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Ford Ranger Lighting and Electrical Problems



  • HI, I have a 96 for ranger and recently my gauge lights and tail running lights stopped working. I'm not to sure if they are realated or not but I checked the fuses and they are fine. My brake, reverse, and signal lights however DO work. When I switch the light knob on my dash board my headlights come on but the tail running lights and guage lights don't come on.
    Any help would be great. Thanks
  • I have a 98 ranger 4x4 when I turn off the ignition the engine shuts off but then I hear a series of clicks coming from behind the dashboard and the radio and other electronic items stay on and drain battery. can anyone please help!
  • sceleysceley Posts: 3
    I have a 96 ford ranger, 4 cyl., standard 5 sp., 2 wd. My State requires an annual I/M safety inspection. Besides the standard checks of lights, brakes, etc.. they run an emissions test. will not allow the test without the "check engine light" working. checked instrustment cluster bulbs, ok. All fuses ,ok. circuit board of instrustment panel. ok. no voltage present when keys is turned on at the bulb. self diagnoistic shows "Bank 1 burning Lean." any advice other than a PRO. thank you.
  • fordtechfordtech Posts: 34
    Why you runnin a self diagnostic?? Get an OBD II scanner and get the code... LOL Otherwise:

    Sounds like you got a vacuum leak or exhaust leak to me, but get me a CODE to cross reference..

    The vacuum leak would allow excess air into the combustion chamber effectively making the mixture lean..

    An exhaust leak would allow air into the exhaust and thus the O2 sensor would read lean as there is too much oxygen in the exhaust stream..

    Ford Tech
  • sceleysceley Posts: 3
    This would cause the check engine light to not light??? I though the check engine light was to light with an emission problem. however thank you very much for your advice, i will investigate for those problems. sceley
  • fordtechfordtech Posts: 34
    Only reason I said to get the code is cause you said you got a self diagnostic of "Bank 1 Lean"... OBD II doesnt do self diagnostics flashed out on the CEL. The CEL comes on only when there is a problem. On OBD II vehicles, that is all it does, is just come on, it wont flash a code or do any of that. You need a scan tool to do that.

    Back to why the CEL doesnt work..

    First, the PCM grounds that circuit (which is pin 2 at the PCM) to turn on the bulb. The fuse for the cluster #11 in the fuse panel (7.5A) is what provides the power to that light.
    However it also provides power for your oil pressure gauge, charge gauge, and Tachometer. If those things are working, then you have a problem with your printed circuit on the back of your cluster. You already stated you dont have 12v to that bulb during initial key on.

    Let me know if the Charge, Tach, and Oil Pressure gauges are working. If they are, you need a new pinted circuit..

    Ford Tech
  • sceleysceley Posts: 3
    Yes the oil pressure gauge and charging gauge as well as the rest of the instrustment gauges and lights are working correctly. I am an Electrician by trade so i am familiar with circuity. i checked the circuit boards physical condition, scratches broken circuits or burnt areas. all look and test good for continuity. i do not have a tachometer. there is a small plug in circuit board that i removed and cleaned connections.
  • fordtechfordtech Posts: 34
    The only reason I was concerned with the Charge and oil pressure gauges is because they are powered by the same fuse as the CEL.

    So basically what you have told me is that there is no possible way it can be any of the following:

    -Printed Circuit
    -Bulb for CEL
    -Power to the bulb for CEL

    Guess what is left in the equation.. The PCM, because it supplies the ground for the CEL. I would see if you can supply a seperate ground for that light during the KOEO sequence.. Thats key on, engine off. Power cycle the ignition like you are goin to start the truck, with your ground attached to the ground for that bulb.. If it lights up with the extra ground supplied, then check to see if you have power on the ground side of that bulb.. It should be dead during the power cycle.. If its not, fix the short to power.. If it is dead, its probably a new PCM for you..
  • impossible to drive in low the switch stays lit in4x4 low even when its moved to 2high or 4high???
  • btrogersbtrogers Posts: 4
    My tach. will read zero and my truck starts to run bad. I wiggle the fuse box around (under the hood) and it seems to kick back up. There are 2 plugs (sensors) attached to the box. I wiggle just the wire and it does the same thing. Does anyone have any idea what is going on here? :sick:
  • fixed # 28 fuse
  • Anyone know how to disconnect the seatbelt warning sound on a 2001 ranger?
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Put your seatbelt on. It's there for a reason.
  • mred13pacmred13pac Posts: 3
    I adjusted the driver's side back door sill latch-plate (door was "sticking") and the door-ajar light goes out on door closing and the cabin light works normally.
  • rosser_42rosser_42 Posts: 1

  • galenfitzgalenfitz Posts: 1
    I noticed a check engine light when starting the engine. Then noticed none of the gages (oil pressure, temp, gas, etc.) were working. Tried to turn the engine off but the ignition switch was locked in the on position. I had to pull the coil wire to stop the engine. I would greatly appreciate any help on this problem. Thanks.
  • i just push the red button on the seat belt that would click if you actually put the seatbelt on. that has always worked on mine. it you push the button, it thinks the metal clasp is in there and it will stop beeping at you.
  • straifstraif Posts: 2
    Cruise control in my 2006 Ford Ranger has recently stopped working. I checked the fuses and they are fine.

    I tried using it once with no luck. After I had been on the road for a while longer I tried it again and it worked, but ever since then it hasn't worked again.
  • I need help!!!
    I have a 93 ranger that was having an issue with the battery, changed battery out, hit ignition and now there is no juice anywhere, no dome lights, panel chimes, start or anything, fuses look good..... what happened?
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    You didn't get one/both cables down tight. If one is just 'cocked' it may not be making enough contact to transmit enough power.

    Or, one/both of your cable have corrosion inside the insulation. Moving them around to change the battery made the final break.
  • i have a 94 ranger 2.3l 4cyl manual transmission that i cant get to start.i'm not getting any spark at both of my coil packs.i've replaced one of them recently.i've also replaced the crankshaft sensor,the ignition control module,timing belt,and the battery is brand new.ihave checked the relays and they are good.the wiring harness has no damage to it that the wires maybe cut.any suggestions
  • where are the relay for activate signal to left or right it is ford ranger 89 2.9 liter automatic and can u show me the image if possible thanks
  • I am the owner of 96 Ford Ranger with approximatley 150,000 miles on it. It is four cylinder with an AT. A couple of months ago the OD light started flashing while running approxmately 55 MPH and the odometer stopped working at the same time and the trip mileage stopped working. I pulled over, cut the truck off and the light reset .A few miles later the OD light came back on and eventually the check engine light came on. My truck is now in the shop again for the third time. The first time the trasmission computer was replaced and the second time the celonoid switch was replaced with no success. I have had no problems with the speedometer. I believe the OD light flashing is related to the odometer breaking at the same time but my mechanic has wasted $600.00 fixing false check engine codes. Any suggestin would be very much appreciated.
  • Hey all,

    Recently our 1999 Ranger XLT 4 WD with 133,000 km was parked unattended and within sight (200ft away). Our keys and keyless entry controls were on a picnic table.

    Without warning the lights started to flash and the horn sounded as if someone had activated the panic alarm.

    This has now happened another time.

    Is this a sign of bad things (electrical) to come? Any insight is very much appreciated.
  • I have a '93 3.0L Ford Ranger. Lately my volt gauge has been bouncing around and my headlights, dash lights and dome light constantly pulsate. I have checked to see if all wires to and from the starter and alternator are tight, and found nothing unusual. Does anybody have any ideas??
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