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Volkswagen GTI Maintenance and Repair



  • I have a 2001 Golf GTI 1.8 T. I suddenly seem to have no power to the near side rear passenger door, no electric window or central locking, although it did it 2 days ago then suddenly worked again the next day. Now it dont work again, does anyone have any ideas???
  • Yeah, seems like a short.

    Try posting on the VW Jetta thread (same components). Also swing by Lots of active posters that should be able to help you out.
  • i have a 2005 gti 1.8T. does anyone know if the temperature section of the dash is suppossed to be lit up. my car is still under warranty. i don't remember if it was lit up when i first got it. and its been a year and i can't remember.
  • I recently bought a 2007 GTI coupe and I'm starting to wish that I ordered the newer version with 4/5 doors. It has been along time since I have owned a coupe and I had forgoten how dificult it is to stow something on the back seat and retrieve it later. I had also forgoten that the doors stick out and make exiting in a crowded parking lot. Yesterday I opened the drivers door in a moderate wind and nearly lost control of the door.

    Those things only happen on rare occasions, what I find really bothersome is EVERY time I get in the car I have contort my body to reach the seatbelt which is way behind me due to the longer door.

    Yes, I should have known all of these things when I ordered the car. (none were available for inspection at my local dealer) I'm going through all of this in case someone else is in the same situation. Just more things to think about.
  • I looked at a 1998 GTI (4 cylinder). Fifth gear didn't work and the ABS, airbag, and brake lights were on. The car has 83000 miles and seemed to run well and stop fine. The body was straight and CarFAX showed no previous wrecks, etc. The car dealer is in the process of diagnosing the issues with the ABS, airbag, and brake lights. The price is about $3500. We are capable of changing the transmission, clutch, etc.

    Should we even consider this car?
  • Doors r a pain the &*(), rubber seals freeze and rip pieces off in the winter, dont want to close easily as they are somewhat air tight...
    PLUS: 2 dr vs 4 dr: the fold fwd mechanism broke right after the 2 yr wty, so now it will NOT fold fwd, necessitating opeing the hatch. oh yeah the lock mech on the hatch broke too!! so it is not mechanically locked when the car thinks its locked!!!
  • Hey guys i am 17 years old and i have a nissan pathfinder currently. I have been having problems and would like to get a new car that beets the great 12mpg's i get. I also would like the car to be manual with some power. From the homework and visits to the dealerships i have found the 2007 gti 4 door DSG vw to be the most attractive to me. It is a little on the expensive side but i am willing to spend the extra for the power and reliability (if any).\
    I have had may discussion with my grandpa about this car and he thinks that this is a impractical buy for me. I do not agree. It is hard to tell because i am 17 and want to drive fast.

    I have had bad experiences with used cars soo i am wondering if this car would suit my needs.

    I know the reliability is hard to guess but i have heard a lot of good and a little bad but only from the ones that just want to fu** up the hole company of VW.

    the main reason is that my moms boyfriend is the manager of a vw dealership in toledo, ohio. Soo i could get this car idk about 3-4 under sticker. please give me your feedback and tell me what to buy.. I am open for anything..
  • mheinsmheins Posts: 4
    I've had my 2006 2-door manual GTI since June of last year, and I love nearly everything about it, especially the power. It gets lots better gas mileage than my SUV did (naturally :-)). I was actually planning to spend more money on a car, but when I test drove the GTI I liked it so much, I cancelled my test drives on the other cars and bought it. I didn't start off to get a hatchback, but I find it very handy for loading/unloading stuff. I haven't had the car that long, but so far there haven't been any reliability problems. Good luck on your decision.
  • I own a 2001 GTI w/ the 12v VR6 (purchased new off the dealer floor in 2002) and I do love the car, but...

    I've replaced the HEI coil pack 3 times in 68K miles (under an extended warranty, thankfully - otherwise it would have been $800 a pop) and VWoA was dismissive and frankly downright rude when I called to apprise them of this lamentable repair record. Also, several of the interior parts (driver's seat latch, center console clasp, et al) have broken off, but I attribute that to "normal" wear and tear.

    In sum, a great car to drive, but given my personal experience and the recent VW repair reputation, I'd highly recommend an extended warranty.
  • Has anyone figured out how to disable the drl's on the new 07 GTI? Boarding a ferry at night, they blind the ferry workers and one notch on the emergency brake does the trick but then I have to listen to the hand brake warning alarm. Also it's easy to forget turning the lights on at night as the drl's provide same light as headlights. Usually the darkened dash tips me off eventually. Also it would be nice to ride with only fog lights once in a while. What a nuisance on an otherwise classy little ride.
  • "Has anyone figured out how to disable the drl's on the new 07 GTI?"

    You need a VAG-COM to do it yourself or if the people at your dealership are nice they could do it for you.
  • my GTI is leaking antifreeze, i know whats the problem, but my question is would it cause any problems since i've been driving it for a while and the (STOP) keeps blinking on my dashboard and the (TEMP) sign too. i know what u're thinking, why the hell i don't get it fixed, well literary (i am BROKE). but the engine have sounds weired latley...and by the way the car only has 86k on it, it's in a pretty good shape.
  • Well...

    If enough antifreeze leaks out there won't be enough to cool your engine. If your engine overheats the engine may seize (the hot metal internal to the engine has expanded past mechanical tolerances and prevent movement).

    Running an engine without coolant is one of the most effective ways to destroy it. If the engine seizes it will most likely be unrepairable. If your temp gauge reads way hot, you're begging for your car to die.

    If you can't get it fixed buy some antifreeze and keep the coolant levels to the point where you can at least see some in the resevour tank. Check your manual for the type of antifreeze and antifreeze water mix ratio. It's important to use antifreeze instead of just plain water in the winter so your coolant lines don't freeze.

    If the engine has been sounding wierd, it could be singing it's death song - especially if it sounds raspy, or higher pitched.

    If your radiator or heater core is leaking you can usually find them in junk yards cheap. If you can't take it to a mechanic find a friend or relative that does auto repair. Worst comes to worst post on craigslist for help.
  • I have also recently replaced my heater coil and had the water pump changed as well. ('00 VR6) Now I have a clicking/gravel noise when I accelerate. I think it is the water pump or the fan belt. I love the car, but don't know what the mech's have done to it.

    PS. I've also replaced the center console latch 2x and a couple of the center plastic hubs on the wheels.
  • razortbrazortb Posts: 8
    Am i making a mistake buying a 07 gti sounds like VW has issues with warranties and reliability? :confuse:
  • what is up with this ? just a fluke? anyone else out there? besides that I have loved this car so far -first major repair. is this the future for me?
  • a_ja_j Posts: 3
    Went in to grab a sandwich. 5 minutes later I came out and the engine would not crank over at all. The radio and lights came on, the red display was also on, but nothing on the gauges. Called VW roadside, the first guy tried to give it a jumpstart, no success. Then when the tow truck arrived after about an hour, the car started without any hesitation. Dropped off at the dealer today. Will report back once I get it back. Did anybody have similar issues?
  • So I'm driving down the interstate at about 65 mph, fifth gear, and I come up to a very gradual hill on a bridge. I CANNOT accelerate over the hill, literally my car has no more power to put out. I've had this car for almost three years now, and I've never not had power available. Right after that, the temp peaks out. I manage to make it over the bridge, and depress the clutch witch cools it down. The rest of the way to my house I have to accelerate in gear than take it out of gear to cool it down. It's in the shop right now. Does anyone have any suggestions to what it might be? Here are a few of my thoughts (A) something with the fuel metering is jacked up causing the mixture to either be too lean or rich (B) the water pump isn't working properly (but then why would have no power?) (C) something is messed with the exhaust (I got rear-ended a year ago, and I swear that thing has never been right since) causing excessive back pressure in the system. Anyone have any issues like this before?
  • a_ja_j Posts: 3
    I got the car back. They did not find anything. They applied a software update as part of a recall. Hope that fixes it.
  • 600kgolfgt600kgolfgt Posts: 690
    what is up with this ? just a fluke? anyone else out there? besides that I have loved this car so far -first major repair. is this the future for me?

    My 2003 Wolfsburg Jetta 1.8T has 92,000 miles on it, and I had the belt/waterpump/tensioner changed at 73,000 miles. The only noticeable item during that change was that the waterpump's plastic impeller was beginning to deteriorate (which can cause timing belt-related problems).

    Some questions for you:

    1) Did you change your oil every 5000 miles?
    2) Did you use a VW 502.00 spec motor oil? (Hint: all of the oils on that list are synthetic)
  • a_ja_j Posts: 3
    Nope. It would not start again yesterday - Sunday. On Monday, right before the tow truck arrived, it started up fine. Anybody else with electrical problems?
  • waz69waz69 Posts: 3
    the car locks fine but when i open it the lock slams straight down again so have to pull the door handle quick as i turn the key , then carnt lift the door pin till the key is in the ignition then it lifts think it might be the central locking relay but dont know which 1 it is any ideas or any1 had the same and can put me strait , cheers
  • waz69waz69 Posts: 3
    my gti used to cut out but eventualy start again , it was the coil pack that was on its way out and once replaced totaly sorted the problem anfter many hrs of head scratching , hope this helps any1 with simlar probs
  • I bought one in October and LOVE it. I have had no problems at all with it. It drives great. The only issue is people want to see it all the time. :)

    True there were issues in the past with VW's (I had a 97 jetta with lots of problems). They seem to have worked this out pulled the manufactutring back to Germany etc.

    Any one car can be a lemon. I had a dealer buy back a 06 honda for that very reason.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    for those who have been taking their mkV gti's to the dealer,

    how much is service running you? (oil changes/tire rotations)

    what about scheduled serivce? (20k,30k etc)

    thanks mucho!
  • rppaulrppaul Posts: 4
    i took it only for 40,000 mi and it cost me $382. oil ch costs $52 whether at the dealer or mechanic (its mainly the cost of the synthetic oil 5w-40 @ $6.50/qt). pls note that i drive around 1000 mi/week so car gets good exercise !!! hope this helps - had the car 2006 gti mk V manual 6, for 14 months, put on 50,000 miles and the maintenence cost was 4 cents/mi (which included snow tires and rims @ $780) - in comparison, fuel costs ran at 8.8 cents/mile
  • nmrtnmrt Posts: 56

    I am a very proud owner of a 2005 1.8T GTI (5-speed). I currently have 20000 miles on my car and have been a stickler for oil changes (VW 502.00) at 5000 mile intervals. But I am going to be taking a road trip across the u.s. and was thinking about putting about 6000 highway miles in the car. basically, i am going to be driving to california from connecticut and back. do you think it is ok to go 6000 miles?
    thanks for the help.
  • rppaulrppaul Posts: 4
    it is your decision to make - but be careful of who you choose in CA to change your oil. i drive 800-900 miles a week 90% of it at high and sustained speed (no city driving for me)- i have been changing my synthetic oil 5w-40 at 6-7000 intervals without dire effects for 50,000 miles. word of caution - keep an eye on the oil level (i top it off when it gets 1/2 qt down) also, my 2006 GTI 2L turbo burns more oil when the oil is not clean (i.e. after 4-5000 miles after change) hope this helps --- have a nice trip, paul
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    thanks much appreciated enjoy your gti! ;)
  • nmrtnmrt Posts: 56
    Thanks for the advice, Paul. I think I will change my oil after 6000 miles for this trip but will be keeping an eye on the oil level as well.
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