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Car suggestions

eagleswing1310eagleswing1310 Member Posts: 2
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I asked the same question about a year ago but have been on military duty since so thought I'd bring it up again and see what peoples views are. I drive a long way to work, all highway (100miles) currently in a fiat 500. I know it will not last forever as they are not built for that kind of driving. What does everyone suggest? Diesel? Open to all suggestions

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  • eagleswing1310eagleswing1310 Member Posts: 2
    stickguy said:
    Each way or round trip? Moving is certainly an option. A diesel will pull good MPG. Or a hybrid. An affordable option is a car like the Jetta SE 1.4. Get a slightly used 2017 (my nephew just picked one up for less than 15k), comfy, plenty of features, and can pull an easy 40 highway.
    One way sadly. I was thinking about the VW Jetta or Passat. Moving is kind of out as we have it very good where we live, all be it in the middle of nowhere. 
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