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Dodge Dakota Transmission Problems



  • I have had the truck stall on me a few times as well. When I shift from reverse to drive sometimes it bogs down quite a bit and almost stalls or does stall. But it starts right up again and I have no problems. Sometimes when I put the truck in park and shift to reverse and back to drive it doesn't stick. The truck seems to not be able to find the gear I am putting it in. This happens once a week or so depending on how I am shifting it.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Some gascaps have been known to rust internally and cause this problem.

    In any case, the built-in diagnostics are sensing a leak in the airspace above the gasoline in the tank. This diagnostic is performed by slightly pressurizing this airspace and then sealing it off and testing to make sure the pressure stays.

    Also check all 3 hoses are plugged into the charcoal canister. (mounted below the drivers door on inside of framerail)
  • Hi. Got this truck August 2nd, 2007 and Sept 16th, I was driving onto the freeway from a curved onramp, and the truck would not shift up from say 3rd gear to 4th gear. So I was going 50mph and the tach read 3800, which is not good. Then after I pulled over, it worked. It repeated this problem later that night. So the last two weeks, it hasn't done it since, and I dropped by the dealer and he had never heard of this happening on a truck this new. I have 1700 miles on it. So, it happened, but isn't doing it now, weird.... just thought I'd post this and see if anyone had this problem with a newer vehicle like mine. I do like this vehicle a lot.... Kinda wish the glove compartment held more than it does.
  • Hey...looking at a 1992 ClubCab LS,with 180K miles. Intermitten issue with 2nd-3rd shift. It's an auto. Trans shop of course wants to consider overhaul...2k-3k...OUCH!!-if full tanny service doesn't do the job. Owner does'nt seem to be the 'regular service my truck' kind of guy. It's a 4x4. $1500 too much for it???? Wish it was a 2wd with that motor.. Original paint/decent cond/everything else works fine...What do you all think????
  • No same as before, Any other ideas? Or just take to to Dodge?
  • I don't know what 'regular service my truck" means with that high of miles. 180k miles and 15 years is way at the end of the life of this car. You can get a much younger truck with fewer miles for 3000-4000. Offer him $600 at best,especially if he's fishing in one of the tradin publications.


    Hey...looking at a 1992 ClubCab LS,with 180K miles. Intermitten issue with 2nd-3rd shift. It's an auto. Trans shop of course wants to consider overhaul...2k-3k...OUCH!!-if full tanny service doesn't do the job. Owner does'nt seem to be the 'regular service my truck' kind of guy. It's a 4x4. $1500 too much for it???? Wish it was a 2wd with that motor.. Original paint/decent cond/everything else works fine...What do you all think????
  • My Dakota takes long to shift from first to second when it's cold. I sometimes drive slow for two blocks before it decides to shift, however it does not happen all the time. Could this be a problem with the TPS ?
  • ebellebell Posts: 2
    I'm having trouble with my truck. We bought it used and it has about 130 thousand miles on it. The trouble all started with the RPMS jumping randomly. Just from about 1200 to 1500. Not a major jump. Now, you can feel it jump jump, it sorta feels like it's trying to shift but its not. It will only do it when you go over 50, and you it'll do it for a few seconds then stop, then start again. What could be the problem? And should I just take it to a shop? My dad suggested a tranny flush, but i've only heard bad things about that.... :confuse:
  • ebellebell Posts: 2
    I'm not sure it's the speed sensor, i'm really not sure what it is. My brother was messing around with my truck when I bought it in august and tried out the 4x4. Ever since then it's been doing this shimmy thing. Its not a continuous thing, but often enough. The RPMs will jump slightly and it feels like the whole truck is studdering or something but just for a second and then it will drive fine for a little while, then start all over. Does that sound like a transmission problem or something else?
  • I have a 2001 dodge dakota quad cab with the 4.7 V8 and 2WD. Lately the engine refuses to start on occasion. The transmission selector on the dash will only light the circle aroun the R,D,1 and 2. It is like it will not recognize Park and Neutral, even though the shifter moves into all positions. Usually after I let it sit about 20 minutes it will start and register shift positions with no problem. I cleaned what i think is the Transmission range sensor on the transmission, that seemed to help, but the problem came back. Sometimes when it acts up, i can shake the sensor and it will start. Also, it seems to do this when the truck is warmed up(after running about 20 minutes)and you turn it off. i took it to the local dealer here because I am not good with transmission troubles. They decided it was the Shift cable and repalced it. Problem came back the next day. Any ideas?
  • Hi I am new here and I apologize that this might be long. I have the a 2001 V6 Dak that has about 93k on it.

    About a month ago while driving at highway speeds (about 75 mph) the Trans temp light came on. I had the truck towed back and the problem could not be duplicated. Then it happened again about a week later (same conditions) except this time I noticed that the OD had turned itself off. Dealership replaced TCC and O/d solenoids, govenor pressure solenoid and transducer. It happened a 3rd time last week and they replaced the Power Control Module. Now for a forth time (and now it is happening during city driving conditions) the O/D comes off and the Trans Temp light comes on. If anyone knows what could be causing this it would be appreciated. I have spent over 3,000 dollars in the past 30 days getting this worked on. Thank you.
  • I had the same or similar problem. I went to two dealerships because my truck wasn't shifting correctly. The first dealership told me it was going to be $4000 for a rebuilt transmission so I took my truck to another dealer. He told me $2400. After they took it apart the price jumped to $4000 also. My dad had been telling me to go to Aamco all along so I took it there. They rebuilt the transmission for $2000. When they put it back it they found out that the transmission was ruined by the radiator. The coolant flows through the radiator, which was plugged up and that was making my transmission overheat. The overheating is what damaged the transmission in the first place. They replaced the radiator. Noone at the dealership mentioned the radiator to me.
  • jstew3jstew3 Posts: 1
    I noticed your problem. Could you happen to have a clogged catalytic converter? How is the engine temp?
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    The 2000 4.7L semi-hemi came from the factory with 2 emmissions "options" (depending on the state where the truck was orderd from)

    One "option" had a single catalytic converter... the other (called the border state emmissions package) has 3 catalytic converters. (and 4 oxygen sensors!)

    The best way to isolate your problems is to have diagnostic computer hooked up to your Dak WHILE you are driving so the instantanious readouts from the sensors can be mapped into a graph.

    It is actually pretty cool to see the activity of the sensors while under driving conditions. You can see throttle-position, road-speed, cat. temp, airflows...etc.
  • My '92 Dakota V8 4x4 with auto tranny stalled at a red light. I shifted into neutral to restart the engine and it is as if the gear selector can't find any gear on the tranny. I'm stuck in neutral. I had to push the truck off the road. The engine races but no engagement. I checked to see if the linkage had fallen apart, but everything looks intact. Any ideas
  • Is there anything I can check to determine why this truck wont shift out of first gear?
  • Even thou they are dealers...

    they sometimes dont know how to fix cars that they sell. you have to go to a some other that really knows what they care doing in order to get it fixed right

    my friend had a 92 honda... they couldn't fix it. They wrote it on the paperwork saying... they can't found out what's causing the problems... so they went ahead to charge him him on this credit card. And he call his credit card company saying... I'm not paying it. They didn't fix it and he had a letter to prove it... so it went to lawyer and all the crap... so he didn't pay any money after all!! Pain in the A$$!!

    I read a lot of cars and trucks stuff... dodge quality doesn't seem to be that good

    Evertyone loves the Tacoma or the Frontier.

    No one is buying Chevy or Ford Mid-size truck... it seems like they gave up on it.
  • to illumini

    since they can't fix it... did they even give u anything free to refix something else???

    man i would have been talking to the managers about this and [non-permissible content removed] them out!!

    You should've said... obviously you guys are dumb founded on this... why should you guys still be business?!
  • 92 dodge dakota v8, 4x4 has no forward gears, it acts as if it is in nuetral, but reverse works fine. in forward gear it makes no attempt to move, no noise.
  • I'm the person afew posts earlier than yours that is having very similar problems except I don't have reverse. I'm not having much luck in getting advice but I've narrowed it down to either the torque converter, the flywheel, or the pump(internal).
    The transfer case could also be malfunctioning, maybe it is stuck in neutral or broken in some way.
    I've heard that if you disconnect one of the coolant lines that runs to the radiator there should be fluid flow if the pump is working. I'm going to try that over the weekend. I changed the filter and the fluid but it didn't help.
    Please post me if you learn anything.
    Good luck.
  • dsubdsub Posts: 1
    My Dakota has 125,000 miles on it and when I am driving I have to run the RPM's up over 3500 and let off of the gas for it to shift into 3rd gear. I have the 3.9L V6. Once it gets into overdrive it is fine but getting there is not good for the truck. I have parked it until I figure out what is wrong with it. A transmission shop said that it was my bands that are going bad but I have been burned in the past by automotive shops and tend not to trust everything thy say. If anyone has onformation it would be appreciated.
  • Ok. I really don't know if this is transmission, transfer case, rear end or what and neither does my local Dodge garage. I have a 05 Dakota 4.7 4X4. It has 45000 miles on it. This problem started at about 40K and it has been in the garage a couple times and had all of the diagnostics done. I will be driving down the road at hwy speeds and the 4 lo light will start flickering on and off. This will be followed shortly by a "thump" under the truck. The speed and tach will not change. It originally was more likely to start this when I was in hills, but is getting more frequent. I can sometimes hear a whine before the "thump". I may go 50 miles with out it happening, or it may happen 3-4 times per mile. I have changed the TPS and it did not help.
  • Hey there, I can't seem to find anything that exactly describes my problem:

    I have a 2002 Dakota Quad 4x4 8cyl 5.9 w/ 86,000miles
    Recently when coming to a stop the transmission will either fail to shift from 2nd to 1st or will downshift to 1st but jump back up to 2nd after I come to a complete stop.
    After sitting for a minute it will sometimes shift to 1st ok, other times it doesn't and I have to manually shift it to 1st.(no problems with manual shifting)

    This is a rather intermittent problem, sometimes it will act up for the whole day, sometimes I can go for 5+ days and not have any incident.

    I took it to a local shop, they ran tests, and pulled the pan. Tests came up clean. They claim the pan had some metal flakes in it. I unfortunately was not there to verify it. They want to rebuild it for about $2000.

    I am going to take to somewhere else for a 2nd opinion as I think having to rebuild a tranny at 86,000miles is absolutely nuts. However I wouldn't be totally surprised as there has not been much done in the way of maintenance.

    Could this just be a case of neglect on my part or is there hope for a less expense answer?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  • I have a 1997 Dodge Dakota 4x4 with the 3.9L V6 110,00 miles. I recently purchased the vehicle but dont know much of the vehicles history.

    It has developed a shifting problem with the overdrive. When I apply regular gas pedal pressure it seems to shift fine. However, when I am around 45-50mph and I fluctuate the gas pedal the transmission feels like it is jumping between 3rd gear (or 4th if there is one) and overdrive. Its the hardest shift I have ever felt. It's almost like it doesn't know what gear it should be in.

    I checked the transmission fluid level and color and it seems to be ok. On another note, when I drive with the O/D off it seems to shift just fine. I have been reading many forums postings but cant seem to find someone with a similar problem.

    My first thought was to change the transmission filter (not a flush). But I have read many other posting talking about solenoids, trans cables, and TPS's.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  • My 98 Durango had the some problem. I flushed the system put in new ATF-4 fluid and new filter, added Lucas product, after several thousand miles no change. On line someone suggested a product called Auto-RX, I went to the web site and ordered a quart, added 16 oz. as they said to do. I have now driven 500 miles and the tranny shifts like brand new. I don't normally fall for these additives as most are snake oil but this one is the real thing. They only sell on line, go to for info to order and good luck.
  • I checked out there website and they recommend adding 6oz of the cleaner and then doing a transmission flush. Did you just add the fluid and leave it?

    I added half a bottle of Sea Foam which is another product that cleans transmissions. It sounds like I should add the whole bottle?
  • I messed up on the quantity when I added it. I talked on the phone to the guy who holds the patent and I thought he said to add 16oz., the correct amount is 6oz. as the web site says. I have since talked to him again and he said that it would not cause a problem but 6 oz, is the correct amount. No I have not drained and flushed the system, I will wait until I run it the entire 1500 miles, at that point I intend to flush the system and replace with ATF 4.
  • I had the same problem with my 98 Durango, the TPS did no good either. As a last resort I added auto-rx, 500 miles later it started shifting like new. See my message on posting #270.
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