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Toyota Yaris Prices Paid



  • tjw1308tjw1308 Posts: 296
    I am getting about 38MPG combined. I also drive her like I stole her :P ...

    The Corolla DOES get the same, if not a little higher MPG. Why? My thought is that Americans are so petrified of buying a car that *gasp* has below 100 HP that Toyota decided to sacrifice some of the 1.5L's potential in order to get a little more zip out of the motor.

    The 1.8L engine is also a much more expensive motor. Minus a camshaft change making it VVT-LI (the "L" part being of Yamaha design and of Corolla XRS/Celica GTS fame), it is essentially the same motor Lotus is putting in that wonderful Elise contraption.

    The reason it seems so comparable now is that the Corolla is a SCREAMIN deal (because of it being so old). It's funny how it STILL manages to outsell the "all new" Civic too... Not bad for an almost 5 year old car :)

    But the Yaris is just so much cooler!

  • tjw1308tjw1308 Posts: 296
    I agree wholeheartedly :)

    Never meant to make it sound like I'm not completely thrilled with the car. Even cruising home today I marveled at how much fun it is to drive. It has a lot more character than you'd expect.

    I ditto the "it sure doesn't feel cheap" sentiment too.

  • tjw1308tjw1308 Posts: 296
    I wanted to wait until I could ask our Toyota rep today (I was in certification... yet again lol...), and he seemed to think they (the hatchbacks) are most definitely all produced with MICS. The US/Canadian 2-door versions are just coupe versions of the Euro 5-door.

    The Sedan he said he wasn't entirely sure of, but mentioned that Toyota usually adopts global standards with things like MICS and that he was pretty sure the Sedan did too.

    The other thing to note is the CRITERIA used in both tests could have been different too... who knows. I'll be interested to see the IIHS test when/if they run it. We saw the Tundra on Dateline one again today (he plays it in every meeting haha), and that TV Spot has officially become Toyota scripture :) .


    PS: I also asked him about the few people that have reported much lower than expected mileage (like 25). He said that to his knowledge he hadn't heard of any TSB's. They are probably extremely isolated cases, and he gave the old "driving conditions/driver style" statement :P .

    Since I drive mine fairly aggressively, A/C blasting, and STILL get 38 or so MPG combined, I somehow doubt many people could burn more gas than me hehe...
  • "I am interested in what kind of real life highway mileage people are getting."
    I only have 700 miles so far, but I am at 40 mpg, with no highway driving. I do as much coasting as possible with my Yaris Hatchback, 5 speed. I love this car, it is me!
  • sna382sna382 Posts: 1
    I am interested in new automatic Yaris Hatchback with "convenience" package. I am in Houston (River Oaks), and the quoted price is $13255. Do you think it is a good bargain?
  • tjw1308tjw1308 Posts: 296
    It's not a "bargain" per se.

    There isn't much markup in a Yaris (I work for Toyota, and I paid MSRP to get one in August :)).

    If it's the color you want, and the equipment you want, go for it! You won't be dissapointed and you aren't overpaying (unless you consider a few hundred bucks if you were to wait overpaying). Just make sure your "fees" are in line and you will be doing just fine.

    The car itself is phenomenal for what it is.

  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    "The 1.8L engine is also a much more expensive motor. Minus a camshaft change making it VVT-LI...."

    ...and bore and stroke changes, and pretty much subbing out all the major internals in the block, and....

    The 1ZZ-FE is a great engine for its designated mission, but the 2ZZ-FE is a completely different engine in many respects, despite having the same displacement and being used in the same models...

    The engine in my Echo is a 1NZ-FE apparently (I was under the hood today)...is that still the designation for the new Yaris?

    At the lot tonight, they had a Yaris at $16,1, manual shift, full power package with alloys, plus spoiler, fog lamps etc. No moonroof on that car, and I suppose it would sell for only $500-700 under sticker without a big fight.

    Same lot has a stick shift Corolla S with moonroof for around $18K sticker, which would be pretty easy to get at $16K. No ABS of course, but has the 6-speaker stereo, keyless, and moonroof on the flip side.

    Still an intriguing comparison, being so close in real-world price.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • tjw1308tjw1308 Posts: 296
    While I agree that it is different in some specifications, it's got far more in common than just displacement. It shares more in common (the Lotus 1.8) with the Celica GTS than the Corolla configuration of course, but it's still essentially just the same Toyota (1ZZ) engine. Toyota sold rights to Lotus (for the 2ZZ)

    You could bore out a Yaris 1.8 (sill the 1NZ btw), supercharge it, etc., but it would still be the same engine (even if you gave it a new code (2NZ?)). It would be faster (as is the Lotus 2ZZ), but it would still share more similarities than differences.

    Irregardless, the 1.8 is STILL a much more expensive motor than the 1.5. Doesn't much matter the configuration. I remember someone in one of our Corolla launches back 5 years ago asking about the 1.8 vs. the 1.5 in terms of cost.

    While I can't remember the specific dollar amount, it was well over $1000.

    The 06/07 Corolla is one heck of a bargain.

    It's just not very "new" "hip" "edgy" "cool" "unique" or any of the emotional adjectives people use when they buy a car.

    Here's to hoping the new one is, and for the information of those interested, after talking to our rep it looks like early 2008 now for the new Corolla. We will keep getting "new" 2007's until the launch.

    We are still treating Yari like Scion. MSRP and NO goofy adds like pinstriping. We continue to sell every one we get within about 72 hours. Would we miss a deal ove $200 or so though? Probably not (with gas at $2.10 hehe) :)

  • I need a sanity check on conflicting info I got from two Toyota dealers today.

    First dealer has an allocated L/B Yaris being delivered in a little over a week. It's got no options beyond floor mats and 50-state emissions. I ask if I can get that same allocated car in a different color with some additional options (ABS, side curtain airbags). He says checks with the desk, comes back and says no problem. Then he adds a few numbers together and says here's your out-the-door price.

    I'm excited because it's the exact Yaris I want, and it'll be here in 10 days. Price is a little high.

    So I head over to another dealership on my way home, mostly to see if they'll beat that price. This second guy tells me categorically that Toyota does not manufacture Yarii with options I want. I ask why the options would even be advertised, and he says perhaps in a few more months those options will be available, but not presently.

    I did everything but flat-out tell guy #2 he's full of crap, but he stuck with his story.

    So I want to know what you think. Is Dealer #1 being straight that they can call up Toyota's plant, have the car assembled with way more stuff, painted differently, and get it to California in 10 days? I already think #2 is full of...well...#2, but do you agree?
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    Go to Toyota.com where you can build your own car with the options available in your zip code. Spend a little time educating yourself and you will probably know as much or more than the average Toyota salesman. The Yaris is not a big money maker for the salesman, so he doesn't spend a lot of time learning this product.

    I thought it was never going to get here. Polar white, convenience package, cold weather package, ABS, side airbags. Exactly the way I ordered it. Somewhere along the way a $150 set of mats were added, but the dealer was willing to pull them as I did not order them and had specifically notified them that I did not want any add ons.

    I was really concerned that, due to the practice of "preferencing," they did not actually "order" my car. But, lo and behold, they did. It was ordered on 7/20 and arrived on the lot 10/24. I picked it up today with 5 miles on the odometer.

    As I ordered it back in July there were no "deals" offered. I paid MSRP, plus all the related fees in full. The dealer did, however, agree to provide me a "loaner" vehicle as I had mentioned up front that I needed a car ASAP as both of my current vehicles were becoming unreliable. Once they received word that the car was "in port" they provided the loaner which I had for about 10 days.

    The only negative in the experience was communications. There were promises to let me know as soon as certain "statuses" were provided, but I never received a single phone call through the first 10 weeks of waiting. The few times I called the dealer (trying to be a good customer and not bug them every week) they had no news--other than Toyota had "accepted" my order.

    As I was beginning to wonder whether the car was going to get here before the weather got bad (or at all), I had resigned myself to having to find a different car. So, I wrote the customer service manager a letter and told them to just cancel the order if no one could tell me anything or at least touch base with me once in a while. Though the customer service manager never acknowledged my letter, I received a call from the salesperson a couple days later apologizing for not communicating and informing me that they now had a "in port" status and a date range for delivery if I still wanted the car. The rest is history.

    I wasn't trying to be unreasonable about communications. It's just that in my circumstances I couldn't just hang out there and wait to see whether I would ever get a car. You would think that in this age of robots, computers, and the internet the "mother ship" would be able to reliably communicate statuses to the dealers, but apparently not. One of the milestones in the process was supposed to be notification of a "temporary serial number." The dealer says that Toyota never communicated it. They said the only communications they received were order confirmation and notification that "it's in port and will be on the lot within the next week."

    It was a long wait, but it was worth it. We love the car. It's a ball to drive and, if I say so myself, pretty easy on the eyes! :shades:
  • I haven't bought a new car in 15 years (my '91 corolla is still running like a top); went to 2 dealers today to get info on Yaris L/B and I need your advice.
    1. Is the dealer prep fee ($399 here in Denver area) negotiable? (They both said no, but I certainly never paid it in 1991.) Is there no room for negotiating just because the yaris is so popular and/or comparatively low priced (not a big profit margin for dealer.)?

    2. The L/Bs in this area arrive only bundled option packages.
    Either convenience/cold weather /mats/arm rest for $1019
    Power package/side airbags/ABS/cold weather/mats/armrest for $2659!

    Is it possible to order only power package? I'm willing to wait.

    3. What do you all think about ABS? Can I do without?

    4. One last question---on a basic L/B, how does the rear seat fold down (if it's not 60/40)-is it 50/50 or does whole back seat fold down in one piece? And do I care if it's not the "flat fold down" available in option package?

    Thanks for your help. Sorry this is sooooo long.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    On a basic L/B, the whole back seat folds down as one piece. And not quite flat. Meaning large heavy objects are going to mess up the hinge eventually if you carry a lot of stuff like that. Fold-flat is one of those individual preference things - if you know you want it, then you won't do without it. Personally, I find it very nice, and can't believe that after all these years of mass-producing automobiles, we have car manufacturers making cars with back seats that DON'T fold flat. I hear the Versa is the same way.

    As for ABS, I am aiming to have it on my next car, but it won't be a deal-breaker. Yes, you can do without. Again, this comes down to personal preference. Are you the type to have lots of insurance for every aspect of your life? If so, then you should get the ABS.

    As for this:
    " Power package/side airbags/ABS/cold weather/mats/armrest for $2659!"
    I am so jealous! Would that California were getting L/Bs this well-equipped. We still only get them totally stripped or with the convenience package.

    As far as ordering, check the main thread Yaris thread, recently retitled "Is it a good value?". Toyota orders are difficult, dealers are very reluctant, and many will try to mislead you. But look at robertkn - he is proof positive that it can be done if you do all your homework and are very patient.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • Thanks, nippononly, for your info/opinions/and fast reply to my questions. I really appreciate it.
    And now, all you happy L/B Yaris owners, I'm interested in some more opinions:
    If I go for the loaded L/B, it will cost $15,100 plus tax. So, why should I buy a Yaris and not the Corolla, Fit or Scion Xa etc. (Of course, I have my heart set on a small car, and really want a L/B, but I'm feeling a little guilty---want a small car so that I can "live simply" blahblahblah--and would be slightly embarrassed to have it "loaded". )
    Talk me into it.... wait, maybe I've already done that....hmmm.
  • mrrk47mrrk47 Posts: 104
    I don't have a LB, but I do own a little workhorse of a Yaris sedan base with POWER package. One thing I've learned about these posts is that you cannot look at them as anything other than other people expressing personal opinions. If I actually listened to some of these people on here I would be back at the TOyota dealer begging to exchange my Yaris for a Corolla because:
    *It's not a 1st year model
    *It's bigger(really?)
    *It's more powerful(not much)
    *It's more comfortable(opinion)
    *It's rated mpg's are the same or better(depending on driving habits)
    There are more of these "opinions", and don't forget that my post is also "opinion". All that matters to me is that I liked the look of the Yaris the first time I saw it and that the size and room work for me and my family. My opinion is that it is far better looking than the current(tired)corolla and it felt just like better buy for me personally. People love to bash each other on here in effort to feel better about the choices they personally made regarding car purchasing. It just so happens at time I was making my deal and the only Corolla within my 15,000 or lower range was a CE with no power, I felt I would regret not having power after a while (since I plan on keeping the Yaris for many, many years). I also I had a difficult situation with a trade and the dealer I was at was giving the best price I's been offered, so at the time I made the best deal for me.
    3 weeks later I'm seeing a bunch of ADs for Corolla LE's for 14988, well too bad they weren't doing that when I was there and I can't turn back time.
  • mrrk47mrrk47 Posts: 104
    Why aren't you guys firing back at me like usual, I eitehr made a good ponit or nobody cares about what I posted...awwww
  • Hey, mrrk47, I care! Thanks for your reply. I appreciate the reminder that it all comes down to personal preference, but your last sentence (re the 14,9 corolla) really threw me. Just when I thought you'd laid out your case for a smaller car, you throw the corolla offer in---and that's just the sort of thing that's confusing me too. Still, I'm leaning to the Yaris because I live in Colorado, where, oh about 80% of people drive SUVs---I'm having a reaction to that and at this point, I'm almost ready to drive a golf cart around, just to be a good citizen.
    Anyhow, re trades--you mentioned a "difficult situation with a trade"--and I have a question. My current car is a 91 Corolla LE-- and I was assuming that I would do better to sell it privately than to attempt a trade-in. Whaddya think?

    PS For the sake of the site (you know, to keep it interesting), I hope somebody "fires back at you" in reaction to your #373...
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    I think you should go for the Yaris L/B - it will be totally unique. The world is (way too) full of '03-'07 Corollas. And don't feel guilty about the "loaded" thing - truth is, as time goes on you will appreciate those little niceties all the more, and if you keep the car ten years or so (which should be very inexpensive to do with this car), you will still be keeping it simple and anticipating those increased desires for the little comforts years from now. :-)

    Oh yeah, and you ALWAYS get more selling privately than trading in. OTOH, a 15 year old Corolla isn"t going to be worth much either way, and selling privately is always a hassle. You decide how much it is worth to you. Is the time saved by trading in worth $500? $1000? I am sure the difference won't be more than that on a car this old.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • mrrk47mrrk47 Posts: 104
    Well, the corolla is also a smaller car, just a little more sheet metal at the ends. Notice how the yaris basically utilizes all of it's length in the wheelbase(the wave of the future). The corolla has the same layout archetiture of 99 cavalier, (long overhangs). There is nothing wrong with that, just a little old looking. Just the other day an elderly lady asked me for directions...you guessed it ,she was in a new corolla.
    Yarii look like a more expensive car and have more style(this counts only i you care about it). Theage of your car and maybe high mileage may warrant craigs list, but you never know....I had a 2006 honda crv...that's another story...I say go for the Yaris...you'll get staring at it longer than a corolla..and btw....it's bigger than the Echo it replaced ...sooooo close in size to corolla now!
    As far as the 14.9 LE, the sweet deals always hit the papers the week after I go..never fails, but I don't think I'd be s happy with a corolla....and anyway I already have a 2006 Volvo S40 for my "bigger" sedan. Good Luck!
  • Hey rosebags,
    I would definitely sell the corolla privately. I sold my mom's car for her via craigslist.org and it was gone in less than a week. It was a 98 Corolla CE (base model but mint condition and low mileage) and we got 5500.00 for it. They would have only given us like 3000.00 at the dealer's, if I'm remembering correctly... :) I'm waiting for my Yaris l/f stick shift with power pkg... supposed to be in, in ... January!! EEK, I hate waiting.
  • typer73typer73 Posts: 11
    I've had my Yaris L/B for slightly over a month. I previously drove a '92 Olds Cutlass Supreme (since '92) so I was used to the "luxury" items, so I got the Power Package to get power locks with remote, power mirrors, power windows, etc. The Yaris fit my budget even with the goodies I wanted, but I mainly bought it for the look, I just love that little car. And it's even more fun to drive than my first car, a '73 VW bug. Don't feel guilty wanting the goodies, it's still a "live simply" car with great gas mileage (even with automatic transmission, air conditioning & the crazy way I drive). :blush:
  • jnantzjnantz Posts: 10
    We should get our new liftback by the end of this week (central Illinois) We are getting a Blazing Blue Pearl Liftback, 5sp Manual with Power Pkg, Side Air Bags, ABS, Spoiler, Mats. My dealer found it on an Indiana dealer’s lot. It had been a special order for that dealer that was turned down on delivery. Other than color, which I like, it is exactly what we wanted.

    For the record we put 140,000 miles on our 1992 Camry, 103,000 miles on our 2000 Tundra, (no problems and excellent resale) and still have 60,000 miles on our 2003 Highlander. This will be 5th car purchased from this dealer. We will be putting a tow bar on the front next spring to tow it behind our motorhome.

    By the way we are paying full sticker , and we are glad there was no premium added to that price.
  • WOW! Congrats jnantz!!! I'm jealous big-time! I wonder if I should call my dealer and see if he can continue to look for mine even though it's supposed to begin building Nov and delivery Jan. :( :surprise: :surprise:
  • jnantzjnantz Posts: 10
    Thanks utlhipster. We had been casually looking for 2-3 months, and none of the area dealers ever seemed to have a Yaris (LB or Sedan) that was not already sold. I had planned to get rid of my Tundra, and when we talked trade the salesman low-balled be with an offer of $7,500. I ran an ad and sold it myself for $11,200!
    The salesman had also told me I probably would not find the LB I wanted (5 speed manual loaded) since most 5 speeds come without options.
    I sold my truck at 5:00pm yesterday, and had the car deal concluded less than 2 hours later. We are only waiting now for the exchange and delivery. I have located a front tow bar mount and the dealer has priced installation. If all goes well we should be in good shape. I have also located a cruise control for later installation.
    Good luck in your search.
  • jnantzjnantz Posts: 10
    I took delivery today of a LB with remote keyless entry. It came with 3 ignition keys but only one of the keys has the built-in remote switch. The salesman and I both thought it should have come with two remote entry switch keys (the transmitter is built into the top of the key)
    What is correct?
    Has anyone gotten 2 keys with their remote entry Yaris (Sedan or LB)?
    The salesman is contacting the district rep, but I would like to know what your experience has been.
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    Thanks to the Consumer Reports ratings, it should be easier to get a discount off MSRP now. The Base Sedan Automatic finished 6th out of 9 rated cars and the much loved (on this thread) Hatchback Manual (36) finished 8th out of nine rated cars barely beating out the Aveo (30). The top rated Manual Fit Sport scored 75 points.
  • mrrk47mrrk47 Posts: 104
    hmmmmm...probably not....people will still want these cars, if not for any other reason than greedy Honda dealers will either not have FITS or they will keep them priced so high(over msrp) because of their great scores on this cheesy test.
  • from_flfrom_fl Posts: 113
    Do I need to special-order to have it with side air bags?
  • jnantzjnantz Posts: 10
    What you can do is ask your dealer to do a vehicle locate for the model and options you want. My new L/B with manual transmission, side air bags, abs, power package, remote locks, was located 200 miles away. My dealer did an exchange for it and I owned it the very next afternoon.

    Good luck,
  • tbg1tbg1 Posts: 22
    Exacly eight weeks ago today, I placed "my order" for my blazing blue automatic L/B with power package. It arrived at the Port of Houston this past Tuesday (Nov. 7th) and arrived at the dealer's store (north Dallas) this morning about 9:30am. I'll be picking it up around 4 this afternoon! [yippee] I paid the MSRP price of $13,775 (excluding TT&L). Now that the elections are over, I'm ready for the price of gasoline to start creaping back up!
  • Congratulations! I'm so happy for you... but so sad for me :( I started working with a Toyota Dealer end of August and he cked all around the US til finally he said that my car w/ power pkg was not available so he put the order in in September, said finally in October that it would be built in Nov. with a Jan. delivery date and just today we found out it's not to be built until December but still has a Jan. delivery date - Yah right. I'm so not psyched b/c I am sick of driving my VW golf that has always had issues and it's like just waiting for the other shoe to drop! Plus they said they will lower my trade-in value if I go over a certain number of miles, it's not my fault I have to wait so long!!! Sorry to vent.. just getting to me. If the prius wasn't as big as it is I would get that but I love small cars, had a Honda Crx before this one....
  • Thanks, tried that.. was told they aren't seeing any that other dealers are willing to trade to us New Englanders.... :(
  • Michigan dealers can't get a liftback with the power package, so I took my business to a dealer in Ohio. Ordered a 5-speed in Meteorite Metallic, loaded with every option, I believe. The salesman did check his computer and verified that there are no cars in the US right now that are optioned the way I want mine. Mine will indeed be a "Special Order" to Japan. I was told to expect my Yaris in February.

    I sold my old car already, so transportation may be a little tricky in the meantime!
  • Thanks for the post, it makes me feel better, b/c our salesman is unlike most I've dealt with, he's really down to earth and calls back when he says he will, etc. I don't feel as skeptical about the whole ordeal now... I know the Yaris have been in demand and the production low but it's always nice to get something early! I hope yours comes real soon.
    That stinks about your current transportation, I guess I can't complain b/c even though I fear my vw having another issue with it, knock on wood, it's been the best since I did the trade agreement etc.! I think it knows. ;-)
  • Here's to give hope to those of you waiting for your bundle of joy to arrive! I "ordered" mine 5/18/06. I wanted a white, LB, manual trans, with the side curtain airbags as the only option. The dealer in Renton, WA(Bob Bridge Toyota) gave me a quote a bit under MSRP, so I put a deposit and was prepared to wait the 4 months. In August(over 2 months later) they called, saying Toyota would not make the car. Being upset that I had already wasted over 2 months waiting, I called the 1-800 # for Toyota and asked if the dealer was telling the truth. Apparently that helped and the order was resubmitted, the dealer agreed to honor the original quote, and I picked up the car this week. It's not the car I "ordered". It has two extra options(all weather guard and the infamous car mats), but I didn't have to pay for them(I would have refused the car if it had the power package...that stuff is more hassle than it's worth when they break!) I was carless from May til this week, but I ride my bike to/from work even when I have a car, so it only affected my evening activities(not crazy about taking the bus at night). Those of you who are waiting, try using mass transit, walking, biking when possible. And remember what the Tappit Brothers say...the worst thing you can do for your car on a regular basis is drive it a short distance in the morning, let it sit for 8 hours and then drive it a short distance home. If you live less than a 10 minute drive to work, leave it at home! :)
  • Thanks webshaf! I am re-inspired to get my baby - lf, manual, power pkg (just for keyless entry and mirrors!!) and bayou blue.. .I'm so excited ... I've heard such varied stuff about the pickup of the yaris that I'm a bit nervous about a few on ramp merges I do in Mass. But I had the Honda CRX and found that had plenty of power! How has everyone here that drives the stick find the pickup and go of the yaris? I'm now driving a VW 2002 Golf, 2.0 ...
  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    Keyless is a separate option - not in the power package. Accelaration is not a problem with a manual Yaris. It does not have the most power in the class, but it weighs the least.
  • Yeah, I had to get power pkg to be able to have keyless entry.... I've had too long to question the car but think the acceleration with suffice... I'll find out quick enough when I merge onto 95, a fast moving 4 lane hwy in Mass! :)
  • I have had so much trouble getting a dealer to get the car I wanted. I have never bought a car before...my parents got me one when I graduated. I had to take my boyfriend to the dealerships with me because I went by myself and no one would even talk to me. I had everything typed out and I have been doing research for months, but no one seemed to care.
    I went to Fowler Toyota in Norman, OK because the service department was so nice last year when one of my kindergarteners "walked off" with my keys on a Friday afternoon. But they are not a good place to go if you want to purchase a new car apparently. I have been getting the runaround even when my boyfriend comes with me. I have visited numerous times, emailed the internet department exactly what I wanted, but whenever I check back, they act like they have never seen me before! I think it's because the salespeople don't make much money on the Yaris. I would think that selling a car would be better than not selling a car, but I guess Fowler doesn't think that!
    On a good note, I did order mine in OKC and put down a deposit. Hopefully I will have it by January. :blush:
  • "I think it's because the salespeople don't make much money on the Yaris."

    I think you're right. You know a special order requires extra writing and typing--and maybe even a few extra phone calls. Real tough work. Carpel tunnel is the silent killer, you know.

    That's great that you found someone to provide you some service. I hope your car comes even sooner than expected!
  • I don't think you'll have any problems merging onto 95. On our highways in GA, the 70 mph limit is merely a suggestion & I've had no problems merging into traffic even with my much maligned auto tranny. I don't know who's testing these cars, but apparently they just don't know how to put their foot into it!
  • Same here, and I'm still "taking it easy" during the break-in period. My liftback/automatic has plenty of zip. Not quite like the Scion tC loaner had ;) but enough.
  • Thanks typer73 and robertkn!!! I feel much better. :) So, would someone mind explaining to me this break-in period? I've had new cars before but did not really do anything special... Now I'm more mature and care! Isn't it tough to judge rpms when you have no tachometer? Since I've always driven a stick though, we manual drivers get a feel for when to shift etc. so is that what I rely on? Thanks for any info!! :)
  • tbg1tbg1 Posts: 22
    I'm in the same boat: "break-in period". I've got a whoppin' 112 miles on my auto L/B now and I'm taking it pretty easy. This thread strikes me as funny because just this morning I was having a conversation with myself as to when I will try to "put my foot into it" - and I had decided to wait until I get at least 500 miles on it. I don't know that there is anything magic about 500 miles but I am wanting to see what kind of acceleration it really has. With these Dallas/Texas drivers you just never know what *might* be needed. But in my old age, I tend to play it much safer too.

    For all those waiting on their Yaris or still trying to decide, I have this comment. This car is a blast(!) to drive and has plenty of room, nicely appointed, etc. Yeah, Toyota could do a little more but overall, for the price, they've hit a home run. Haven't loved a new car this much since my '92 Saturn SC.
  • Yay, I just got a call today from my dealer and he says the car is actually going to be ready for pickup in early December! Last we heard it wasn't going to be built til then. I am so excited!!! I've been waiting since the last week in August! So what is this break in period? I never did it with previous cars. Please explain... :)
  • Check the manual, it's like the first 500-1000 miles. Says to vary your speeds, don't "dog" it or put your foot into it too hard, no slamming on the brakes. Well, I tried to vary my speeds somewhat & kept it under 80 'til I hit 500 miles. At about 800 miles, took a trip down to FL on I75 (the GA/FL autobahn) so I got a little heavy footed. Running with a pack of cars, looked over & noticed we were going 90 (little car seemed to love it) but decided to slow down & keep up with a slower pack.
    BTW--I have a liftback, meteorite metallic, with power package, automatic, remote entry, fogs, Enkei alloy wheels, 60/40 split rear seat which I keep in the down/flat position. Looking for a mat to cover the whole rear area, anybody know where I can find one?
  • It sounds like you have almost the exact car that I just ordered (sans the custom wheels, and mine will be a manual trans model).

    I too would like to find a mat like that, since I plan on carting my dogs around in the back.
  • tbg1tbg1 Posts: 22
    Well, this may be my last posting to this group. Thanks for everyone's insight - it was helpful. Over the weekend, I had the windows tinted darker (very necessary for Texas) and a car alarm with keyless entry; both together ran me $240 (friend-of-a-friend thing in the business). Now that I've got my little blazing blue bug the way I want it, I'm ready for the old gasoline prices to edge upward - which I note they've started to do.
    Next posting of mine will probably in the 'real world mpg' thread. I have yet to go through my first tank; still two bars showing and I've got about 320 miles on it. Before long, the gas station is going to be a real stranger to me!
  • I have begun shopping for a new car. I've being doing a bit of research and this is what I have found out so far.

    Baseline Yaris HB with a manual transmission (filtered AC is standard, yay!).
    Invoice: $10386 Destination charge: $620.00
    Total: $11,006
    MSRP: $11,050 DC: $620
    Total: $11,670
    Dealer cost (NOT including rebates or incentives that the corporation, not the dealer pays for)
    10,386 - ($233.40 holdback) = $10,152.60 DC:$620
    Base 'cost': $10,772.60

    So far I have had 3 offers over MSRP, one offer below MSRP. My target is 3% over dealer cost plus sales tax for out the door price.

    I'll keep you folks posted on what I finally get one for. :)
  • sounds like you "have a plan"! hope it goes well. when i am ready to "buy" i am going to offer below invoice and see what happens. (i am prepared to walk out if necessary and wait for a good price).

    i for one don't believe that dealers make a measly few hundred bucks on a $10000.00 car. even refrigerator and furniture companies are in business to do better than that!

    people: lets all work at not caving into msrp!
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