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Just wondering if it was possible to easily change a cars rear drum brakes to disk and a torsion beam suspension to macpherson struts. A couple of hatchbacks i was interested in has rear drum brakes and torsion beam suspension (xA, fit, yaris). Would it be better to change this setup if it's possible anyway?


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    Car is a 2000 Celica GT

    I'm driving to Subway to get lunch and in my residential neighbourhood for whatever reason, the city has some big hoses running from a fire hydrant to a project a few blocks away (they are digging something up, not sure what) and they are covered in ashphalt. In essence it's a big speed bump for which you have to slow down to a crawl to go over.

    Well being so nice today, I had the windows open and the stereo thing you know....BANG!!!!! Needless to say I had gone over these stupid hoses with my car. I was going about 60 Km/h (35mph). Shortly after there is a 4 way stop and I went through that no problem...phew. I keep driving a couple of seconds and slow down for a turn and when I apply moderate pressure to my brakes there is this "clunk" sound from what I think is the front of the car (not really sure though).

    The car turns fine and there are no noises as far as I can tell when I turn the wheel either way. Also there is nothing leaking under the car, and looking at the undercarriage nothing seems to be hanging/out of place nor is there any sign I bottomed out. So my only problem is this clunking sound whenever I apply moderate pressure to the brakes (no sound when light pressure applied)


    I took it into the shop today and told them my problems. They ended up doing a brake service which consists of inspecting and lubing the brakes. The noise is still there and they told me that they would need 1-2 hours to run diagnostics on the car to get a better idea of what the problem was. They also retorqued the subframe (whatever that means) as this is often a cause of noises after accidents. In addition, they checked underneath the car and according to them absolutely everything looks as it should. I asked if the car was safe to drive as is and he said "I can't guarantee that it is".

    I decided to take the car as is and I will try another shop tomorrow to get a second opinion before forking out $160 just to have the car looked at again. Any opinions?
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    Make sure they check your suspension. You could damaged a tie rod or a control arm.

    My old Civic right now makes what sounds like the same sound when I hit the breaks and it is because the bushing on the control arm of the right front wheel is missing.
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    This isn't such a bad setup if you fit a rear sway bar and high quality aftermarket struts, unless you plan on doing serious racing or something.
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    When driving my 98 Ford Windstar I hear a "clunk" then passenger side rear wheel will stop turning. I can place it in reverse and the wheel will turn around, once put back into drive, will hear the "clunk" again and it will not turn forward.
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    i just changed the rear discs on my truck and they are locking up what did i do wrong?
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    This board focuses more on mods, so the brake guys may not be hanging out here much. Try the Stop here! Let's talk about brakes discussion too.
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    Speaking of brakes, I am going to take my first road trip with my Yaris MT LB, so I thought that I would check all of my fluid levels. They were all fine, but I had to really look to find the brake fluid reservoir. Turns out it is back up under the windshield and dash in front of the steering wheel, not the easiest place to add brake fluid if needed. I guess that you would have to use a funnel with a flexible hose to add to it.
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    I have the 185/60x15 alloy wheels on my 2007 4 door Yaris. My question is, will one of these wheels fit into the tire well in the trunk? I would like to replace the "donut" with a full-size tire. What are my options? Thanks.
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    I think I'd try the Toyota Yaris Owner Reports discussion; I bet more owners will see your tire question over there.
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    Thank you.
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    i have a question in regards to the e brake on my '99 pontiac sunfire,,, the e-brake on it almost doesnt work,,, i can pull on it while being in motion and it doesnt eben budge... what do i need to replace on it???? and also is there any aftermarket mod i can do to it to give the rear wheels some serious stopping power????? hit me up thx
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