gas and if you let go of the gas then it would stay at the same speed it was real wierd then it started to do all the othor sruff the mechanic said 6 codes came on something to do withair and the map sensor he said it might be the computer but i dont know how much that can cost this car is so not reliable does anyone knoe what is wrong i really am stressin this i have to put 20 dollars of gas everyday to go to work it killin my gas
  • This happened a few months ago and I replaced the battery. Now, it happened again. I got a jump, ran the car for 20 minutes then all of a sudden it craps out. Vehicle only has 65,000 mi. Right now it's at the shop again. So far, replaced both wheel bearings (recall items)and head casket. I will never, ever buy another GM car again. I hope the class action goes through on this vehicle. If so, please post the information on this website. GM employees, you should have stayed on strike. Your cars stink! :lemon:
  • My mechanic says both my front control arms on my 2002 Rendezvous are close to being shot. If I don't replace them soon, I could end up cracking my frame. Great!!!! :lemon:
  • watch out for your famous last words, our wonderful 2002 rondezvous was about 51/2 years old before the problems started. It will not start unless it is jumped, now we just hook it up at night, because we know it's not going to start in the morning. And it's not just in the morning, it's off and on all day. We have had it in 3 dealers and no one can find anything wrong with it. Believe me my husband has tried everything.
  • After spending money on replacing the a/c compressor, the engine leaking oil constantly, replacing window motors, the AWD and ABS lights coming on and trouble with brakes, the transmission started to go. Contacted GM and their solution was to offer us 10% reimbursement for repair work done by an authorized dealer - if we had receipts. What a deal - thanks GM. They could not have possibly cared any less. Tired of throwing good money after bad and sure that there would be something else to go wrong, the day after Thanksgiving we paid Honda to take that 2002 Rendezvous and were glad to do so. Even Honda didn't want it! :lemon: :lemon: It's nice to drive a car without holding my breath and being afraid that I won't get to my destination. Never ever again will we own a GM.
  • I think your idea of getting a class action going is great. If you know how to start it....go for it....i think a lot of people will back you.
    sunny 16 :sick:
  • cwebercweber Posts: 10
    I own a 02 Ren CXL and I have the same grinding nose. I purchased the vehical with 78k and in the same week I noticed the noise. I took it back to the dealer and they had said it was the wheel baringsalong with my roters needed to be macheined, so they suposdly replaced the wheel bearings and macheined my roters. It only took a week after the said that they fixed the noise that it started up again. After a month of my own research I diagnosed the prob my self and it turned out that they had just repacked the wheel berings and my roters were macheined below specs. I then thought about sueing the dealer ship but figured ti would be cheaper to do the work my self and never do buisness with them again. I sugest that your husband go and buy a caliper and research what thickness the roters need to be for your Ren and if the roters need to be replaced you will have to buy knew brakes again. If your roters are bad and you dont replace the breaks it could damage the knew roters.
  • I have had this car for about 1 year and 3 months, and I must say it has been just terrible. First it was the air conditioner, then the electrical window and now the transmission. It started accelerating and making weird noises, then it ust stop shifting in a huge snow weather condition in North Carfolina last week. Thank God I added a new insurance last November to it. I feel terrible for the Insurance Company since it will cost them so far $3,600.00. If anyone knows about a recall please let me know.
  • gann1gann1 Posts: 2
    I just got a 2002 Rendezvous and now it needs wheel bearings where did you find this as a recall item?
  • gann1gann1 Posts: 2
    where did you find the recalls for the wheel bearings?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    The Edmunds Maintenance Guide has TSB and recall information. You can also check the NHTSA - sometimes they have full text of the TSBs.
  • I purchased my 02' Buick Ren back in December 2006. I had twins and needed something more spacious so stupid me traded my 2004 Toyota Camry for this piece of crap. Dont get me wrong, My buick was pretty loyal to me for the entire year, air conditioner worked great this past summer, and the heat has been good this winter.. no problems until last week. I noticed my temperture gauge was on the high end, so I took it to the shop to be looked at (Lucky me must of had a six-sense when buying this car because I bought the high-end extended warranty!).. turned out there was a leak in my intake exhaust something or another... a few days later.. my AWD Disabled light started coming on.. brought it back to the shop.. they cant figure out whats causing it, but said the car should run fine.. I noticed that my car seems to be driving alittle on the stiffer side.. doesnt have as much "punch" as it use to have.

    After reading everyones posts, im beginging to get nervous about my car. It only has 73K miles which with newers cars is practically nothing! Ive been strongly considering in trading this car in but I already know ill get nothing for it. I feel like a sucker for buying it, because the orginial owner must of had a good reason for trading it in to begin with - id hate to bring this car upon another clueless person like myself!

    Id def be interested in joining a class action suit. :mad: :cry:
  • Hi,

    I have a 2002 Rendez-vous and I think the only thing that is still working is the windsheild washer. I want to change my car this spring and Im praying nothing will brake before I get it to the dealers. Never again will I buy a Buick! Does any body know how much they are still worth or do we have to give them away!!! :confuse:
  • Unfortunately the 2002s are valuless based on the past history of the vehicle. That is why I elected to suck it up repair it and keep it. Just find a good mechanic (not a dealer - they charge way to much for nothing) and keep it going. If your repairs are less than 3000 a year your still ahead of the game in regards to purchasing new or lease (because of monthly payments could add up to 6000 k to 8000 k a year).

    Good Luck

    JP ;)
  • hi new to site. i bought my 02 rendezvous in may of 2007. this past week my wife and i dropped the kids of at her parents. on the way home the motor went, no signs it just went. i was thinking i might have this problem after i read some of the blogs online, but
    i was hoping for the best. the used engine i got to replace it was 918.00 with tax. it has 42k on it. i had it changed out at a engine shop and it cost me 1850.00 for that. it would have been about 500.00 less, but i got a replacement set of gaskets put on the
    intake. engine shop says this will correct the problem. he also said that the intake gasket is made of plastic and covered with rubber, the factory one that is. the plastic cracks over time . once it cracks the rubber lets the coolant seep into the oil and pistons 1 and 4 burn that the new engine is in my odometer reads error, which i would like to know how to fix???? i can`t afford to pay anymore at this point.
    i am willing to help anyone with questions, just ask
  • so far :engine 3000.00 widow clips 50.00
    blower motor resistor 50.00
    wheel bearing 100.00
    transmission flush 75.00
    odometer ???
    GRAND TOTAL so far 3275.00
    i called buick and they said sorry we can't help you ! thanks
    dealer did the same. thanks
    buick did send me a nice letter about my gas tank that may leak, because they want me to have satisfaction with there product.... how about 3275.00 for satisfaction!
  • saidmsaidm Posts: 1
    I purchased mine in 2006. The AWD Disabled light came on within 4 month. I took it to the dealer. They said it is the sensor that regulates the AWD feature and it needs to be replaced. Spent $550. Then right after the stupid warranty expired the AWD disabled light came on again. This time, I took it to the Dealer. Same problem with a different wheel. Spent another $650 dollars that was Feb. '07. Guess what, it came on again just few weeks ago. I need the stupid AWD function because it is winter and I live in Minnesota.

    I, agree with you (mandy312) mine is driving funny. It feels like it is dragging a big load. It doesn’t accelerate well either. And the gears are not shifting properly.

    I am in for any kind of class action suit against the makers or the dealers.
  • I have just had my 2002 rendezvous inspected because this past summer it would
    overheat occasionally usually in stopped traffic or in line at a fast food. He said
    that the intake gasket need replaced that it happens to all the rendezvous he has
    worked on this is a factory defect. How do we get in the class action suit?
  • i to have had the intake problems , as you can see from my other messages. i have been looking to see what i can do to get what i am owed by gm. a car with 83 thousand miles on it should not blow an intake gasket. they know it and so do i. i don`t need a mission in life and was not looking for one, but i feel we all need to stand up together for what is right. this is what i have found out since i have had to shell out three grand for my lemon. the website i found on a google search is it says that there are 2 class action suits going in canada right now. check it out and see what we can do. i know there is also a petition going aswell
    just google it and you will find it!!!!!!!!

    good luck matt
  • Your AWD disable warning is most likely the sensor saying that your wheel bearings are going bad. You should have received a letter from Buick about this saying they would pay for them to be replaced from 5 years or 50,000 miles. My AWD light comes on EVERY time the bearing goes bad, whick is about every 10,000 miles. This car is a lemon!
  • We just had the same problems as you did. At 51,000 miles, had to have the intake manifold gasket and head gaskets replaced ($1,680). Two days later noticed fluid leaking and took it back in to the local Buick dealer. The a/c condenser was cracked. Had it replaced. The estimate was $851, and after making inquiries with GM, etc. GM finally agreed to pay for the part (condenser) but we paid the labor ($423). They won't help us at all with the intake manifold gasket and head gasket repair costs. Sounds like you are in the same boat as us, with you only having 46,000 miles. We found that most had close to 80,000 when these problems cropped up.

    GM said they would not help us with the first repair (sounded like they said no as soon as we said we did not get the extended warranty). The extended warranty has nothing to do with anything because this happened after the extended warranty would have run out. We don't put very many miles on our vehicle so the time runs out before the miles.

    We are pursuing our crusade to get GM to step up and do the right thing, even if we have to try small claims court.
  • whitefamwhitefam Posts: 3
    I bought my Rendezvous last April after my 1992 Dodge Caravan(3.3L engine) with 200,000 miles and rarely any problems was totalled in a car accident. So far only have paid for lower intake manifold gasket. That was a 700 dollar repair and the mechanic accidently cut the cruise control but they went good on that. The mechanic put in New Formula antifreeze in it when doing this repair. Said the Dex Cool coolant has been suspected of causing the issues with the gaskets. I just realized some things we concidered just odd flukes with the car may be potential problems. The gas guage goes up and down constantly after the bottom half of gas. It's pretty good staying right where it should be when the car is full but because of this and running out of gas once we just have been watching the fuel used monitor on the driver information. Also, recently the rear parking aid stopped beeping when backing up. The lights are still working to notify me that I am getting too close to something, but the car no longer beeps as it get closer to the object. My car has 105,000 miles on it. I am hoping alot of these things have already been replaced.
  • cwebercweber Posts: 10
    Im up for a calss action lawsuit!!!! About a month ago my rearend on my Ren went out, almost 4k in repair cost luckly I purcased extended warranty. That might be what is causeing your Ren not to shift properly and seem sluggish. Have your Rearends looked at by someone else other than a dealer.
  • timmestimmes Posts: 1
    2002 rendezvous. We need to get the ball going on a class action suit. Called buick and they refuse to do anything with my $900 bill for intake that seems to be a 1. design issue and 2. dexcool issue.

    How can we get this organized?
  • there is a class action suit going in canada look it up on google search. i believe a court date is set for this month. save all your bills for your repairs , i feel that if it suit goes in canada the states will have to do them same. the us will not do a thing given all of the troubles gm has at the moment . could be wrong , but i have no other options
    at this point...............
  • jaygee3jaygee3 Posts: 2

    I own a 2002 RDV with the 3.4L. I just picked my car up from the shop yesterday after having my engine rebuilt because of the problem with the gaskets and the dex coolant mixed with the oil but no leak. The repairs along with a rental I had to get to back and forth to work totals over $3100.00. I am in the process of trying to get GM to reimburse me or talk to an attorney to see if I can do anything. The engine started with a knock and in the fourth chamber followed by chamber 2. I had 83526 miles when the engine died. Now that I have had the engine rebuilt with everything new I plan to keep it for a while. :mad:
  • jaygee3jaygee3 Posts: 2
    Sorry to hear that. I have the same problems with the wheel bearings 3 X's just had the engine replaced the starter was replaced A/C condensor is messed up to because I had the Ac recharged and the next day it blew out hot air. I am gonna fight with GM to get my just deserves. :mad:
  • for those of you having troubles w/ your ABS lights & it having nothing to do w/ ice...have your intake manifold & head gasket checked. I had/have problems w/ the ABS 3 times...first 2x's was becasue of the intake manifold (within a 1 1/2 years of each other) now it is happening again except this time it is the head gasket. I am convienced that the ABS problems are related to the engine troubles caused once I fix the engine ABS are fine until the next time...............:cry:
  • vani2004vani2004 Posts: 9
    I am not saying this.......According to Consumer Report, Buick Rdvz. labeled as worst used car to own. Here is the link to survey & report:
  • You did not read report very good. It says that the all wheel drive models are the Worst of the Worst. The years they are talking about are 2002 thru 2004. The article is in Consumer Reports April 2008. We have 2006 Buick Rdvz. FWD good car so far. :D
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