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  • i read on the toyota site that toyota "may" make a profit on its destination charge: so in my book that $620.00 is negotiable as well.

    hey "rerednaw" offer them $9000.00 and see what happens. just walk out if they turn you down!
  • Happy Turkey Day everyone. My Yaris wasn't supposed to be in til January and I got a call this past Sunday it would be in sometime this week! I picked it up yesterday! I love it sooo much already.
  • Hi all. Thought I'd post what I just paid and for what.... We had a fantastic salesman and love the whole Toyota Dealership he is at... If you are in the area..... check out Toyota of Nashua (NH)...

    14,110.00 (includes destination charge)
    (7500 of that was a vw golf trade-in)

    Bayou Blue, manual, liftback, all weather guard pkg and power pkg with keyless entry, floor mats, rear bumper protector and a theft deterrent system.

    When I register my car in Mass. :( I'll have to pay 330.50 sales tax.

    I don't know what luck anyone will have as far as price negotiations as these cars are in high demand and come into the dealerships pre-ordered. But good luck! :)
  • I didn't get my Yaris with them but am wondering if I should buy them and install myself? Who uses them and are they really worth getting?
  • You can definitely install them yourself, although you will have to remove the wheel to do so. They aren't real big, but anything that helps keep your fenders from getting "sand blasted" is worth while.

    It's great to hear that your car came in ahead of schedule. That is a very pleasant kind of surprise!
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    People who sell cars have to make profit somewhere. I knew a salesman who was selling cars because he was temporarily laid-off from his chosen career. Some people esp. the front line, low level salesmen need to make a good profit on a sale just to make ends meet. If you walk out I don't think they care...Toyotas will sell , if not you the guy who walks in after you....I think you are....not a nice opinion. Also, don't adress me as "people" and I got a few hundred off msrp for my yaris......huh!!!!!!!!!!
  • $9k? I don't go quite that low. ;) Unless they want to sell it to me for that.

    I have just gotten a second offer for invoice + $150. If it is legit, that's the best I've seen so far.

    In any case, depends on how much debt I want. I may end up with a decent used car instead and have it paid in cash, who knows?
  • Why don't you relax a bit mrrk47. People is a common "group" salutation. It's not deragatory. Congrats on your savings.
  • To all you Yaris "people"... I love my new baby! I'm still getting used to the difference in the clutch from my Golf but that's cool. I was worried about the cupholders not working with my water bottle and tea cup but the dealership gave me 2 travel mugs that work great! Anyone else have an issue with the center rear seatbelt hanging down in front of the rear windshielf? I can't figure out how it stays up in the slot.... even with manual in hand! :)
  • Hi, I noticed you are trying to get used to the clutch. Well, I am too and I was wondering what I am doing wrong. I keep letting it die when I try to take off. Am I supposed to press the gas earlier or later than an older model clutch car? My husband says if you barely press the clutch you can change gears but I feel like I should press the clutch all the way to the floor. Help! can you give me some input. I have been driving a 5 speed manual for over 20 years and I can't seem to get this one right. :blush:
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    If the car dies, give it more gas when taking off from a stop... As you get used to the clutch and throttle, you'll be able to back off the gas some...

    Push the clutch in far enough to shift without grinding the gears... Lower gears might need the clutch pushed in a little farther... Just experiment and see what feels right. You won't hurt the car by pushing the clutch in all the way.. and you should definitely do that when at rest.

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • That sounds about right, but as iluvvera said, I too have driven over 20 years on a stick and it's definitely a different balancing act with the clutch/gas. It's a fun challenge but I'm trying to really break it in right so the other day I kept stalling on a hill and revving the car to catch the clutch... when I push the clutch all the way in it sounds like I'm hitting the gas before I even do... very interesting. :)
  • $150.00 over invoice sounds great compared to some who pay msrp and more..

    when i get ready to buy i hope to see a lot full of yaris's at the dealers. for a new subcompact, i don't see how the yaris can be beat.
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    "Push the clutch in far enough to shift without grinding the gears..." Bad, bad, bad. You should be depressing the clutch all the way, if you want to avoid clutch trouble.
  • 2007 Black Yaris. In 24 hours I have put 338 miles on this hot rod. Ok that is my impression. I love it.

    Getting used to seating change from a Element to Yaris. I am 5'8 long legs/BF. Traded in a 05 Element with 22K. Had my own financing/draft but bank stipulations were 125 net advance. I tried every dealer because I wanted a hatchback with gas mileage. First choice in my heart was Yaris but .... Would have settled with the Verso, they would not deal. Would have settled for the Accent (great speed and handling) and I owned a 93 Excel for over 8 years but I wanted to evolve just a tad from what I drove in college and graduate school. Would have settled for a Ford Focus HB but when returned salesman gone and new salesman price too high! Sooo close to buying Chevy Aveo. Love the interior, the fold down seats (similar to Fit ---(the wait istoo long for a manual for Fit).
    Honda needs to stop playing games with the dealerships and just send the darn product to be sold! You are losing business.

    I like the out the door price of Aveo but depreciation horrible, manual not smooth, ride quality pretty good but suspension and quality of ride very very different from Yaris. Also gas mileage not comparable. I would have taken the Aveo because I like the pricing($2500 rebate for Aveo.) They are trying to dump them and that is fully loaded!
    Inflexible Toyo dealer in my hometown stated "we cannot accommodate your needs."

    Toyo of Hollywood, Florida is the BEST dealer besides Rick Case Honda. Salesman patient and AWESOME!!!!
    These people are in the business to SELL CARS! No drama, no silliness. They worked with my stipulations. Out the door base model Black Liftback 15,143 including tax tag, title, and "upside down" Element.
    They paid off a 14677 Honda Element and put me in the Yaris. Lowered my payments $115 and doubled my gas mileage.

    I love her (Yaris) though she does not come with power windows/locks or side air bags like the Aveo....

    If it were my decision I would choose between.
    Accent and Yaris.

    I wish I could have bought from my dealer again Rick Case Honda but the Fit in a manual ...they just are not sending enough to the dealerships and I honestly did not like the suspension or ride quality of the Fit. Prefer the Civic HB but those are pricey!!
  • Have to add, the Aveo would definitely be my second choice based on dealership professionalism and ease of sales. I was very close to purchasing but took the chance and drove two hours out of my way to see if I could get a Yaris.
    Aveo not second choice based on ride but on options and style which of course is subjective.
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    Congrats on getting Yaris. May be you could have gone for Corolla which they offer at 13500 + tax + title which would have been the same price anyway. :)
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    I picked up my Yaris Base Sedan with manual transmission with Power Package, Airbag Package, Keyless Entry, Cold Weather Package, and Preferred Accessory Package (floormats, trunk mat, cargo net, and first aid kit). MSRP was $15433 and paid $14700 (about $150 over invoice).

    Like it so far. I drove it about 400 miles and varied speed to break it in gently. Although mileage will vary during break in, I got 41.5 miles per gallon for my trip. Anything around 40 for a highway trip will keep me happy.
  • Hi, they tried to steer me in that direction (base model Corolla). Also tried the Scion XB ($$$).
    I don't like Corollas at all. In FL they are grass. The Corolla style needs a makeover like ASAP! Don't know how they are going to because the Yaris sedan looks like it could be the makeover Corolla. I have wanted a hatchback for years after I had such great success with the 93 Hyundai Excel (138K trouble free when traded).
  • Got my 4 door auto Yaris 2 weeks back- don't have the breakup now but out of door was 14800. includes convenience package, power locks and power windows. Could have negotiated for a few hundred more but really had to get a new car as had wrecked my old one.

    So far having a great time driving it although engine noise and acceleration is a constant problem. Gas mileage really helps as I drive 100 miles daily.
  • I paid full MSRP for my Liftback auto.
  • Well, you got it didn't you? I wouldn't feel too bad about paying full price for a Yaris. It wasn't too many months ago that there was little choice. Some were even selling above MSRP. Some people are reporting getting better deals now. But, not everywhere on every model. I paid full price for my liftback, too. But, I needed it ASAP and got EXACTLY what I ordered. No regrets here.
  • I'm going to be buying a Yaris L/B--and wondered if I wait for a couple of months would it be possible to buy a used one? Were any Yaris L/Bs used as rental cars this first year?
    (I'm looking for the fully loaded automatic.)
    I live in Colorado---anybody out there who lives in this area and can tell me if it's possible to pay less than MSRP these days?
    Also, is it possible to buy all/part of the car using my credit card? (I would then use my line of credit to pay off the credit card instantly---just wanted to get my air miles....) Is that a crazy idea? The finance dept at the Toyota dealership said it was illegal---can't make a loan to pay a loan.... but I'm wondering if there is a way around that....
    any ideas? Thanks.
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    Most car dealerships won't accept a credit card to buy a car.

    And the TRAC Yarii were all loaded sedan automatics. If you could settle for a sedan, many dealers including my local one, will have a good supply of used ones any day now. They are all power package/alloys.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • I originally ordered a red/black/or blazing blue yaris hatchback with power package manual in early November. I was told I'd have to wait for 6-8 weeks. I kept calling the dealership and they'd say that they were still looking. By Christmas, I was very anxious when they still had not located one. Then I went out to my car ('96 Corolla) and it wouldn't shift! I had burned out the clutch. I knew I had to find a yaris quick! Then two days later, my boyfriend's truck's master cylinder went out. Since it was Christmas time, no one could work on our cars. I really didn't want to put more money into my car anyway since I was about to get a new one...
    We rented a car and drove from OK to TX to visit our families. I went with my dad to Fred Hass Toyota in Houston and got a red automatic hatchback Yaris with the normal two packages (conv. and extended tires) that I see on most of the Yaris cars. I really thought I was settling since I had to get an automatic without the power package, but I loooooove it! My boyfriend drove back our rental car and I drove back my new "baby" that I named "Little Red Rocket". So cute!!!! I had plenty of time to get to know my new car on the long drive back. I look forward to driving it every morning. Since I have a 40 minute commute in rush hours both ways, I have to admit that the automatic is super nice!
    I am so happy to be a member of the Yaris family finally! :blush:
  • The dealership I purchased from allowed me to use my credit car for a portion($2000 or $2500, can't remember which)of my LB Yaris. Here's a thought. What about using one of those nasty checks that the credit card company sends? That's not a credit card and I wrote a (regular) check for the balance of my price in order to pay it in full. I don't know the costs involved with using the credit company's check and it probably won't be worth the air miles you get, but check it out.
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    Most of those credit-card "convenience" checks come with an automatic 3% fee.. More than eating up your rewards points..

    Most dealers cap credit card payments at $2K-$5K..

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

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  • After test driving some vehicles, we decided on a Yaris to replace a rusty but trusty Toyota Pickup. It would have to be a lift back with package B and automatic transmission.

    The sticker tag on these cars was 13,689 on models equipped with an armrest. (a must have... I test drove one without... and it was driving me crazy.)

    We found a white one at the local dealer, who wasn't interested in haggling. We tried a dealer in a nearby town, and found that he had a absolutely red one and a black one... he said he would dicker, but wouldn't give us a price. "Come back with your best price, and I'll beat it..."

    We traveled to the dealer in our nearby city... who had been advertising the car we wanted for 12,995 and he had a blazing blue one and two silver ones. We wanted blazing blue, but weren't too picky. I called the dealer I had been at previously, he said he could do the red one for 12,700.

    I mentioned this to the dealer I was at, hoping he would want to beat thier price, trying not to let on that we'd pay the same or more for the blue one and he took the bait. 12,550 if we took delivery on the 15th. He said he only sells 1 or 2 yarises a month, so he's happy to deal on them. Trucks apparently are his bread and butter.

    The price and explination sounded reasonable to me, so we got the ball rolling on the deal. How's it sound to you guys? What should I beware of? I see people are paying MSRP for these things, so I'm worried that they'll try and screw me on something else. I'm not buying Rust Protection for such a cheap car, and I don't think I'll need an extended warrantee for a Toyota.

    This whole thing just seems too easy!
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    I think you better take the deal and not let anyone know who you are dealing with until your deal is completed.
  • I did the deal, and picked up the Yaris yesterday. I drove it home in the awful ice storm. It handled it great. The car drives nice for a small car on the open road. It rides better than my '05 Civic did before I put better tires on it.

    The deal was what they said it would be.. no funny stuff at the delivery. Very courteous and helpful salesman and bank guy. They got me financed at a reasonable rate, although my credit is a bit iffy.

    The dealer is Lia Toyota on Central Ave. in Colonie NY. The salesman was Richie Ravelli. They still have 2 Silver and a Red one equipped like mine. I snapped up the last blue one. :-) I feel like I got a fair deal.

    Thanks for the help guys.
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    Looks like the Yaris shortage is over in Memphis too. When I bought mine in April, the three local dealers only had 1 or 2 in stock at that time and got full MSRP (what I paid for my manual transmission liftback). Now one dealer shows 7 in stock, another 8 and the largest (Wolfchase) shows 17 in stock. On Monday, they had a one day special and were selling 3 at $1000 off MSRP.
  • I ordered a Yaris from a local Toyota dealer and there seems to be a real scarcity here, expecially of the hatchbacks. Does anyone on this board have any familiarity or experience with availability here in Portland or the Northwest in general.

    It seems as if it depends on the region you are in.

    What is the story anyway and why is it so hard to get one?

    I have family back in Pennsylvania. Do I need to go back there to get the car? I would like to have it in this lifetime :confuse: ">
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    The hatchbaxks are only about 255 of total production in the yaris line. The 4dr are a lot better seller
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    What are you trying to say? That Toyota has only made 255 Yaris hatchbacks?
  • I got my HB in Seattle after waiting almost 5 months. But it finally came and I'm very happy I waited and got what I wanted. The dealer was Bob Bridge in Renton, WA(salesman Tran). I'd recommend you find a dealer who says they can get it for you, get the agreed price in writing, put a deposit and wait. If you're not in a huge hurry, it'll come sooner than promised. Good luck!
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    25%, I think.. :)

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

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    That makes sense, shift key error I guess, % and 5 are on the same key. How clever of you to figure that one out.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 185,511
    Thanks, Mom!! :blush:

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

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  • I finally got my Yaris 3 weeks ago. I wanted a blue one. A red one came in so I took it. I am glad I got the red after all. Otherwise it has everything I wanted! I love the little thing.

    I would say it took about 3 months. Now I am starting to see them around town (Portland, OR) So the shortage is easing up.
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    I'll trade my Blazing Blue for your red one and then you can be perfectly happy.
  • Seems like Toyota didn't anticipate the market correctly. The dealers around here always have unsold sedans in stock, while the hatchbacks are snapped up quickly.
  • AM negotiating for 2007 hatchback with these options: PQ package which includes 15" steel wheels, power windows, door locks, rear defroster, intermittent rear wiper, 60/40 folding rear seat, AM/FM stereo, sgl CD player and 4 speakers. Also has cruise control, keyless entry, fog lamps, and armrest. They started at $18,957.00. We are now at $16,000 out the door incl taxes, regis, destination charge. IS THIS A GOOD PRICE??? Appreciate any feedback you can give on this.
  • On my nearly stripped down 07 Liftback, I only got $250.00 off the sticker price. Seems to me like the more options, the BIGGER the discount. Especially now that everyone KNOWS they get nowhere near the hyped fuel economy on that sticker! :(
  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    Auto or Manual? No airbag package? Tax rate or price before taxes?
  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    Although this should be posted in the Yaris fuel economy thread, I get perfectly within normal sticker fuel economy. Of course with a manual transmission as autos and economy cars just don't get as good especially in city driving.

    I only have 3800 miles now, but in mixed driving (mostly suburban and highway but a little stop and go) I have not gotten a single tank under 36.5 mpg (usually 37-38 mpg). I have only had a couple of highway tanks and got 40 and 42 mpg.
  • Automatic; front airbags but NO side airbags. Out the door price including taxes, regis., and dest. chg.
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    I've gotten a few quotes for the Yaris Hatchback manual for $400-$900 BELOW MSRP. These are for the Yaris with minimal options with MSRPs between $12664 - $13560. I've gotten these quotes from the dealers in the Dallas area. Anybody have similar or better luck?

    BTW, is it possible to get a Yaris Hatchback Manual with the power package? I looked on over 10 different Texas dealer websites, and none of them offer the power package.
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    Just bought a black 07 Yaris Liftback manual transmission with the following options: Power package w/ steel wheels, Curtain side airbags, Fog lamps, and Carpeted floor mats. MSRP with no charges, fees, etc added is $13,310. Dealer invoice $12,376. I paid $11,727 after a $500 Toyota military rebate. Out the door price including destination charge, documentation fee, title & misc. fees, and 7% sales tax was $13,750. I am very happy with the price, and feel I got a great deal.

    Over two or three weeks, I used the internet to get multiple price quotes from a couple of dozen different dealers on several models (Honda Fit & Civic, Mazda3 i, Scion xA, Nissan Versa, Ford Focus, Toyota Corolla, Matrix, & Yaris). I then had the two or three lowest price dealers bid against each other for the very lowest price. As this was going on, I was out test driving the different models. I finally narrowed my choice down to the Yaris and the Honda Fit Sport. The Yaris won because even after adding the cost of the options I wanted, the out the door price of the Yaris was $3,300 less than the best quote I received on the Fit Sport. Every Toyota dealer started out with an offer well below MSRP for a Yaris, and the bids quickly went to near or below invoice. The best deal on a Fit Sport was $300 below MSRP, and that was only one dealer. All other Fit Sport offers were at MSRP or a couple of hundred above. To me, the Fit was just not worth that much more money than a well equipped Yaris. Also, imho, the Yaris just looks nicer. I am really enjoying the sharp handling and zip of the Yaris, and I love that feeling I get when I keep passing up the gas stations. I've had the car for five days now, and even with a 70 mile R/T to work the last three days, I still have over half of an 11.1 gal tank of gas. I honestly feel that I bought the best car for me.

    I spent a lot of time reading through these forums before buying, and I picked up tons of valuable info and advice. I just figured I would post my experience here in the hope that it helps someone else. Thank you to everyone who has helped educate me about the Yaris on these forums!
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    I am so glad you enjoy your yaris as much as I do. I bought the four door sedan for my daughter. She does not get her license until December so I am driving it until she does. It is wonderful, fun and just down right cute. I have noticed all the new cars that are in the same price range, but nothing even close to the style of the yaris. My grandmother is in a wheel chair so I went with the four door so we could put her wheel chair in the trunk, well my uncle bought a honda civic and he picks up my grandmother on the weekends and she told me that my (my daughters) car has more head room and she don't have to bend her head down while riding in it like she does the honda civic. I was so thrilled because not only was the civic more expensive but it had less head room. I also have a toyota avalon and I love it also, so I wanted a toyota brand car because I felt it would be dependable for my daughter. I love the yaris, it is so roomy and I love the front end design, very sharp looking. The very first day I bought it we were on our way to charleston for a meeting and I had so many people on interstate looking at it. I bought one in black and I am buying my daughter some graphics for it. OH, I also wanted to ask if anyone knows when there will be a radio installation and wiring harness coming out for it. I have went to best buy three times and they say that there is still not a kit for it. I was told not to buy one off ebay because it might not be the right one. I bought the yaris with out a radio but I had the dealer put one in but my daughter carries her Ipod everywhere and she needs a radio that she can use her ipod in. I was not going to pay $1500.00 for the toyota brand radio. If anyone knows please let me know. :D
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    The factory installed radio comes with an IPOD connection between the driver's and passenger seats as part of the following option package:

    Details for Option B - $740

    - All-Weather Guard Package Includes: Larger Washer Tank w/ Level Warning, Heavy-Duty Heater, Heavy-Duty Starter, Rear Heater Duct & Daytime Running Lights (DRL) (CP)
    - 50 States Emission (FE)
    - Convenience Package Includes: AM/FM CD Player w/MP3/WMA Playback Capability & Auxiliary Audio Jack, 15-in. Steel Wheels w/Full Wheel Covers, Rear Window Wiper & Rear Defroster (CQ)
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