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Acura TL Transmission Questions



  • roldan09roldan09 Posts: 1
    I had the same issue before with the same car, i brought my car to the nearest Acura dealership and they told me that they have to change the trans. and it will cost atleast $4000. So i called the corporate office i made my case that if they fixed the trans because of the recalled then i'm not goin to have the same issue, and they bought it, so they covered the whole expenses. So i suggest for you to call them anyway and tell them your story.

    I hope my experienced will help you in some way.
  • Please help. I just bought a 2003 TL on 12/31/2008. On 2/05/09, I was driving down the freeway at 65 mph and had my car jolt on me as if I had slammed on the breaks. Limped to my local mechanic who advised I take it to Acura which I did. Before buying the car, I had done (what I thought) was all my homework. The VIN on the car did not match the "big" transmission recall for this year. There was another recall re the 2nd gear but this car checked out okay...supposedly. The dealership I had my car towed to suggested I call Acura which I did. Absolutely NO help. My 2003 TL had 63,000 original miles on it when this happened. Both the dealership and Acura Service are telling me no dice, no help. Nothing they can do. What case did YOU make with Acura to get them to agree to repairs? Was your car within the recalled ones? I'm in shock that a car of the calibre of Acura would have to have complete transmission replacement at 63k. Anyone, any help, please. In these economic times, I'm mortified at a $3600 repair bill. Thanks.
  • billyperks2billyperks2 Posts: 378
    i had my 2003 type s transmission failed at 30k and again at 36k.The repair was done by Acura both times under warranty. Got rid of the car September 2006.
  • tlc12tlc12 Posts: 2
    All solenoids are on the outside of transmission. There are about 4 or 5 in all and some are expensive.
  • huggybear3huggybear3 Posts: 1
    I recently bought a 2000 acura 3.2 tl and only had it for just 3 days and went to refuel and after re fueling and proceeded to leave and the dreaded check engine light came on and so i looked in manual and it stated that this could sometimes does this if the fuel cap isn't on right and should go off after three drive cycles but it has now been 2 weeks and light is still on, so i went to auto zone to get them to scan to see what the code was and it show this Code P1709 and they checked to see what the description was and it stated this

    BBt transmission gear selection switch circuit fault
    001. Open or short circuit condition
    002. Poor electrical connection
    003. failed gear selection switch

    which i don't know what any of this was so i was hoping someone in this forum understands this and can explain to me what is going on
    to me it seems the trans is working fine but it would not show this if it was so i hope someone could help me on this on
  • terryp1terryp1 Posts: 55
    I'm considering the purchase of an '04 TL that is in great condition and at a very good price. I know that the "early" cars for that year had the a/t problem that led to a recall. But I don't know how to pinpoint the one I'm interested in. The CarFax report is great, listing lots of dealer service/maintenance. I even called the local dealer who sold/serviced it and spoke with the service manager, who vouched for it. He said the previous owner had the recall work done on the wipers and something else but that there was no need for such on the transmission.
    BUT. I want to know.
    The car was purchased in mid-April 2004. How might that fit as far as the "early" category is concerned? This is a Washington, D.C. suburb dealer and that means they probably move a lot of Acuras.
    Is there a way for me to determine this by the VIN? Other?
  • wculbert1wculbert1 Posts: 16
    I have an 04 TL, very early production model, which I bought new and now have 82K miles on. Recently I have noticed infrequent, but serious at times, vibration ( I mean the whole car shakes) when the AT shifts from 2nd to 3rd, and especially from 3rd to 4th. The Acura dealer says I have 2 choices: change the fluid and see if that helps, or replace the transmission ( $3700!). I have read on here things about the fluid possibly being bad and about recalls on early models. Can anybody tell me the stroy on these 2 items and/or give me advice as to what I should do?
  • wculbert1wculbert1 Posts: 16
    I have an early model 04 and am having recent transmission problems. Can you tell me where I can find info about the recall you mention?
  • mikey38mikey38 Posts: 141
    My 06 had a similar issue with rough shifting. The dealer changed the transmission fluid at no cost to me and the problem went away. This was at about 40k miles. The dealer said they recommend changing the fluid every 30k.

    Hope that helps.
  • I have just been told by Acura that our 2006 TL w/ 47,000 miles needs a new clutch. We will need to pay for the repairs & have Acura review their decision. Did Acura cover the cost of your cluth repair in the end? This is our 5th Honda/Acura & have never heard of anything so abusrd!!
  • youhooyouhoo Posts: 1
    My daughter has been told at the Acura dealer she needs a new transmission at a cost of $5,000. She is a recent graduate just starting out and cannot afford this expense which is more than what the car is worth. Apparently, this model is known for transmission issues but she is outside of the time limit???Can anyone recommend a shop in the McLean, Va area? What is a reasonable charge?
  • wculbert1wculbert1 Posts: 16
    I have an 04 TL with same problem. I was quoted $3700, but was told I could get a rebuilt for $1900.
  • I have a 2004 TL with automatic transmission, bought in December 2003. It sticks in third gear or fourth gear. It started a few days ago. The engine light, traction control light, and exclamation warning lights come one. I see there was a recall on the transmissions on early 2004 models, which certainly includes mine. How many others have had this problem, and what was done about it?
  • tlc12tlc12 Posts: 2
    Do yourself a favor and get rid of the car while it still runs. Acura doesn't care that they made crappy transmissions and your trans WILL give out all together very shortly.
  • jetawayjetaway Posts: 14
    There is no way you are getting that trans rebuilt for $1900.The cheapest you can get it rebuilt is about $2700 and thats if its not in real bad shape.The most common failure in that trans is the touque convertor clutch disintegrates and the debris clogs the filter.When this happens the symptoms will be that the car moves when first started but quickly starts slipping soon after.Turning the engine off for a minute and restarting will get it to move again briefly.The trans has to be disassembled to replace the filter and it usually requires a soft parts overhaul and new tourqe convertor.The best way to prevent this failure is to add additional cooling capacity for the trans and replace the trans fluid every 20,000 miles{with the correct honda approved fluid}This goes for any Acura and Honda.They are all basically the same transmissions anyway.
  • I had the 2003 TL Type S, the tranny failed at 30,000 and 34,000 and was replaced both times (so they say) by the dealer under warranty.It was known problem for that model year and several recalls went out. I got rid of the car at 40K miles and skipped the 3rd generation TL.
  • hi! did they pay for your clutch? i have 07 TLS and i clutch is slipping bad
  • Did anyone ever get there clutch fixed? Is this a common problem?

    I have an 06 TL and the clutch is starting to slip at 39K miles. Dealer quoted $1700 dollars to repair.
  • I had the same problem at the same mileage. Once it starts slipping, it will completely fail very quickly so get it taken care of. Mine died a block from the dealer and I still had to call Acura service on the 800 number to get it towed in.

    My dealer settled after talking to the regional service people; I paid for the parts only, no labor. Still cost around $1000.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    Is the clutch not covered under the 6yr/70000 powertrain warranty?
  • Nope, the clutch is considered a wear item like brake pads and is not covered.

    Nowhere is this said explicitly in the warranty book but it is not listed as a covered item so Acura said tough. I fought with Acura since the flywheel is listed as a covered item and it had to be replaced when they replaced the clutch but the furthest I got was as stated, I paid for parts, they paid for labor.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    How many flywheels does a car have? I'm pretty sure there is only one so it should be either covered or not covered. If the warranty says it is covered, what difference should it make as to what else is getting repaired? I think it is stupid to warranty the automatic trans for 70,000 miles and not the the clutch unless they can prove misuse.

    Is the fender listed as a covered item? What if it falls off? Will they say it wasn't specifically mentioned in the warranty? I don't own an Acura but I am looking at the '09 TL so I will asking a lot of questions to be sure.
  • I have a 1999 acura tl with 181000 miles i have changed timing belt water pump hoses radiator and fans motor runs good just makes a clicking noise i think i need to adjust the valves my engine lite is on because of my egr ,tcc ,shift ratio and catalitic already have egr i know i have to clean the manifold but worse of all my tranny gives up starts slipping and hitting gears hard after car gets warmed up just wondering if anyone knows what are the main parts you need to change on a transmission rebuild for it to last another 100000 miles or so transmission drive lite is not blinking car tranny fuild was changed 3 times at 168000 just wanted to know because i know how transmission mecanics work and i dont want to get scerwed alot of them dont know about this cars transmission
  • killa2000killa2000 Posts: 5
    (Question) I have a 04 Acura Tl I purchased it I would say a few months ago. I have noticed something with it that I'm not use to with other cars I've driven in triptronic. I notice that the car automatically shifts in second gear by itself is that supposed to be normal? When down shifting it does the same thing. As stated earlier I've driven other automatic cars in manual but you have to change each gear by yourself. :confuse:
  • mikey38mikey38 Posts: 141
    every car I have ever driven, including my 06 TL, that has a manual mode for the automatic transmission will shift automatically to the next gear (up or down) as speed changes
  • killa2000killa2000 Posts: 5
    Thanks you for your reply "Mikey" but I'm not speaking about driving it in automatic I'm speaking about driving it in manual, when you drive it in manual you have to shift it up or down yourself as if your driving a stick-shift. I've had the Audi 04 & Saab 9-3 and you have to shift through all gears unlike my Acura that is goes in second gear by itself and you shift through the rest.
  • billyperks2billyperks2 Posts: 378
    When needle on the Tach goes pass a certain RPM it automatically does that- it prevents over reving. I had the same issue with my 2003 type S, the 09 that I have now does not seem to do that, and the revs match when you down shift. I think they are improving this technology better and better each year. When I had the 03 I use to do a lot of over revving when down shifting.
  • mikey38mikey38 Posts: 141
    If you'll reread my post you'll notice I was talking about driving an automatic in manual mode.
  • killa2000killa2000 Posts: 5
    Oh ok I misunderstood!! I did find out that I was able to drive in first then switch to the second gear manually but only some times. Should I worry about this? When I drive in automatic the gear shift ok I wont say perfect because some time I feel the gears kick in.
  • I purchased an '05 TL with a 6 spd. manual transmission.

    Love the car. One issue/question, when I am shifting into 3rd, on occasion, it wants to grind a little, almost as if I was not pushing the clutch pedal (which I am).

    It seems to be intermittant.

    Any thoughts here?
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